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Solar Ground Lights


Item No: BT – GL8018

Solar Ground Lights Save energy. The solar ground lights for outdoor pathways are powered by the sun. They automatically switch at night and charge automatically during the day. You won’t need to worry at night because it can provide light for 8 to 10 hours if you simply charge it or leave it in full sunlight for 6 to 8 hours throughout the day. Outstanding Outdoor Decoration LED pathway lights provide excellent landscaping value and are designed to resemble a little house. Ideal for use in flower beds, terraces, walkways, driveways, gardens, yards, and lawns.Waterproof to IP44. Solar Ground lights are made of high resistance ABS, and the stem is made of solid plastic that is impact and weather resistant. They also have a sturdy stake for mounting. Illuminate your garden! With our Solar Ground lights, you can spruce up your garden, patio, yard, outdoor grass, pathway, and gateway. The Solar Ground Lights are housed in a compact steel or plastic tube with a transparent view for the best light reflection in order to provide superior lighting.

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Item No: BT – GL8023

By the use of a solar panel. Our polycrystalline silicon 2.2V Solar Ground  Lights is of the highest quality and is transparent. The solar panel is powered up throughout the day and then produces a steady, soothing, and dazzling light at night. The interior of the light contains the solar panels. Because they don’t need the power to operate or charge, our solar lights are energy efficient as a result. Use outside in rainy conditions. This Solar Ground Lights lamp is IP44 water resistant because its main application is outside garden or sidewalk illumination. It has been authorized, enabling it to function well in inclement or chilly weather, and it shields the light from things like rain, wind, sand, and water droplets. It has a maximum illumination output of 30 lumens, which is incredibly bright and powerful. Its head is 12.5 cm wide, and its height is 38 cm. It can cover a large enough area and illuminate your path because it is visible at a distance of three to five meters. Enduring illumination our premium auto change will ease your concerns.

Solar Ground Lights
Solar Ground Lights


Item No: BT – GL8024

The Solar Ground Lights are solar powered lights that can illuminate for up to eight hours or more and allow the battery to be fully charged during the day. It is portable thanks to its 11.8 cm diameter, 31 cm pin height, and 46 cm overall height. It has a high brightness characteristic that is sufficient to draw attention to your garden’s attractiveness. Solar Ground Lights Intelligent light control is present. With its lampshade design, your yard will have a really elegant appearance. Additionally, the lampshade’s design creates a special light effect that emits a gentle, non dazzling light. Additionally, because of its great brightness, your outdoor garden’s best features will be highlighted and illuminated. Due to its clever design and Ingress Protection certification of 44 (IP44), which indicates that it is waterproof, it is also ideal for any weather situation. It has a smart light control that automatically recharges the battery during the day and turns on the light at night.


Item No: BT – GL8016 – 7LRGB

IP65 waterproof Since a garden solar light is mostly used outside, one of its essential requirements is that it must be weatherproof. Our updated, long lasting garden solar ground light is wind and water resistant certified so it can withstand intense downpours and Extra Bright. Your expectations for a garden light may undoubtedly be exceeded by our powerful solar light. You can choose between high and low light levels, and it offers extremely strong light. While the low mode only produces 170 lumens, the high mode produces 340 lumens. Solar Ground Light has a several color choices. Our improved, long lasting garden ground solar light has another feature that lets you select a color based on your preferences. The polycrystalline silicon adjustment and swivel joint design allow the solar panel and LED light to be independently mounted while yet being completely secure. You may have a light that will enhance and romanticize the ambiance of your garden with a solar ground lights.

Solar Ground Lights
Solar Ground Lights


Item: BT – GL8053

The Solar Ground lights panel affixed to the product’s stem uses solar energy to charge a 1.2 V, 400 mah battery that, when completely charged, can power the device for eight hours.ABS, silk fabric and stainless steel make up its construction. It will undoubtedly stand out in your landscape with its overall height of 73 cm, 3 dazzling LED lamps, and 7 available colors! The Solar Ground Light with rose lights designed includes a smart light control feature that automatically turns the light off throughout the day to charge the battery and on at night. Furthermore, this lovely rose light is IP65 waterproof, sunproof, frostproof, and windproof, so it can resist adverse weather conditions if you are concerned about them. A garden will always seem better when it is full of flowers, but at night, without the help of an outdoor garden light, these blossoms cannot be accentuated. Fortunately, this product combines the lighting of outside light with the allure of a garden flower, so you can relax.

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How do differentiate Solar Ground Lights from other lighting equipment?

When comparing solar ground lighting to traditional lighting, it can be shown that solar LED bulbs have a far longer lifetime and power efficiency than traditional lighting. In addition, LED lights are far superior to the majority of fluorescent bulbs. Due to its many flaws, traditional lighting is a thing of the past. To stay competitive with solar lighting systems, a solar ground lights have just rendered everybody awestruck. With solar panels that can keep the solar garden light going for several months to a year, it functions admirably. It’s important to know what kind of cell to choose when buying battery packs for solar lighting and how to properly dispose of old batteries.

Are batteries required for these Solar Ground Lights?

To meet consumer demands, solar ground lights are offered in a variety of sizes and forms. The fact that solar ground lights do not need to be hooked into the main electrical circuit is one of their largest benefits. It is advantageous since you can put them anyplace outside without worrying as to where the outlet is. Yes, battery packs are needed to power the solar ground lights. The solar ground lights use the sun’s energy to replenish the replaceable batteries that are built into the solar ground light unit. These rechargeable battery packs are included upon the purchase of the solar garden light. But most of the solar ground lights products here in Brightenlux already have a built in battery which differs in kind. So it is highly recommended that you check and know more the product before purchasing so you will have the best solar ground lights in your hands that suit best your needs.

Are greater capacity batteries of Solar Ground Lights available to replace the current ones?

Good question! Some of you may think that the greater battery capacity the better performance. However, it is not the case for our solar ground lights. When you have purchased our solar ground lights, rechargeable batteries are in addition to the package. Our solar ground lights do not require extra capacity batteries to operate. Yes, the battery packs’ mAh capacities need to be taken into account. You can identify what type of battery is in your solar ground lights on its manual. Avoid selecting a battery with a high mAh capacity when replacing one. Any other mAh capacity is good as long as the power voltage stays the same. Typically, the nearest mAh capacity is advised. 

What are the pros of these Solar Ground Lights?

There are enough reasons to love our solar ground light because of the benefits you can get from them. Our solar ground light has various uses in addition to this, particularly cordless, self sustaining solar powered systems.

  • Flexible positioning. Solar ground lighting systems can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including walkways, roadways, and other types of terrain. Solar ground lighting is an easy, handy lighting option for all private and public locations due to its easy setup and off grid feature.
  • Saved money. In comparison to electric lights or other outdoor lighting options, using renewable and sustainable energy to operate solar ground lighting can result in significant cost savings. Personally, it is a good investment.  Moreover, this is crucial for government officials that want to light up bigger public places on a tight budget.
  • Automatic. Energy is saved when solar ground lighting systems automatically switch on when it becomes dark. Eliminating manual operation decreases the likelihood that lights will be left on and power energy will be squandered.
Are these Solar Ground Lights easy to install?

In ground lighting, it has the potential to be both slick looking and inconspicuous in the environment. Additionally, installing solar ground lights couldn’t be simpler. Installing solar lights is typically a short backyard job. Before planting your new lights in the ground, give it some thought as to where you want to put them and make sure they are fully charged. Just make a little excavation in the ground. In actuality, a little garden trowel will work for this. Additionally, you may easily shift them from one place to another. You can always use them just about everywhere that gets sunshine. When you need “marker lighting,” these solar garden lights look fantastic around a patio, porch, or as pavement lights. The 5′′ built in stakes hold them firmly in place in the ground without forcing you to dig a large hole. 

Do these Solar Ground Lights have good value in terms of brightness?

Particularly, if you talk about solar ground lights compared to conventional wired solutions, they are surprisingly bright but affordable, simple to install, and appealing. these solar ground lights include 8 LED bulbs as opposed to the typical 4 lightbulbs standard light. As a result, they emit more light, allowing you to light up a bigger area. Our solar garden lights have a range of 30 to 50 lumens of light and a range of 3 to 5 meters away to illuminate an area. That is why it is best to light up the dark areas of your home not just to illuminate them but also to add beauty and color to them. Superior powered lights often have excellent performance and generally last longer. As a result, they wind up having a superior long term value and spending less money overall.

Can these Solar Ground Lights easily adapt stylish and contemporary designs?

Of course, you can! It is one of the many uses of our solar garden light. These solar ground lights have a flat shape that gives them the appearance of standard outdoor lighting. We have a solar ground light that is ground touch, and we have a rose like design and so on. You can have more shape and light options for our solar ground light series. They do not even have a cheap appearance as other solar lights do. They also have a trendy, contemporary vibe, which may improve the look of your home exteriors. For instance, they may provide a soft lighting appearance down a driveway without having several lights protruding from various locations.

Where can I use these Solar Ground Lights?

In a number of outdoor settings, solar ground lights may be utilized to brighten paths and create welcoming environments. Aside from utilizing it at your own home or for personal use, our cordless solar ground lighting fixtures can be installed on public and private walkways, bike lanes, parking lots, canal walks, ports, buildings, and more.


The following are a few applications for solar ground lighting:

  • Aesthetics – In outdoor spaces or public spaces, spot illumination for a contemporary aesthetic can be achieved using our solar ground lighting. Lights the road yard, pathway, driveway, and so on, and indicating where a pathway is going and curving may be accomplished by lining walkways with solar ground lighting. This is enormously beneficial in gloomy places people may not have gone before, such as resorts, campgrounds, motels, and RV parks.
  • Safety – Outdoor places that are well lit at night seem safer, thus solar ground lighting may make sidewalks, bike lanes, and other public spaces feel more welcoming to the general public. Local government bodies frequently employ ground illumination to make public spaces in major cities and towns feel safer for local citizens.
Can these Solar Ground Lights be charged indoors?

To answer this question, yes, it can be brought inside to charge. If you are afraid that your solar ground lights will be stolen, you can have them recharged in your own home you can use standard light bulbs or position them close to windows. However, expect that the performance of your solar garden light will not reach its full potential and may either emit weaker light to illuminate or still provide strong and bright light but may last just up to 2 to 3 hours of usage at night. Since it is powered by solar panels or by the sunlight, it is still preferred to have it recharged in direct sunlight wherein there are strong rays of sunlight in order for our solar garden light to perform at its best and full potential performance. 

Do these Solar Ground Lights last long?

Undoubtedly yes! Our solar ground lights are manufactured by the big boss in the light industry, BrightenLux, which is known for its durable product line that lasts for years. The lifespan of the parts or components of a solar ground light varies. The solar ground lights’ battery packs are anticipated to survive for 3 to 4 years before needing to be changed and that makes your money more worth spending. In contrast, the LEDs that are used for lighting have a lifespan of up to 10 years or even longer when well maintained. If the lighting is already flickering and emits weak light to keep the area illuminated while it is utilized at night, it would be simple to determine if they need to be replaced. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us on our website. We will be happy to assist you.

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