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Item No: BT-GL8032

Installing this solar patio light set of outdoor lights will add to the atmosphere and coziness of your outdoor garden. Make your outside environment comfortable. Any wedding lighting, villa lighting, or even party lighting is excellent with its warm light! Additionally, it boasts smart lighting technology, which automatically turns the lights off during the day and on at night. It can be fixed on a wall or anchored into the ground. Additionally, the solar panels of the solar patio light on the back will show if it is charging or fully charged. The illumination modes are always on, slow flash, fast flash, and burst flash, which are ideal for all lighting needs. A red light shows charging while a green light indicates completely charged. Additionally, this set is ideal for outdoor locations due to the waterproof nature of the solar panel and the string lights, which have an Ingress Protection rating of 65. (IP65).

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Item No: BT-GL8035

An outdoor garden solar patio light is perfect for any social gathering and is always best with proper lighting and with the correct choice of light to be used. Worry no more for we have this hanging garden light with stainless hook and clip! It has a cracked glass design which refracts the light, creating a more magical and sophisticated light output. On top of that, this light is solar powered with a solar panel built in located at the top of the glass cover. It also has a smart sensor that automatically turns off and charges the battery during the day, and automatically turns on at night; energy saving; and when not in use, there is also a power switch. Additionally, because of its all-weather resistance, installing it outdoors is extremely safe! It is resistant to the elements—wind, sun, snow, and rain! The LED light may last up to 10 hours with a charging time of eight to ten hours. Finally, you may pick between a colorful design of the solar patio light  in warm white, brilliant white, or both!

solar patio lights
solar patio lights


Item No: BT – GL8001

Installing the garden with solar patio light is essential to improving the garden’s beauty, particularly at night. It will definitely also emphasize the maintenance of an outside garden. If you’re seeking for the best outdoor garden light, this solar patio light is the one for you! This device gives two types of light, including warm and white light. Installing is really simple. We can guarantee that buying this product won’t be a waste of money because it consistently has a five star customer rating and full product certifications. It offers convenience because it features a solar charging mechanism, making it a free light that requires no wiring. It doesn’t require switching on and off because it shuts down and charges its battery on its own when not in use. It is off throughout the day and on at night. Finally, it is portable and simple to assemble. 

Interested in this awesome solar light? Please contact our customer service right away.


Item No:  BT – GL8041F

If you’re seeking for a lightweight, effective, and long lasting solar lantern led light for your outdoor settings, the specially created SOLAR PATIO LIGHT will satisfy your needs. Every LED lamp has amazing lighting that will warm your eyes. Simply put, if you’re thinking about adorning your outside spaces, this product shouldn’t be overlooked. You may add coziness, comfort, and an inviting atmosphere to any space with the help of these portable, lightweight solar powered led lights. For use as decorations in outdoor areas like your backyard, garden, terrace, patio, sidewalk, deck, and more, these portable decorative solar patio light are the best and optimal choice. Battery and solar power. A large solar panel module is integrated into the topmost part of the product. has a 1500 mAh internal battery that provides power. does not require any extra electrically wired devices for charging and only uses renewable solar energy.

Please get in touch with us through our customer service department right away if you need any further details or clarification about this product.

solar patio lights
solar patio lights


Item No: BT – GL8100

Your garden, yard, swimming pool, and other areas of your home will undoubtedly look charming and have a decorative glow thanks to this waterproof RGB multi flashing Solar Patio Light powered LED outdoor ball lightly. It features numerous RGB flashes and a striking spherical ball appearance that is available in several sizes. The remote control is supplied for rapid access to the light’s settings, and it is simple to set up. The Solar Patio light has a twilight sensor, so when it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will turn off and recharge itself. It will also simply come on once nightfall has passed. These lights can be hung from trees, pinned to the ground, or made to float in your swimming pool. User friendly, green, energy efficient, weather resistant, and robust. RC lights with RGB color options and Twilight sensor with automatic on and off


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What are Solar Patio Lights?

Solar patio lights are one of the must have devices nowadays. Solar lamps that you can install in the paved outdoor area of your house. These solar patio lights are composed of LED or RGB lights, depending on the model you want, with solar panels. These solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, which is then used to power your lights at night. All of our solar patio lights feature a detection sensor that has an automatic power switch, which means that it will automatically turn on during the night and turn itself off during the day to recharge using the sunlight it absorbs. Because of this, it is highly encouraged to install these solar patio lights in places where they are directly exposed to sunlight to get a better experience during use time. Our solar patio lights will not just give you the light you need, but can also surely add beauty to your home.

Are these Solar Patio Lights really worth buying?

Absolutely! Solar patio lights are worth every penny users will spend. These are excellent investments for your home because they will not only meet your lighting requirements but will also improve the aesthetics of your home. Moreover, buying these solar patio lights can also save you more money in the long run because your electricity bill because they utilize renewable power. It will no longer have to be recharged or powered by electricity since it has solar panels that absorb sunlight to recharge the built in batteries of the lights. It is both cost effective and energy efficient, as well as environmentally and user friendly. If you haven’t owned patio lights yet, this is the right time to purchase some in our store. With a consistent five star customer rating and complete product certifications, we can assure you that purchasing these products in our store will never put your money to waste. Plus! All our products, solar patio lights or not are guaranteed with a one year warranty. We will be more than happy to assist you, feel free to contact us if you decide to own one of our high quality solar lights.           

How many lighting options do Solar Patio Lights have?

The lighting options depending on the type of solar patio lights that you choose to buy. We offer a variety of different solar patio lights to our customers. We have five models that feature different modes of light that you can choose from. These lights are guaranteed to give you great quality light and can surely serve you with multipurpose use. The following are our five models of solar patio lights and their different lighting options to guide you to choose the best light color you want to match your vibe: 

  • BT – GL8001– It has LED lights with two choices of light colors, such as white light and warm light.
  • BT – GL8032 – It has 15 replaceable bulbs and 15 sockets with warm lights with different flashes, such as slow flash, fast flash, and burst flash.
  • BT – GL8035 – It has LED lights with three choices of light colors, such as warm white, bright white, and multicolor. 
  • BT – GL8041F – It has LED lights with warm light only.
  • BT – GL8100 – It has multiple RGB lights with different light colors that you can choose from, such as white, green, red, blue, violet, and many more.
Can these Solar Patio Lights withstand rain?

Definitely, yes! All of our solar patio lights are made of high quality materials. It is also equipped with a durable protective plastic material that can withstand any water splashes. Not only that, but it can also withstand any weather conditions such as heat, snow, rain, and fog, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. With this, you can feel assured that our solar patio lights are safe to use outside your homes, such as in your garden, swimming pool, yard, and the like. The following are the different waterproof levels of our solar patio lights:

  • BT – GL8001– It has a waterproof level up to IP65 which can withstand any heavy water splashes and rain. 
  • BT – GL8032 – It has a waterproof level up to IP65 which can withstand any heavy water splashes. 
  • BT – GL8035 – It has a waterproof level up to IP65 which can withstand any heavy water splashes, rain, heat, wind, and snow. 
  • BT – GL8041F – It has a waterproof level up to IP65 which can withstand any heavy water splashes and rain. 
  • BT – GL8100 – It has a waterproof level up to IP67 which is suitable as a swimming pool light or beach light.
Can Solar Patio Lights be hung?

Absolutely, yes! Our BT – GL8032, BT – GL8035, and BT – GL8100 can be hung in your patio area or in your garden. For our BT – GL8032 solar patio lights, it has a built in loop and a parallel attachment of 15 bulbs interconnected by a robust suspension line of a 24 inch wire. Moreover, our BT – GL8035 solar patio light has a hanging clip and a stainless steel hook that looks elegantly that you can easily attach or hang in your preferred places. Lastly, our BT – GL8100 solar patio light has a hole at the base on its round surface where you can put a yarn or a rope to be hung in reverse. With this, our solar patio lights are user friendly and it has a twilight sensor with automatic on and off. Check out more products on our website.

How to install Solar Patio Lights?
  1. Our solar patio lights are made easy to install. We offer different types of patio lights which have different ways of installation, which will only take up a few minutes of your time. We have hanging solar patio lights, (BT – GL8032, BT – GL8035, and BT – GL8100), ground solar patio lights (BT – GL8001), and lantern solar patio lights (BT – GL8041F). For your guidance, presented below are our different types of solar patio lights and their different ways of how to install them.
  • BT – GL8001– To install this light, first, turn on the on/off button on the base of the solar light. After that, assemble the two metal stakes and insert them onto the solar light. Lastly, you can stick it into the ground with loose soil where it can have direct exposure to the sunlight. You may place it in your garden, stairways, and yard.
  • BT-GL8032 – There are two ways to install this hanging solar patio light. First, assemble the solar panel by inserting its stake into the light and turning on the on/off button of the solar panel. After that, you may stick it to the ground. Moreover, you may also mount it to the wall by simply adjusting the angle of the light holder and tightening the knob. Make sure to drill the holes in the wall and install the solar panel with the included screw.
  • BT – GL8035 – To install this hanging solar light. You simply turn on the power button on its base. After that, you can hang it wherever you want with its clip or hanging hook.
  • BT – GL8041F – To install this lantern solar patio light, first, turn on the power button at the base of the product. You may simply hang the light with its adjustable chain outside of your home. Or you may also assemble its metal stakes and mount them on the ground. 
  • BT – GL8100 – To install this product, simply turn on the power button placed at the bottom of the light. You may use a rope or yarn to hang the product, or just simply place it on the ground and it’s ready to use. 

Should you have any other questions regarding the installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to serve you.

How many hours do Solar Patio Lights give light at night?

The working hours of solar patio lights depend on how long they have recharged during the day. We can guarantee you that our solar lights will definitely work all night for 8 to 12 hours as long as they are fully charged. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the recharging of the lights since our solar patio lights are equipped with solar panels that have an automatic detection sensor that can absorb sunlight and automatically recharge themselves all throughout the day and will automatically turn on and light during the night with the help of the smart chip installed in this solar patio light.

Do Solar Patio Lights still recharge in cloudy weather?

Yes, of course! Our solar patio lights are equipped with solar panels that can convert solar energy into electricity even if it is cloudy outside and does make you save money. This means that as long as it is daylight and the sun is giving light in the sky, our solar panels will continue to absorb sunlight, convert its energy, and store it for later use. With this, you don’t have to worry about having difficulty with our solar patio lights at night, even if during the day it was cloudy. However, not being absorb the usual solar energy needed to function as it was will definitely affect also the performance, light, or usage longevity of this solar patio lights.

Are Solar Patio Lights safe to use in any weather conditions?

Certainly, yes! All of our patio lights are equipped with durable and high quality materials. It is made of protective plastic that can withstand water splashes. Not only that, but it can also withstand any weather conditions such as heat, snow, rain, and fog, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. We can guarantee you that our solar patio lights are much safer and more environmentally friendly than any other typical lights. It does not require any wire connection, which can save you from any electric harm, and you can definitely use it with confidence.

Are Solar Patio Lights wireless?

Definitely, yes! All of our solar patio lights do not require any wire connections which makes them safer, cost effective, and energy efficient to use. It is also convenient to use our solar patio lights as it provides you convenience when it comes to the installation of these lights since it no longer requires external lights in order to work. As a result, it can protect you from any dangerous circumstance such as electrocution, fire, and the like. Rest assured it is very safe to use. Just easily stake your solar patio lights around your lawn or patio, make sure to clean any debris on top of the solar panel and lastly, make sure manual switch is turned on and your good to go and enjoy your solar patio lights at night without any hassle in electrical wires.

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