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Brightenlux Custom-made Solar Lights For Yard

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Item No: BT – GL8050

These Solar Lights For Yard are Battery and solar panel power. Modernized solar panel technology that efficiently and swiftly converts solar energy to electricity all in one unit. Modern, high conversion solar panels can convert light into electricity and collect solar energy even on cloudy days. powered by a built in NiMH battery with a high capacity. Saves money and energy for long term use, without a doubt. Auto on and auto off include a smart optical switch system for automatic operation. automatically shuts off throughout the day and typically charges for 6 to 8 hours. It automatically turns on when the sun sets and runs for eight to ten hours at night. Mode of Variable Light, the solar lights for yard powered sunflower LED light is simple to adjust to the ideal lighting level for your outdoor use. You have the option of using the long lasting warm light on mode, the warm light flashing mode, or the off mode. Rubber covers protect switches.

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Item No: BT – GL8020

This Solar Lights For Yard has features like an internal 18650 battery that will recharge itself automatically during the day. This product’s rotational joints let you move the light in any direction. These joints are water resistant as well. The device has an Ingress Protection rating of 65 (IP65), which means that using it outside is completely safe. Since the light does not need to be turned on and off, its intelligent light control is convenient. During the day, the light automatically goes off to allow the battery to recharge, and at night, it automatically operates and turns on. Since there won’t be any exterior electrical wiring required thanks to the product’s solar power, it will be both energy efficient and simple to install. Purchasing this 2 in 1 spotlight with the removable lamp solar lights for the yard will never make you regret it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions; we would be pleased to answer them.

Solar Lights For Yard
Solar Lights For Yard


Item No: BT – GL8002

It includes a 2 in 1 ground rud that makes it simple to put the light in the ground. Since the device has a built in solar charging battery that absorbs sunlight during the day to store electricity that is to be used during the night, you also don’t have to bother about recharging it. This Solar Lights For Yard is very powerful due to its high construction and IP44 waterproof covering, it is perfect for outside use in settings like gardens and on public roads. Rain, water splashes, and other liquids won’t harm it. It contains a solar panel that collects solar energy and uses it to refuel the internal battery, which may be used automatically at night. Its RGB multicolor light control sensor allows it to automatically adjust the lighting based on its surroundings. If you wish to learn more, contact us if you have any additional queries. We will answer your questions with utmost pleasure. Call us right away!


Item no: BT – GL8003

Without worrying about the electrical connection, you may install these solar lights for the yard by simply mounting them on the ground where you want to see light at night in your yard, sidewalks, gates, and other spots. It can save you money by using solar energy instead of electricity, making this ground light ideal for your location. Take one right now! It has a three LED intelligent light control sensor that can automatically transition between white, yellow, and blue lights depending on the surroundings. It is ideal for outside use in environments like gardens and on public highways due to its strong structure and IP67 waterproof protection. It is also unaffected by heavy rain, water splashes, and another liquid pouring. It features a solar panel that gathers solar energy and feeds it into an internal battery that can be automatically used at night. If you want to find out more about these solar lights for the yard. If you have any further questions, get in touch with us. We will be happy to respond to your inquiries. Contact us immediately!

Solar Lights For Yard
Solar Lights For Yard


Item No: BT-GL8004

Although there are currently many outdoor garden lights on the market, these solar lights for yards have more to offer. This garden light’s ability to eliminate mosquitoes in addition to providing nice lighting is its most distinctive feature. Its design is extremely elegant but useful. It is protected from the sweltering sun by an insulating covering, and it is also protected from the rain by rustproof and rainproof construction. Its grid structure enables it to have a function that kills mosquitoes. The item is solar powered and able to recharge its battery thanks to a 46 mm by 46 mm solar panel that is affixed to it. The product is protected from the sun’s heat and from any rain damage thanks to its elegant yet functional design. The switch has two modes. The straw hat and its 6000 to 9000K white light help repel mosquitoes. Call us right away to include this gorgeous work light in your sceneries!

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Where can I obtain these awesome and greatest Solar Lights for Yard?

Clearly, there are quite a number of the best solar lights available for yards. You may start looking at the various solar light products from our website the BRIGHTENLUX where we specialize in offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment not only in doing solar light for yards. We do manufacture durable and reliable solar lights for the yard that can last longer than other average devices and are better than competitors. Apart from that, we have a ten years of expertise in this field, polishing their talents and craftsmanship. If you sought to buy the best solar yard lights, it is best to buy from BRIGHTENLUX. You may scroll more to this website for more information and well made but price efficient products.

What are the different solar lights for yard you are selling?

There are plenty of solar lights for yard currently for sale here at BRIGHTENLUX. Starting off with BT – GL8002 series which is a disc shaped solar ground garden light for your yard. BT – GL8003 which is a ground type LED solar energy yard light. Next, BT – GL8004 is a multi – functional solar yard light that can be easily stacked on the ground and also works both as a solar light and mosquito killer. It has six reliable performances for better usage. BT – GL8020 is another solar garden ground light for your yard that includes a high power led lamp wick which features two light modes and an intelligent light control. Lastly, BT – GL8050 is a solar simulation light for your yard in the form of a sun flower with great resistance to water, dust, and corrosion. Keep on browsing to discover additional fantastic and excellent solar lights for yard products, appealing and impressive solar lights for yards which would undoubtedly match your current requirements.

Do the solar lights for yard have a switch to turn it off when not needed?

Of course, this feature is already included in the series of Solar Lights for yard (BT – GL8002, BT – GL8003, BT – GL8004, BT – GL8020, and BT – GL8050). In each of the solar yards, the lamp light has an on or off switch inside for the purpose of intentionally turning off the lamp whenever deemed unnecessary for use. To access to it, you must find it at the bottom or lower area of the device or uncover the top part near the panel. Anyways, it is not necessary to turn it off manually since the device already works automatically and shuts off during the day and turns on during the night. But if it is really necessary you can easily access the switch for your convenience. Check the product manual that comes with the product to get to know more about these solar lights for yard.

Do your solar lights for yard work in any weather conditions?

Absolutely! BRIGHTENLUX solar lights for yard have already been certified as resistant to any harsh environmental conditions may it be during rainy days, snow, fog and etc. It works very fine and can sustain minimal damage. Consumers don’t have to worry about the device since it is made from high quality materials to be durable and flexible enough to withstand the weather conditions in your area. Ingress Protection varies from one product to another, make sure to check product specifications to know more about the product features. If by any chance, this information is not available on the product detail page, don’t hesitate to call or message our customer service to know more about these awesome solar lights for yard.

Are these solar lights for yard easy to install?

Certainly with ease! The vast of the contemporary solar light fixtures produced by our company, BRIGHTENLUX, are already wireless and is also therefore cordless, and the entire structure being used to run the light is solely driven by solar energy. This really is particularly true for those that are placed in gardens, yards, lawn, etc. Each lamp device can be easily staked at the ground using the associated spike, although some can also be mounted. On top of the Light bulbs are contained battery packs that converts solar energy into electricity inside its body structure, a solar panel is widely utilized like this. Helping to make this devices solar lights for yard products have an ensured solar energy position in a zone that receives enough sunshine for the batteries to charge is the sole problem during during installation of this very awesome product.No more stressing over doing the wiring job upon installing your lights for outdoors, garden or lawn because these are purely powered by solar energy.

Will it cost me so much money if I buy my solar lights for yard?

In all truthfulness, acquiring solar powered lights for your exterior usage is much more cost effective than having purchased cabled or hard wired lighting! One significant advantage of using solar yard illumination outside your home is that it is free to operate and maintain. The solar lights for the yard do not require electricity to function which helps you save money in the long run. The initial cost for a high – quality solar yard light from BRIGHTENLUX is considerable and reasonable that can be recouped over time since you have no other fees for energy just to operate the lights. In short, this is solar lights for the yard are an investment, it may be pricey at the start but the amount of money you will save from electricity and hiring professionals to get this installed will be more cost efficient than the wired and plugged lights model.

Do the solar lights for yard have a unique light pattern or light modes?

Each of the BRIGHTENLUX solar yard lights has its own unique light pattern and settings. For BT – GL8002 version, it has RGB multi – color showing place on top and side of the disc shaped light. It consists of a singular LED on top and 8 pieces of LED on the sides capable of illuminating in different colors. For the version of BT – GL8003, it consists of 3 light choices that are able to emit white light, yellow light, and blue light. For BT – GL8004, it can be toggled from its two – mode switch design. One is a default white light and the other is a blue straw hat for killing mosquitoes. For BT – GL8020, it has two light modes where you can choose either a low illumination or high illumination of warm bright LED lights. And for BT – GL8050, only has a default lighting. Check out more solar lights for yard products on our website by searching; solar powered outdoor lights, solar fence lights, etc on our website.

What are these solar lights for yard are made of?

The BRIGHTENLUX solar lights for yard differ in the materials it uses depending on the type of design of the lamp. Mostly the material used is in the form of ABS+ PP plastic material with natural resistance to harmful chemicals and has a high endurance to wear and tear. Some other materials used are stainless steel to prevent corrosion lining on the material. Also, thick aluminum alloy materials are utilized to increase the survivability of the device in the long run. You may check out our brochure to get to know more about each solar light for yard model.

Do I need to keep these solar lights for yard inside when it is raining?

A big NO! The solar lights for yard are purposely made to be placed outside of your homes. It does not require it to be kept whenever it is raining. BT – GL8002 is rated as IP 44 Waterproof. BT – GL8003 is certified as IP 67 Waterproof. BT – GL8004 is rainproof and rustproof recognized. BT – GL8020 and BT – GL8050 both have an IP 65 Waterproof rating. Each model have a different ingress protection level but rest assured every product is protected: waterproof, weatherproof, anti rust, and anti corrosion.

How long do solar lights for yard stay lit?

The solar lights for yard will be able to brighten the whole duration of the evening, beginning from the time when the light goes low around sunset and when the solar panels are exposed to enough sun light for a complete charge that takes about 6 to 8 hours. It will also depend on the efficiency of the solar panels that absorb the light. Once more, make sure your lights are in an optimal location directly under the sun light out of the shadows for a guaranteed peak lighting operation at night. Check it from time to time to make sure no object is above the solar panel and is making the solar lights for the yard not be able to absorb more sunlight efficiently.

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