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Rechargeable Camping Light With Mosquito Killer

Item No: BT-PL4060

Multi-functional and powerful camping light with special features of Mosquito Killer. UV Lights attract mosquitoes and the grid in the light kills them, it can also be used as a flashlight and is safe to use whether you are indoor or outdoor.

This light will protect you and brighten up your camping area at the same time. Enjoy the camp without worrying about the mosquito around you.

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Brightenlux 3 in 1 Rechargeable Camping Light

Item No: BT-PL4034R

A camping light that can be a power bank for your other devices, and a flashlight for other outdoor activities. This rechargeable camping light offers 4 different lighting modes with a portable and hanging hook, that you can hook anywhere you like.

Easy switching of the light, by just pressing the switch button to change the light mode.

It’s a perfect camping light for you and your family. Message us and we’re happy to assist you!

led rechargeable camping light
rechargeable camping led light

Rechargeable Camping Light With Remote Control

Item No: BT-PL4062

A portable and smart camping light is set for all your outdoor activities.

This camping light is perfect if you want to switch the light mode without standing and walking from where your lamp is. This smart light is essential in a tent as it helps the campers to easily adjust the brightness.

With a power bank for phone features, USB Rechargeable Port, a hook, and a powerful magnet. This camping light is now a must-have belonging for campers like you!

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Perfect Mini Size Rechargeable Camping Light

Item No: BT-PL4047R

The best option for your lightweight camping is this mini-size rechargeable camping light with a brightness of up to 300 lumens.

Portable and lightweight camping lights are the campers’ best friends. built with a strong magnet, can charge with a USB charger, and offers 3 different light modes. You can never go wrong with this camping light as it served its purpose even in its mini size.

This is a perfect addition to your camping materials so message us now!

usb camping light

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What Should I Look For In A Rechargeable Camping Light?

The first thing you should look in a rechargeable camping light is the brightness that it provides. The best lumen light is around 100-200 for a small group of campers and 200-400 in a larger group.

Do I Need A Rechargeable Camping Light?

A rechargeable camping light is an essential at it’s help you while cooking, enjoy your fun activities and gives you a great ambience in the camp. It is a good source of light for the entire camp and makes you move freely and easier.

How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Rechargeable Camping Light?

Lumens in lanterns have a range around 60-1000. 1000 lumens is the brightest one and not recommended for a small tent as it is to blinding. The most advisable lumens in a lantern is 200 as this lumen can provide the light you needed in the camp and also the surrounding area.

But if your tent is for more than 4 person, suggest use more bright camping  light, such as our camping light PL4030 with 1000lumens.

What Is The Brightest Rechargeable Camping Light In The Market?

The brightest rechargeable camping in the market has a lumen around 10,000. It is the brightest we’ve seen so far. The lumens this high is not advisable for a camp specially in a small group as it can damage your eye and destruct your surroundings.

Is It Good To Have A Led Rechargeable Camping Light?

LEDs rechargeable camping light is a great choice of light as it is brighter than other lights in the market. Also, it used less energy and safer unlike the traditional camping light.

What Makes A Rechargeable Camping Light Waterproof?

A camping light should meet the requirements at the minimum of IPX4, it means that it can withstand against a splash of water coming from all direction. IPX5, protection against low pressure of water jet spray and IPX6 means it can resist heavy rainfall and high pressure of water.


What Are The Quality Features Of Rechargeable Camping Light?

A rechargeable camping light with 4 different light modes like a flashing and SOS signal light is a good one, another features the campers look for is a lightweight and portable camping light with some special attachments in it like strong magnets, hook and compass. One deciding factor also is the long warranty off the camping lights. So, choose a better one that fits your needs and likes.

Do I Need To Buy An Expensive Rechargeable Camping Light?

There are lot of expensive and high-end camping light in the market but the important for you to prioritize is its performance, durability, brightness, and its quality. It depends on your personal needs but you don’t need an expensive one as long as it serves its purpose and provide your needs in the camp it is good one.

What’s the purpose of a Rechargeable Camping Light?

The purpose of a camping light is to brighten up your campsite, adding a good ambiance in the camp as it is safer than a gas lantern and more powerful than a headlamp and flashlight. These camping light can brighten up a large area in your camp for you to cook, read and even do some fun activity. It also comes with a feature where you can adjust the light depending on what you need.

What Makes Rechargeable Camping Light Best?

Other than a design of being weather proof resistant (rain, dirt and dust) a best rechargeable camping light should also be durable and can withstand accidental drops and hard objects in the outdoor settings. It is also a great addition if it has a strong magnet and hooks to let you hang it wherever you like and need.

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