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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2002CH


Tired of waiting a very long time just to charge your roadside warning device? Then, you’ve come just right. Introducing the BATTERY POWERED EMERGENCY ROADSIDE WARNING LIGHTS employed through a replaceable high capacity battery. With this, you can quickly replace the battery for a constant and steady lighting experience whenever the device runs out of power. A highly effective emergency warning light that has a continuous lighting of over 10 hours for intense bright light and an average of about 20 hours for low intensity brightness. Know more about our product features:

  1. It has an illuminating light that can be tuned to two distinct color modes: amber and white. The former is utilized in an emergency circumstance, whereas the latter is employed on a daily basis. 
  2. The switching operation is simplified since it can be activated simply by pushing the switch button on the bottom of the BRIGHTENLUX LED ROADSIDE WARNING LIGHTS. 
  3. Ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. However, they are largely used by vehicles to properly offer warning signal lights on the road.
  4. Water Resistant, can withstand water splashes and submerge for a few minutes without worries.

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Item No: BT – 2005

The rising vehicular accidents on the road have been the constant motivation for our products. Using our HIGH VISIBILITY MOVABLE SIGNAL ROADSIDE WARNING LIGHTS, your ultimate safety needs in the most difficult times on the road. These movable roadside warning lights are your way of attaining optimum safety via the use of very bright LED lights and the signaling can be utilized in many colors or light modes, such as flashing and stable lighting to guarantee the relevant warning or signal message is conveyed to others. Here are some key roadside warning light features that you should take note with:

  1. The wireless roadside warning lights include a built-in high capacity 9V 6LR61 alkaline battery with a runtime of about 20+ hours.
  2. The enclosed plastic enclosure is made of lightweight ABS material that is noted for its durability and low cost.
  3. For efficient roadside and traffic accident prevention, a double flashing amber light with an illuminating strength of 40 to 60 Candela is used.
  4. USB Port, this roadside warning light has a USB input port for a more convenient way of charging and an output port for it to use as a power bank for other devices.

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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2006CH

The uniquely designed INFLATED DISC SHAPED ROADSIDE WARNING LIGHTS have been all around the corner providing the best lighting a warning light can offer. Fitted out with the modern LED lights knowingly better than its predecessors. The device’s visibility can reach up to a staggering half mile away at nighttime and during extreme weather conditions. Enclosed with a lithium battery powered through cabled charging. Helps you save the money and time it takes to operate this immensely significant device in the event of an emergency on or off the road.

  1. When switched on, it provides a dependable 360-degree effective sight. Sort the lighting modes into two categories: flashing warning light and steady white light. Combined with shockingly powerful LED lights for maximum illumination range output.
  2. A powerful magnet is buried beneath the device’s base. The RECHARGEABLE CABLED BATTERY ROADSIDE WARNING LIGHTS to stay and remain on the vehicle for as long as you need them, and they do not harm the paint of the car to which they are connected.
  3. With its durable exterior casing made of ABS/PC materials, it has improved protection and resistance against dust, dirt, water, and powerful impact. IP65 seepage grade resistance, IK – 04 impact grade protection, and ESD1 ESD grade protection are all recognized.

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Item No: BT -2004CH

Have you thought of acquiring something that can protect you while in traffic trouble? Especially devices that are capable of dispatching signals through the light method? For this case, you can use the SAFETY SIGNAL KIT ROADSIDE WARNING LIGHTS that come with an LED lamp and a tool kit. A visual signaling device that is capable of notifying or alerting others of the possible risks and emergencies crucial for ensuring safety. With the simple design of the device, it makes a straightforward and ideal warning solution for roadside vehicle use. Here are some awesome features that you should know about:

  1. Because the shell and LED lenses are built of suitable and durable ABS/PMMA materials, the gadget is tiny, portable, and lightweight.
  2. There are two illumination modes available in the settings: flashing and always. In emergency situations, the amber lights flash three times per second, but the white light remains constant. The 360 degrees enhanced vision and 1 Hz flash frequency
  3. With a 9V voltage rating and a changeable one cell 6LR61 9V alkaline battery. The batteries run the 3W LEDs for 20+ hours on average.

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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

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How do transportation agencies describe roadside warning lights?

Most state transportation departments and agencies employ a variety of vehicles that differ in their role, whether it is for plain emergency operation, maintenance, or even for construction purposes. Several guidelines to guarantee the safest condition for road vehicle users as well as employees have been created with respect to their role in the transportation sector. In order to implement this, the use of the so called “roadside warning lights” has been adopted as a source of signal lighting for basic safety measures during emergency conditions. The roadside warning light can be classified in different versions of design and colors which mainly functions as a signal that alerts other individuals whenever they are approaching an ongoing road accident or a roadside hazard. Hence, the emergency signal warning lights must be clearly visible for motorists to recognize the incident and provide immediate action or carefully pass the area. A roadside warning light acts as a road aid when you are on the roadside and is in need to do some emergency road repairs on your car or even for some road repairs work itself.

Is it okay to use red colored roadside warning lights for emergencies?

To our knowledge, most transport agencies restrict the usage of red colored roadside warning lights especially on work vehicles because it might be mistaken for an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance. Generally, there are no recent guidelines or requirements implementing the necessary color for roadside warning lights, especially on road side usage. As a result, the state transport department only allows other color schemes for emergency use rather than using the red one. But this information will vary from one country to another, it is important that you make your own diligence in researching your country’s policies before deciding to purchase these awesome roadside warning lights. However, here in Brightenlux, we accommodate the special requests as long as we can, beep us up and talk with our customer service to know if we can fulfill your special needs.

What is the advisable color for roadside warning lights?

The state transportation department, agencies, and experts advocate the use of amber (yellowish) and white roadside warning lights hues. Mainly they pertain to the asynchronous flashing pattern with slow programmed flash rates and LED lighting. Some other suggestions include the mounting of roadside warning lights at the highest elevation on the vehicle, where they are placed against the solid colored background of the vehicle. However again, it is critical that you conduct your own study into your country’s policies before purchasing these fantastic roadside warning lights since policies and regulations will differ from one country to another.

Have you heard any standards pertaining to the use of roadside warning lights?

I’d say No! Because most of the transportation department and other related agencies and experts utilize a very wide range of roadside warning lights. In most cases, they actually differ on how they decide the proper guidelines of usage and arrangement of these roadside warning lights. It includes the prescription of appropriate color scheme on the type of vehicle, modes of lighting either flash or steady, placement method from the vehicle itself to other feasible bodies, and of course other aspects of roadside warning light installation. This majorly revolves around the custody of the organizational rules and standards that came from the legislation established by the regulatory and legislation commission. There are currently no national regulations for warning lights that state DOTs and other highway-related entities must adhere to. However, we highly recommend for you to check and do your own research when it comes to your country’s own policies.

In what way could I determine when to use the flashing or steady mode of the roadside warning lights?

There are different ways to determine when to use a specific mode of lighting. Usually, the quantity of time and duration of the roadside warning lights while remaining active or in switched on mode greatly influences the definite amount of time vital for the alerting and attracting the attention of a driver or individual. The device can be in flashing mode or solid steady mode depending on the situation. Sometimes the standard vehicle lighting systems such as the one used in the car headlights and brake lights can be mistaken for the steady lights since it provides a continuous illumination to the surrounding. That is why most experts suggest that a white steady light be solely used for normal application or just to accompany the warning lights and not serve as a primary roadside warning light. Whereas, the flashing behavior of the light causes the pulsing of the light which can be ascribed as the on and off the sensation of it. The flashing of the light in an asynchronous way is simply the on and off from side to side of the device and synchronous is the flashing at the same time on both sides of the device.

In addition, the frequency pattern of flashing has an impact on the reaction of an individual driver. If you want to get the best driver reaction it is recommended to adopt the previously thought asynchronous flashing pattern since it has a slow flash frequency. Using a flash frequency of about 0.8 Hz than 1 Hz generates a better and speedier reaction time for the individual.

What does light intensity mean when speaking of roadside warning lights?

The measure of the quantity or size of light that reaches the visual spectrum of an individual is termed as the light intensity or is commonly called as brightness. In order to ensure the right amount of light available to illuminate the surrounding for others to be wary of the situation, it is advised to use our products BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 – BT 2004CH as follows the maximum standards for light intensity range as it is our responsibility for our customers. Also, our products are equipped with just the right brightness that will avoid excessiveness and distractions as you glare into it, if not followed this can cause disadvantage as slowing other motorists’ reaction time.

During the day and night, different light intensity ranges are required for each circumstance. Throughout the day the required intensity of light should be at the highest minimum thresholds for it to distinguish apart from the ambient light in the sky. Conversely, at night time the lowest maximum threshold should be used to prevent accidents from approaching drivers due to encountering invasive glare conditions. Our Roadside Warning Lights are specially made to be compliant with all the needs that are required for a warning light for your own safety and convenience while on and off the road.

Where should I place my roadside warning lights?

Well, the proper installation of roadside warning lights completely enhances the safety condition of the user away from a potential hazard through the high visibility it provides. Traffic experts and agencies advise that a roadside warning light be installed with a configuration that guarantees that the warning lights may be seen from any angle of approach by a motorist. This necessitates the use of a 360 – degree illumination, for instance, a flashing or spinning beacon on top of an automobile or the installation of separate lights on both sides of an automobile and ground during emergencies. To fully improve the visibility on the road, the warning lights should be positioned at the nearest upper or main upper center part of a vehicle. The nearer the lights to the line of sight of the driver allows a greater proximity and assurance that the other drivers will be able to see you quickly and directly most especially when it’s at night time. For this reason, it is recommended to place or position your roadside warning lights as far up on top of the vehicle to reduce the likelihood of another accident in the area.

How to optimize the visibility of my newly owned roadside warning lights?

Using your newly owned roadside warning lights, it is possible to optimize your visibility if only you positioned the device accordingly against a solid colored background on your vehicle. Importantly, the ones installed at higher grounds or altitudes on your vehicle, for instance, your automobile roof that lacks a contrasting solid colored background could blend into the ambient color of the surrounding sky. That is why you should choose roadside warning lights that have enough contrast with their surroundings for them to be easily noticed by other drivers. As a result, the BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 – BT 2004CH series may match desired placement preferences for 360-degree visibility and can provide adequate color contrast. When selecting and positioning warning lights on highway or road vehicles, extreme caution should be given. 

What do you think are the advantages of owning a roadside warning light?

It is now possible to send constant warning signals through light to other people whether you are on or off the road, at home or camping, and more, thanks to the clever design of the BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 – BT 204CH warning beacon lights. It improves your ability to detect and see at night, in fog, and in other dangerous conditions. When you use our goods, you will notice several advantages over other brands of roadside warning lights. BRIGHTENLUX is a significant supplier of roadside warning lights and similar variants all around the globe. Our team puts a lot of emphasis on the durability, cost efficiency, and usefulness of the device offered which is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Are the roadside warning lights worth the price?

To put it simply, absolutely YES! BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 – BT 2004CH roadside warning lights are an exceptional technology in terms of its LED lights as a replacement for traditional incandescent and halogen globes. This upgrade enhances substantially longer operational life for the light source, energy efficient as it consumes less power and produces less heat. The devices are proven to offer a very bright and illuminating light for your daily and emergency needs. Plus this is very compact, that you can store it in your car’s compartment and will be ready to use whenever and wherever you are.

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