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Brightenlux Rechargeable Solar Energy Camping Lantern With Flame Light

Item No: BT-PL4071

Looking for a leading and portable rechargeable camping lantern? This rechargeable solar energy camping lantern with flame light is here to cover a larger area for your activity. This rechargeable solar energy camping lantern has great features of solar energy, 2 kinds of light (white light and flame light), hanging hook & portable. With your planned outdoor activities, this rechargeable camping light is a must have! Inquiry Us Now!

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2 in 1 Solar Camping Lantern With Water Bottle Usage

Item No: BT – PL4046

This cute pink solar camping lantern is not only good to your eyes but it has an explosive function! With the continuous innovation, Brightenlux has produced a solar outdoor camping lantern that is modernized. You will be amazed of its fun features, as you know that this solar outdoor camping lantern has 2 in 1 function as a lighting and a water bottle which fits well into any of your outdoor activities. It is very less hassle to bring as well as this solar outdoor camping lantern is foldable!

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solar charging camping lantern

Rechargeable Camping Light With Remote Control

Item No: BT-PL4064

The best multifunctional camping lamp with remote control is here to brighten up your outdoor activities! With best features of motion sensing, 5 modes of light, remote control, output for phone and USB charging. This best remote solar camping lantern will really brighten up your outdoor activities. Not only that it has hanging hook which you can easily hang this in any area where you want to brighten it up!


Top Selling Solar Outdoor Camping Lantern

Item No: BT-PL40424

Brightenlux is here to provide you a multi-functional camping light that will surely fits into your camping activities. This Solar camping lantern model has great features which you will really enjoy the lighted camping area. With 2 in 1 lighting capacity, this solar camping lantern can cover a wider area so you will have a great time with your fun activities. Charging won’t be an issue as this solar camping lantern can be charge using solar energy. Bring this solar camping lantern now and you’ll have a long-lasting camping foundation.

solar camping lantern

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Is A Good Choice To Have A Solar Camping Lantern?

Solar camping lantern is a good choice for a camping lantern, as this type of lantern is convenient and hassle free in charging. Solar camping lantern don’t need to be plug and change the batteries, because the only thing you need is the sun for you to charge this camping lantern.

How Many Hours Does A Solar Camping Lantern Last?

A solar camping can last for 2-10 hours depending on the light modes. The brightness you choose for your camping lantern is one of the key factors why your lantern will last long enough or not. It is important to fully charge it to last long and choose a light mode that is not too bright.

How Many Hours Do I Need To Charge My Solar Camping Lantern?

A lot of solar camping lantern needs to be charge at least 3-6 hours depending on the solar camping product you are using. It needs sunlight to be charge and the longer the lantern is exposed to the sun the more time you can used it at night.

Are Solar Camping Lantern Waterproof?

Yes, most of the solar camping lantern in the market has an IPX44 rating, it means that this solar camping lantern can withstand a splash of water from any direction and can handle a hard object that is not greater or bigger than 1mm.

How Bright Are Solar Camping Lantern?

Solar Camping lanterns lumens are ranging around 50-200 lumens. This is the ideal lumen for a camping light, as this is bright enough to light up your camping area. There is different lighting mode in solar lantern for you to choose from depending on the brightness you need, so you don’t need to worry if it is too bright or to dim.

Do I Need A Solar Camping Lantern?

It is important to have solar camping lantern as this camping lantern don’t need an electricity and to change the battery for it to use. You only need a sun and this camping lantern will be able to use while cooking, reading, camp activities and brighten up the area of camp.

What Are The Different Advantages Of A Solar Camping Lantern?

Solar camping lantern are known for being environmentally friendly, energy saving, and has a rain-proof design. It has a lot more of advantages and features depending on the product you choose. So, you can never go wrong in choosing this kind of camping lantern.

Is Solar Camping Lantern Heavy?

Some of the solar camping lanterns are heavy because of the batteries in it, but there are also a lightweight one. Just choose the camping lantern that you want and the one that fits your needs.

How Do You Choose The Lumen For A Solar Camping Lantern?

The right brightness is important in a camp but you also need to know that it depends on how large and small your group are. The most recommended lumens are around 100 to 200 and for a large group it 200-400.

How To Charge A Solar Camping Lantern?

In the name itself “Solar” so it means that you need to charge it using the sun. Just put it outside where there is a direct sunlight then it can already be charge. It’s easy and very convenient one, so get yours now.

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