solar string light

Brightenlux Solar String Light

Solar String Light


Item No: BT – GL8031

This Outdoor LED Solar String Light has 0.07 in height and 0.04 in width. It also has 25 bulbs and a 25 sockets. The socket has a reliable C7 / E12 base type and consumes 1 watt per bulb. Manufacture with an anti fall feature so it would not easily break. Our majestic outdoor string garden solar light’s ability to withstand wind and the elements is another special quality that you should definitely take note of. One issue with using our solar garden light is that it sways in heavy gusts because the LED bulbs are wired together. There is no need to worry about the bulbs falling because it is made with a tight bulb connector to maintain stability. Convenient, portable, and magnificent hanging solar light to beautify your garden and lawn. These are only some of the additional wonderful and spectacular characteristics you should be aware of. Please feel free to ask us any further questions you may have about these fantastic led string lights.

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Item No: BT – GL8033

Decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with the newly designed BRIGHTENLUX solar bright twinkling fairy solar string light. Created from high quality flexible wire strands bent to fit practically on any object you can imagine including bottles, plants, signs, furniture, and outdoor decorations.

  • Comes with 4 dynamic multi color modes and 16 static color patterns to tone your favorite mood at night. 
  • Has an 87 × 87 mm solar panel to charge throughout the day and large capacity built in batteries to operate flawlessly at night (Ni – MH double A 1200mAh, 1.2V battery).
  • Switchable modes include combination, in a wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on and including a simple On and Off buttons. 
  • Rainwater, rust, and dirt resistance are officially certified. Just be sure to leave the solar power panel outside for charging while using the flexible multicolored string lights for decorating or other uses.

Kindly get in touch with us personally for additional information!

Solar String Light
Solar String Light


Item No: BT – GL8201

If you are wondering about the best fit for your indoor and outdoor spaces for lighting experiences. Then definitely look no more! Get to experience a relaxing illumination with BRIGHTENLUX LED solar string light purposely made to elevate your night time atmosphere.

  • Power saving 6.5 * 6.5 cm solar powered efficient panels and high – capacity battery. Low power consumption with up to 0.42 Watt per bulb capable of lighting all throughout the night when fully charged during the day.
  • Durable 25.5 ft long connectable cables up to 8 strands end to end. Consists of 12 LED bulbs per 25.5 ft string lights 2 ft apart. 
  • This LED bulb solar string light withstands against challenging weather conditions like high temperatures, and snowy, windy, and rainy days. Also, certified with shatterproof material.
  • Applicable to any desired event or gathering for indoor and outdoor decorations.

You may contact us using the information provided if you have any questions about the product!


Item No: BT – GL8204

Improve the looks of your home with the uniquely designed crystal globe LED solar string lights lamp. A great choice for comfort and aesthetic ambiance without worrying on your utility electric cost and light replacements applicable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. No more worrying about the stress and hassle of installing this beautiful solar string light because this is totally powered by solar energy! Here are more features of this product that you should know!

  • High efficiency 120 – degree adjustable monocrystalline silicon solar panel and high – capacity battery that can run up to 8+ hours during nighttime use. 
  • Comes with 2.3 cm diameter crystal clear globe LED lamps with extra – long, sturdy 36 ft wire cable. Auto on and off intelligent optical sensor.
  • Features 8 lighting modes and switch function including combination, in waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing flash, slow fade, twinkle or flash, and steady on.
  • IPX4 Waterproof rated. They can withstand and resist all types of splashes coming from any angle.

Please do not hesitate to call or write us if you have any questions!

Solar String Light

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What is a solar string light? What are their uses?

The solar string light is typically small and uniquely designed lamps or bulbs linked together through a strand of cable or cord for decorative lighting purposes. These string lights are powered by a battery stored from charging through a solar panel placed right under the sunlight or is powered by cable depending from one product to another, so make sure to check the product thoroughly so you will get the best one that suits your needs. Solar string lights may be used in indoor and outdoor settings at home to provide ambiance and a warm atmosphere, some models also come in different RGB colors so you can change the color light freely if you like. Aside from that, they may also be used to illuminate pathways in gardens, decks, and patios. BRIGHTENLUX offers a great range of solar string lights:

    • BT – GL8031 – simple yet classic solar string light that can magnificent improve the ambiance of your home. With IP45 Water Resistance and 18 feet strand coverage.
    • BT – GL8033 – comes with multi – colored dynamic and static modes of light with bright twinkling fairy string lights.
  • BT – GL8201 – a solar string light created to elevate your nighttime experience of relaxation and illumination.
  • BT – GL8204 – uniquely designed crystal globe LED solar string lamp lights, a great choice for comfort and aesthetic ambiance inside and outside of your homes.

Kindly check the page for each of the individual solar string lights for more detailed information.

How do solar panel of this solar string lights function?

The solar paneled string lights operate using a process called photovoltaics, in which sunlight is converted into direct electric current by the solar cells and the electrical energy is eventually stored inside the batteries of the solar string light. Electricity is produced as a consequence of the transfer of electrons that occurs when the sun warms the solar cells, stimulating the movement of negative electrons into positively charged regions. Then, the said electrons are placed inside the battery cells where they are kept until night fall for operation. They do work automatically using light sensors since this comes with a smart technology. The transformation and conversion of sunlight, however, halts as dusk falls in the evening. The photoreceptor (sensor) recognizes the absence of the light and activates the string lights. At this moment, the stored power in the battery is being used for the solar string lights. Finally, that is how the solar panel goes along with the led solar string lights function. Both two are essential towards each other to function gracefully and provide the best solar string light for your area with not problem at all.

Is the solar string light a one – size fits all solution?

Of course! Although solar string lights require sun light to operate, the name suggests more than that. With the integration of solar powered panels instead of grid, line connection improves the energy saving effect and low power consumption of the product. But how much sun light is required? Or how should you go if you wish to hang them at a location in your house that is primarily shaded? BRIGHTENLUX suggests that the positioning of the solar panels should not be compromised by shaded areas, therefore, placing them right under the sun is the best option at all times. It surely performs best on sunny days with lots and lots of daylight powering the device. Some solar string lights can function as well with less sunlight during the season of rainy, snowy, or windy but with less operation time. However solar powered doesn’t mean it needs direct sun light just to function, a light source from bulbs is enough also but is not totally equivalent or an alternative to fully power a solar powered solar string light.

How long does a solar string light battery last and when to replace it?

Well, it varies roughly on the type and usage of batteries but if utilized properly, solar string lights batteries often last between 1 to 2 years or much longer, depends with the materials used, manufacturer and how long does the solar string light being used often. Normally, rechargeable batteries like Ni MH should last for more than two years, this is so because Ni MH batteries can run the solar string lights for a much longer period while only needing fewer recharges. Ni MH batteries also contain a large storage capacity. Besides, the LED bulb or lamp lights have an approximately 10 year or longer lifespan.

If you observe a decline in the efficiency of your solar powered string lights panels, it is right to think about purchasing a new battery since the lights can no longer keep a sufficient amount of illumination in the area at night. Additionally, the dim (brightness) and caliber of the light the solar string light emits will decline. To avoid such unfortunate problems, you should look for a trustworthy product. To name a few, BRIGHTENLUX is a reliable brand that delivers high quality and endurance solar string lights for your indoor and outdoor decoration needs. Skillfully made with 10 years of experience in the field.

How long should I charge the solar string lights?

Considering you have a fundamental understanding of how solar string lights are charged. The question is that, for how many hours should you charge your string lights? Now, in order to achieve the best performance, you should let the solar string lights charge in direct sunlight or sunshine for 4 to 10 hours. You may have light all night long with a completely charged solar lamp or light. However, the battery capacity affects its performance. You will have 7 to 8 hours of illumination if you use a smaller class of string lights for domestic use. It may take up to 12 hours for the solar string lights to completely recharge when using artificial illumination to power them. Again, this kind of things will always vary from one product to another, from the materials being used in making the product, the experience of the manufacturer in the field, etc.

I live in cold climates, will this affect my solar string lights?

Yes, but in a positive way. Solar string lights not only operate well during winter but rather they produce more power thanks to the solar panels. As a matter of fact, winter snow is white and considered reflective. Yes, it is the planet’s most reflective natural covering. This results in solar panels from the device providing more free sunlight projection. In order to improve the photovoltaic performance or efficiency, snow functions as a mirror reflecting sunlight towards the panels. It does not only make the sun rays strike the panel stronger, but it also makes it possible to capture more UV rays. The most common misconception about PV panel output is that it lowers the efficiency of the device in colder temperatures. Truth is solar panels maximize their conversion during the chilly season with enough sunlight. Cooler temperatures are more conducive to PV cell performance than warmer climates. Just plase make sure to secure your solar string lights firm and nicely during  a snow storm since it might flew your led solar string light away.

How should you take care of your solar string lights?

BRIGHTENLUX delivers user – friendly and durable solar string lights, so you should not worry about the device getting damaged at earlier usage. Kindly also take note that we take into pride our quality check before all of our products are released. If in any case you received our solar string light or other products with defect, kindly remember that we have one year warranty for all our products so you do not need to worry at all! However, to increase its lifespan it must be frequently cleaned of dust, dirt, or mud since they are fueled by direct sunlight and cannot readily store energy for night time use. You might as well wish to place them indoors during severe weather conditions to minimize the risk of damage to the device. Lastly, when not being used, gently turn them off and keep them somewhere safe.

Why choose solar string lights over traditional electrical lights?

You should choose solar string light over the traditional electrical light because of these following reasons: You are not required to employ an expert to run cable wires or link them in any other manner to a power supply in your house because they are first of all simple to set up. You can finish it in a little while. And second, moving the solar string lights if necessary is likewise a very simple process. They won’t raise your electricity cost since they are solar powered, it is also environmental friendly. Additionally, you may place them close to a pool even without safety concerns because there are no electrical wires, and they only work on low voltages. Finally, they are more environmentally friendly than conventional energy sources, which contaminate our air and water and produce hazardous waste that has to be disposed of. 

Why should you go for solar string lights?

The following explains the reasons why someone should go for solar string lights:

  • Environmental – Friendly – your energy consumption and carbon emissions will be significantly reduced if you prefer to leave the lights on in your home or yard for a number of hours each night. This is made feasible using ecologically sustainable and green solar lighting.
  • Cost effective – you may only have to worry about the initial price cost of the solar string lights considering the quality of the item. However, you don’t have to bother paying additional fees since it only uses renewable energy from the sun.
  • Easy to install – they are quite simple to install, especially on the outside. No need to be concerned about installing safe electrical contact points which may need an expert. Simply dig a suitable hole for the solar panels on the ground, after which you may wrap, tie or loop the string lights around any type of fence, plant, or furniture.
  • Long lasting bulbs and batteries – are often employed in LED bulbs whether you choose miniature fairy lights or huge crystal globe lamps. Although if they are used for several hours a day, these warm white lights may endure for years, so you won’t need to renew them frequently.
Are the solar string lights weather proof?

A big YES! BRIGHTENLUX solar string light products all undergo testing and are rated for their weather proof ability. Although the following solar string lights BT – GL8031, BT – GL8033, BT – GL8201, and BT – GL8204 can withstand any weather, including lots of rain or snow, they should not be allowed outdoors during a severe weather that may damage the glass encased types. You should be careful in exposing them to strong gusts or storms that might incur great damage to the device. If you are concerned that your lights may blow completely away, you should purchase hanging fixtures, because hanging lights are also useful for lining swimming pools, ponds, and patios. Keeping your items fixed, tucked and ready for an upcoming bad weather will greatly help you in minimizing unfortunate damages and for your own safety as well.


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