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Item No: BT – 2000CH

Never be inconvenienced if you need to carry a safety flare light with you at all times since our safety flare light is extremely portable and light. It is tiny in size so that it does not take up too much room on roads and highways. It is also not particularly heavy, as the safety flare light is powered only by a battery. Furthermore, the exterior surface is made of rubber foam, which makes it shockproof.

  1. It has a super magnetic built-in force so that it can stick the safety flare light directly to your car or any other vehicle. It also offers a foldable hook suitable for bikers, and motorcycle riders.
  2. Our safety flare light is powered by 3 AAA batteries that when installed, it gives a strong illumination and long lasting work usage. 
  3.  You can also utilize the USB port for charging. The USB port can be connected even in your car charging, that is what makes our safety flare light convenient, portable and multifunctional at its finest.

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Will this safety flare light can be seen at an approximate distance?

Yes, of course! Due to the AAA batteries used in our safety flare light, they can be easily seen from a mile away. It is an important characteristic that a safety flare light can be very visible from far distances. In that way, Private and public vehicles on highways can be warned and be cautious of possible situations encountered on highways. Gives you a peace of mind while making you much safer while on the side of the road trying to fix your own car. Aside from accidents, you can also personally take these safety flare lights with you for camping, hiking, fishing, and the like.

Are there any different light colors that this safety flare light emits?

As these safety flare lights are used for more serious road work purposes, lighting modes are made simple yet easy to catch up on. There are only two colors emitted from our safety flare light and that is red and orange. Lighting mode features on flare or warning lights are not really focused on. Instead, manufacturers focused on the intensity of light it emits and how long it will last. The working life on a safety flare light is based on how many of its LEDs are used, is it alternately blinking or steady, on high or on low to ensure you are seen, and will create safety for you while on the side of the road.

Where does this safety flare light receive power supply?

For our safety flare light, it receives power through the batteries and USB port charging. It has 3 AAA batteries to be attached for a strong illumination and long lasting work usage. There will also be a time when the battery runs out, you can use the USB port for charging. The USB port can be connected even in your car charging, that is what makes our safety flare light convenient, portable and multifunctional at its finest. For other products related, you can visit and check out our page for more info or our company’s product catalog for more products that can make your life much easier.

How heavy is this safety flare light?

Never be bothered when you need to take a safety flare light with you all the time because our safety flare light is super portable and light when it comes to its weight. It is designed in a compact size so it will not take up too much space on roads and highways. It is not also heavy because there is only a battery that supplies the power of the safety flare light but despite that, our products are made to be durable and long lasting. Moreover, its outside surface is manufactured of a rubber foam which also makes it shockproof. Even when you hold it together in its safety bag, it is still light in weight.

How many batteries does each safety flare light require?

In the case of our safety flare light, it needs 3 AAA batteries to work at its best performance in any situation or accident that may happen. We advised our customers and users of the product to attach only a high quality battery for optimum usability such as the one that is with the product when purchased. That is why 3 AAA batteries are used for a single piece of a safety flare light. So that you can use it in case of certain emergencies on roads and highways with ease. You can rely on our safety flare light as it is manufactured to serve its purpose and exceeds the standards.

How does the safety flare light work?

Safety flare lights emit dazzling bright lighting for the purpose of warning other vehicles on roads and highways of accidents or rescue. Our safety flare light has a magnetic feature so it can be attached to your cars and other vehicles. It also has a foldable hook for 2 wheels vehicles. Wide colored flares are kept as a standard kit in vessel rescue boats; the maximum level intensity is achieved by using magnesium in the overall structure. A safety flare light is often used to alert drivers of roadblocks. Industrial highway trucks carry flares in case of difficulties or breakdowns. This shows that this safety flare light is not only used when your car broke down out of nowhere, in the middle of the road. This safety flare light is proven used in many ways especially if you are in the law enforcement industry.

Do these safety flare lights float?

The simple answer to this is no. Our safety flare light does not float. Safety flare lights cannot stand strong water current or water flow. It is built with a foldable hook and magnetic materials because it needs to be elevated, aside from putting it on the ground. The hook and magnetic feature help in many ways. Remember that it is powered by batteries, therefore an ample touch of water may damage it. Do not be worried because our safety flare light has a water resistance level. It can stand an ample of rainy weather but not in floods, so please don’t or refrain your safety flare right from getting soaked from water for too long.

Is this safety flare light suitable to use when attached to a moving vehicle?

With its strong magnetic base plus the foldable hook, our safety flare can be attached to your vehicle when driving, However, it is not advisable to do so. The use of a safety flare light is to alert other vehicle drivers of any roadblocks and other accidents. That is why it is manufactured for that purpose. Yes, it could be attached but to impose safety on our customers, better to not to start your vehicle with your safety flare light attached outside and forget to undo it. When the wind is so strong that the magnetic base cannot stand, it would fall and might crash with other vehicles next to you.

Why are safety flare lights perfect for accident prone sites?

Safety flare lights are used by emergency personnel for a number of reasons. It can be utilized to increase visibility and slow down incoming vehicles at an incident location. You may guide vehicles around impediments along the highway and safely lead cars through accident areas when properly positioned. Safety flare lights are perfect for situations that require control and visibility. Other benefits of using it are because of its bright light signal, independent light source, convenient for installation, no flicker, and universally understood. That is why emergency responders must have this safety equipment in their emergency kits for it to be reliable at all times.

What are the product dimensions of this safety flare light?

To give you an insight into the dimensions of the product. Our safety flare light dimension is ‎ 9.65 x 7.13 x 2.01 inches and weighed 1.63 pounds. It is built with a compact size enough to take up a small space in your vehicle and is easy to carry and restore. You need to have a designated storage for safety flare lights in your homes and cars to avoid contact with children. Be at ease because when you purchase the product a storage bag is included in the package so that all safety flare lights are intact.

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