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Solar Powered Garden Lights


Item No: BT – GL8010

Solar powered, due to the solar panel that is situated at the very top of the lampshade, our solar powered garden lights are aesthetically pleasing, brilliant, and waterproof garden path solar light will automatically be fully charged during the day. Additionally, it has a 6 to 8 hour operating time. Waterproofness IP44 certified. You won’t have to worry about this solar powered garden lights lamp being damaged by water because it is built of a high quality protective cover that is certified IP44 water resistant and has an integrated seal design. Wonderful product composition Our solar light ensures long lasting durability because it is made of improved ABS plastic for the light post and ground spike, as well as PC material for the lampshade. Broad application Our attractive, waterproof garden path solar light serves a variety of functions. Its original purpose was to illuminate your garden at night, but it can also be used as a route light. The placement of the solar powered garden lights is crucial for producing an eye catching light pattern. In other words, it may give you excellent lighting while instantly enhancing the appearance of your garden area or sidewalk.

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Item No: BT – GL8012

This solar powered garden lights is the best product you could ever have if you’re seeking for an elegant, energy efficient, rainproof, anti corrosion, anti rust, portable, lightweight garden light. There is no need to install outdoor electrical wire because it uses solar electricity. An energy saving feature is the use of LEDs as the light source. Additionally, the product is protected from the sun’s heat by its insulation sheet. Its premium materials shield the item from rust and any rain damage. A 46 mm x 46 mm solar panel that is fitted to the device allows it to be powered by the sun and replenish its battery. Solar powered garden lights, solar charging uses less energy because it automatically turns off and charges during the day and turns on and operate at night. Because of its practical design, the item is shielded from the heat of the sun as well as from potential injury from rain and rust. A 4600–5600k LED made of straw makes up the light. The solar powered garden lights are portable due to their measurements of 115 mm x 115 mm by 435 mm. Use this elegant outdoor lampshade to elevate the attractiveness of your outdoor garden. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any interesting questions about this fantastic lawn light.

Solar Powered Garden Lights
Solar Powered Garden Lights


Item no: BT – GL8019


These solar powered garden lights have improved high illumination LED light beads with super bright led technology that use less energy and last longer. Additionally, it has a variety of LED colors from which you can select the one you like most. Weather resistant. This item is made of high quality ABS protective plastic and has an ultra waterproof covering that makes it suitable for outdoor use in places like gardens and on public roadways. It can also survive heavy rain, snow, water slaps, and other liquid spilling, so the weather won’t be an issue. It has a strong metal cannula that is resistant to corrosion and difficult to distort, making it long lasting and durable. Additionally, it includes a strong pin that can be securely driven into the ground without readily tilting. The energy it has a solar panel that captures solar energy throughout the day and uses it to recharge the internal battery, allowing for automated use for extended lengths of time at night. This solar powered garden lights lamp is user friendly in that installation only takes a few minutes and necessitates no wire connection. Just attach the pieces, and then stake them in a bright area of the ground.


Item No: BT – GL8021

Solar powered garden lights are installed on top of the LED light lamp and equipped with an integrated solar panel. It saves time, energy, and money because it operates without the need for physical labor or electrical wiring, and it obviously costs less money. Best for illuminating a lawn, garden, or pathway. Light Switch. Based on your preference, includes two alternative light modes. It has two settings: warm light and pure white light. The switch in the device’s body is used to control the lights. Light Management. has a sophisticated light management system that controls the LED lamp’s on and off operations. It automatically switches off the lights and charges during the day in direct sunshine. Additionally, it spins on its own. Waterproof to IP44. Because of their IP44 rating, they are particularly suitable for outside use without the worry of losing or harming the device to precipitation, rust, or even severe weather conditions. The solar powered garden lights longer service life is assured by the use of sturdy plastic and highly resilient stainless steel in manufacturing. No hassle installation, only requires inserting the stakes (reinforced plugs) straight into a soft area of the ground. does not need any additional installation supplies, wiring, or equipment. safer and more practical.

Solar Powered Garden Lights
Solar Powered Garden Lights


Item No: BT – GL8030

Waterproof to IP65. It includes a verified and approved IP65 water resistance feature. Our solar powered RGB rotating garden light can survive corrosion, torrential rain, and splashes of water. It offers the high performance solar garden light you want while ensuring long lasting service. RGB color. Our solar powered garden lights offer a range of RGB colors that could help to enhance the environment and create a fantastic scene. You can choose from the red, green, blue, and purple colors. Rotation of 160 degrees. The solar panel and LED lights included in the set can be rotated up to 160 degrees. Being able to set the light however you like makes it convenient to use. Additionally, the solar powered garden lights have a smart light switch. ABS substance with high strength. Our rotating solar powered RGB garden light is anti aging, has an extra UV coating, and may be used for a very long time. The polysilicon type of solar panel offers longevity, sensitive sensing, high light conversion, and quick charging. If you need any additional information about the solar powered garden lights product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to amuse you.

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Do outdoor Solar Powered Garden lights work in winter?

Yes, of course! As solar powered garden lights are used for outdoor gardens, their outdoor rating must qualify for them to be installed. In choosing any outdoor or garden lights, one must consider the outdoor rating of the product. Some products may look durable even if placed outside but still, looks can be deceiving. It must be designed to withstand harsh weather conditions including the winter season. The solar fence light can be used all year long as long as it has been indicated that it can withstand extreme weather conditions like the winter, rainy, and windy seasons. It is advisable to learn more with regards to ingress protection (ip) so you will be able to choose the best solar powered garden lights for your needs.

Do Solar Powered Garden Lights need direct sunlight or just daylight to charge the batteries?

No, solar powered garden lights do not require direct sunlight to recharge. There has always been a misconception about charging using solar energy, users often commonly think that there must be direct sunlight in order for the device to work which is not true. Solar lights can still be charged even when there is no sunlight even if that is the best way to charge any solar powered device. Solar powered garden lights and other solar powered devices require some kind of light to work. However, this can be created even in the absence of sunlight. As a result, solar lights can be charged by artificial light, including LED lamps and incandescent bulbs. However, receiving little solar power than usual will definitely affect the performance of your solar powered garden lights.

Does rain will affect the performance of Solar Powered Garden Lights?

The answer is absolutely a big no, solar powered garden lights are designed to be placed in an outdoor setting which means their design can withstand harsh environmental conditions including rainy conditions. If a solar garden lights is well manufactured, it can be left out in the rain without worrying that it can ruin its functionality. Another advantage of a solar powered garden lights is that there is no outdoor electrical wiring needed for them to work. There is no need to worry about safety whenever it is raining because it is very safe from a possible short circuit whenever it rains. When it comes to performance, a rainy day can definitely affect the performance of the solar powered garden lights since it doesn’t have enough solar energy stored in their battery.

Will Solar Powered Garden Lights work in shade?

Definitely yes! Usually, users are frequently asked if solar garden lights do work without direct sunlight the simple answer is that solar lights will operate in the majority of shadow, solar powered garden lights can be recharged without exposure to direct sunlight. Even though direct sunlight is the best way to charge any solar powered device, solar lights can still be charged even when it is not sunny outside. Other solar powered devices, such as garden lights, also need light to function, however, even without direct sunlight, these devices can still illuminate the garden at night. Artificial lighting such as LED lights and incandescent bulbs can be used to charge solar lights. It is also important to remember that in most shades, solar lights will function, but they may not function as well and you might not get a full night’s charge.

What does it mean to recharge a battery in a Solar Powered Garden lights?

A solar powered garden lights has built in batteries. These batteries are charged during the daytime. These can be charged by utilizing the solar panels attached to the product. The good thing about having solar energy as a source of power to charge the batteries is that there is no need to remove the batteries whenever it runs out of energy. Moreover, these solar powered garden lights have intelligent light control which means the batteries are automatically charged during the daytime, and automatically turn the lights on during nighttime for use. This definitely brings more convenience to the user.

Do the Solar Powered Garden Lights automatically turn on at night?

Yes, of course! Intelligent light control is one of the amazing features when purchasing solar powered garden lights. Intelligent lighting control systems are used to maximize the lighting system’s energy savings or participate in energy saving and green building initiatives. Lighting technology created for convenience, security, and energy efficiency may be included in lighting control systems. The best thing is that this technology is being utilized in this product. This means that the solar powered garden light automatically turns off during the daytime and the system charges the batteries. On the other hand, the lights automatically turn on during nighttime. It is a good thing users don’t have to worry about.

Can you adjust the placement of the solar panel in the Solar Powered Garden Lights higher?

Yes! The solar panel is permanently attached to the light but it can be adjusted. It can be adjusted and directed accordingly to take advantage of the sun’s angle. This design is very smart to maximize the solar energy which is used in charging the batteries. Also, it is important to remember that the performance of the solar powered garden lights will depend on the intensity of the solar energy it has received during the day.

How long do Solar Powered Garden Lights last?

Just like any other solar lights device, the life span of a solar powered garden lights varies depending on the lifespan of each component. If we talk about the solar powered garden lights’ battery life,  it is anticipated to last for three to four years before needing to be replaced. On the other hand, the LEDs that are used for lighting have a lifespan of up to ten years or even longer. Also, there are indications if ever the solar powered garden lights performance is deteriorating. If lights are already unable to keep the area illuminated when it is used at night, it would be simple to determine if they need to be replaced. And taking good care of the device is a big plus to make the life span of the solar lights last long.

Do Solar Powered Garden Lights stay on all night?

Of course! Solar garden lights are made to illuminate an outdoor garden all night. On a full battery charge, the majority of solar powered garden lights can operate for eight to ten hours. When the battery is fully charged, it can use all of its stored energy to illuminate the entire evening, which means it can illuminate the space from dusk until dawn. The performance of the light, however, will be influenced by the daytime weather since the solar garden light is powered by solar energy. The built in batteries of the solar garden light are recharged during the day, so, the amount of solar energy received during charging time or daytime will always affect the performance of the lights at nighttime.

Are Solar Powered Garden Lights have a waterproof resistance?

Of course, I say! Solar powered garden lights are specifically designed to give light to outdoor gardens or other open areas. It would be such an inconvenience to the user if there is a need to remove these lights whenever it is raining. So, it is just right that these outdoor solar powered garden lights are waterproof. Consequently, solar powered garden lights are intended for outdoor installation. Another thing is that there is no electrical wiring needed to install solar powered garden lights so users don’t have to worry about a future short circuit scenario. Most solar powered garden lights are IP65 waterproof which is enough to secure the components from being damaged by the rain.

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