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Powerful Tactical Flashlight With 7 Modes Of Light

Item No: BT-FL8050

Enjoy your outdoor activities with the light of this powerful tactical flashlight that offers 7 modes of light including cob light and red light.

A powerful feature that not all tactical flashlight has like an USB recharging, act as a power bank to your other devices, 7 modes of light, zoomable features. A tactical product that is not just powerful but packed with a lot of great features for an outdoor adventurer like you!

This product got it all, so get it now! Will be waiting for your message.

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Brightenlux Supplies An Excellent Quality Of Tactical Flashlights

Ningbo Brightelux Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is an experienced  manufacturer of Tactical Flashlight for a decade. It produced high-quality flashlight based in the City of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province Of China. Our products have been distributed to more than 60 countries all over the world.

Through innovative practices, our company has obtained ISO9001:2015 Management system certificates, BSCI Certificates, and also our products with CE ROHS REACH FCC Certificates.

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Waterproof Tactical Flashlight For Outdoor And Emergency Use

Item No: BT-FL8073

A high-powered Tactical flashlight that offers a brightness of 1200 lumens and can reach the distance around 250m, this brightness is a great help for you in the outdoor as even things from a far will be easily visible using this light.  5 modes of light is also available to adjust the light depending on your likeness. It is truly a great investment to have this kind of tactical flashlight.

This Flashlight can also change the beam by just simply zooming it out and in for you to have a spotlight and floodlight in this one tactical flashlight. A rechargeable light and an IPX4 waterproof rating are some of the great features of this light.

Invest with this light that can last a long time. Message us now!

Tactical Flashlight With High Lumens

Item No: BT-FL8052

A modern looking flashlight with self-defense head design is one of the great feature of this tactical flashlight. With a brightness of 1200 lumens and 5 modes of light it can easily brighten up the area and let you see things even from a far. It also has a zoomable features to change the beam of the light from flood light and spotlight.

This model of flashlight has a waterproof rating of IPX5 that can resist rain and high pressure of water. Plus, a snow proof and drop resistant design for you to safely use it wherever you needed it. You also don’t need to worry about the battery of this tactical flashlight as this can be charge using USB charging device.

For you to get this product message us now!

high power Tactical Flashlight
Aluminum Tactical Flashlight

Super Bright Tactical Flashlight With 5 Modes Of Light

Item No: BT-FL8032

A handy and elegant looking tactical flashlight with a powerful lumen is one of the best sellers for hikers and campers like you!

It has 5 modes of light for you to choose from and a zoomable design to focus the light wherever you like it.  This model can conveniently be charged using power bank, wall plugin, laptop and any other devices with USB port in it. This is just a few features of this product, there’s a lot more for you to use in the future adventure.

Enjoy this product and get it now!

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What Does A Tactical Flashlight Mean?

Tactical flashlight is built to have a special feature to be used as a self defense tool, and this feature makes it a tactical flashlight. It has a powerful lumen to help you destruct and disorient the attacker for a short period of time. Plus, it features a head that is made with strong and quality material used as a self-defense weapon. It can be used as an EDC or a light that can be mounted on a gun and any other weapon.

What Is A Good Lumen For Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical Flashlight are widely used outdoors and people in service, that’s why they prefer a flashlight with a brighter lumen. A lumen ranging 300-1000 is a great choice for a tactical flashlight. Remember the brighter the better. No need to worry if you think your flashlight is too dazzling as you can freely adjust the brightness of it because there’s a set of mode for you to select from.

Can I Break A Glass Using A Tactical Flashlight?

Yes, A tactical flashlight can break a glass because it is made from a strong material and built to be a weapon. This tactical flashlight has a unique feature to use to break a glass and struck the assailant.


What Should I Consider Before Buying A Tactical Flashlight?

Things to consider in a Tactical Flashlight:

Weight- A traditional tactical light is heavy and big but because of the innovation of the flashlight in the market, it became handy and lightweight. Make sure to choose a portable flashlight for easier movement and use.

LED- A tactical light with a LED light is more convenient as it is more handy, easy to use, brighter, and has a longer battery life.

Rechargeable- A tactical light that has a rechargeable feature is more convenient as this is hassle free for charging and doesn’t need to change the battery regularly.

Waterproof- It is a good feature of flashlight to have a waterproof design because you can use it in any weather and situation you are.

Durable- A tactical light should be strong and durable enough to last long.

Run time- It should last 3-8 hours and more to maximize its full potential.

A Regular Or A Tactical Flashlight?

There’s a big difference between these two in their usage, the EDC Flashlights are focused on its different features while the Tactical Flashlights are more focus on its brightness, strobe access and self-defense tool.  Tactical light also has a maximum durability, battery life and brightness than a regular flashlight as tactical are mostly used by officers.

Why It Has A Name Of “Tactical Flashlight”?

The name tactical flashlight comes from its usage, mainly this flashlight is used in tactical purpose like the people in the military. They are mostly use by people in service and design to freely mounted on gun and other weapon for shooting.

Tactical Flashlight Is Use In?

This flashlight is not what you usually use in your home to search for some things and during the blackout. This tactical flashlight is designed to used by people in service like police, military, rescue officer, security and other law enforcement. It has a strong brightness, features and can be used as a self-defense tool.

What Makes A Good Tactical Flashlight?
  • A powerful brightness
  • A portable size
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable
  • Good run time
  • Water-resistant
Is It Illegal To Use A Tactical Flashlight?

No, it’s not illegal to use and have this kind of flashlight, Its entirely legal and just like a normal flashlight you can bring it anywhere you want.

Are Tactical Flashlight Brighter?

Yes, because the brightness of tactical flashlight helps you to easily see and search around you, they are widely use for search operation and other activities that the people in service is doing. It has an intense brightness to destruct and disorient the assailant for a short period of time.

The Best Tactical Flashlight of Your Choice


Choosing the needed tactical flashlight on your everyday use is very crucial as it serves a lot of purpose. Tactical flashlights are made to use not only in lightening up the area but oncourse its power to be used for self-defense. With its crucial purpose, having the best tactical flashlight will always be your number one priority. So, let’s take a deeper look on what tactical flashlight really is and its great definition. Tactical flashlights are commonly manufactured for safety, consequently, better and more robust materials will be employed to build them. They frequently make great everyday carry flashlights and give the user a lot of choices. Tactical flashlights are used by professionals like in law enforcement, military, guards and a lot more. They are specifically put into any weapons like guns which you can usually see in any movies. These tactical flashlights do have that great qualities that can make a great difference in any law enforcement operations as this offers bright light with strong quality materials that can be reliable in any operations.



Let’s take a deeper look on why these tactical flashlights have a higher standard than any of the regular flashlights. Not only that it differs with its size but it has more specific features. This is a vital first step to understanding tactical flashlights nowadays. Because of the fact that these tactical flashlights are a bit bigger than regular flashlights, then they will be carried by law enforcement personnel and could be a problem for a regular citizen. Tactical flashlights now adays are not only becomes slimmer so it can be easily brought up by law enforcement, but it becomes more efficient and has great brightness and features that is a big help for an operation.

Today’s tactical flashlights have the following characteristics:


Powerful brightness is a tactical flashlight’s essential and most remarkable characteristic. As it is being used for any important and crucial operations, it would be a must that the tactical flashlight you have has the maximum brightness that can affect someone’s else vision that can distract any of the attacker forcing them to lose their sight and won’t be able to finish the job. For self-defense in more extreme, danger and high-risk situations, a police force official or a law enforcement personnel could easily have an advantage in regards to the situation as it will potentially blocks the vision and make the potential attacker uncomfortable with the circumstances. With the amount of brightness that it can produce, these tactical flashlights will serve a lot of its purpose. As mentioned regarding the benefits of the powerful brightness of tactical flashlights, they are also excellent for brighten up a potential target when the darkness occurs outside the location or in other low-light, foggy atmospheric conditions when put it in a firearm.

To better understand how the brightness of the powerful tactical flashlight is, let’s briefly discuss what is lumens?

Lumens are typically the measure of the brightness of a flashlight. Knowing the lumens of your flashlight would be very important as you will know how much brightness your flashlight produce. With the right research you will get the required lumens of the flashlight that you need.



Finding a tactical flashlight that is both light and comfortable for you is vital because you will be carrying it around with you. Of course, everyone has a different idea of what is comfortable but having a tactical flashlight that can be use not only with tough operation but in everyday lives as well, it is really what the people are looking for, it is how convenient these types of flashlights can be use.  Even though that this powerful, solid casing, waterproof and strong tactical flashlights are composed of durable materials, they can be easily carried using hand that makes it very easy to use and hassle-free self defense tool. With its compact size and light weight feature, these tactical flashlights will serve as the best option tool in any types of law enforcement operation. As it lightweight as it gets, it won’t create any bother to our police force, military and any law enforcement officer that will perform any type of high-risk action. Made off by durable and tough materials, it hasn’t affected the fact that these tactical flashlights will fit well with the recent innovative materials.



Most tactical flashlights are very easy to use as it can be operated on a user-friendly manner, in this case all tactical flashlights have an easy feature where you can just easily switch on and off the lights based on the situation in order for it to be more useful. In regards to its modes of light it came to show that because on how brightenlux have made theses tactical flashlights, all of this can be easily mode on based on your required operation. Having a friendly operated tactical flashlight would be a crucial asset when having a particular life and death situation. So, the best tactical flashlights must be easy to use in order to produce a less hassle things while doing an operation. In regards to it’s particular brightness and weight, all the tactical flashlights from brightenlux will definitely fit well.



When it comes to the brightness and modes of light available in Brightenlux Tactical flashlights, it would be a perfect fit based on your need as it can be easily adjusted in different light setting whether you need something in a particular matter or even in a specific operation all the modes and brightness settings of Brightenlux is versatile. There are a lot of brightness options that you can choose in these tactical flashlights such as low mode light, medium mode light and high brightness level that can typically cover your need. There are particular settings available as well in Brightenlux tactical flashlights you can choose on such as turbo mode or a strobe mode to conquer any of your particular operation. When it comes to versatility and reliability of Tactical Flashlights, Brightenlux would be your number one option as not only it produces a lot of brightness modes of light and different mode settings but it covers such things as well that would be very useful not only yon your everyday lives but also in school, work or any outdoor activities and definitely in a particular law enforcement operation. These tactical flashlights with great adjustability of settings and brightness would be a big help as it will be helpful with our law enforcement officials, police officers to cover a big amount of space that can catch up with any individual suspect or attackers that can easily help out the operation to be ended as soon as it can. These Tactical flashlights with great versatility is the number one priority when choosing a particular flashlight for your law enforcement as it will definitely fit based on their requirement.


5.    Reliable Tactical Flashlight with Long Lasting and Rechargeable Batteries

With the use of tactical flashlights in high risk and danger operations, these tactical flashlights are required to have a long-lasting battery and an easy to charge rechargeable battery features. As we all know that all these tactical flashlights are being used in a tough and life and death operation so it is a must to have a tactical flashlight that can withstand in a long period of time to be able to sustain it. It could be that the operation has a life on the line, or a very important matter to be settle. It is really a must that the quality of the tactical flashlight that will be use will cover the important operation that needs to be done. On any type of situation or a bad circumstances occur it has to be taken note that these tactical flashlights must have a reliable rechargeable battery that can be charge on a specific situation. Tactical Flashlights should be able to be recharged as soon as possible if the battery does eventually run out. In that case, it is very important to have a quality tactical flashlights to be ready in any operation.



A tactical flashlight should be sturdy, solid casing, waterproof, durable and long-lasting. As we all know that all these particular tactical flashlights are used in a life and death situation so it would be an important matter to have a tactical flashlight that will fit very well in this kind of circumstances. These tactical flashlights must be durable and can withstand any of the harsh weather conditions as well as any situation of anyone’s everyday lives or even just a daily use for work, school and even household. That’s why it has been made as solid and waterproof given with the kind of different situation that will unfold.

All tactical flashlights are being used as a perfect protection by any police officer, law enforcement officials and any personnel that covers protection and law enforcement. These tactical flashlights must be durable enough as it will be used for self defense when life and death situation arise even though the size of these tactical flashlights now are not that too big in order to be less hassle when it is brought to an important operation. As it is made by hard aluminum metal, it can be easily use to attack the suspect if particular harm will arise so the officer can protect themselves. Here in this world, we certainly don’t condone violence and will definitely never support that, but it’s a fact of life for those working in security, police enforcement, law enforcement environment and the military. That in any operation they are putting their life on the line and that’s why we are giving our all-out support with these quality and durable technologies that will save them and protect them from any harmful and dangerous attacks. On occasion, it’s vital to use all available tools that our personnel’s have to neutralize dangers. Furthermore, tactical flashlights would be perfect fit in those unfortunate circumstances that triggers the life and death situation.


With all these information about tactical flashlights where you have a great knowledge about it. A tactical flashlight is not just your typical flashlight, which is another thing that is quite evident and we have discovered. Even though it is being use for operation usually but it is an important tool as well in your home, school or even an outdoor activities that can really be helpful upon your need.

All the quality tactical flashlights can be found here in Brightenlux, and we can easily provide you the most affordable, durable, waterproof tactical flashlight that is the best self-defense tool. You can shop the best tactical flashlight now and we will be happy to serve you!

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