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Brightenlux Wholesale RGB Ring Light

RGB ring light

Rainbow with Live Beauty RGB Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL010RGB

If you love taking colorful and mystic vibe photos, our rainbow ring light works best for you. Our rainbow ring light is a frequent luminaire tool for aesthetic shots, portraiture, and macro photographs. It generates an appealing catchlight on an individual’s eyes yet provides even, dispersed illumination that helps reduce shadowing. Very easy to use and a great partner for any of your activities. Achieve the light mode you’re trying to portray in your photos and videos with our trusty RGB Ring Light.

  • It offers 5 brightness levels and RGB adjustment levels. Giving you more creative spaces for photography and videography.
  • Along with the RGB ring light is a wireless remote controller where you can see options of what color adjustments fit to your mood.
  • UV free, no flicker, no blurriness, no glaring, sturdy, and eye friendly. The light is gentler, more efficacious, and broader with the curve ring light covers.

If you have some questions regarding our company and our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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Because of the pandemic restrictions, everything is now done online. Many people are now into freelancing and any work from home jobs, as well as online schooling and meetings, and catching up with friends and colleagues, therefore a decent and handy desktop ring light is required. All of your lighting needs will be met with this dimmable tripod stand desktop ring light! It is an excellent working companion because you can reap numerous benefits from using it.

  • There’s no need for a battery. Most USB-enabled devices, such as computers, laptops, power banks, USB ports, and AC converters, are compatible with it. As a result, it is quite convenient to use.
  • Our 120-LED desktop ring light outperforms other ring lights of comparable size. It could help you with make-up, photography, videography, book reading, and your own work-from-home arrangement when you need more light.

Purchase and include this desktop ring light into your setup immediately to make virtual gatherings more convenient for you!

rgb ring light

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What is an RGB ring light? How do they differ with the normal Ring Lights in the market?

A ring light is widely used nowadays, it is also known as a beauty light since it enhances a portrait by providing appropriate illumination. It is a circular light which we can put around a camera or mobile phone. On the other hand, an RGB ring light is basically a ring light with a variety of colors that you can use for a much better output. Also, since RGB ring lights have different color schemes, they can be used to produce more playful portraitures and films. To sum up, RGB ring light is considered the most versatile in the market nowadays since the different light colors it offers can be used for different themes and scenes that help you achieve the mode you wanted to aim for in your photos and videos.

Are these RGB ring light LEDs?

Yes, Ring lights are LED which means our RGB ring lights are also LEDs. The only difference is that the RGB in RGB ring light stands for Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, which basically offer the basic white color that typical ring light has only but also offers one to two tones of colored lights compared to the normal ring light that can be mostly seen in the market nowadays.

How do I connect an RGB ring light to my phone?

Connecting an RGB ring light to your phone is always as easy as one, two, and three! It is just the same with connecting a typical ring light on your phone. In doing so, you just need to follow the procedure below:

  1. On the iOS device, go to Settings.
  2. Select Ring Light under “Set Up New Device” which would be found at bottom of the Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Select the network to which you intend to connect the Ring Light.
  4. Check if the Ring light has paired with the network.
  5. Enjoy taking and shooting photos and videos with the help of your reliable and well crafted RGB ring light.
Do these RGB ring lights use a lot of electricity?

Definitely no! RGB ring lights do not use a lot of electricity since these devices utilize LEDs which are efficient in power consumption. On average, a ring light uses five to seventy-five watts of power, and it depends on what is the power source of the RGB ring light. There are RGB ring lights that are using batteries and USBs for power typically use five to ten watts. On the other hand, there are RGB ring lights that utilize AC as a power source, and these ring lights usually use up to seventy-five watts of power which makes it more convenient to use and more 

Can you attach an RGB ring light to a tripod?

Definitely! Any ring light can be attached to a standard tripod. A standard tripod is a universal tripod that every phone, camera, and other device can utilize. Tripods can be used for a more stable outcome. The frame will not alter once your RGB ring light is mounted to a tripod and the head is locked. Also, utilizing a tripod for your RGB ring light can make your images and videos sharper. But please do keep in mind that all our standing ring lights come with the tripod itself, the length of the base or legs of the tripod will differ from one unit to another, please see our product catalogues to look for the best RGB ring light that has specific features that will definitely suit your needs.

Can you replace the bulb in the RGB ring light?

Unfortunately no. The bulbs in an RGB ring light are irreplaceable. This means that when a bulb is blown out, there will be a need to replace the whole unit. Moreover, replacing the light bulb on your own might breach your warranty for your RGB ring light. However, there is no need to worry since our RGB Ring Light LEDs are made with the best of the best materials and skilled craftsmanship so they will definitely last a long time. All our products come with one year warranty also.

How much does an RGB ring light cost on average?

The RGB ring light price varies. The prices vary depending on the size, the quality, the features, the freebies included, and the brand. The price ranges from 30 dollars to 200 dollars on average US market. Since RGB ring lights are used to create high-quality, well-lit photos and films, it is most important to choose a unit that has many features to offer. Moreover, it is important to read buyers’ reviews to ensure that you will be purchasing the best RGB ring light fit for your needs. Lastly, as a buyer, it is necessary to take note that most RGB ring lights with greater quality are offered at a higher price compared to those RGB ring lights with mediocre outputs. Here in Brightenlux, we strive hard to put the best materials to achieve the most formidable products while keeping in mind a reasonable price point that everyone will definitely love.

Does the RGB ring light come with a remote?

Yes! Most RGB ring lights are offered with remote controls. In purchasing RGB ring lights, you must always check if the product comes with a remote control. A remote control is important when you are using an RGB ring light since it provides easy access to brightness and color temperature settings, adjustment of the dimming parameters, and shooting of photos or videos while far from the ring light (no more running back and forth to set the timer!). These wireless remote controls can be connected via Bluetooth. However, if there is no remote control included when you purchase an RGB ring light, you can always use your mobile phone as an alternative. Setting up your phone as an alternative remote control is included in the product’s manual. Please read thoroughly and follow the instructions mentioned to properly set-up your RGB Ring Light.

What are the common sizes of RGB ring lights?

Just like other typical ring lights, RGB ring lights also come in different sizes. The sizes most commonly available in the market vary from ten (10) inches to eighteen (18) inches in diameter. These are just the common sizes but there are also sizes available in eight (8) inches to twenty (20) inches in diameter. These different sizes of RGB ring lights are used for different purposes. Most smaller-sized RGB ring lights are used for portraitures using mobile phones. On the other hand, most larger-sized RGB ring lights are used by professional photographers in capturing different photos, either for magazines, or advertisements.

Are RGB ring lights good for a full body shot?

Of course! An RGB ring light is considered as the most versatile ring light which means that it can be used in many different ways, not only for full body shots but for taking social media videos or photos, shooting content for your vlog, or reels, doing live selling for your hustles, even for your virtual meetings get together with a friend or for work, for your online classes and many more. Even if it is commonly used for portrait shots, it can also be used for full body shots, ring lights are also known to be used by professionals for work such as make-up artists, photographers, and even dentists. You just need to make some adjustments to your RGB ring light to make a full body shot possible. To get a good full body shot using an RGB ring light, it is best to set the dimmer to a higher level to light the subject completely and make sure to have a good distance to achieve a full body picture or video. 

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