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Solar Pathway Lights


Item No: BT – GL8040

These very awesome and terrific solar pathway lights products contain an incorporated rechargeable battery and a solar cell panel that could be replenished and recharged automatically when positioned in broad sunshine. Everything you’ve been looking for in a solar garden light, including an easy installation process and an environmentally responsible design. IP65 standard water resistance. You no longer need to worry about this lamp being damaged by water because it is made of a high quality protective cover that is certified IP65 water resistant and has an integrated seal design. Solar power is employed. Our eye catching, dazzling, and waterproof garden path solar light will automatically charge during the day thanks to the solar panel located at the very top of the lampshade. Additionally, it features a 6 to 8 hour battery life. Outstanding product composition Our solar light has a long lifespan since the lampshade is constructed of PC material and the light post and upgraded ABS plastic ground spike have a stable basis.

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Item No: BT – GL8011

Sunlight powered lanterns are very useful and great for sun recharging and energy efficiency. To make up for the lamp’s ball shaped design, 30*30 mm solar panels were put inside. Due to the solar panels being inside the sphere, the charge is a little slower, but it is still sufficient to illuminate the entire countryside at night. These solar pathway lights use modern solar panel technology, which saves the majority of energy. The battery is utilized for charging is a 200 mAh double alkaline battery. Sensors for light. does not have any manual switches that must be flipped on and off. This solar powered device for gardens, landscapes, and lawns has an integrated light sensor that turns it off when it’s daylight or there is enough ambient light outdoors and on when it’s already dark. With a capacity of 6500–9000 k, the LED light is a white straw hat, and the switch utilized is the trigger switch.

Solar Pathway Lights
Solar Pathway Lights


Item No: BT – GL8018

Saving energy. The sky or sun generates the raw energy into electricity for it to be used for the solar pathway lighting for outdoor footpaths and sidewalks. They turn on automatically at night and charge automatically during the day. You won’t need to worry at night because it can provide light for 8 to 10 hours if you simply charge it or leave it in full sunlight for 6 to 8 hours throughout the day.  Superb Exterior Decorative purposes LED solar walkway lamps that mimic tiny houses design and offer a great and excellent landscaping value and mood. Ideal for use in flower beds, terraces, walkways, driveways, gardens, yards, and lawns. Waterproof to IP44. Outdoor solar lights are made of high resistance ABS, and the stem is made of solid plastic that is impact and weather resistant. They also have a sturdy stake for mounting. Because along with its IP44 waterproof rating level, this solar pathway lights can now function properly in inclement weather, including light snow and rain.Simple to install No wiring or other inconveniences are required. Simply follow the instructions to complete the installation of our outdoor lawn weatherproof solar garden light, which should only take a few minutes. Rotate the “roof” slowly. Switch for the power on.


Item No: BT – GL8022

These solar pathway lights are completely safe to use outside thanks to their IP44 water resistance. The distinctive glass lampshade scatters light to produce a more elegant light output. In order to keep an outdoor area looking good, picking the best outdoor garden light is essential. You may save energy by using solar charging and optical sensors, since it automatically turns off and charges during the day and turns on and operates at night. Given that it is made with a glass lampshade that refracts light, it is not your usual garden light. This refraction produces a softer, more lovely glow as a result. The solar pathway lights item is made to keep it safe from both potential rain harm and the heat of the sun. The device is portable and simple to install because of its 42 by 9 centimeter size. With this chic and astute outdoor glass lamp shade, you cannot go wrong. Call right away to place your purchase!

Solar Pathway Lights
Solar Pathway Lights


Item No: BT – GL800

Installing garden lights will undoubtedly accomplish the task of highlighting the cultivation of an outdoor garden and illuminating the area at night. This product is the greatest for you if you’re looking for the best outdoor garden light! Since it is solar powered, you won’t have to worry about the power supply, especially if your garden lacks adequate cabling. Additionally, this product may be placed in many areas and is completely portable with its measurements of 14 cm in height, 11 cm in diameter, and 106 grams. This solar pathway lights 2V 120MA poly silicon is used to make the solar panel on it. Two LED hues, such as white and blue, are used in the product for a more calming glow. The solar pathway lights weigh 106 grams and are only 14 cm by 11 cm in size. You won’t notice an increase in your electricity cost with a charging time of 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Each lamp includes 8 LED components for effective room illumination. Do not delay in contacting us if you have been desiring a well lit garden!

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What exactly are Solar Pathway Lights?

The incorporation of a photovoltaic panel in the structure of the solar pathway light unit allows the lighting to stabilize itself entirely by utilizing the energy from the sun, which distinguishes this light variation from the ordinary lights in the market that you are familiar with. They may assist in making your place pleasant, friendly, and warm while consuming no unneeded energy and additional to your electric bill. The nice thing about our solar pathway lights is their wide application that you can choose from. They can be utilized in a range of methods, whether to enlighten your garden, provide illumination to your patio area, or simply to light up a route through your lawn.

How do a Solar Pathway Lights work?

Solar cells are a solar path light’s most crucial component. Solar pathway lights are powered by the sun in order to perform and last. This is because of the photovoltaic layout incorporated into the solar light unit’s casing. A photovoltaic cell’s function is to receive sun rays and divide its atomic components, after which integrated inverters pull on the electricity generated by this procedure. This electricity is being sent via the circuits and utilized to activate the LED bulbs directly or store in a battery cells then send to circuits then LED bulbs.

Do these Solar Pathway Lights have a switch button for manual use?

For the item series for solar pathway lights (BT – GT800, BT – GL8011, BT – GL8018, BT – GL8022, BT – GL8040), yes, all items have their own switch button for manual use. Each solar pathway light includes an on/off switch button placed either under the solar panel or in the aluminum stake. It is manufactured to have the switch button feature with the purpose of permanently shutting off the lighting when it is no longer needed. Check out the user manual and product parameters for the item to determine the exact location of the switch button of your purchased specific item. In any case, it is not essential to switch it off manually because the gadget already operates automatically with its smart chip technology, turning it off during the day and on at night.

Is it worth it to have my own Solar Pathway Lights?

Sure, it does! It will give you a handful of benefits if you are looking for a solar pathway lights. Here are some of the numerous reasons that you should purchase one:

  • Design. Considering their versatile autonomous design, the placement of the illumination is totally up to you. This versatile light source may be used to portray an exterior feature with a low key mood light decoration or to illuminate a garden walk for convenience.
  • Cost Effective. Because all of our offered solar pathway lights are only powered by the sun, if you have already purchased your own original set of lights from BrightenLux, you do not have to spend an extra dollar to keep them functional and operational. Plus, it comes with a one year warranty for all products so no need to worry at all!
  • Eco – friendly. Another amazing advantage of having one is that you will never be emitting any dangerous waste material into the environment. You are not just saving money in the long term, but you are also contributing to minimizing dangerous environmental gasses.

You sure can illuminate your yard without spending a lot of money.

Can this Solar Pathway Lights stay to withstand changing weather?

Definitely! Put your concern to rest. The BrightenLux solar pathway lights have previously been verified to withstand any hard weather conditions, such as rainfall, snowfall, mist, and so forth. It runs perfectly and can withstand only a little damage. You do not need to be concerned about the gadget because it is built of top quality materials that are both sturdy and versatile enough to endure the climate conditions in your region. Depending on the type of solar light you have, our solar pathway lights offer varying waterproof certifications. Here are the IP certifications provided for each solar pathway light for your convenience.

  • BT – GL800: IP44 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8011: IP44 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8018: IP44 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8022: IP44 waterproof resistance level
  • BT – GL8040: IP65 waterproof resistance level
Can I put up my own Solar Pathway Lights on my own?

Sure yes you can, it is because the majority of solar pathway lights on the market are very handy to install and safe due to their low voltage. Anybody, especially for the BrightenLux loyal customers, may simply install it at your own speed and own home without worrying too much. All products are specially engineered for everyday usage and efficient pathway area illumination that incorporates solar capabilities. Upon your purchase, it includes detailed instructions for simple construction and installation and may be customized to fit your specific needs. All of this is covered in the handbook. Everything you want to know about the solar pathway lights is included in the instructions upon purchasing.

Is there a need for special batteries for Solar Pathway Lights?

Solar pathway lights use rechargeable batteries, which are included when you purchase the solar pathway lights. In the case of our solar pathway lights, it does not require any specific batteries. The mAh capacity of the battery packs must be considered. The mAh capacity the solar pathway lights support may be discovered in your old lithium batteries. When you need to replace the battery, avoid choosing one with a high mAh capacity. You may use an alternative mAh capacity as long as the power voltage is still the same. The closest mAh capacity is generally suggested. Rechargeable batteries come in a variety of capacities and sizes.  AA or AAA batteries are the most prevalent kind. AAA batteries are slimmer than AA batteries. When changing rechargeable batteries in your solar pathway lights, ensure you use the correct battery sizes and ratings.

Is it safe to use Solar Pathway Lights?

For safety precautions, there is no need for you to worry about! Without fear of them set it on fire, you can leave solar lights on all the time. Our solar pathway lights are safer, more cost effective, and energy saving to operate than traditional lighting. Solar pathway lighting eliminates the need for external wiring. Solar pathway lights are notable not just for avoiding the nuisance of cords and wires, but also for being quite safe. There is no chance of electrocution, strangling, or stumbling for a child or visitor with these wireless lights. Traditional lights, which require cables and wires, could not be described in the same way. The fact that solar lights do not overheat is the cherry on top. You are free to place these entirely safe solar powered outdoor lights anywhere you, please.

What can we expect from this Solar Pathway Lights?

There are various compelling reasons to choose this solar pathway lights type of lighting for your pathway area, but perhaps the most valid grounds for most people seems to be how cost effective they are in comparison to other sources of light. It is not just that, but they provide flexibility in design that genetically hardwired variants just cannot. When considering the usage of renewable energy for your home, the output of solar pathway lights may appear intimidating. Solar powered outdoor lights allow you to illuminate your pathway and outside spaces without the use of an electric power source, only pure sunlight. Because it is both very simple to use and ecologically beneficial, solar pathway lighting may be an excellent choice for adding illumination to the exterior of your beautiful home.

Is there intelligent light control on the Solar Pathway Lights?

Without a doubt! When constructing our solar pathway lights, accessibility should be the main consideration. Interestingly, this solar pathway light has a clever smart technology power. Automatic light control eliminates such a need to physically and manually switch on and off each solar light. The clever light feature ensures the solar pathway lights to automatically adjust off throughout the day and recharges the batteries, while also turning on at nighttime to provide an illumination on your pathway, a patio, and so on.  Also, there is a power switch button that you may use it if you do not want to utilize the solar lights even at night.

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