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Portable Work Light

Brightenlux New Design Portable Work Light

Item No: WK7074

To welcome a new way of living that is easier with no sweat, here is our flexible with strong Magnetic Portable Work Light to the rescue. This ultra-thin inspection tool allows examinations in even the most difficult-to-reach and confined work locations. These work lights are suitable for jobs that need a lot of effort and time. It provides you with a hassle-free workload. Very easy to use and convenient. This little thing right here is all you need. Then you are ready to go!

  1. Non-slip. COB LED work light with a carbon black plastic cover that feels pleasant and is non-slip. Also has a magnet and a hook, as well as a folding form that makes it easy to store in a small place.
  2. Energy-saving. LED bulbs, which save energy and safeguard the environment, may be used for a longer period of time to satisfy your lighting needs.
  3. Flexible. Comes with a magnet and a hook, and folds up for simple storage in a compact place.

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Useful and Bright Portable Work Light

Item No: WK7072

If you are looking for a portable work light, Look no further! Introducing our Portable Work Light design with a compact size that fits enough in your pocket or toolbox. It also has a powerful magnetic construction that can be easily attached to any metal, making them ideal for workshop use. Two magnets with a lot of flexibility will free up your hands. Another good thing is it includes a Rotatable Hook that can be folded 360 degrees and hung in various directions, and the handle can bend up to 90 degrees. Having a light like this is more useful than you might think.

  1. With 2 charging ports, this Portable Work Light can be charged using Micro USB and the usual USB.
  2. Multipurpose that can be used on many different scenarios such as car repair, outdoor, fishing, and the usual house repair.
  3. Hookable and mountable, put it wherever it is convenient for you, total hands free experience and focus more on the tasks in front of you.
  4. 5 modes of light that you can use which includes the red light feature perfect for outdoor activities.

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Portable Work Light
compact work light

Pocket Size and Handy Portable Work Light

Item No: WK7073

This portable work light offers more than what you need. Light bar rotation and anti-slip function? Is brightness-adjustable? USB Rechargeable? All of this in one! It features the light bar 140° rotation which gives more points of illumination. Other than that, the anti-slip design makes the thin flashlight handier. Highlights one of a kind revolving switch, the super shinning LED work lights can be balanced from low brightness to high brightness concurring to your distinctive lighting needs. Included in the built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging cable. The rechargeable work light can be charged from any USB socket.

  1. Perfect Illumination – You can quickly switch between the top and side lights by slightly pushing the power button. The top spotlight is ideal for directing and concentrated lighting, while the side flood light offers a wide spectrum of illumination.
  2. Ingenious Design – This work light securely adheres to any metal surface thanks to the super-strong magnetic base on the back and bottom.
  3. Sustained Use – It can be fully charged and equipped with a built 2200mAh battery, and the indicator light will become green.
  4. Can be used in many situations – can be used for car maintenance, outdoor sports, fishing, and general house repairs, among other things.

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Cheap Price Led Portable Work Light

Item No: WK2011

The Ultra Bright Portable Work Light works in any space that needs bright light! The key is that the twenty LED lights in this portable working lamp will fill a room with light. The unique stand-up design allows you to work for hands free, and the lamp can be hung anywhere thanks to a built-in swivel hook. It’s ideal for situations where you need light but doesn’t have power. The Ultra Light illuminates a dark pantry, closet, or under-sink area, making it easier to see. It’s ideal for illuminating a dark basement or attic. It’s very portable, and you can use it outside! It can be used to brighten up the garage or tool shed. With its size and lightweight compact design, this portable lamp allows you to light up even the smallest place you can work on.

  1. Equipped with COB LED technology that is energy-efficient and makes it more possible for a 260 lumens Portable Working Light to constantly run for 3 hours straight.
  2. Convenient swivel hanging hooks and strong absorption magnetic base so you can just easily hang or mount this Portable Working Light wherever applicable.
  3. With a built-in rechargeable battery and also a storage tank to keep your USB cable so you can conveniently charge anytime and anywhere.
  4. Made from heavy-duty ABS plastic body and nonslip handle.

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portable work light

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Are portable work light rechargeable?

Yes, our portable work light are rechargeable since they have rechargeable batteries built in. It comes with a USB charging cord, allowing you to charge it in any USB port with a power supply, such as a power bank or a laptop. You can charge it ahead of time to store for future usage, ensuring that you are always prepared in case of emergency or just make sure to always have the USB cable charger with you and a trusty power bank so you will always be on the go.

What external batteries does portable work light need?

Usually, the type of batteries supported by our portable work light really depends on the model but most likely they would need Double A or Triple A batteries to operate. Depending on the type of portable work light you choose, three to four double or triple A batteries are required for most of our portable work lights. Furthermore, our portable work light can be recharged using the USB charging cord that comes with the package. You can simply recharge the portable work light whenever the battery runs out. It is also not necessary to replace the external batteries.

Are portable work light water resistant?

Yes, our WK7072 and WK7074 portable work light models, and the rest of our portable work light products are water resistant with different levels (but most are in IPX4). This is one of the aspects that sets them apart from other work lights since it is made with high quality materials. It is also constructed with waterproof covers to ensure that it will not be damaged if it is accidentally splashed with water. Our portable work lights, on the other hand, are suitable for use underwater but with limitations on the submerged time and deepness. But, we can also assure you that our portable work lights are durable so you don’t have to worry if they fell accidentally. 

Are portable work light foldable?

Yes. Our WK7074 portable work light model has a foldable body. This feature enables you to easily and quickly bring this portable work light wherever you go while also saving you some space. It can easily be fit into a small bag or pocket, it will not take a lot of space whenever you travel. Not only that but also be tilted up to 360 degrees which can surely give you convenience in lighting up dark areas or room spaces, redirecting light with little effort.  Our portable work light has a versatile design with simple to set up and store feature.

Is there a battery door to replace the battery in portable work light?

Yes. Our WK2011 and WK7074 portable work light have battery compartments where you can take in and out the batteries. It has high capacity battery which can give you a long lasting lighting. It includes a large capacity battery that will provide you with long-lasting light. For a full load, three double A batteries are required. This is great for when you don’t have access to electricity to charge your lights; just remember to bring extra batteries in case the external batteries run out.

How many lumens does a COB portable work light have?

The bright output of our COB Ultra Bright Portable Work Light (Item No: WK2011) portable work light for example is 260 lumens. It’s the equivalent of a twenty-five watts incandescent bulb. This brightness level is suitable for use in an outdoor situation, where it can be utilized for a number of tasks such as car repair, camping, emergency lighting (particularly during power outages), and even as a roadside support light. This will undoubtedly suit all of your lighting needs. 

How many modes of light has a portable work light had?

For our Useful and Bright Portable Work Light (Item No: WK7072) for example. There are up to 5 modes of light options available on our portable work lights. Full light, low light, LED dome Full Light, LED dome Low Light, and red and violet light are some of the options. These are multipurpose portable working lights that may provide you with all of the lighting you need in a single device, the availability of mode light will depend from one model to another.

How long will the batteries in the portable work light last?

Depending on the type of batteries utilized. Our portable work light here in Brightenlux, on the other hand, has a large battery capacity and can be used for lengthy periods of time. When the batteries are fully charged, you can use them for up to three to five hours. Furthermore, we have portable lights with disposable batteries that may readily be replaced when the batteries run out. Just keep some on hand in case of an emergency.

What type of bulb does portable work light have?

We offer portable work light with a COB bulbs and LED bulbs, just like our Flexible angled Rechargeable Led Work Light (Item NO: BT-WK7005). Our portable working light also features a dual light source which gives both COB Led lights. These bulbs produce a much brighter light than other bulbs like incandescent bulbs or commonly used in the market. It also consumes significantly less energy than the other bulb. Lastly, COB and LED bulbs are more robust because they require fewer strips to be replaced when they burn out which means they are cost-effective.

Does the portable work light have a hook feature?

Yes, our Useful and Bright Portable Work Light (Item No: WK7072) and Ultra Bright Portable Work Light (Item No: WK2011) portable working lights has includes swivel hanging hooks that rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to mount and attach them anywhere you prefer. Not only that, but our portable work lights also have a powerful magnetic base that can be attached to any metal surface, such as a car body if you’re working on one. It is flexible which is ideal for those who need to work in the dark but can’t hold a light while working. 

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