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Rechargeable Road Flare


Item No: BT – 2000CH

Triple your safety with our waterproof and crush proof portable roadside safety light. It can give you triple brightness with up to 10 modes of lights that serve different purposes that can surely meet all of your lighting requirements.  You can use three triple A batteries to use this product, no electricity is needed to recharge it. Three packs of roadside safety lights are included in the order, along with a protective bag to safely store these roadside safety lights after usage.

  1. WATERPROOF AND CRUSHPROOF – can withstand any water splashes and capable of supporting a 30 ton truck.
  2. 10 MODES OF LIGHT – fast flash, slow flash, single flash, rotating flash, alternating blink flash, sos rescue full flash, solid-on low flash, solid-on high flash, normal 2 led flash light, and normal 4 led flash light
  3. FLEXIBLE – has a strong magnet that can be attached to any metal coating, such as the body of a car, car bumper, or road sign. and has a fold-out hanging hook suitable for hands free use.
  4. SUPER BRIGHT- can illuminate dark road or place up to 5 miles away

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Item No: BT – 2005

If you are looking for a lighting tool to add to your emergency kit, then look no further! Because our light in weight and compact size emergency strobe light is what all you needed for. The foundation base of our emergency strobe light is made of scratch resistant material to avoid car surface damage. It also has a clear PC lens and ABS that is strong and long lasting. It can withstand rain, snow, and other bad conditions. Perfect emergency strobe light buddy to have while on or off the road for your own peace of mind.

  1. Our light in weight and compact emergency strobe light has a total of 24 high-intensity LEDs, each rated at 1 watt, providing an exceptional brightness and awareness, especially when on roads and highways.
  2. It also offers an estimated long use duration of about 50,000 hours, overall use. So never worry about how long it will last because it never disappoints.
  3. A magnetic base with a soft rubber foot for protection is supplied for fast installation or removal on any surface. Bolts are also supplied for a long term installation.

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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2006CH

Our USB rechargeable and magnetic emergency strobe light is a must-have travel emergency illumination item for your travel needs! It’s incredibly useful and can simplify a variety of functions. You may give it as a present to someone who enjoys traveling, camping, and suchs. It includes a high-intensity light that illuminates your travel destination even in bad weather and at night. Its magnetic base is sealed to the metallic surface it is fastened to thanks to its strong concealed magnets. Even if you’re driving, you may be confident that the gadget is actively adhering to your car at any speed.

  1. When sticking to metallic surfaces, it allows for rapid, direct, and exact gadget installation, allowing the item to be used right away due to its incredible and high-quality magnet. Provide a safe and secure installation in your vehicles as well.
  2. Our emergency strobe light can last for 8 hours a day when it is fully charged.
  3. It is weatherproof and may be used in the rain. So you’ll be able to utilize it if you’re stranded in terrible weather.

Do not wait for any longer and get your hands into this very fantastic emergency strobe light!

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What are roadside safety lights?

Road safety lights are lights that are commonly utilized by people who drive cars, bicycles, or motorcycles. These roadside safety lights are employed in cars or any transport vehicle as emergency lights in the event of dangerous circumstances such as when your car broke out of nowhere. It has a super bright warning light that can attract other drivers’ attention in the event of an emergency on dark roads or in dark regions. Rescue first responders such as police officers, emergency workers, and security personnel frequently use these roadside safety lights when working also.

When should I use roadside safety lights?

Road safety lights can be used during any emergency or hazardous situation. For instance, if you accidentally have pulled your car over on a dark road, you can use these road safety lights to draw attention to other drivers on the road to help you out. This can also provide you light in case you have something to do in a dark environment like hiking. Furthermore, roadside safety lights are portable and simple to install (with a hook so you can hang them wherever you want), and they can even be installed inside the traffic cone for an additional safer place.

Are roadside safety lights rechargeable?

Yes, our roadside safety lights are rechargeable. It comes with a USB charging cord, allowing you to charge it in any USB port with a power supply, such as a power bank, direct power outlet, or a laptop. You can charge it ahead of time to store for future usage, ensuring that you are always prepared in case of emergency. Not only that, but these are also powered by external batteries like the triple A’s batteries wherein you can just change the batteries when they got drained. It is portable in a way that you can still use this light even without electricity to recharge it just make sure to always bring extra triple A batteries so you can always be prepared.  

How do the batteries of roadside safety lights be changed or removed?

Our roadside safety lights are user friendly and the process of changing or removing their batteries is very easy. Simply prepare a flat screwdriver and make sure that no small parts or the screws are lost during the removal process. So, first, remove the locking bolt and two long screws, then hold one half in one hand and softly tap a rib on the other side, skipping two ribs as you tap. If that doesn’t work, half-insert the screws and tap softly on the heads of the screw heads, one after the other; they’re tight for a purpose, and you want them to stay that way; be cautious not to ruin the fit. After that, turn on your triple A batteries. Close the cover lid and secure the locking bolts on both sides. Then after that you may now use your roadside safety lights whenever you want to.

How long will the batteries of roadside safety lights last?

The duration of the battery is also related to the different usage modes of the different battery products and lights you buy. Our roadside safety lights, on the other hand, have a large battery capacity and can be used for lengthy periods of time. When the batteries are fully charged, you can use them for up to three to five hours. Furthermore, we also have roadside safety lights with disposable batteries that may readily be replaced when the batteries run out. Just keep some on hand in case of an emergency, so you can just swap them whenever needed.

Are roadside safety lights magnetic?

Yes but not all. Our roadside safety lights, however, are especially and well designed to be equipped with a super strong Neodymium magnet which can be attached to any metal surface, such as a car body car bumper, or road sign. Not only that, but it also features a  fold-out hanging hook that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to mount and attach it anywhere you prefer. It is flexible and suitable for hands free use while you tinker your car at the side of the road.

Are roadside safety lights waterproof?

Yes.  Our roadside safety lights have IP67 waterproof coated to keep the electronics safe from snow, rain, or any water splashes. It is also made up of high quality and super strong materials making it crushproof which is capable of supporting a 30 ton truck. These roadside safety lights are suitable in any weather conditions and are bright enough to illuminate dark places or attract other vehicles for your own safety precaution while on the side of the road.

How many LEDs are there in roadside safety lights?

There roadside safety lights are 12 orange LEDs around the outside that flash in different patterns and 3 white LEDs on one side that can be used as a flashlight in our roadside safety light. It also has 10 different modes of light namely, fast flash, slow flash, single flash, rotating flash, alternating blink flash, sos rescue full flash, solid-on low flash, solid-on high flash, normal 2 led flash light, and normal 4 led flash light. These numerous flashes are for various purposes depending on the situations that may arise along the route, and they will undoubtedly meet all of your lighting requirements.

How bright are roadside safety lights?

Our roadside safety lights are super bright that it can illuminate dark roads or places up to 5 miles away and can help supplement regular danger lights. The three packs of roadside safety lights can draw much more attention than any other six pack roadside safety lights. This is perfect for drivers or emergency responders who want warnings or emergency lights in their vehicles while on stop. These are an excellent addition to any pedestrian’s personal safety equipment in the event of a breakdown or accident, and they also provide emergency lighting to assist you to find your way home when hiking in the dark.

What does the roadside safety lights package include when buying?

If you buy our roadside safety lights, you are expected to receive three roadside safety lights which have 4 color designs that you can choose from (blue, orange, red, and yellow). It also comes with three triple A batteries and a USB charging port so you readily use it after purchase. Lastly, it comes with a safety bag where you can safely store these roadside safety lights after use. You can check our website for more detailed information about the product package.

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