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Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Fancy and Durable Solar Powered Outdoor Lights Waterproof

Item No: BT-GL8001

Being close to a garden relaxes us, and the landscaping enhances our appreciation of nature. Installing garden lights or Solar Powered Outdoor Lights is essential to improving the garden’s beauty, particularly at night. It will definitely also emphasize the maintenance of an outside garden. If you’re seeking for the best outdoor garden light, this is the one for you! Here are some awesome features that you should know: It offers convenience because it features a solar charging mechanism, making it a free light that requires no wiring. During the day, the product automatically goes off to recharge the battery, and at night, it comes on to provide light. It has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 65, making it waterproof. This device gives two types of light, including warm and white light. Lastly, Installing is really simple.

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Garden Flame Light with Solar Powered Outdoor Lights That Is Waterproof and Portable

Item No: BT-GL8005

When there is a garden nearby, we feel more at peace, and the landscaping heightens our enjoyment of nature. To make the garden look better, especially at night, garden lights must be installed. When selecting the ideal light for your courtyards, villas, gardens, and lawns, the characteristics of a Solar Powered Outdoor light should be your first priority. Here are product features that you should know: The burning light is depicted with realism. It is 185 mm by 700 mm in size, composed of ABS, and is hence portable and lightweight. It offers convenience because it features a solar charging mechanism, making it a free light that requires no wiring. The gadget incorporates optical sensing, so during the day it automatically goes off to charge the battery and turns on at night to provide illumination. Lastly, It is waterproof, making it safe to use outside.

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Solar Powered Outdoor Lights
Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Landscape Spotlight Solar Powered Outdoor Lights with Detachable Lamp

Item No: BT – GL8013

Gardens are now located outside the majority of buildings since they offer so many benefits to both people and the environment. The best option for highlighting the features of an outside area or garden is to use a spotlight. Here are some fantastic features of this Solar Powered Outdoor Lights that you should know: The best feature of this device is its lamp’s capacity to be turned up to 90 degrees and detachable, allowing it to be used as a wall mounted spotlight or a standard garden light. It is protected from potential water damage thanks to its ingress protection grade of X (IPX7). Because of its all weather readiness, it can tolerate harsh cold as well as heat. It is a smart bulb that automatically comes on when there is enough darkness and goes off to recharge when the sun rises. Lastly, For a more convenient and energy efficient operation, it is solar powered.

Purchasing these 2 in 1 Solar Powered Outdoor Lights with the removable lamp will never make you regret it.

Seven Color Hanging Garden Solar Powered Outdoor Lights That Are Lightweight

Item No: BT – GL8037

An outdoor garden would be the ideal setting for any social function. It is finest when properly illuminated and employing the right kind of lighting to enhance the mood of the garden. Before making a purchase, it is best to review the features of an Solar Powered Outdoor light. And if you’re seeking for the very best, we’ve got it right here! With 11.5 by 8 centimeters in size, it is undoubtedly portable and lightweight. The item contains a stainless steel hook, an on/off button, a white LED light, a clear broken glass lens of your choice of colors, and a built in solar panel. There is no need for pricey exterior electrical wiring because it is solar powered. It is simple to position the light where it is needed thanks to the product’s hook. Lastly, Seven different light colors are available, including stark white, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, and yellow green. If you want a different hue, there’s no need to hunt for another product.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries about these Solar Powered Outdoor Lights.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights
Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Magnificent Solar Powered Outdoor Lights For A String Garden

Item No: BT – GL8031

This Solar Powered Outdoor Lights has smart lighting technology that turns on and off the light automatically. The solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy during the day to serve as a power source, and the lights automatically turn on at night. Since our magnificent outdoor string garden solar light is IP44 waterproof, you can use it even while it’s raining. The garden light also contains an anti freeze component to prevent damage or breakage from harsh, icy conditions. Our beautiful outdoor string garden solar light’s ability to withstand wind and the elements is another special quality. One issue with using our solar garden light is that it sways in heavy gusts because the LED bulbs are wired together. There is no need to worry because it is made with a tight bulb connector to maintain stability. According to the product specifications, the cable that connects the solar panel and LED lights is 1.5 m long, and there are 0.3 m between each bulb, making a total wire length of 7.8 m.

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What is a Solar Powered Outdoor Lights? How do they work?

This is a very frequent question, asked mostly by new home owners that are interested in other ways of having lights on their lawn without the hassle and saving more in the long run. Solar powered outdoor lights are simple to set up and need only a little up keep. The best part is that utilizing them will not raise your power bill. Walkway light, wall mounted, standing posts, and decorative lighting are popular house uses for solar outdoor lighting. Solar panels in light turn sunlight into energy, which is used in solar powered luminaires. The batteries are used to store the energy for usage at nighttime. A solar lighting system will only function properly if the panels receive the necessary number of hours of sunlight recommended by the manufacturer. Here in Brightenlux, almost every solar light product of ours is equipped with smart technology where it can be automatically turned on during day time and off during the night, on its own.

Are Solar Powered Outdoor Lights cost and energy efficient?

Yes it is! One of the many reasons why most customers do like to purchase our solar outdoor lights is because it is cost effective and energy efficient. When considering utilizing the potential of renewable power for your house, the output of solar may seem daunting. Solar powered outdoor lights allow you to brighten your outside environment without the need for an electric power source, you just need sunlight. Solar powered outdoor lights may be a terrific option to add illumination to the exterior of your house because it is both very easy to operate and environmentally friendly. It is a wise option to make. Most of the Solar Powered Outdoor Lights in the market at quite pricey but still being preferred by home owners since this is cost efficient and will save you money in the long run. Plus! No more hassle in doing the wirings to have these solar powered outdoor lights into your own home!

Will Solar Powered Outdoor Lights provide enough illumination?

Yes, of course! You do not need to worry about the light performance of our solar powered outdoor lights because they can exceed your lighting requirement and even for a good design display at your house, in or outside. Our solar powered outdoor lights are not only for bright yet energy saving illumination but also for additional beauty, and design decorative lighting that offers wide applications. 

  • BT – GL8001. It has 8 strong LEDs with 30 lumens enough to illuminate your pathway, driveway, garden, and other areas that require light from about 3 to 5 meters away.  
  • BT – GL8005. It has a light power of 1 watt with a 3.7V 1200mAh lithium battery that absorbs the sunlight for nighttime use. It can light up from a range of 3 to 5 meters away.
  • BT – GL8013. It contains 16 LEDs with a total power of 100 Lumens, making it ideal for illuminating your yard at night. It has a 2 in 1 function in that it may be put into the ground as well as installed on the hole.
  • BT – GL8031. It has a 1 pc F5 LED bulb for each light with a working voltage of 1.2V. With this, it can light up from about 3 to 5 meters away.
  • BT – GL8037. It is a portable hemp rope hanging light that may revive the traditional ways of lighting. Furthermore, the hanging light’s glass bottle with a crack design and the LED copper wire lamp string inside make it spread an elegant illumination, ideal for adding elegance to the event you have been preparing.
What are the ways to install a Solar Powered Outdoor Lights?

There are a number of ways on how to install a  solar powered outdoor lights and it is just very easy. It depends on what type of solar light you own. In general, there are three (3) ways: struck into the ground, wall mounted, and hung. Most of our solar powered outdoor lights are mounted on the ground which offers a strong foundation for the lights. With its strong metal stakes, it can be easy to install. Commonly used as pathway, driveway, and garden light. Another way is to have it mounted into the wall. These are used to light up your walkway and other areas of your house that need brightness. It could be in the backyard, basement, or where ever you wish to install it. Lastly, solar powered outdoor lights can also be hung, especially on those wired bulbs commonly used as decorative light. The hanging lamp provides a sophisticated illumination that is ideal for enhancing the appearance of the venue.

Are these Solar Powered Outdoor Lights have a waterproof resistance?

Yes absolutely, our solar powered outdoor lights are magnificently waterproof. It is one of the must have features if you are looking for a great solar light. There is no need for you to be worried about whether your solar light can withstand the strong rain and wind or will the rainy weather affect its performance to reach its full potential. We got your back! We assure you of great permanence and quality in our product offerings. Our solar powered outdoor lights have various different waterproof certifications depending on which type of solar light you have. For a better understanding, here are the IP certifications listed on each solar light. 

  • BT – GL8001: IP65 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8005: IP44 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8013: IPX7 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8031: IP44 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8037: IP65 waterproof resistance level
What are the possible reasons if a Solar Powered Outdoor Lights stops working?

Solar lights are known to be well resistant to changing weather, but can sometimes be explorable or cause problems, which some users unexpectedly experience. But it does not imply its purpose. Here are some reasons that maybe your solar powered outdoor lights stops working:

  • They do not get enough sunlight. If you set your solar light in the shadow or under cover, the chances of their operating are slim since they will not receive enough sunlight. While solar lights do not require direct sunlight to work, they still require a sufficient quantity of sunlight to be powered up and for you to use conveniently.
  • Dirt has accumulated on the solar panels. A coating of dirt or grime on a solar panel hinders it from absorbing heat from sunlight and may be one of the reasons that the light does not get through. It may not adequately generate power. The dirt might become so thick that it blocks sunlight from penetrating the panels, preventing the batteries from charging at all.
  • Build up of water in the panels. Despite the fact that solar powered outdoor lights are water and weatherproof, the residue of water may accumulate within the panel, causing the internal circuits and electronics to fail. To verify whether the solar panel is full of water, remove the panel top from the wall, fence, or pier mount.
  • Maximum life span finally achieved. Realistically, no matter how we take good care of things. We still cannot neglect the fact that all materials, appliances, electric or not has a maximum life span. Our products here in brightenlux are made to last long for the maximum ROI of your money, but this fact cannot still be changed. If this happens, consider reinvesting into a brand new solar powered outdoor lights.
How long can Solar Powered Outdoor Lights be used?

Our solar powered outdoor lights will be very useful because they can last up to 6 to 8 hours running during night time. It features a clever sensing solar panel, which means that the light shuts off during the day and charges automatically, and then comes back on at night. You can feel at ease knowing that you can have enough light requirements for your well taken care garden. Pathway, driveway, yard, or anywhere you want to use it. Another good thing is that our solar powered outdoor lights have a power button itself, so, if you are not going to utilize the product, you can turn it off. In addition,  Its size is ideal; it is neither too little nor too large to interfere with the environment and ambiance.

What is the battery used in a Solar Powered Outdoor Lights?

Others might still be wondering why the solar powered outdoor lights have a battery, the purpose of the battery is to absorb the powerful energy that the solar panel receives. That is how the solar powered outdoor lights can light up at your family’s night. The most common battery that is used in our solar powered outdoor lights is a 1200mAh lithium battery just like the BT – GL8005. 1200mAh lithium battery is known for a long runtime when used on solar lights. That is why our all solar powered outdoor lights can be in great use for over 6 to 8 hours at night. 

Can these Solar Powered Outdoor Lights be utilized for decorative purposes?

Absolutely yes! If you are seeking for the finest to transform your outside area into the greatest event with a pleasant ambiance, you don’t need to look further. You can definitely use our solar powered outdoor lights for decorative purposes. It is not only for lighting up dark areas of your home but also can be a great addition to add beauty and elegance to the event’s mood. Out of the five (5) solar powered outdoor lights, product items BT – GL8031 and BT – GL8037 are deemed most suitable for such purposes. The addition of the right garden light may transform an outdoor meeting, party, or even a wedding into a wonderful event. It is a very wise option to possess this kind of outdoor light nowadays.

Are solar powered outdoor lights safe to use?

When compared to the typical lights, solar powered outdoor lights are much safer, cost effective, and energy efficient to use. There is no need to bother about external wiring with solar powered lighting. Aside from eliminating the inconvenience of cables and wires, solar powered outdoor lights are also commendable for being rather safe. These wireless lights pose no risk of electrocution, strangulation, or stumbling for a child, dog, or guest. Meanwhile, traditional lights, which need cables and wires, could not be stated the same. The feature that solar lights do not overheat is the frosting on the cake. You may put these completely safe solar powered outdoor lights anywhere you choose without fear of harm.

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