Selfie Ring Light

Brightenlux Wholesale Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light

12 inch Live Stream Durable and Stable Selfie Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL012

If you are looking for a selfie partner then the search is over. Have it now our very own selfie ring light! We are offering our best bud that will help brighten your looks. Our design is a 12 inches diameter ring light with a photographic and retractable tripod that can be extendable from 15.4 inches to 68.9 inches. Surely this can cater to specific height requirements, whether you are in a sitting or standing position. It also has a 360 – degree rotatable ball head that is adjustable and works easily on your preferred angle position. Overall, this is best for selfies and live streaming.

  1. Features dimmable lighting, perfect for fill-in light.
  2. Entails three color modes from a white, a combination of white and yellow, warm yellow, and 10 brightness levels that you can choose from.
  3. Can be used on multiple occasions; such as doing your make–up tutorial sessions, live streaming, selfie, and even in professional photography.  
  4. It has a multifunctional switch capable of a freely three-mode light shift.
  5. It also has a durable and flexible gooseneck and phone holder.

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Portable, Foldable, and Convertable Selfie Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL110

Looking for an adaptable Selfie ring light? Here is what you are looking for. Introducing our unique Selfie ring light with an integrated design that can ease the way you use ring light. Comes very handy and easy to take and store as it includes a foldable disc base and 360 degrees flip in back and forth. You can choose from three colors: pink, black and white. Flexible enough to meet your demands whether you prefer standing or sitting. This adjustable Selfie ring light is powered by a USB cable port.

  1. Features two types of control: a wire control and Bluetooth remote control.
  2. Mini size and foldable, convenient to carry, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Can be used using a desktop pc, laptop, USB charging adapter, and even power bank just by plugging its USB cable port into the source and comes with low power consumption.
  4. Highlights your look through the integrated beauty fill with three modes of color dimming and adjustable brightness.
  5. Includes a retractable chuck, suitable for mobile phones under 6 inches.

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Selfie Ring Light
selfie ring light

Pocket Size Mini LED Selfie Ring light

Item No: BT-RL210

Tired of using your phone camera flash while taking selfies, and finding the best suitable angle with the flash? If yes, it is time to use our mini LED Selfie Ring Light. It is a portable light for selfies, video chats, and even video conferences. Designed to be lightweight and easy to transport while providing professional results and ideal lighting every time. It is also simple to use and install, and it works with all cell phones and PCs. The light is fastened using a clip, making it easy to clip on and remove after use. Simply place your selfie ring light over your phone such that the camera and all of its sensors are in the center of the ring light. Aside from that, this product offers a lot more of wonderful features. 

  1. Enhances photo quality by removing noise and eliminating ghosting in the backlighting.
  2. It has three modes of brightness options that will surely fit your desired illumination.
  3. The product comes with a rechargeable LED light powered by a built-in lithium battery.
  4. Universally compatible with any device up to 0.5 inches thickness.
  5. Can be used both for indoor and outdoor activities. 

For any inquiries about this innovative selfie ring light, don’t hesitate to message us.

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What is the purpose or use of a selfie ring light?

Just like other ring lights, a selfie ring light also has the purpose to provide continuous, proper, and even illumination to a subject. Also, these ring lights are used for noise and blur reduction in your photos. The only distinction between a selfie ring light and a regular ring light is the word “selfie”; this basically means that selfie ring lights are made, innovated, and are used for taking unlimited, hassle free (but not limited to) selfies whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, a difference in the sizes or frames of the regular ring lights and selfie ring lights can be observed. 

What size of the selfie ring light is best for selfies?

Different sizes of ring lights are applicable for different purposes. However, when it comes to capturing the best selfies while on the move, there is also an advisable size to utilize. The most preferable selfie ring light sizes are 10 to 12 inches. These cute and smaller-sized ring lights are best for highlighting one’s facial details. Moreover, the smaller the ring light, the closer are the LEDs, which means the product can provide a more focused light beam and is very compact that you can bring it wherever you are, feel free and limitless when it comes to your selfie taking game without worrying of beeing in a very dark setting.

How far away should a selfie ring light be?

To capture the best picture using a selfie ring light, the distance between the ring light and the subject must also be considered. If the distance is too short, this might cause glaring. On the other hand, if the selfie ring light is too far from the subject, the purpose of it being a source of even lighting might be neglectable. The most desirable distance between the subject and the ring light is more or less than 3 feet. This distance is enough to illuminate your face without blinding your eyes from seeing the phone screen. compromising the quality of the photo. Take those heart and likes worthy photos and videos with ease.

What are the benefits of a selfie ring light?

Using a selfie ring light is totally a game-changer! Of course, different selfie ring light brands and models offer different features needed by various purchasers, however, these are the most common benefits of using a selfie ring light:

  1. It allows you to take better selfies with the even illumination given;
  2. It is rechargeable, so there is no need to worry about running out of power, as long as you have a laptop or a power bank;
  3. Its light temperature is adjustable for the desired amount or tone of light needed for the images; and
  4. It is easy to adjust the light source distance:
  5. Portable, can be put in your bag and be ready on the go always.
  6. Made with good quality materials, focusing on the product’s durability.
  7. User friendly, does not need to learn and remember complicated kinds of stuff just to learn how to use and operate this selfie ring light.
How long does a selfie ring light take time to charge?

Charging time for a ring light is an important feature especially when you are always using the product for different and various purposes. A fast-charging selfie ring light means you will have more time to use the product. Charging a selfie ring light does not take much time. In fact, it would only take two to three hours for one fully charge and you are ready again to conquer the world, so convenient, isn’t it?

How do you charge a selfie ring light battery?

Most selfie ring lights have built-in batteries which means you can directly plug the charging cord into a power source, may it be a DC or AC. It is also important to take note that most rechargeable selfie ring light is provided with a USB cord as their charging cord. In the case of losing the USB cable, there is no need to worry since it is widely available in most tech stores. Just connect the selfie ring light to the USB cord, plug it into the main power source, a power bank, a laptop, or in a car and you are all good.

How do I know my selfie ring light is fully charged?

Just like any other device, there are always indicators showing the battery life of a certain product. Of course, the selfie ring lights also have these indicators. A red light on the battery indicates a low battery, it is most likely located in the back part of the selfie ring light just like other ring light models, near the switch, red will mean that you need to immediately charge the selfie ring light. When you are charging the product, a blinking green light will be shown. And when the battery is already fully-charged, a solid green light will be indicated.

How long does a selfie ring light last till you have to charge it again?

With this selfie ring light being essential in achieving the picture perfect look, and in taking pictures like a pro, the charging time of this must be considered before purchasing. A shorter charging time means having more time to use the product. As for our selfie ring light here in Brightenlux. Our product needs a charging time of two to three hours and can last up to four hours of working time nonstop. You can always bring a power bank to conveniently charge your selfie ring light wherever you are while outside of your own home.

Does a selfie ring light have a warm white or cool white LED?

There is no need to choose between the two light modes because our selfie ring light comes with both. This is perfect if you are up for shooting different themes and is achieving different moods for your selfies and videos. The selfie ring light has three kinds of light such as the cold light, warm ligh, and natural light. This is just one of the many features of a selfie ring light that will surely suit your aesthetic needs.

Does this selfie ring light have different brightness levels?

Definitely yes! A selfie ring light with different brightness levels is definitely a must have now! These brightness levels are important for different levels of illumination needed in the different shooting locations. So, you should check the product’s brightness control. To check the number of brightness levels the product has (especially our selfie ring lights), you just need to press the switch for three seconds, and this will change the brightness level, repeat to check all three levels then it will go back to turning off then on. Very easy peasy to use, right?

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