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2022 New High Power USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL8009

Bright rechargeable flashlight: with OSRAM P9 LED, 1000lumen brightness output can provide 600 feet of light

USB Charging: the flashlight is supplied with 1*18650 lithium rechargeable battery and usb cable

Power indicator shows 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% dump energy for battery when use the flashlight


2000Lumen Led Rechargeable Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8007

Durable and heavy duty: This flashlight is made of high quality aluminum material

Super Bright: use Cree XHP50 LED, coming with 2000 lumen brightness, giving excellent lighting experience

5 lighting modes: the rechargeable flashlight provides with High-medium-low-strobe-SOS

led rechargeable flashlight
10000lumen flashlight

Super bright 10000lumen tactical rechargeable flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlight

New design zoomable usb rechargeable flashlight torch

usb rechargeable flashlight

Made of aluminum material, pocket clip design for easy to carry

Rechargeable flashlight with power bank

This flashlight is built-in power bank function for cell phone charging

Rechargeable Flashlight With Magnet

8059 multi-functional flashlight with magnet base for hand-free working

solar flashlight with hammer

The multi-functional flashlight with solar powered, emergency hammer

COB rechargeable flashlight

Pocket cob flashlight is powered by 1*18650 battery with 1000lumen output

xhp70 led flashlight

Most Powerful XHP70 led most powerful flashlight with USB charging port

Rechargeable torch light

The flashlight uses 3W XPE LED, made of durable aluminum material

Brightenlux flashlight manufacturer

Brightenlux Your Reliable Flashlight Manufacturer

To Expand Your Horizon For Every Moment-NINGBO BRIGHTENLUX is a professional manufacturer of LED Lights using for outdoor and indoor activities for more than 10 years. Our factory area is more than 10000 square meter, have 10 R&D experts and about 150 professional & skilled workers, who consist of our professional team to supply OEM&ODM services for our customers.

Our products is mainly including LED flashlight, headlamp, work light, camping light, solar light, ring light, emergency light, bicycle light, spot light etc., and have exported more than 60 countries mainly including Europe and America Market, Southeast Asia Market etc.

Our most important value is to supply qualified products for our customers, not only our factory have BSCI/ISO9001 quality report and products with CE/EMC/ROHS/FCC etc certifications, also we have the strict quality control system from sourcing to products ready for delivery, set high standard for each procedure during production, to try our best to supply high quality products for our customer

What kind of batteries used for the rechargeable flashlights?

The rechargeable flashlights usually are powered by 18650 lithium battery, some used NIMH or NICD rechargeable battery.



How much capacity for the rechargeable battery?

We have different choice for the battery capacity, such as 1000mah, 1200mah, 1400mh, 1800mah, 2000mah, 2200mah, 2400mah, 3000mah, 5000mah even. The higher of battery capacity, the better for the battery.

How to distinguish the battery is good or bad?

Usually can not find much difference from the appearance, you can check the battery weight. The better batteries are heavier, the bad batteries usually are very lighter.

What is difference for the dry battery flashlight and rechargeable flashlight?

Using rechargeable flashlight will help you to save money, because the rechargeable battery can be reusable. You can recharge the flashlight with charging cable.

Do you have 10000lumen rechargeable flashlight?

Yes, our flashlight FL8001H has 10000lumen brightness, and it is USB rechargeable flashlight

Do you have USB output flashlight with power bank?

Yes, we have flashlight with power bank, such as FL8001H and other model flashlights power bank function

How much hours usually charge full power for the rechargeable battery?

Usually will charge 4-5 hours can charge full power for the battery.

Does the battery can be taken out when the flashlight is charging?

No, the battery can not be taken out when charging. If the battery is built-in the flashlight, the battery will not taken out from flashlight.

What accessories are packed together with the flashlight?

We supply flashlight and charging cable packing together, the batteries will supplied as your requirement.

How much time can last working after have full power?

The working time depends on the modes light, the flashlight can light about 10-12 hours under low lighting modes, will work 5-6 hours under high light modes.

What companies do you have cooperated with?

We have supplied the products for some superstore, such as ALDI, OBM also some famous brands like DURACELL, GOODYEAR, GEARLIGHT, STARLITE, STP, BEXEL etc.

What Are The Top 5 Features To Look For In A Rechargeable Flashlight


  1. How bright should your rechargeable flashlight be

Brightness is one of the key element to consider before buying a rechargeable flashlight. Consumers always look for the lighting output of the flashlight, but of course you need to know what is the applicable brightness for your use. As rechargeable flashlight always offers different modes of light you can select from but, the lumen should also be taken for consideration. A lumen is the measurement of how bright your rechargeable flashlight is. The higher the lumen the brighter the light so, if you want a rechargeable flashlight that offers powerful lumen then go for 1000 lumen and above.


With a wide variety of choices in the market today, rechargeable flashlight also offers a bright lumen that can provide the light that you needed. You can choose how bight your lumen is depending on where you will use it. There’s a different range of lumen in the market starting from 50 up to 2000 lumen and above. But remember to consider where you will use it before buying a rechargeable flashlight.  In this case, you will get the appreciate and right lumen that you need.


For outdoor activities like camping, hiking, trekking, biking, fishing and other more activities a right brightness is important for you to enjoy and to have the best features for your need.  While, if you need a light that as bright as what law enforcers are using then go for a 1000 lumens and above rechargeable flashlight.


  1. Rechargeable flashlight size

Size is also one of the factors that the consumers take for considerations. Yes, you heard it right the size of a rechargeable flashlight is also important as some of the consumers prefer their rechargeable flashlight to be handy and easy to carry while some want’s a bulky and heavy one. Size really does matter in rechargeable flashlight as this can make your carrying more convenient or not.


Small and portable flashlight is the trend in rechargeable flashlight nowadays. So, if you are planning to bring it with you every day then, go for a rechargeable flashlight that is small enough for you to fit it in your bag. An Everyday carry flashlight or EDC flashlight is the one for you as this can be a keychain flashlight or pen flashlight that can fit in your small bag and pocket.


For activities like camping, hunting and if you are planning to make is as a work light flashlight we recommend a powerful rechargeable flashlight with a powerful lumen. As you need a reliable rechargeable flashlight that will support and give the features that you wanted. There’s a lot of choices of rechargeable flashlight now in the market, and each of this flashlight has a unique feature so look for the one the best fits what you need and offers you what you want.



  1. Removable and built-in batteries

A built-in battery is a hassle free type of battery, having a built-in battery means you don’t need to worry about carrying extra battery with you. It will not also require you to buy a battery as you just need to recharge the built-in battery. No extra space is required and no problem if you accidentally left it. The only problem having this kind of battery is when theirs’s a power outage, because you can’t charge it without an electricity unless it is a solar power rechargeable flashlight.


On the other hand, having a removable battery means you can change the battery whenever you want as the replacement is available in almost most of the store. You also don’t need to alot a time to recharge it because you can just buy a battery. The only problem having this is you always need to bring extra battery with you and buy a battery when you have a trip.


The final decision is on you, just choose a battery type that you feel like having. Also, don’t forget to choose a battery that is worth it and not hassle to you. Remember that a battery is important in every flashlight, as this will tell the longevity of your flashlight.


  1. Rechargeable Flashlight Charging Port

There are few of charging port choices and it’s depends on you what charging port do you want. It is either USB-C, Micro-USB or a direct charger. But, now adays the most common charger port is the USB port as many of the mobile phones use them. This type of charger, is very common in each houses so, consumers found it easy and more convenient as they just need to plug it in after charging their own phones. And if ever you lose it you can just buy another one to any stores as this can be easy to find.


Because it can be easily found at home, this USB charger is the safest and popular way of charging your rechargeable flashlight. But, still depends on what you and what works for you. While in instance that you own a USB port charger you can just look for a rechargeable flashlight that is o package. A rechargeable flashlight that is in package means that there’s a charger and a battery that comes with it. But, not all have this kind of package so check what’s the inclusion first just to be sure with it.


  1. Unique Display Features Of Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlight nowadays offers different features that can be useful in our daily lives. It can also make your life easy and uncomplicated as some displays the remaining battery of the flashlight, the lumen output and its voltage. Other than this display features, some rechargeable flashlight can also act as a powerbank to your other devices. Yes, flashlight can also be a source of power. This feature is unique but really helpful if you are outdoor.


Some rechargeable flashlight is also built with strong and quality aluminum material that made it durable to withstand water and accidental fall. With this your durable rechargeable flashlight is considered as waterproof and shockproof.





When it comes to buying the best rechargeable flashlight that you will use in your home, school, outdoor activities or even can be used as a self-defense tool, why don’t you choose the best rechargeable flashlight that will surely fit your need? We all know that there’s a big market of choice when it comes to having a rechargeable flashlight but the best rechargeable flashlight you can have been those rechargeable flashlights that came from Brightenlux. As one of the biggest suppliers of rechargeable flashlight in the market that covers different parts of the world. Brightenlux rechargeable flashlight has it all what it takes that will pass your specific standard and quality for the best rechargeable flashlight.

It might be challenging all the times in regards to picking or choosing the best and the most perfect rechargeable flashlight when dealing in the market in terms of flashlight’s size, usability, brightness, reliability, flexibility, durability and longevity of its use. A flashlight that is too big will be difficult to carry as it is made of hard metals which can affect the person who is having it specifically if the rechargeable flashlight will be use in any police operation that can really affect the movement in any given tough situation and condition, and one that is too little of its size can be handle easily but there is a big chance that this small rechargeable flashlight may disappear or you may lose it in any important matter. Having a small rechargeable flashlight has its great advantages but has its own disadvantages as well that will make it tough on what rechargeable flashlight you will pick or choose.  Getting harder of the decision you want to make or being confuse in the process of choosing the best rechargeable flashlight? Just take a look at this blog which can help you choose from the rechargeable flashlights for your choice. Considering the maximum lumens that the rechargeable flashlight will produce as having a flashlight with you will bring a less hassle specifically the flashlight on your mobile phones cannot be use in any given situation specifically when you are using the flashlight and the mobile phone at the same time. So having the bright lumens of a rechargeable flashlight must be considered definitely.  Given all the needed things and options on choosing the best rechargeable flashlight available in the market. Brightenlux is here for you!




The greatest rechargeable flashlight that is available in the market is the Brightenlux New High Power USB FL8031 Led Rechargeable Flashlight. With so many high-performance capabilities, great flexibility, built with tough aluminum materials that is perfect to deal with any impact and climate situation, has powerful brightness this is the best rechargeable flashlight available for your choice. This compact FL8031 Led Rechargeable Flashlight but potent flashlight can be use in any give situation and condition where you will need a light to support you whether you need in finding a specific thing in your closet, or you are needing a light in a car emergency situation, this Brightenlux Rechargeable Flashlight has it all to support you base on your needs. It offers numerous illumination modes with different color light modes, a long-reaching beam from 75 to 800 meters, 1600 – 2000 range lumen output, a rechargeable USB port that can charge this flashlight in any places you will be in and more. With the FL8031, you’ll always have the best rechargeable flashlight, whether you use it for work, play, emergency situation and different outdoor activities.



The best rechargeable flashlight in the market has surely has its own specific features and modes that you will surely love. Rechargeable Flashlight will not only light your way every time but it is being used for a specific reason in any give situation. It is for you to see what are the best features of this Brightenlux FL8031 and how this flashlight can affect your everyday lives. With all the needed requirements and features you want to know regarding FL8031 Rechargeable flashlight, take a quick glance and see all the quality features and key facts regarding the best Brightenlux FL8031 key statistics. The FL8031 ensures that you always have the greatest light source that you can use in any of your extreme activities. All the rechargeable FL8031 flashlights are definitely strong in standard and can last for a long period of time. This Brightenlux FL8031 can definitely be utilized that can meet a lot of different lighting needs based on your requirements thanks to a lot of different lighting modes and settings. Additionally, the FL8031 runs for a very long time in any illumination setting. Test the lifespan of this flashlight for yourself by switching between the eco and turbo modes for you to see how long it can work.


FL8031 SPECIFICATIONS Rechargeable Features

The FL8031 flashlight distinguishes itself from competing lights on the market because to its rechargeability features. Experience a simpler method to charge your flashlight than ever before using a regular USB type-C charging cord where you can charge in any place as long there is an outlet, having a power bank or any things that can be a source of power. This light can be charged in approximate time of 3-4 hours by simply plugging it into any regular outlet, portable power source such as power bank and more, or even in a moving car. Anyone who works night shifts or in law enforcement will appreciate how simple it is to have light when needed the most specifically when you are going to the office and you badly need a light when you walk through it. Many of our flashlights can be recharged, but the FL8031 offers an incredibly lengthy runtime and an even longer charging time that will surely fit your need. The FL8031 requires only a 10-minute plug-in time to provide light in the low mode for five hours. The FL8031 can run in eco mode for up to 115 hours on a full charge. This incredibly brilliant flashlight will quickly become your favorite lighting companion thanks to its fantastic rechargeable capability that would be a perfect fit for your home, school, outdoor activities, emergency situation and law enforcement operation.


Superior Lumen Output and a Wide Beam

Many people are amaze and it became their favorite when they know that this FL8031 BRIGHTENLUX FLASHLIGHT has an extraordinarily bright lumen beam. This powerful brightenlux flashlight has an ultimate maximum throw distance of 900 feet and a maximum brightness output of 1500 lumens maximum. Despite how dazzling it appears and how great is the brightness of it, the Brightenlux FL8031 flashlight is nevertheless surprisingly compact and has that great durability that can withstand every situation that will occur. This FL8031 rechargeable flashlight, which is not that big nor small, has a startling long beam distance. The FL8031 has an array of lighting modes as well where you can choose the best for a given situation that are unmatched by any flashlights of its size that are available on the market. You can choose your favourite lighting setting as well with FL8031 flashlight by easily switching between the FL8031 different lighting settings. The FL8031 can project 30 lumens 115 feet even on low. Even a strobe option is included as well along with different modes and a lot of illumination settings. You can use the strobe mode to let someone know where you are or to confuse an assailant if you need to defend yourself.


Continuity: Durability and Longevity

If your flashlight isn’t dependable and can easily break down, it won’t matter how bright your flashlight could be or whether it can be recharged with less hassle. That is precisely why the Brightenlux FL8031 rechargeable flashlight is designed to be durable enough to meet all of your lighting requirements and can withstand any of calamities, impact and climate because of this durability. This FL8031 flashlight is the greatest tactical light and best everyday carry flashlight because it is rated IP64 waterproof and dustproof and be ready for any given sitation. Handle the FL8031 with confidence knowing that it will provide you light no matter what the situation is because it was built to withstand tense situations, extreme weather conditions, and ordinary wear and tear.



Get the greatest rechargeable flashlight currently available in the market. This strong light is adored for all of its high-performing attributes in addition to its rechargeability. The FL8031 rechargeable flashlight is unquestionably the greatest rechargeable flashlight since it is made with a light that is exceptionally bright, a beam that is far-reaching, durability, and more. The long-lasting light and rechargeable features of the FL8031 will appeal to tactical professionals, while everyday carriers will appreciate how simple it is to use. Whether you use the flashlight for business, daily activities, or just for fun, the FL8031 will always provide the best and brightest light that you need.

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