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Brightenlux Customized Ring Lights

Our ring light with tripod stand composed of aluminum alloy material and is utilized to control a stable phone holder while capturing shots. Its collapsible elevation extends from 22.8 to 69.7 inches.

Sturdy locking mechanism and relatively steady 3 legs set design keeping all personal belongings safe.

The ring lights come with a cordless Selfie Bluetooth Controller that you may use to capture photographs straight! There’s no need for you to touch your camera phone; it’s extremely user-friendly!

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ring light manufacturer

Brightenlux Professional Ring Lights Manufacturer

Brightenlux, a professional ring light manufacturer is located in Ningbo City of China. The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, and has more than 200 production machines, including CNC machines, injection molding machines, precision processing machines, packing machines, testing equipment etc.

Brightenlux supplies various ring lights, includin 6/8/10/12/14/18 inch ring lights, the ring light with triopd stand or small desktop clip on ring lights and so on. We also supply customized service for customers as your requirements, Welcome Feel Free To Contact Us For Your Needs!

ring light manufacturer
clip on ring light

Video Conferencing Small Working and Study Clip on Ring Light

Whether you are in a video conference or a zoom meeting, you definitely need extra lighting especially when it is gloomy or already night outside. But do not worry, here comes our small clip on ring light to save the day! With this exceptional ring light, you can now be confident to show yourself in any meeting, class, or a virtual hangout with your dearest friends. Our small clip on ring light will definitely help you feel more put together and ready during your last minute meetings. It helps eliminate shadows and provides a more consistent illumination especially when you are working or taking videos or photos for your social media platforms.


Small Smart Selfie Ring Light

Brightenlux supplies smart small clip on ring lights

Material: the selfie ring light is made of high quality ABS plastic material

Brightness: the ring light comes with 3 different level lights including white light / warm light / warm white light to choose different modes for your need.

Wide Usage: universally compatible with various devices, easy to clip on your cell phone,iPad or computer.

Don’t hesitate to get the price now!

selfie ring light

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➢Does ring light really make a difference?

Of course, ring lights were first used for hospitals and dentistry then started to be in demand in the market when social media influencers started using them when filming content such as portrait photography or makeup tutorials. Now, it is widely used by everyone who is in need of extra light on what they are doing. May it be for sculpting, making assignments or studying, reading a book, shooting a portrait or product, filming a DIY or cooking video, cooking in the kitchen, or taking zoom calls. The demand for Ring Light really skyrocketed during the pandemic because it is multifunctional and convenient to set up and use for whatever activity you’re doing.

➢Can you use a ring light outdoors?

Yes, even professional video and photo production uses reflectors to bring more light to the shooting subject even during the day to enhance and play more with the light to achieve more desired photo and video quality. You can use the ring light outdoors whatever and whenever you see fit, no judgments given!

➢Can you use a ring light while using a laptop?

By all means, yes! the world turned 360 because of the pandemic, online classes and work from home set up started. Doing assignments and work in a well-lit room is not that comfortable and very pleasing place to be productive. Installing a new light in the part of your house is pricey and inconvenient BUT Ring Light saved most of us. Looking presentable in a meeting can boost one’s confidence and be seen clearly on cam can really make a difference. Our BT-RL006CLIP and BT-RL004 can be easily clipped into your laptops and monitors to provide extra light while doing your meetings and at the same time not take up some desk space and clutter afterward.


➢What are the advantages of a ring light?

Here are the following benefits that made ring light a trend in the last few years… First, value for your money. Getting someone to do your wiring just to add a light into your home is pricey and very inconvenient. While on the other hand, Ring Light can be an investment that can save you a few bucks, hassle, and stress from all that. Second, Portable. Can be brought and moved whenever you will need it, want to take classes or meetings in the living room? Kitchen counter? Or is in another place for a stay-cation? No problem at all! Third and the last of many advantages is the assurance of bright light even if night has already come and you still have some meetings and classes to attend to.

➢Does the stand extend?

Yes, different models come with different product sizes. BT-RL014 can be extended until 14 inches, BT-RL012 can be extended until 12 inches, and BT-RL010 on the other hand can be extended until 10 inches. Know more about our product by scrolling through our Product Catalogue, we have more different models that may fit your needs.

➢Does the ring lights come with a phone holder?

Yes, all our models (BT-RL014, BT-RL012, BT-RL010, BT-RL008, BT-RL010 RGB, BT-RL301, BT-RL302, BT-RL010 RGB with desk tripod, and many more) are equipped with a universal phone holder that can accommodate all models. We also have models where Ring Lights can be directly attached to your phone for more convenience. Check out models BT-RL003, BT-RL212, and BT-RL214.

➢Does ring light have warm or bright light?

All our Ring Light models have 3 modes feature: White light, Warm Light, and Warm-White Light.

  • White Lightis intense and direct light. Perfect to achieve a full sun-like effect or daylight, gives 100% lighting with everything you’re doing. This type of light is suitable for places not meant for relaxation such as the kitchen, gym, and office.
  • Warm Lightis for more subtle light, not that strong and not that weak also. This type of light is most commonly used for mood lighting also. This is in contrast with white light, perfect for relaxation and mood setting. Ideal to have as you get ready to crawl into bed.
  • Warm-White Light this is perfect in between the first two choices. This type of light is ideal when you don’t want the light to be intense and subtle at the same time. Can make a person feel alert but not intense, cozy but not the same as warm light.


➢Can I adjust the ring light and color?

Definitely, all our ring lights’ brightness can be adjusted BUT only specific models like BL-RL010 RGB and BL-RL010 RGB with Desk Tripod, are product models that can produce different colors of your choice.

➢Does the ring light have touch controls?

Yes, Ring Light models BT-RL008 and BT-RL010 RGB both come with touch controls for easier picture taking. Perfect when shooting pictures or videos alone without any help. Bluetooth Touch Controls is very useful for people who are working on things alone. No more running back and forth just to press the button when taking a self-picture.

➢Can I put the ring light on a desk?

Of course, other models can be shrunk to be smaller in size but we do have ring lights made specifically to be desk-friendly when doing meetings and classes. Our BT-RL006CLIP, BT-RL004, and BT-RL304 are designed to be clipped to your monitors, laptops, and desk for more convenience and clutter-free when in use. Look much better in your meetings and classes. Look sharp, ready, and presentable with the help of our ring lights.

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