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51 led uv flashlight

Hot Selling 51 Led Perfect UV Flashlight For You

Item NO: BT-FL1017-51Led

Color: Black, red, orange, yellow ( customized)

Light Type: 51pcs LED

Power Source: 3pcs AA Batteries (not included)

This UV Flashlight is perfect for detecting a stain that cause by a pet’s urine, food or a liquid drink. You don’t need to worry about the dirt or dust and even insects if you have this UV light.  This ultravoilet uv flashlight will also help you to authenticate your money and other important papers.

It is a really helpful light to have, so get yours now!


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Brightenlux 100LED High Quality UV Flashlight


  • Brighter: With an impressive 100 LED bulbs you an easily see what you want to see that is not visible in a naked eye, it covers a wide area to lessen the time of your inspection.
  • Multiple Use: This light is not just for authentication of money, documents and searching for stains and bugs at home but, also a light to see insects and scorpions for outdoor to be safe.
  • Long Run Time: A 100,000 Hours run time for a lifetime is an impressive life for a UV Blacklight Flashlight. It will last long time for you to use.
100 led uv flashlight torch
pet urine uv flashlight

Hot Selling Small And Portable UV Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL2016

Color: Black (customized)

Material: Aluminum

Power Source: 1 AAA Battery

  • Small And Portable: Size is not a matter in this UV Blacklight Flashlight as this is compact with a powerful light and has a great features.
  • Wavelength: A 365-395 wavelength of choice is a great feature as this light can help you easily see and detect the stains or scorpions around you.


High Bright Zoom Led UV Flashlight With Clip

Item NO: BT-FL3028UV

Color: Black (customized)

Power Source: 1 AA Batteries (not included)

  • Brightness: A high and powerful brightness for you to easily see and detect what you are looking for like a stains, dirt, insects and bugs.
  • Self-Defense Tool: This UV Blacklight Flashlight has self-defense tool in the head for safety use when you are outdoor and some emergency purposes.
  • Zoomable Feature: It has a zoomable feature to help you focus the light where you want it.
UV LED flashlight

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UV Flashlight is usually used for?

Ultraviolet UV Flashlight are used in the following:

Detection of Leak- UV light is used in inspection to detect the leak; the light will make it more visible and reveal the leak because it will glow of yellow or green.

Forensics- UV light helps the investigators and forensic people to reveal evidence that is not be easily seen, this light can easily detect and provide more detailed evidence present in the area, object or body.

Insects Control- This light attracts and reveal insects or bugs inside and outside your home. UV light in the outdoor helps you to attract mosquitoes and helps you to kill it. While at home, bugs and insects inside your home detect and reveal where they are.

Authentication of Money- With the help of this UV light the hidden watermark in the money can be seen and reveal if you have a fake money or not.

Authentication of Documents- Just like the money, this UV light will also help you to reveal the if there are forgery in the documents and help you to see the hidden watermarks in the documents.

Reveal Invisible Stain- Food stain and pet stain are one of the difficult things to see if it is dry already. So, with the help of this UV light the stain that cannot be seen by a naked eye will reveal the stain you want to see.

What Is The Difference Between A Blacklight And UV Flashlight?

Basically, a Blacklight is one kind of UV light. Blacklight releases an Ultraviolet light (radiation). It is just a UVA light, while on the other hand the UV light is composed of UVB, UVA and UVC light.

Is UV Flashlight Safe?

A long exposure is bad, you should know the limits of using it for safety purposes. A lower exposure is not bad and harmful to your body.

Can I Used UV Light As A Flashlight?

The UV Flashlight and a regular flashlight has a same format and shape but different in light that they release. UV Light releases ultraviolet light while the flashlight release white light to brighten up the area. UV light is used to see stains and watermark that cannot be see by a naked eye while the flashlight is used to lighten up the surrounding area.

Can A UV Flashlight Detect Bed Bugs?

Yes, UV light can detect bugs in your bed that are hardly seen by a naked eye. This light will make it easier to locate bugs because insects’ shells have a big number of phosphors in their shell that will make them glow if there are UV lights.

Is It Important Which UV Flashlight Will I Use?

With a wide variety and quality of UV Flashlight in today’s market it is important to know which one will you use because it will be a great help for you and for UV Flashlight to serve its true purpose.

What’s Special With UV Flashlight?

UV flashlight is special because it can detect special fluid like blood, urine and seminal fluid. They are usually use by researchers and investigators to see the fluid that is invisible in the eye.


Why Would I Buy A UV Flashlight?

With the help of UV light, fluids and bugs that cannot be seen by a naked eye can already be detected. This UV light will make your life and cleaning easy as this light reveal the marks, stains and many more. Spot them easily to avoid danger and save more time.

What You Should Know About UV Flashlights


UV flashlights are one of the best tools that can be used for detecting and seeing objects that are mostly cannot be seen properly and definitely has a big help in doing important scientific matters. But it might be compound and very tough to tell if you are going to purchase the perfectly fit UV flashlights as there would be a lot of options and different mechanical things that is badly needed to consider in order to be assured of a quality UV flashlight that you will have. To make sure that you will get the perfect UV flashlight product, brightenlux has made an important information to consider and guide in regards on choosing the best UV flashlight available in the market. But buying UV flashlights in Brightenlux is your number one option to consider.


What does a UV flashlight actually do and what it’s best purpose?

Regarding what is UV flashlight, it is basically comes from the energy of UV rays which cannot be seen by naked eye that produces light for a UV flashlight . We all know that ultraviolet light has its strong ability that lighten up a certain wide space which creates the ability to glow, a circumstance that produces a strong illumination, when ultraviolet light attacks them. All the smallest things in this earth that cannot be seen by your eye can be seen by a UV flashlight which is typically use to check the blood, bacteria, urine and a lot more.

It is like a white light but UV flashlight does not produce just white light only it products violet light that covers a lot of things. Almost all UV torches are equipped with LED technology that could be better in order to see clearer things.


Should I purchase a UV flashlight for my use? Is it very important now adays?

As we all know that UV flashlights is not your typical flashlight that can be used in everyday lives just like a regular flashlight, although having a typical UV flashlight is usually being used by experts in a particular important operation, observation and a lot more. It is also important to have this UV flashlight now adays specifically for some specific use that would be very helpful these days.


Here are some of the important use of UV flashlights that would be a big help!

Forensic analysis and counterfeit detection

Gemstone and mineral observation

Seeing for stains from pet urine

Looking for bugs

Which UV flashlight should I use, and why?

Choosing a UV flashlight that is not specified and you haven’t checked the internal components that needs to be consider, it might be hard to see what is the best UV flashlights that will be a perfect fit for your specific needed use given the wide variety of UV flashlights available in terms of type, reliability, flexibility and quality. You can check some important use of a UV flashlight.


Identify first proper wavelength if the UV flashlight. We all know that when you are choosing a UV flashlight you have to fist identify the specific wavelength that you will use in order to for see if it will fill very well based on your need. In regards to ideal wavelength of UV flashlight that you will use you need to properly research in order to come up with a great fit UV flashlight.


Why is wavelength such an important factor to look at?

It is the very most important factor when you are looking for a UV flashlight is to check upon its wavelength as it will probably determine your UV flashlight’s performance. If you want to cover specific activities you need to check the right wavelength to make sure that this UV flashlights will perform at its best. Having a right wavelength that ranges for 365 nm would be the best fit for your wavelength.


Does it offer sufficient brightness?

When choosing the UV flashlight, it is very important to consider not only the amount of wavelength it produces but also the powerful brightness it can produce as even though you have the right amount of wavelength it wouldn’t matter if the brightness you have in your UV flashlight is insufficient enough to cover enough space that wouldn’t do too much things to do your needed activities. Check the lumens of the UV flashlight that you will get just please note that the best lumens would be 800 lumens in order to have a sufficient brightness base on your need!


Its power sources. Regarding its power sources, UV flashlights typically use Double A batteries in order to sustain its energy for a long period of use. The best UV flashlights can handle any amount of pressure and can be available to sustain its power using a battery. These UV flashlights can be recharge as well which his very crucial for any particular flashlights that is being used in any particular situation.


UV flashlight in particular would be a big help in your everyday lives, having its description earlier should give you a bit of hesitance on pursuing a UV flashlight due to the fact that most UV flashlight are only being used by any particular expert in a given field. With that, it is still considered on having it in your home as these UV flashlights has its own identity where it can help not only in an expert field but also in a particular home activity. With all these necessary things to consider about UV flashlight, it is very commendable on having it as it will give you better options that way it can be used and can be operated. All these times we are asked if it is important to have UV flashlight in your home, office or even in outdoor activities. The answer will always be yes as these flashlights not only can be use in any particular expert situation but also can be use with its great flexibility, versatility and functions.

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