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Multiuse Emergency Rechargeable Road Flares Disc

Item No: BT – 2000CH

Traffic emergency exists every day, and it might happen to you, too.  Roadside emergencies are unavoidable; they happen at any time of the day. Since these emergencies are inevitable, it is critical to be prepared. The traditional combustible flares have been used when emergencies occur, however, these are not safe to store anywhere. With the advancement of technology, the purpose of conventional flares has been integrated into LED road flares. These LED road flares are bright enough to alert people and authorities nearby. What is even more amazing is that these road flares are rechargeable; you will not be wasting your money as these are not for single use only. Furthermore, here are some reasons why you should get yourself a set of rechargeable road flares:

  1. The road flares are rechargeable! Every set comes with a USB cord for more convenient charging.
  2. There are many lighting modes that you can choose and use that are suitable for different emergency situations.
  3. You can choose a color between blue, orange, yellow, and red.
  4. 12 bright LED lights are installed in every road flare, ensuring that it is bright enough.
  5. Its magnetic base will stick into your car without damaging its paint.

If you have some questions regarding our company and our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime to order this magnificent product!

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What are roadside emergency lights?

Roadside emergency lights are designs developed as a means of visual lights for hazard or warning signals fitted to a vehicle in the form of a powerful magnetic suction. This is typically used during roadside accidents or emergencies to alert the oncoming motorists of the potential risk or danger of the situation, it also provides an additional warning when you are in stationary mode or even when doing other activities such as hiking or camping. Some other functions include the use of it to clear the way for emergency vehicles passing, stop vehicles from going and give precise information such as giving SOS distress signals to rescuers.

Can you put roadside emergency lights on your car?

Definitely yes, because these devices are designed and crafted to take part in the occasion when an accident occurs at your disposal. This roadside emergency light stands as a warning device for other drivers to take precautionary measures when in contact with the lighting. As far as the manufacturing is concerned, they have magnetic suction and also a retractable hook so that you can easily mount it on the side of the car or hang it in an elevated area while on full stop trying to figure out your car’s problem.

Why do roadside emergency lights have an amber color?

The permissive color being used mostly in many countries for roadside emergency lights is of the color Amber. It is particularly used for quite a number of reasons:

  1. It increases the visibility. When the amber roadside emergency lights are fitted to a vehicle it promptly becomes more visible or detectable to other drivers and pedestrians. When you suddenly operate during the night or in congested areas, the increased visibility offers an added element of security, especially during roadside accidents. Through the use of amber roadside emergency lights it aids in the distinction between the public cars unaffected and the ones experiencing troubles.
  2. It improves awareness. The device, when used as an emergency light can raise awareness among other drivers and persuade them to yield to a vehicle driving towards the site of an accident. Moreover, roadside emergency lights alert other motorists once they encounter or approach an accident site, this allows them to take the necessary precautions as they see fit.
  3. It creates a safe environment. The utilization of this kind of device does not only provide higher visibility and awareness but also establishes additional safety due to the extra layer of a warning signal that results in other road users to be careful and cautious when traveling to the location of the accident.
How long should roadside emergency lights stay on?

The typical capacity of a regular roadside emergency light lasts for a long duration of hours depending on the mode of light being used. But normally, there is no specific number of hours stating how long should a roadside emergency light. Buying low quality products will tend to generate lower working hours for the device thus causing you trouble. But with our product, the roadside emergency lights you can be assured that it is manufactured from the best quality materials and advanced LED technology which will last according to our given specifications and to what the standard requires, save money by investing in quality products that can serve you for a very good time.

What approximate distance can these roadside emergency lights be seen?

Our product the roadside emergency light generates visible and bright lights that even at the daytime can be seen visually at around a hundred yards. During the night, on the other hand, it can be seen up until a half mile away which greatly helps the other road users to maintain slow speed while approaching in order to prevent adding additional damage to the existing accident or emergency. It excels due to its long range visibility and portability, giving you a peace of mind that you are seen and noticed by people.

How to open roadside emergency lights to change the battery?

For the rechargeable unit, it does not need any openings since you can directly charge the emergency lights to your car or with the use of other power sources. However, if you bought roadside emergency lights with replaceable batteries you have to follow the sequence as stated here. Firstly, you have to unscrew the two Phillips screws located at the back casing of the roadside emergency lights. Once they are loosened, you have to carefully and slowly pull off the back case using a mounted hook. Remove the current batteries and replace them with the new ones. Afterward, you have to put the case back on the housing and align the tabs on the top of the device. Lastly, enjoy your newly innovative roadside emergency lights that are rechargeable and can also work by changing the batteries.

Are our roadside emergency lights safe to store in cars with batteries inside?

Of course, we assure our customers that the batteries inside the roadside emergency lights are able to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions. With these, you can opt to leave your emergency lights on the car for a long period when not in use. It is however advise to put it in a designated place away or out of reach of children for safety purposes since this is not a toy, they might happen to alert law enforcement officials with it out of nowhere.

What type of magnets are used in roadside emergency lights?

To ensure that the magnetic base of the roadside emergency light will have enough strength to hold for a long time to a car, truck, motorcycle, and even boat. The choice for magnets is rare earth magnets that are classified as permanent magnets. These magnets are expected to last for several decades before it completely becomes non – magnetic. In the event of a roadside emergency, it is recommended that you install at least one or two roadside emergency lights units of the device on the metallic portion of the vehicle to provide additional light and visibility to it. Better safe than sorry, they say.

What are the different flashing modes in roadside emergency lights?

In a roadside emergency lights, it features nine different light modes which vary depending on their practical application as a warning signal. So far, it can be used for any type of emergency situation, namely: hazard warning for motorists during car collisions or breakdowns, used for maritime or marine applications, outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and many more. The light modes include rotate, quad flashes, single blink, alternating blinks, SOS rescue (similar to Morse code), steady on – high, steady on – low, 2 LED flashlights, and 4 LED flashlights. In order to operate it needs to be pressed in a single manner for every change in the flash mode and to turn it off by holding the power button for about three seconds. The endurance of the roadside emergency light depends on the type of model used which usually works around 5 to 30 hours.

Can I use a roadside emergency lights as a normal light?

Absolutely, yes. Aside from the built-in setting for the 9 modes of light flashing, it is also fitted with a top LED flashlight mode which functions similar to a normal light. Even if you are not in an accident you can still use the flashlight (white color) mode to provide illumination as you see fit. A really must have to be around at your house, car, or wherever you are for emergencies.

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