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Sensor Function Rechargeable Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9068

A rechargeable head torch light is perfect for you! Looking for an advanced headlight? We got you! This headlight has a sensor technology which you can easily switch from normal switch light to a sensor switch light. With this, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands in the way. Not only that but the light can be also adjustable from white bright light, warm bright light, and red light.

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Over head safety Rechargeable Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9059

Want to upgrade your gears? Get the rechargeable head torch light! It has now a safety light indicator that tells you the power and its battery. It also comes with an over head safety band that is made with elastic band which is adjustable for all head shapes and sizes. It also comes with a built in charging port that is easily accessible to all USB type cables. It gives off an ultra bright light.

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Black Strapped Rechargeable Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9036

Looking for an outdoor activity gear? We got you covered! This Black Strapped Rechargeable Head Torch Light gives you the illumination that you need. This headlight has a flexible elastic headband that can be easily adjusted to fit into your desired tightness. It comes with a USB  charging port that allows you to charge its battery for optimal usage. This is the headlight we all need for everything!

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Adjustable Angle Rechargeable Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9047

This rechargeable head torch light comes with the advanced infrared sensor technology. Not only that but it also offers focus long beam and USB charging. It is compact in size with two switch buttons for easier functions. You can choose between a normal light switch and a sensor light switch. Amazing isn’t it? It also comes in various color designs.

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Are rechargeable head torch lights better than the normal ones?

Definitely! Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the products. We can already compare the advantages of having rechargeable head torch lights. Some of the advantages are the following:

  • Suitability of the product it can be used with or without using your hands via sensor technology advancement.
  • Reusability it can be used a lot of times since it is not a one use type of product. The built in rechargeable batteries make this possible.
  • Durability it is far more durable than the normal ones since it is made with materials that passed the safety standards. It has also IPX4 water resistant that protects the product from water elements, which will make it last longer than an average head torch lights.


What is the battery life of a rechargeable headlamp?

Rechargeable devices are more convenient if you travel with a battery pack (you accumulate somewhat less battery waste over time, and the charge lasts for more than 16 hours). It can also save you money over time by not constantly buying disposable batteries. However, it will also depends on the usage time of the person using it.

What color lights does it give?

The rechargeable head torch light gives of variety of color lights and brightness. The highest output the headlamp can produce is High White Light. This is ideal for usage in dimly lit areas across long distances. Used primarily for camping, trekking, and fishing.

Warm White Light is less bright than the other two selections. This is a soft light that can be used to find items around the house or for emergency needs like blackouts or brownouts.

The SOS / red light is one of the most useful features of this headlight. This is a sign that you should ask for help, especially if you’re doing something dangerous.

In addition product  BT-HL9047 gives a variety of 5 lighting options. Great isn’t it!

  1. Where can you use the head torch lights?


Where can you use the head torch lights?

The head torch light can be used for a variety of activities, including fishing, hunting, night running, trekking, and camping. These are just a few of the various applications for which this headlight can be used. This hands-free headlight will come in useful whether you’re camping, hiking, shooting, fishing, running, bicycling, walking your dog, working on your car, reading a book, or in an emergency!

Can the head torch light be used in any weather?

Absolutely! Because this headlight can be used both outside and inside. The majority of emergency situations occur in our own homes, believe it or not. As a result, not only will this headlight assist you in seeing in the dark, but it may also come in handy due to its red light changing capability. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. When you’re out fishing, you can relax knowing that rain or splashing water won’t stop your light from working. This is a wonderful year-round alternative because you can use your light regardless of the weather. It has an IPX4 water resistance level, meaning it can survive water splashes. This means that this can be used whether it is a rainy day outdoors!

How do we care for the headlamp after usage?

That is simple! A very well written and simple after care guide will be provided in the package. This will guides users on how to properly take good care of their own Rechargeable Head Torch Light. There will be a “while using” and “ after using” guide in order to make the product last longer. The longer you will be able to use it, the more u will be able to return your investment for this handy muti used tool.

Can the rechargeable head torch light be used when charged?

Yes of course. With the help of advanced technology, this head torch light can be used with or without being charged to its charging port. Convenient isn’t it? Due to its built in rechargeable battery, you don’t need to worry about being plugged in all the time while using. For maximum hours of usage, it would really defer with the mode light you are constantly using, you may also refer to our manual guide given with the head torch light for more information.

What are the headlight buttons for?

This head torch light comes with built in buttons found at the top most part of the headlamp. The main purpose for this is for easier access and navigation between two switch lights, and can be easily located by the muscle memory even if you’re just feeling the buttons in a dark place or room. The head torch light comes with the advance technology of motion sensors. So, with the options of having a normal switch button and a sensor switch button, it would make your life easier. It is not just there for aesthetic purposes but also for convenience to the users.

How do you adjust the headband?

That is very easy! In order to adjust the headband, there’s an adjustor you can find in its elastic band. Not only that but also since it is made of elastic materials you don’t have to worry about i’s tightness and fittings. One of the advantages of an elastic band is its elasticity is it can expand and go back to its original state. With the help of this, the Rechargeable Head Torch Light will fit a variety of users from kids, teenagers, to older persons that has different head sizes.

Are head torch lights safe to use?

Absolutely and one hundred percent safe. The rechargeable head torch light is made with safe and approved materials. This means that it is up to par with the standards for production. Overheating? You don’t have to worry about that since these Intrinsically Safe Head Torches allow you to operate hands-free and in total safety allowing them to be used in even the most dangerous environments.

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