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Police Flashlight

A Long Range And Super Bright Police Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL8058-15W

Bright Lumens: This police flashlight is powered by SST40 LED that produces a high bright light output reaching 1200 lumens that has a beam distance of 350m.

Long Lasting: The run time of this police flashlight is 6 hours and more, depending on the mode of light you choose. The brighter the light the shorter the run time.

USB Output Port: It has an USB output port that can be used as a powerbank to your other devices.

3 Modes of Light: Change the mode of light from its full brightness to medium and strobe light is possible in this police flashlight.

Waterproof: This police flashlight can safely use in the rain because it has an IPX4 waterproof rating that can resist splash of water coming from all direction.

Zoomable: Adjust the beam depending on your preference, it can focus the light with it spotlight feature and twist it for the floodlight.

Multi-Purpose: This police flashlight can also be use in house lighting and a great help and source of light in outdoor activities.

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A Rechargeable And Multi-Purpose Police Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL3038

Product Description:

  • Simple To Use: Easy to turn on and off, simply press the switch button to operate it. The switch button is located on the side of the flashlight.
  • Bright Light Output: It has an impressive light output of 850 lumens that can reach a far distance. A good source of light indoor and outdoor.
  • Durable: This light is constructed with a high-quality material for its aluminum body that can be used as a self defense tool because of its hard case.
  • Waterproof: It is designed to resist a splash of water coming from all direction.
  • Multi-Use: An ideal light for fishing, hunting, camping, car repairing, emergency light, law enforcer lighting, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.
  • Long-Run Time and Rechargeable: It is charged through direct charging and once fully charged can operate for 6 long hours.


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Long Lasting Police Flashlight with Bright Lumen
Long Working Hours Police Flashlight

A Unique Design Police Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL3080

  • Lumens Brightness: The light output of this police flashlight is 180 lumens that can reach the distance of 100m.
  • Run-Time: The minimum working hours of this flashlight is 4 hours while, the maximum working hours is 10 hours depending on the mode of light you chose.
  • Impact and Waterproof Resistance: This police flashlight is built with high quality material that can withstand an accidental drop and water from all direction.
  • Self-Defense Tool: With its unique mace design which is extendable is considered good for protecting yourself outdoor as this can be used breaking a glass and striking.
  • Rechargeable: The charging method of this flashlight is direct charging or you can buy a 3*AAA batteries.

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Portable Smart Police Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL8070

  • Bright Lumen: A powerful lumen that can reach up to 350m with its 1000 lumen. This police flashlight is powerful than everyday carry flashlight.
  • Adjustable Focus: An adjustable beam light, it can be change from spotlight to floodlight in an instant by just zooming it in and out.
  • Waterproof: This police flashlight can safely use outdoor whether in rain or near the bodies of water because of its IPX4 waterproof rating.
  • USB Output And Input: This rechargeable flashlight can be conveniently charged anywhere as long as there is an available cable for charging. It can also act as a powerbank to your other devices because of its USB output.
  • Multipurpose: With its good features mentioned above, this police flashlight is ideal to all your activities indoor and outdoor.

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Small Police Flashlight

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Should A Police Flashlight Needs To Be Waterproof?

Yes, a police flashlight needs to be waterproof. As a light who used by professionals and officers in charge, these flashlights are built to withstand rough treatments and bad weather. It should perfectly work in any weather as they are expected to produce a light in any situation and condition.

Do I Need To Have A Police Flashlight?

Yes, because a police flashlight is a great investment as it can be used as self-defense tool that is good for your safety. It is built with high quality materials that made it durable so, this flashlight will not be easily broken. Also as a police flashlight it is designed to have a great materials and features that you can be used as a self-defense tool in case of emergency. It has a bright lumen that you can use to disorient or temporarily blind the attacker and A strong head design that you can use for striking.

What Do I Need To Look For In A Good Police Flashlight?

A Good Police Flashlight Needs To Have The Following Features:

Bright Lumen

The Light output of the flashlight is measured through lumen. A police flashlight should produce a high intensity light that can illuminate a big area. It should have a various light mode that can be use in a different situation. But, the most important factor is a police flashlight should provide a blinding and solid light that can be used in emergencies different situation.


Bulb Type

LED bulbs are the best bulb type available in the market today and most of police flashlights are using this type of bulb. This bulb is strong, produces a great bright light and it is an energy saving type of bulb. This are better than any other bulb types available in the market.



The battery of the police flashlight should easily be found in any shops. A battery could be disposable like double A’s and triple A’s batteries or a rechargeable battery that needs a power source to charge. The choice of the battery depends on what you need as it affects the light output and run time of your flashlight.


Water Resistance

A good police flashlight should be safely use even in the rain or any bodies of water. It should have a high rating of water resistance. Also look for the splash and water submersion rating.



The size of the flashlight is important, and you need to make sure that it is comfortable to grasp and can perfectly fits in your hand. Police flashlight offers a lot of sizes to select from, so choose a police flashlight that is convenient to use.


Modes Of Light

Police flashlights offers a different modes of light to select from depending on your needs and situation you are in. A good police flashlight should also provide a light that can be used as a signal and a light like strobe for attacker’s disorientation.



Police flashlight are known to have a strong and quality material that made it a tool for self-defense. They are strong enough to withstand hard and rough treatments outdoor.


What Is The Ideal Lumen In A Police Flashlight?

1000 lumens and above

The ideal lumen for a police flashlight is 1000 lumens and above. It is important to produce a bright light in a police flashlight as it is needed in searching and in operation.

Is it Important To Have A Lightweight Police Flashlight?

Yes, size is important in a police flashlight. As police flashlight needs to be convenient to carry around. It should be not heavy so that when you carry and hold it you are not having a hard time. But, make sure that the size of your flashlight doesn’t compromise the flashlight performance. Modern police flashlight is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. as officers needs to operates in while using one hand because the other hand usually holds a weapon.

Are Police Flashlights Legal?

Yes, it is legal to own a police flashlight. These flashlights are just like a normal flashlight the only difference is it offers much brighter lumens and a much durable material. It can be purchase in any stores, so get yours now!

How To Use A Police Flashlight?

A police flashlight operates just like a normal flashlight. You just need to press the switch button for turning it on and to change the mode of light. The only difference is the police flashlights offers a much brighter lumen that can disorient and temporarily blind an animal or an attacker. It can also be used for striking because of its strong casing.

Can I Use Police Flashlight As A Weapon?

Yes, because Police Flashlight are tactical flashlights. These types of flashlights are built with strong material that can be used to break a glass and for striking an attacker. The bright light of the police flashlight can also be used to disorient and temporarily blind someone.  This flashlight can be used as a self-defense tool because of its strong feature that can help you in case of emergency.

Is It Important To Have A Different Light Mode In A Police Flashlight?

Having a different light mode in a police flashlight is important. As you can choose a light that you need in a situation you are in. It usually offers 3 modes of light: High, Medium and Low. It is a great plus if your police flashlight also offers a strobe mode of light. As this strobe of light can help to disorient an attacker because of its flashing light. This fast on and off light can give you a second to take action while your attacker is disoriented.

Is It Important To Have A Tail Switch In A Police Flashlight?

Yes, Police flashlight usually designed to have a tail switch for easy turning it on and off. The main reason why the switch button is located on the tail end of the flashlight is to operate it easily. It is also convenient for a one hand switching as the other hand usually holds a weapon for an officer in work.

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