Ring Light With Stand

Brightenlux Wholesale Ring Light With Stand

Ring Light With Stand

Dimmable 10 Inch Ring Light with Stand (Sturdy & Adjustable)

Item No: BT-RL010

If you want to take photos and videos like a pro then this 10 inch Ring Light with stand will surely be handy for you. It might be hard to get stable and superb outputs, especially when you are alone, using a ring light with stand as your source for illumination. Worry no more, for our 10 inch ring light with stand now comes with a sturdy and adjustable frame! Well taught to cater to your needs, is made with quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. All efforts are made to give the best services to our consumers. It is like buying two products for the price of one!

  • If you are up for different moods, our 10 inch ring light with stand can be shifted to three light modes such as warm light, natural light, and white light.
  • For your convenience, our ring light is USB powered, which means you will never have to worry about low battery, just bring any laptop or power bank with you, and you can definitely recharge.
  • The metal neck is 360 degrees flexible!
  • The tripod stand can be extended from 15.4 inches to 68.9 inches.

You may contact us at your most convenient time, our customer service is always ready to entertain your queries!

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Sturdy and Round Base Ring Light with Stand

Item No: BT-RL121

If you are looking for the best ring light for your makeup tutorial (but not limited to), then this one is for you. With a diameter of 20 centimeters and 64 lamp beads for better illumination, this product is definitely for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of bringing around a heavy ring light, with this minimalist, edgy and futuristic look this ring light with stand has very helpful features that you might be looking for if you are into making social media content, vlogging, taking photos or videos of your work or clients:

  • The 60 cm tripod has a round base, making it more stable and sturdy.
  • The built-in bright LED bulbs come with an eye protection lampshade.
  • Three color lighting modes are offered: white light, soft light, and warm light.
  • With a 360 degrees adjustable ring and telescopic adjustable tripod joint.

Go and get that glammed photo with this ring light! Call our customer service now and get a product quotation today!

Ring Light With Stand

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How do you assemble a ring light with stand?

Ring light with stand brings you to another level of photography or videography. Using the ring light with a stand is very easy and convenient. It is just like attaching your camera to a standard tripod. Here is the step by step process of securing a ring light to a stand or tripod:

  1. Prepare all of the needed components.
  2. In assembling the phone holder, get the mobile clip and attach it to the Pan-tilt, and tighten it.
  3. The bottom screw should be loosened.
  4. Place the assembled phone holder on the ring.
  5. Rotate the clamp with your finger until it is tight.
  6. Place the Pan-Tilt on the ring lamp, and tighten it.
  7. Place the Tripod on the Pan Tilt and tighten it.
  8. Enjoy taking awesome photos and videos with the help of our ring light with stand.
Can this ring light with stand be used without a stand or tripod?

Of course! This ring light with stand can be used without its tripod or stand. Even if this product comes with its own tripod, you can still utilize the ring light however you want; may it be with or without the tripod. Using the tripod will surely give you a more stable outcome, it can also secure more your product from not falling and breaking; however, if you want to be creative in capturing your photos and videos, you always have the choice to detach the ring light from its own stand and to move the ring light in which direction you want with less hassle.

Can this ring light with stand shrink the tripod enough to fit on a desk?

Yes, definitely! Since the tripod offered is a standard one, it certainly functions just like the tripods without the ring light. You can always adjust the height of your tripod/ring light with stand, whether you want it to be at its maximum height or the other way around. The only disadvantage when you shrink the tripod to fit on a desk is that its legs will spread wide which means it will be taking up your desk space but no worries we at Brightenlux have our innovative clip on ring light and desktop ring light that you may choose to help you in this area, please see our product catalog to explore more choices.

Does this ring light with stand come with a remote?

Yes! When using your ring light with the tripod, convenience must also be considered. With the remote being provided when purchasing the product, you do not have to set your phones on a timer. The tripod and the wireless remote that you will use with the ring light will totally upgrade the quality of your photos and videos, that is why it is necessary to check first the product’s description to if it comes with a wireless remote. This will surely make shooting videos and photos more convenient on your end especially if you use this for your work such as doing a hair and makeup, manicure and pedicure, lash services, making product commercials, shooting social media content, vlogs, etc, totally worth every penny!

How many pounds does the ring light with stand package weigh?

To provide convenience to the customers, the whole product package weighs not more than eight (8) pounds or 3.6 kilograms. The weight of the ring light and all the accessories is totally a great feature because it can be carried anywhere with ease and convenience. This also means that it is perfect for a shoot featuring different locations. Add more light to your photography or videography with so much ease and convenience on your part, and say goodbye to those irritating moments when the sun chooses to hide or hurry the shoot just because the sun is about to set.

Can you use the Ring Light with stand for a phone instead of the ring light?

Yes! You can still use this Ring Light with Stand without using the ring light. Just like how you can use the ring light without the stand, you can also use the tripod or stand without the ring light. To use the tripod, you do not have to screw the light. The tripod can be used for your cameras and phones.  Simply place the camera or phone where you normally screw on the light. Purchasing the ring light with a stand or tripod is like buying two items for a single price, that is why it is a must-have and a very good deal!

Is the tripod stand of this Ring Light with stand high enough?

Certainly! The tripod stand of this Ring Light with stand can be extended up to 68.9 inches or 5’7 feet. This height alone is sufficient for your needs. Standard tripods can be extended only around 50 to 63 inches above the ground, which means that you will be getting more advantages when you purchase the ring light with the tripod. Not to mention that our products not only ring light with stand are manufactured with proud craftsmanship and prioritize consumer needs above all else.

What do the up and down buttons on the remote of this ring light with stand do?

The up and down buttons on the wireless remote are very important. These are used to adjust the brightness level of the ring light with stand. It is very necessary that the brightness level can be adjusted because different outputs as well as different locations may need different lighting. To adjust the brightness level, you must first turn on the switch, then use the up and down buttons to adjust the brightness level. The up button indicates a higher brightness level while the down button will give you a lower brightness level. Adjust as easily as one, two, and three according to your needs.

How much does a ring light with a stand cost?

Since the ring light already comes with a tripod, it is already given that this product costs a little more than the ring light alone despite making sure that we give the lowest and market friendly price to our consumers without sacrificing the quality and the materials. The cheapest ring light with stand can be bought at around 30 dollars, while the most expensive set can be bought at over 1000 dollars. Of course, the price varies depending on the quality, brand, and features that the product has to offer. It is still recommended to read the buyers’ reviews for a more secured purchase.

Does this ring light with stand can fit easily into a backpack for hiking?

Yes, it does! You can detach or disassemble the ring light from its stand. Also, the tripod is collapsible which means you can disassemble it, and place it in a much smaller space. Another advantage is that the whole product set is lightweight despite being quality made, so you can bring it wherever you want. The product also comes with a bag for you to carry it wherever, however, you can always use backpacks or other bags which can provide you more convenience during your hiking. Marvelous, isn’t it?

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