Video Ring Light

Brightenlux Wholesale Video Ring Light

Video Ring Light

Portable, Dimmable, and Multi-use Laptop Video Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL004

The pandemic has brought the wide use of online platforms for online conferencing. Virtual meetings, online classes, and live streaming became very rampant in the new normal setting. In every video conference, it is very important to be presentable, that is why using and having this clip-on video ring light around is now an essential. Wireless and very easy to use so people of all ages can just easily operate and use this masterpiece of innovation may it be for your work meetings or school classes.

  1. This clip-on ring light is 146-mm by 102-mm.
  2. It also has a switch control for the power, brightness levels, and lighting mode.
  3. Portable and lightweight, and can be used for laptops, tablets, and screens up to 8mm.
  4. There are three lighting modes: white light, warm white light, and warm light. 

If you have any further questions regarding our product, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand

Item No:  BT-RL110

Always on the go for your virtual conferencing, online classes or work? Then this very amazing and trustworthy video ring light is perfect for you! This video ring light with a foldable stand can be used anywhere and anytime. Its shrinkable stand allows you to use it whether you are taking videos while standing, or just putting it on your desk. Besides its portable and foldable stand, here are other special features that you might find really worth purchasing this item:

  • The shrinkable stand has eight sections of telescopic tubes, so you can easily adjust it to different levels according to your needs.
  • It offers a maximum height of 168 cm and a minimum height of 50 cm.
  • To meet your needs in different situations, this ring light has 10 levels of brightness.
  • The ring has three colors of lighting such as white, natural, and warm.

You can never go wrong with this awesome video ring light! Order now by contacting our customer service, always ready to cater to your needs!

Video Ring Light

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What is the purpose or use of a video ring light?

Video ring lights are small, portable gadgets that may be used for different forms of videography, although they are most commonly utilized for video broadcasting and live to stream. They provide warm, even light that is intended to be attractive while interacting virtually. These types of lights not only offer appealing lighting, but they also help to eliminate unwanted traces and changes in the brightness of your facial appearance, no more hurrying to take videos just because the sun is about to set and natural daylight is about to be overwhelmed by darkness.

Is the video ring light really worth it to buy?

Of course, as long as it satisfies your needs while taking videos of yourself. But, technically the value of video ring lights is determined by how frequently you use your gadgets such as your laptop, and whether you are worried about the quality of your videos. If you are an avid video taker or whose income or daily life routine comes with taking videos of yourself or things on regular basis and are dedicated to getting high-quality videos, video ring lights are definitely an excellent investment to make.

Does video ring light make you look better in photos and videos?

Yes, it definitely transforms you from a not so good looking photo to a nicer one. By positioning your iPhone or other smartphones in the middle of the ring, you eliminate shadows and achieve flattering light that appears to emanate from everywhere, without causing shadows, sharp lines, or distracting reflections. They are ideal for making you seem beautiful in every photo or video you take. This can be experienced using our 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110) video ring lights. For laptop users, you can use our laptop ring light which can easily be attached by clipping it on the laptop screen. 

Does a video ring light will hurt your eyes?

The answer to this comes in a tricky way since it can be both yes and no. Yes, because we know that video ring lights are extremely bright and are usually placed immediately in front of us. So, it’s natural to be concerned about how this type of exposure would harm your eyes. After all, your retina contains light sensing cells that can be overstimulated when exposed to strong light. There is no concrete proof that ring lights are harmful to your eyes. The majority of ring lights, however, employ LED illumination, which causes fast flickering. LED and its flickering is linked to eye strain, as well as more significant eye difficulties and other symptoms in circumstances of extreme and extended exposure.

As technology modernizes, video ring lights improve and become safer. In particular, video ring light such as 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110) and laptop ring light includes a feature that dims the brightness of the light which helps to avoid eye strain. 

Since not a single research has been conducted to explicitly test the effects of laptop or video ring lights on vision and eyesight, there are also no studies that have been conducted to conclude that they are completely safe. Some harm occurs instantly, while others grow over time, sometimes even years. In order to safely prevent eye damage, a couple of mitigation measures can be performed. It includes keeping the video ring light out of your line of sight. Move it to the side if possible, so you are not gazing directly into the light. Limit the amount of time you use your ring light and the amount of time your eyes are exposed to it. Take breaks whenever feasible. Purchase your video ring light from a reputable brand like our 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110) and laptop ring lights. Only then will you know that safety and quality were prioritized in the manufacturing process.

Would this video ring light work from a faraway distance?

This type of video ring light has incredible range in terms of its brightness. It may be used up to an arm’s length away or even closer, much better. Perfect for online teaching, online meetings, online calls, and even live streaming! Beyond arm’s length, this video ring light still is an excellent supplementary light with a suitable range for illumination like 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110). But, the laptop ring light has a very limited range since it is small in size.

How do you set up a video ring light?

For standard video ring light like our 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110), we have provided a basic manual instructions written inside the package together with the product. But for your convenience, we can simply explain it here. To build your ring light, follow the instructions that came with it. If it does not come with its own tripod or support, you may need to tether it to a different tripod. Adjust the height of the ring light stands or tripod on a stable surface. Attach your iPhone or smartphone to the middle of the stand or tripod so that it is completely surrounded by light. It is up to you whether to use it in portrait or landscape mode. Open your video or camera app to test the view and, if required, adjust the height. Turn on the video ring light and adjust the brightness using the dimmer. For our mini video ring light – laptop ring light you can simply clip the attachable light to the laptop screen near the camera or place it near your laptop.

Can this video ring light be bend up and down?

In terms of flexibility, our selfie ring lights offer a lot of them. Our 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110) can extend a maximum height of 66.1 inches. Not only that, they are capable of about 360 degrees rotation and a freely rotatable ring head where surely you can easily adjust the angle of your choice for the LED light.

Do you offer or have a smaller version of video ring light?

Worry no more! Our laptop ring light is an attachable video ring light specifically made for laptop use which is similar to regular ring lights, however, this is considerably smaller and lacks a support or tripod. This is also directly attached to the top of your laptop or desktop, around the camera sensors. Ideal for folks who want to brighten the videos they take without holding too many gadgets up with their hands. This comes in portable and is often less expensive than traditional ring lights since they are smaller.

Does this incredible video ring light have multiple lighting settings?

Absolutely! Our products namely 10 inches LED Video Ring Light With Convertible Stand (Item No: BT-RL110), laptop ring light and most of all our products made by us. All possess a variety of lighting settings that you can choose from. It is commonly composed of three different modes. This includes white, white & yellow, and warm yellow light color, and a variety of brightness levels depending on your preference.

What are the advantages of a video ring light?

For once, we all have hoped for better and brighter lighting in our videos. This is when the video ring light comes into play. Video ring lights are recognized for removing shadows and balancing out imperfections. Our very own video ring light does not only radiate your beauty but it also offers additional features and advantages. When it comes to the price, quality, and portability we can say that our product exhibits these aspects. In terms of pricing, we have considered a very affordable price that will help our customers save a considerable amount of money. The product itself speaks for its quality as it turns out to be durable enough to last long. Lastly, our product is versatile enough to be brought anywhere you go since it is small in size and lightweight.

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