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New Design Rechargeable Football Style Solar Camping Light

Item No: BT-PL4065

This solar camping light with an impressive and modern looking design is good for all adventurers like you. A solar powered light is one of the best lights in the market today, as it is hassle free for travelers and can easily be charged outdoors during the day.

Its light can adjust and retracted up to 360 degree and 90-degree angle, it has a unique design and offers 5 lighting mode including SOS and flashing light.

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Silicone Solar Camping Light With Different Fun Colors

Item No: BT – PL4067

This collapsible solar camping light offers 3 lighting modes so you can adjust according to the brightness you like. You can choose a full, low and flashing light. It also includes a RGB bulb where you can change the color of the light. It is a fun feature that your children will surely love in the camp area.  It also comes with an USB charging port and portable handle.

This camping light rates IPX44, it means that this camping light can withstand a splash of water. This is a great choice for Solar Camping lights as it is user friendly and portable kind of light.

Enjoy this light now with your loved ones, message us now!

silicone solar camping light
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Solar Power Led Camping Light With Remote Control

Item No: BT-PL4052

No need to worry about charging because this camping light is a solar one and can be charge outdoor using the sun. A solar light that can also be a source of power to your other devices, this is a highly recommended light for a campers and adventurers like you.

This solar camping light with a powerful and elegant design with a brightness of 100 lumens and 4 modes of light including a SOS light that you can use in case of emergency. Plus, a power indicator and a remote control to adjust the mode of light. A lot of features you can use in the camp.

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Outdoor Smart Solar Camping Light For Tent

Item No: BT-PL4051C

Looking for a smart solar camping light with a remote control and 5 modes of light? Then, we got you covered. This solar camping light offers a feature that you might need in the camping area. It has a remote control to adjust the mode of the light with a lumen of 100 and a power indicator to know the battery remaining in the light.

The design is modern and striking that you can use not just in camp but also in your other outdoor activities. It is made with a high-quality material and proven to be a water proof. Our company made sure that you got the best solar camping light in the market that you can use and can last for a long time.

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Is It Good To Have A Solar Camping Light?

Yes, it is good to have a solar camping light as it doesn’t need an electricity or batteries for you to charge it. It just uses the power of sun for you to charge. It is considered one of the best choice of camping light in the market because there’s a lot of advantage while using it. Like it is environmental friendly, energy saving and very convenient to use.

Do I Need A Battery In My Solar Camping Light?

Solar camping light doesn’t need a battery and doesn’t need to replace a battery every now and then. Because, this solar camping lantern has a fixed rechargeable battery on its own. You don’t need to worry about charging as it can charge while outdoors using the sun and then can fully operate at night.

How Long Does My Solar Camping Light Battery Last?

A solar camping light can last around 2-5 years depending on your use and how you take care for it. As most of the solar camping light needs the built-in batteries to be replaced after 3-4 years of using it. This kind of solar camping light can really last long if you know how to take good care of it and know about the products. You need to know when it’s time for it charge and if it is full already. Also follow the instructions of it and its rain proofing design.

How Many Hours Does This Solar Camping Light Last?

This solar camping has a run time around 8 hours if you fully charge it in the sun and less hours if it is not fully charged. As most of the solar camping light needs to be charged around 6 hours for you to use it longer and brighter during the night.

Can I Charge My Solar Camping Light Using USB Charging Cable?

A lot of solar camping light can also be charged using usb charging, so you don’t need to worry if it’s raining as you can just plug it in.

Why Does My Solar Camping Light Stop Working?

One of the reasons why your solar camping light is not working, is because of the built-in batteries in it. It is either you are not charging it enough or it cannot hold the power it is receiving anymore.

Why Does My Solar Camping Light Not Bright Anymore?

If you notice that the light is too dim and not bright any more than the first time you got it, the first reason is its time for you to replace the built-in batteries in it. The second reason is it is not charging correctly.

What Should I Look In A Good Solar Camping Light?

A good solar camping light should have a good brightness, battery and can last long hours in the night. It is important to consider this because it is mostly use outdoor.

Do I Need To Replace The Batteries Of Solar Camping Light?

The built-in batteries of a solar camping light need to be change after 2-3 years of using it. As this solar camping light will last longer if you take good care of it and if the batteries are regularly change.

Do Solar Camping Lights Also Work On Rainy Days?

Yes, you can use it and it is also working on rainy days.

The main source of power in a solar camping light is the sun but, a lot of solar camping lights can also be charged using usb charging.  So you don’t need to worry if the sun is not showing because it has another options for it to charge.

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