Work Light Battery Powered

Brightenlux Work Light Battery Powered Manufacturer

Work Light Battery Powered

Lightweight and Handy Work Light Battery Powered

Item No: WK7009

Bring this really handy companion work light battery-powered with you if you’re looking for a practical light to help you get the job done! This work light battery powered is a must in your handyman toolbox. It has a very simple design but it serves its main purpose. You can see it has a small body frame but can give the best output for everyday usual usage or for labor work. Helps you overcome numerous difficulties in emergency situations and makes things simple to handle.

  1. It has four built-in battery holders at the back of the body which also has a safely sealed cover, so you don’t have to worry if this will get rained on.
  2. With its small and compact bodily design, it is super handy to bring and use around.
  3. This is also water-resistant that can be used while raining. It is consequently suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities and emergencies due to its waterproof feature against water splashing from any region.

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Portable and Durable Work Light Battery Powered

Item No: WK2010

This versatile portable work light has many applications. Keep it on hand for power outages, natural disasters, night fishing, trekking, camping, and repair. It comes in a convenient size that highlights its adaptability in any setting. You don’t have to be concerned about its brightness because it shines brilliantly and widely. A work light battery-powered will fulfill all of your lighting needs. This is very efficient for every handyman who likes to work in any type of occasion or weather. 

  1. It has different highlighted lighting modes which you can choose from full power brightness to eye protection light.
  2. It also comes with a stainless steel hook which you can just hang it anywhere conveniently for you, it may be a branch of a tree, a built-in tent hook meant for lamps during the night, etc.
  3. Another efficient feature is the strong adsorption magnet for a hands-free work activity. Making it more efficient to do all your work, no more biting flashlight or lamp just to do a task with two hands.
  4. It also gives off a long-lasting battery power because of its energy-efficient feature despite giving a high power illumination.

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Work Light Battery Powered
Work Light Battery Powered

Triangular Emergency SOS Work Light Battery Powered

Item No: WK7029

A battery-operated work light will meet all of your lighting requirements. This is ideal for any hand-crafted individual who enjoys working in all kinds of conditions. Long-lasting and proudly handcrafted with high-quality manufacturing materials. This Triangular Emergency SOS Work Light Battery Powered will surely not disappoint you with your investment. Made to be durable, all around, and long-lasting so you can perfectly ROI it.

  1. Multi-functional work light that can be used in night camp, fishing, hunting, or any outdoor activities. Can also be used in a number of other situations, such as car maintenance, industrial use, and basic home repairs.
  2. It has a very well-designed back switch that can easily switch on and off the work light.
  3. It is designed to be thin and compact so it takes less storage and is very lightweight.
  4. It also comes with a 180-degree rotational and adjustable stand to fit your desired angle.

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Powerful Magnetic Work Light Battery Powered

Item No: WK7042

A very well thought and designed work light can help you in your outdoor activities. Worry not! We give you the magnetic work light dry battery powered! It is multi-purpose. If you’re looking for a battery-powered work light, look no further! Introduce our Work Light Battery Powered design, which is small enough to put in your pocket or toolbox. It also boasts a strong magnetic design that can quickly connect to any metal, making it excellent for usage in the workshop. Your hands will be freed thanks to a powerful magnet with a lot of flexibility.

  1. Magnetic antenna tips can help you find loose tiny metal objects which are very convenient especially when you’re doing some house repairs on your own, saves you time from picking them up one by one.
  2. A flexible light stand gives you more angles on which you can adjust according to your needs.

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Work Light Battery Powered

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Is this work light battery powered and durable?

Yes, it is. This battery powered work light is manufactured to have a strong fall and impact resistance so it does not break easily when it got accidentally falls from your hands. When choosing a work light battery powered that is reliable and durable, we got your back! Be assured that all our offered products meet all your need requirements and will be of great use for their great performance in any kind of situation. It will surely last long in your handy tool box when used wisely, safely, and with care. A very good investment for emergency or daily use.

Will this work light battery powered stand rainy weather?

Of course! It is only one of the many best features of our work light battery powered and creates advantageous help to your everyday duties. Our work light  can never be bothered by the rainy season because it has IP65 Waterproof feature protection from liquids when splashed from any angles. It is assured to provide amazing support in any conditions. Our flood work light battery powered is very useful during rainy weather while helping you for any emergency purposes, industrial use, and other active outdoor activities. 

How many hours can this work light battery powered be used for?

For approximately 12 hours when using the lowest power mode light of the model, you can use this work light battery powered for outdoor repairing, suitable for power outages, hiking, camping, etc. Worry no more! It will help you in many ways it can and can stay long for simultaneous repair-related issues and emergencies. That alone makes this work light battery powered a reliable asset to you. It is also convenient to use so there is no hassle while you are doing your tasks.

How long does it take to recharge this work light battery powered?

How fascinating that this work light battery powered can stand a continuous usage for up to 12 hours but only to be fully recharged after 2 to 4 hours. Yes, you read it right, some of our product models can be recharged despite being battery powered. Amazing, right? Our work light battery powered is also energy saving, so it does not take a huge amount on your electric bill. If you are someone who loves to take adventures such as trekking, camping, and such, this work light battery powered is suitable just for you! It will help you stand for long hours without sunlight because of its very long usage duration capability.

Can this be a portable flood light? pr a Work Light Battery Powered suitable for DIY projects?

We are proud to say, yes! Our work light battery powered is portable since it has a compact design and is very light in weight. You can observe that it has a small body frame however, better not judge our work light based on its appearance because these are made to be small but terrible. Designed to be compact but still able to produce monster illumination to provide light anytime and anywhere. This work light battery powered works and is capable to be used in all kinds of situations and conditions. It has a handle grip for easy,  convenient use and easy moving and lifting from one place to another. You can also hang it in secured places for you to use both hands while working.

Does this work light battery powered have a power bank function or feature?

Our Lightweight and Handy Work Light Battery Powered (Item No: WK7009) work light battery powered is equipped with two lithium ion batteries, which are included when your order or purchase our products. Sadly, our Work Light Battery Powered models don’t have a power bank feature since it would not be practical given the very limited energy this particular model has for being dependent on batteries. Additionally, it can supply 4* standard batteries but is not included with the purchase of the goods. However, our rechargeable work light models like Ultra Long Distance Lighting Flood Work Light (Item No: WK7023) can. It has a built-in power bank feature which is very handy and convenient especially if you are working outside it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Our portable work light features an integrated USB input and output socket as well as a battery bank. Once the light is powered by rechargeable batteries, it may be used as a portable main power supply in an emergency situation to charge your smartphone and other gadgets.

Will this work light battery powered can be attached to metal surfaces?

Yes. Some of our work light battery powered products offer a magnetic feature. An example is our Portable and Durable Work Light Battery Powered (Item No: WK2010) which has a strong absorption magnet at the bottom. It only has the feature of non slip handle grip and a hidden hook to hang around various areas. If you are looking for more work lights that can be attached to metal surfaces, kindly check out our other BrightenLux products or catalog and search for magnetic rechargeable work lights. You will surely find more interesting pieces that you’re looking for.

Can this work light battery powered be used while charging?

Our work light is battery powered with two rechargeable batteries included when you purchase. No, since these particular work light battery powered products are non-rechargeable and are battery dependent. However, we have rechargeable products that you may choose and see when searching on our website. Please keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. For safety purposes, all our products have overcharging resistance feature but we still highly encourage you to please do not use our work light while it is still charging. Use this work light when it is fully charged or when it provides enough power supply if you have things to do. Be cautious at all times for this product may be durable and reliable but usage while charging and clumsiness in handling this work light can affect product performance.

What is this work light battery powered made of?

It is our company’s advocacy, goals and responsibility to only give our customers a premium high quality and safe to use work light battery powered products. This work light battery powered and rechargeable work light is made out of the best materials and is equipped with the best features in this industry. These materials are the following: 7000K, 30W, Nylon & TPR, 5000mAh battery capacity, shockproof resistance, fall-off resistance, high temperature, overcharging resistance, heat dissipation, cold weather resistance, and water resistance level feature. The key value of BrightenLux is to guarantee that all products are created and tested with the client in mind. Customers will receive high-quality, good performance illuminating equipment to answer all of your lighting problems.

Will this work light battery powered illuminate wide and big regions?

Our Work Light Battery Powered products may be small in size, but it serves many purposes and the prime objective or goal of these products are to illuminate a bright light in various wide areas. Our Powerful Magnetic Work Light Battery Powered (Item No: WK7042) for example offers three modes of illumination: full, low, and flash. These different bright lights concentrate the beam accurately enough for your different lighting requirements. Full mode lighting is aimed for far-range working with a large view area. While low light mode emits a shorter span angle light for increased vision and range within the working area. Flash red light mode on the other hand is useful during emergencies to notify for help or rescue.

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