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Item No: BT – GL8031W

This Cable Powered Outdoor String Light has a clever lighting system technology that turns on and off the illumination intelligently. Since our spectacular outdoor string garden cable powered light is IP44 waterproof, you can use it even while it’s raining. The garden light also contains an anti freeze element to avoid harm or damage from harsh, icy conditions. Another unique feature of our majestic outdoor string garden light is its weather resistance like for example to wind and weather. It is designed to have a very tight bulb connector to guarantee stability and lesser chances of falling, so there is no need to be concerned. According to the product specifications, the cable connecting all the tungsten bulb LED lights is 29 feet long, and 15 cm distance between each bulb. This Cable Powered String Light Manufacturer in China is made to be durable for the brilliant and perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor use during normal days and family events and gathering. Hurry and don’t miss the chance to beautify your space with a reliable hanging string light, manufactured with skilled craftsmanship and experience in the field!

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Item No: BT – GL8033

Introducing a unique style of solar string lights that is perfect for your outdoor spaces with multi hued LEDs from BRIGHTENLUX built to be flexible and long lasting enough to satisfy your needs. Features 16 static color patterns and 4 dynamic modes for multi – colors sets to tone your preferred mood at night. Charges during the day using its 87 * 87 mm solar panel and works perfectly at night with the help of its high capacity built – in batteries (Ni – MH double AA 1200 mAh, 1.2V battery). Easy to use switch buttons On and Off plus 8 modes of switchable: combination, in a wave, sequential, slo go, chasing flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash, and steady on. Certified as resistant to rainwater, corrosion, and dirt. The flexible multi – colored string lights can be used outdoors and indoors for decoration and other purposes, just make sure to keep the solar power panel on the outside for charging. For more information, kindly contact us directly. We are more than happy to entertain your questions with regards to this awesome string light manufacturer product!

String Light Manufacturer
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Item No: BT – GL8202

Looking to lighten your backyard, deck, gazebo, patio, pathway, pergola, bistro, and during important occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and holidays? You are looking at the right item for such an application. The BRIGHTENLUX String Light Manufacturer suspended bright warm string lights manufacturer brightenlux are built to last with only minimal maintenance. Surely you can leave it on display year – round. Equipped with durable and robust material that is snowproof, sunproof, windproof, and waterproof. The wire strand lengths are about 2 x 48 ft with 2 x 16 suspended sockets and 32 + 2 (2 Watt) LED bright warm bulbs. Comes with a super heavy duty – cord linkable with an end to end connectable up to 12 strands. Easy to install just by using strings on the rope, screwing on the walls, or tying to any fixtures. Can be both applied to indoor and especially outdoor decoration purposes. For any inquiries regarding the product, you may consult us through our contacts given!


Item No: BT – GL8205

Introducing a state of the art string light manufacturer by BRIGHTENLUX designed smart control colorful RGB hanging string lights. Excellent choice for aesthetic lighting integrated with a highly intelligent system easily controllable and usable. Extends to a wire length of about 48 ft strand fitted with 15 bulbs, further extendable to 2 sets (96 ft), and includes a removable controller and extendable cords. Works using a Wi-Fi smart app control downloadable. This controls the ideal brightness for specific occasions since it can be moderated from 1% to 100% dimness. Features a custom color RGB lights, hands – free voice control, and music synchronization creating a vibrant party like lighting. Made of sturdy materials, rated as IP65 water proof, wind proof and shatter proof making it resistant to any bad weather, so you don’t need to worry about your awesome string light when the weather gets bad because this product is made to withstand everything. Perfectly fine for outdoor and indoor decorations usage. For further details about this awesome string light manufacturer by brightenlux, directly message us through our contacts below!

String Light Manufacturer

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What is a string light manufacturer?

The unique sort of lights used for either indoor or outdoor illumination is called string lights, sometimes known as decorative or fairy lights. Mainly the reason as to why string lights are often sometimes referred to as Christmas lights are because they were originally utilized mostly during festivals or holiday times, notably during Christmas. This tradition dates back to the early days of Christmas tree decorating when simple candles were used, but string lights are now used for purposes far beyond the holiday season due to their highly developed functionality and widespread acceptance as decorative items that add a remarkably cozy atmosphere to any space. BRIGHTENLUX is one of the best string light manufacturer that is based and made in China with 10 years of experience in the field and we have the following string lights, with the best quality:

  • BT – GL8031W – a wired strand of the string light that emits warm lights pleasing to the eyes, letting you experience a safe, sturdy, and aesthetic lighting ambiance while at home. The LED bulb used in this model is a  tungsten bulb which guarantees a much stronger and more efficient life span compared to other bulbs. 
  • BT – GL8033 – a solar powered string light incorporated with multi – colored LED lights creating different moods at night. This fairy light is perfect both for indoor and outdoor setting decor.
  • BT – GL8202 – a suspended string lights best to lighten your backyard, deck, gazebo, patio, pathway, pergola, bistro, and during important occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and holidays.
  • BT – GL8205 – a smart control colorful RGB hanging string lights for aesthetic lighting with controllable light dim, voice control, and music sync. A smart technology made with the perfection that you can use in the comfort of your own home.
Is the string light manufacturer product that you create perfect for indoor and outdoor use?

BRIGHTENLUX is a string light manufacturer already for 10 years in this industry. The string lights products vary slightly in indoor and outdoor applications. In the case of string lights namely BT – GL8031W, BT – GL8033, BT – GL8202, and BT – GL8205 they can all be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration and lighting purposes. Ideally used to illuminate your backyard, walls, deck, gazebo, patio, pathway, pools, pergola, bistro, and during important and lovely occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and holidays. To know more about the specific product and its specification, you may directly look and refer to each individual product page here on our website at 

How should I hang the outdoor string light manufacturer?

There are several ways to hang an outdoor string light manufacturer. It solely depends on the classification of design you prefer to use for your outdoor string lights. But generally, string lights are installed by tying to any fixtures, screwing into walls, and hooking the built – in socket loops or simply utilizing strings on a rope to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Realistically, you can find your own way to hang your LED string light manufacturer, but we would like to remind you that in doing so please make sure you are taking precautions. Please make sure that flammable things are not near your string lights for your own safety, and other safety measures for your own peace of mind also.  

What color of light is best for outdoors, especially when using a string light manufacturer?

String lights can immediately convert any ordinary garden, yard, deck, or patio in to a warm and inviting place to chill and hang out with everyone while sharing a drink or two, however, selecting such a proper set of lights is essential in achieving the ideal lighting ambiance. Due to its closeness to natural light, white light obviously is the preferred choice or the most effective illumination hue. Whereas, warm white lights have a pleasant and appealing glowy yellowish hue giving that homey and child kind of vibe or mood making them a popular choice for both manufacturers and buyers of outdoor lighting. Multi – colored bulbs, such as the BRIGHTENLUX BT – GL8033 and BT – GL8205 are string lights with vibrant aesthetic value rather than their illumination capacity. These lights offer a stylish element and are wonderful to watch for various purposes including holidays and seasons. These are ideal lights for people who easily got bored and want changes from time to time, you can easily change the lights from one to another via the remote, voice control, or app on your phone. Kindly see the product detail pages to further know the specifications of the two models.

Can string light manufacturer be left outdoors?

Absolutely! The manufactured string light manufacturer from BRIGHTENLUX is designed to endure the environmental condition in your outdoor area. BT – GL8031W and BT – GL8202 versions of string lights come with a resistant material, excellent as water proof, snow proof, wind proof, and sun proof. BT – GL8033 string lights are recognized as rain proof, corrosion, and dust proof so you don’t have to worry at it at all! Lastly, BT – GL8205 is made from robust materials, rated with a IP65 waterproof resistance level, wind proof and shatter proof making it resistant to any bad weather. For further assurance with other products similar to BRIGHTENLUX string light manufacturer make sure to check their specification thoroughly to ensure that the string lights can withstand shifting weather and temperature settings all year.

How long are your string light manufacturer strands?

Each string light strand has its own product information including the indicated length of the strand, which may be found on the product page. We provide standardized length strands in a different versions and types of string light. Most market pre – packaged light strings have a length of 12 to 26 feet. However, BRIGHTENLUX string light manufacturer comes with a long and robust wire strand:

  • BT – GL8031W – comes with a 25ft long wire length fitted with 25 LED bulbs (plus 2 additional spare bulbs) and end – to – end connectable it can be expanded and form an array of string lights to accommodate a wider outdoor perimeter.
  • BT – GL8033 – has much longer strands of wire since it forms like a Christmas series light and flexible wire strand.
  • BT – GL8202 – wire strand lengths are about 2 x 48 ft with 2 x 16 suspended sockets and 32 + 2 (2 Watts) LED bright warm bulbs. Comes with a super heavy duty – cord linkable with an end to end connectable up to 12 strands.
  • BT – GL8205 – extends to a wire length of about 48 ft strand fitted with 15 bulbs, further extendable to 2 sets (96 ft), and includes a removable controller and extendable cords.
Why do people buy and use string light manufacturer products?

It actually differs from person to person, but the most common reasons are shown below:

  • Make outdoor relaxing and enjoyable – Most of the time, especially during summer, it tends to be a great time to relax outside of your home may it be in the backyard, garden, deck, or patio to enjoy the weather and fresh air. It really is a lovely opportunity to just unwind with loved ones throughout the longer days and nicer weather. String light manufacturers are added by simply hanging or suspending them from the ceiling, wall, or pergola. The festive and sparkling like flashes make the atmosphere happier and can even extend the good times into the evening. String lights are a must – have if you are planning to create a lovely space outside your home.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere – The main purpose of string lights is not to serve as the main source of illumination, but rather to beautify an area and create a wonderful, comfortable atmosphere, especially when the surrounding area is not too lighted. Everything in its vicinity is made to look beautiful by adjusting the light. For this reason, people increasingly hang string lights from various ornamental items like gazebos, green plants, or furniture in living rooms, home offices, patios, and yards, among other places.
  • Improve the ambiance for events and gatherings – Nearly every day, string lights are utilized outside to cater some activities such as parties, reunions, weddings, and other social gatherings. These lights add warmth to the setting, allowing people to unwind and become used to the social dynamics of the gathering. 
  • Energy saving from little to no electricity use – String lights are extremely low power consumption in comparison to conventional lights is another factor contributing to their popularity. The main objective of decorative lights is to improve aesthetics; as a result, light output is decreased, resulting in a reduction in overall watts. Additionally, energy efficient LED light, which consumes up to 70% less energy and has a lifespan of nearly ten times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, is used in the production of string lights. Some string light manufacturer even use solar electricity, which automatically charges in the sunlight and turns on when the light level drops. Low utility expenses and a greener way of life result from this.
How could I maintain the string light manufacturer?

Your outdoor or indoor string lights may be maintained in a variety of ways to keep them functional and attractive. In fact, because of their low maintenance status, they require very little care. To provide devoted consumers years of delight, BRIGHTENLUX BT – GL8031W, BT – GL8033, BT – GL8202, and BT – GL8205 were built from high quality, strong, and long lasting materials specifically for the wire strand and solar components. However, you should work on cleaning them by simply wiping or removing dust, filth, and mud from their surface on a regular basis if you want to lengthen their service life. Make sure to unplug first the string lights connected to your grid before any cleaning starts. Additionally, to significantly reduce the danger of harming or, worse, losing them, you may choose to keep them indoors during really severe weather conditions. Also, it is also highly suggested that if your string light manufacturer is powered by solar, please make sure to check it from time to time for some debris on top of the solar panel for a more efficient solar energy connection, make sure it is still installed well and not knocked off by squirrels so it is still positioned in the best spot.

Is there any limitation to the number of sets I can string together using the string light manufacturer?

Yes and no, it will really vary from one product to another. From one string light manufacturer to another. So please, we highly encourage you to thoroughly know and check the product before making a purchase. If you have any additional questions that cannot be seen in the product detail page, do not hesitate to contact us with your queries. The connection of a multiple strands of string light unit that plugs into a single outlet or extension cable is possible (depends with the product). There won’t be a limitation in the majority of circumstances. But, if your manufacturer explicitly stated the advisable number of sets allowed, then it must be followed to prevent any damage to the product. We have products that are allowed to have many strands connected at once and we also have product models that only allow two sets. Kindly check our product detail pages to see and know more.

Are your string light manufacturer dimmable?

Dimming is not possible with battery – powered sets and some multi function sets since this specific string light manufacturer feature requires more power than usual to operate. However, BRIGHTENLUX BT – GL8205 is the only dimmable version of string light available (for now). It involves a WIFI smart app to control the brightness (dim) percentage of the RGB lights from 1% to 100% maximum. Also, features a custom color RGB LED lights to choose from, a hand – free voice control, and music synchronization creating a vibrant party like lighting. Can extend up to 96 feet of a colorful string of bulbs 3 ft apart. This is the perfect string light if you get easily bored and you want to change things from time to time.

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