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Wholesale Rechargeable LED Work Light

rechargeable led work lamp

Super Bright Rechargeable Led Work Light

Item No: BT-WK803

A rechargeable led work light is one piece of equipment you need in your garage, You can use it for working or fixing your car, . It also has an adjustable angle so you can conveniently tilt it to where the light you want it to be.

  1. Multi-purpose – may be easily transported to any hard labor task, such as carpentry, vehicle repair, or even outdoor recreations such as camping, this one can definitely be utilized all over.
  2. Compact and easy to carry – This Rechargeable LED Work Light is small and light, making it convenient to transport.
  3. Brightness – A bright 120 LED work light that supports and illuminates where you need it.

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Adjustable Rechargeable LED Work Light Black and Yellow

Item No: BT-WK7005

You need of some newly upgraded tools in your garage! A rechargeable led work light is perfect to add to your tools. This is a space saver work light and handy at the same time. It gives you an adjustable handle that can be turned up to 180 degrees, it can also be a stand if you want to. It also comes with a dual lighting system that can be switched on and off either both or only one of the lights. 

  1. A Rechargeable Led Work Light made of high-quality aluminum that has excellent functionality and works reliably in all conditions is an excellent purchase.
  2. With 1500 lumens COB LED power, you have three modes to select from.
  3. 360-degree movable bracket allows you to tailor it to your own needs.
  4. Powered by 4 AA batteries, with low power consumption thanks to the COB LED light.

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rechargeable work light
rechargeable led work light

Standing Rechargeable Led Work Light

Item NO: BT-WK7051

This amazing rechargeable led work light is a must-have list on your toolbox. This offers you an adjustable and rotational head joint. It also has a three fan-like led light that is separated. It is a small piece of equipment that can give you a variety of options from its light. It is also hands-free as it can stand on its own.

  1. You have the option of choosing from three different lighting modes. 3 sidelights that can be adjusted and 1 top light.
  2. With an adjustable hook that can be made into a stand.
  3. A portable Rechargeable Led Work Light that you can take with you everywhere you go. It may also fit nicely in your bag, ensuring that you have it with you in case you need it.
  4. It’s designed to be waterproof, so it can withstand a splash or a spray of water from all directions.

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Pocket Size Rechargeable Led Work Light

Item N0: BT-WK7047

This is a multifunctional rechargeable led work light. It gives five different useful functions. It has an in built usb charging so you dont need to worry about charging it while using. It also has two light options: one that works as a led light and one that world as a normal flashlight. It gives 5 modes of lighting! A handy hanging hook that lets you hang the work light anywhere!

  1. Has strong magnet: The product has a high magnetic field that allows it to be magnetized to a surface without losing its magnetism.
  2. It may be easily connected to any surface. While focusing on the work at hand, you can enjoy a completely hands-free experience. A small outdoor lamp that is ideal for lighting.
  3. Within its 5 illumination settings, the ability to switch to any desired mode illuminates.
  4. It is constructed of high-quality materials to assure its durability and longevity. There’s also an IPX4 grade for water resistance.

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Work light rechargeable

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Does this Rechargeable LED Work Light suitable for mechanics?

Are you having trouble seeing what you’re doing? When you’re working on your project car or tinkering with a carburetor on your workbench? Whatever it may be our LED Work Light is here to help you! Repairing autos and bikes requires a good light at all angles even at tight places so you can precisely see and do what needs to be done. Our Rechargeable LED Work Lights are fit for any outdoor or indoor activities that you may want to use it. Here are some other tasks that you may use our Rechargeable LED Work Light: fishing, hiking, camping, emergency situation, working at night, etc.

Does Rechargeable LED Work Light have magnets?

Yes but not all, our BT-WK7056 and WK7047 have a magnetic feature at the bottom of it so you can just conveniently pin it where ever it may be fit. There are some advantages of having a Rechargeable LED Work Light with a magnet, here are some of them: Freedom to place/mount it anywhere, and also gives freedom to your hands and focus on the work on hand.

Will this Rechargeable LED Work Light still work while being plugged in?

Yes, we do have product models such as Portable and Convenient LED Work Light that will only function when directly plugged into an outlet. However, we also have products that are rechargeable and will still function while being plugged in. This rechargeable LED work light may be operated with or without being charged to its charging connector thanks to innovative technology. Isn’t it convenient? You won’t have to worry about being plugged in all the time when using it because it has a built in rechargeable battery. But we don’t encourage that you constantly practice this, since it may result in damage to the battery longevity or the product itself.

Do you recommend this Rechargeable LED Work Light for camping?

Yes, absolutely! Our WK7047, for example, has even built in hanging hook and magnet that you can use to dangle or mount your Rechargeable LED Work Light on a branch or somewhere you may see fit. It also has rotational capabilities so you can adjust the work light’s body and redirect it to somewhere else. It also has a power indicator and can be conveniently charged using a USB cable with 5 modes of light that you may choose, which may be suitable for your own need or liking.

Do these Rechargeable LED Work lights have overcharge protection?

Yes, we always put into mind what specific features would be most beneficial and most needed by our consumers. All our Rechargeable LED Work lights have overcharge protection, meaning to say that Overcharge protection is intended to prevent serious consequences from overcharging, such as interrupting current or voltage and restricting it to a manageable level. However, we don’t promote overcharging despite having the feature with it. As this can shorten your product’s and product’s battery life. Leaving any electronics plugged for a long period of time may cause accidents and fires that can damage lives and property.

Can a Rechargeable LED Work Light be charged by a car?

Yes, almost all of our Rechargeable LED Work lights can be charged using USB Connector, as long as you have a USB outlet in your car then that would totally be no problem and hassle on your part. It would truly depend on the mode light you are consistently utilizing for maximum hours of usage; you can also refer to our manual guide included with the rechargeable LED Working Light for additional details.

Can I charge with a power bank and use it at the same time?

Yes, that is definitely possible. However, we do not recommend that you do this on a regular basis because it may harm the battery’s longevity or the device itself, work light heating up more than usual, electrocution, and even a short circuit that may lead to a fire. Here at Brightenlux, we always strive hard to deliver the best models with the best quality and still make sure everything passed any safety requirement mandate, to ensure the safety and happiness of our consumers.

Can this Rechargeable LED Work Light cover big spaces?

Yes, these Rechargeable LED Work Light are made to cover big spaces for all of your outdoor activities or work that needs lighting in big spaces. For example, our BT-WK7005 has power that can give off 1500 lumens. With this, we will be able to light up 200 meters ahead. Perfect for outdoor use such as fieldwork, camping, or just lighting spaces that needs to be well lit.

Is your Rechargeable LED Work Light heat resistant?

Yes, our Rechargeable LED Work Light are made sure to have a well made heat resistant feature. To protect the safety and satisfaction of our customers, we at Brightenlux work hard to produce the greatest models with the best quality while also ensuring that everything passed any safety requirement mandate. Our BT-WK803 is designed to have efficient heat dissipation, so any accidents can be avoided in the future.

How long does this Rechargeable LED Work Light can be submerged in water?

The longevity of how long and how deep a water resistant Recheargeable LED Work Light can work would really depend on the water resistance level of it. 

Here are some guidelines for you to understand more easily:

The IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, tells you how much moisture and particle matter your flashlight can withstand. The IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, tells you how much moisture and particle matter your flashlight can withstand. 

On a scale of 0 to 8, the second number in a flashlight’s IP rating defines the degree of water resistance it has. Where 0 has no protection at all while 8 on the other hand is the highest water resistance level that can be submerged up to 1 meter or more for 30 minutes+.

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