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High Powered Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL3029

Long Lasting: This high powered rechargeable pocket flashlight can last for more than 2 hours depending on the mode of light selected.

Bright Lumens: Powered by XPE LED, this pocket flashlight has a lighting output of 100 lumens with maximum light and can cover the distance of 100m and more.

Cooling Fin And Anti-Slip Design: Heat is not a problem in this pocket flashlight because it can control and disappear the heat that the flashlight generated. It also has an anti-slip design to avoid the flashlight from falling and slipping from your hand.

Adjustable Focus: This flashlight can change the beam light from spotlight to floodlight by just simply zooming it in and out.

3 Modes Of Light: Full, Low and Strobe is the mode of light you can select from in this pocket flashlight.

Waterproof: IPX4 is the waterproof rating of this pocket flashlight that means it can resist a water from all direction.

Self-Defense Tool: With its bright lumen and a strobe light mode to select from plus an attack head feature this flashlight is a perfect choice for a self-defense tool.

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Brightenlux Supplies An Excellent Quality Pocket Flashlight

is a professional lighting manufacturer all over the globe from South America to North, from Asia to Europe, Middle East and Australia. We make sure that our facilities have passed quality control system to provide you great products and services. We strictly implement quality control in our Pocket Flashlights and other lighting products that we offer.

Supported by over 100 professional workers and 10 R&D experts we made sure to develop new products to offer you every year that complied with with CE ROSH REACH tests.

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Mini Pocket Flashlight

Small And Smart Pocket Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL2016-1W

  • Portable: This mini flashlight can easily fit in small spaces in your bag, purses and pocket. This portable design flashlight can be hold and bring wherever you want.
  • Pocket Clip: Attached with clip, this pocket flashlight can be clip in belt, pocket and cap for a more convenient way of carrying.
  • Waterproof: A light that is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities that can be used even in the rain because of its IPX4 waterproof rating. It means that this pocket flashlight can resist a splash of water from all direction.
  • Durable: Built with strong and quality aluminum, this flashlight is durable enough to withstand a drop and resist a rough treatment outdoor.
  • Multipurpose: This pocket flashlight can be used in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing and other more activities. This pocket flashlight can also be used in oral, eye, and ear examination.

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A Waterproof Pocket Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL3005

  • Compact: With a size that can easily fit in your hand, this compact flashlight can easily put in your bag. It has 34x109mm size that you can bring anywhere you want.
  • Zoomable Flashlight: This pocket flashlight can change its beam type from spotlight to floodlight by just simply zooming it in and out.
  • Long-Lasting: The run time of this pocket flashlight can last for 4 hours and more.
  • Waterproof: Built with quality aluminum material, this pocket flashlight is strong enough to withstand a splash of water.
  • Super Bright & Multi-Use: Equipped by XPE LED chip, the light output of this flashlight is 160 lumens with a beam range of 150m and more. With its bright lumen and portable design this flashlight is perfect for any indoor and outdoor activities.

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Pocket Flashlight Zoomable
Bright Pocket Flashlight

A Rechargeable Tactical Pocket Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL8025

  • Super Bright Lumens With 5 Modes: This pocket flashlight is generated by T6 LED that emits a bright lumen of 800 that reach the distance of at least 500 meters in its full brightness.
  • Long-Lasting: The run time of this flashlight is 4 hours and while the expected lifetime of it is 100,000 hours.
  • Portable: With its compact design, this flashlight can be hand held easily and can perfectly fit in one hand.
  • Zoomable Focus: A pocket flashlight that has an ability to change the beam from spotlight to floodlight, just simply retract the flashlight to change the beam type.
  • Waterproof: It can safely use in the rain because it has an IPX44 waterproof rating.

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What Are The Other Ways Of Carrying My Pocket Flashlight?

Here are the other ways of carrying your pocket flashlight:

  • Holster- The big ones who has a lot batteries like production lights are the most common lights who used this. It can be attached to a belt or bag for an easier way of carrying outdoor. It can also be an added protection to your pocket flashlight.
  • Pocket Clip- Almost most of the of the pocket flashlight features a pocket clip for a more convenient way of carrying. It can be seen on the side of your flashlight for you to easily clip it. Because of this feature your pocket flashlight can be clip on your cap, belt, bag and pocket.
  • Lanyard Holes- Some of pocket flashlight can be drilled in the tail for it to have an attachment of lanyard straps. It is also an easy way of carrying your pocket flashlight because you can just wear the lanyard in your neck or put it in your keychain.
Is Pocket Flashlight Really Convenient?

Yes, Pocket Flashlights are really convenient. It has a small size and lightweight design for a hassle-free way of carrying. You can bring it with you anywhere you like as it doesn’t need to have a big space in your bag.  You can insert in it any tight and tiny spaces because of its compact design. It is very handy so in case of emergency, you have a flashlight with you.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Switches Used To Turn On A Pocket Flashlight?

Using a pocket flashlight should not be complicated, it should be easy turning it on and change the modes of light. Here are the different kinds of switches in a pocket flashlight:

Twist- For a keychain-based flashlight or smaller flashlights the twisty is the way of turning it on. Just simply twist the flashlight head to turn it on and twist it again to turn it off.

Side Switch- This switch is ideal when you prefer to hold your pocket flashlight thumb facing forward, as this way you have an easy access to the side switch.

Click- It is the most common way of switching the pocket flashlight. You just need to click the button to turn it on or change the mode of light. There are also two forms of click switch which is known as forward click and reverse click.

What Type Of Battery Should My Pocket Flashlight Use?

Battery affects the performance of you pocket flashlight, so it is important to invest and choose the best type of battery in the market. The type of battery relies on what kind of model you choose as a pocket flashlight. In general, the most popular and most common types of batteries that the pocket flashlight used are AA, AAA, 18650, 12650 and CR123A.

Why Do I Need A Pocket Flashlight?

This easy to carry pocket flashlight is needed in your daily life as this is a good source of light in the dark or incase of emergency you have a light with you.  It is very easy to carry it as this is built to be small in size and lightweight, compact and versatile.

What Are The Other Types Of Pocket Flashlight Available In The Market?

Here Are The Most Popular Types Of Pocket Flashlight:

  • Pebble Light- This pocket flashlight produces bright lumen with a unique design to provide a light.
  • Mini Maglite- This pocket flashlight is usually built with durable material and also a good source of light.
  • Macro Light- This flashlight produces strong beam light that is good for search and rescue operation. It is very portable.
What Are Importance of Carrying A Pocket Flashlight?

Time Saving- A pocket flashlight is designed to be handy that you can carry it with you in you bag, belt or pocket. Because of this, it is much faster to have it with you. It doesn’t need much time searching for phone or other lights.

Self-Defense Tool- Pocket flashlight also provide a powerful brightness that can help you in case of emergency. A lumen ranging 100 and above is considered powerful enough to temporarily blind an attacker. Plus, a strobe light mode is a great way to disorient the attacker because of its quick flashing light. Some pocket flashlight also features a tactical head that is built with strong aluminum, which is perfect as a self-defense tool because it can be used for striking and can break a glass.

Emergency Light- In case of emergency like power outage and bad weather, this pocket flashlight is a great help. It is a great investment to own a quality flashlight that you can use in case of emergency whether you are indoor or outdoor. It is a great source of light and can be use to send a signal in case of emergency.

Battery Phone Saver– Phone flashlight is really helpful but you can’t use it for long hours because it can drain the battery of your phone and left you with no light. Because of this pocket flashlight is a must have because it provides you a bright light for a long period of time without worrying the battery life.

What Should I Look In A Good Pocket Flashlight?

Brightness- A pocket flashlight should provide a bright light with a lumen of 100 and above. This range is enough to brighten up a room and can illuminate a large area outdoor already. It is important that pocket flashlight provide a powerful brightness because it is an everyday carry flashlight that you can use anytime needed.

Beam Distance –Usually measured through meters, this beam distance shows how far does your pocket flashlight output goes at its maximum lighting. A long beam distance is an advantage to pocket flashlight as it will help you see things from a far.

Run Time- Run time of a flashlight is measured in hours. Having a longer run time is a great feature in a pocket flashlight. The run time of the pocket flashlight has at least 2 hours and more. For a pocket flashlight choose a flashlight with longer run time for you to maximize the lighting output.

Material- There are a lot of materials used in constructing flashlight some are made of copper, brass, stainless and titanium. But the best material that used to create a durable pocket flashlight is an aluminum. Pocket flashlight should be tough enough to withstand an accidental drop and water.

Size- Pocket flashlight should be handy, lightweight, and small in size. It should easily fit in small spaces in your bag and can fit in your pocket and purses.

What’s The Ideal Lumen Of A Pocket Flashlight?

The ideal starting range of a lumen in a pocket flashlight is 100 lumen and above. This range is considered bright and powerful in a pocket flashlight but, of course in a flashlight the brighter the lumen the better. So, choose a flashlight that has a bright lumen to lighten up a larger area outdoor.

Can A Pocket Flashlight Be A Tactical Flashlight?

Yes, a pocket flashlight with a bright lumen that is ranging 800 lumen and above is considered a tactical flashlight. This pocket flashlight can be a self-defense tool because of its bright lumen and strobe mode that can disorient an attacker for a short period of time. Some of pocket flashlight also has a tactical head that can be used for striking and breaking a glass. With, all this great features some pocket flashlights are considered tactical flashlight.


In this modern era and with continuous innovation in technology and lifestyle, we wouldn’t know what are the best tools that we may have in order to survive in this world. As of today, it has clear confirmation that flashlights are one of the most important tools in our daily lives. You can never know and anticipate when you’ll need to use this pocket flashlight. Whether you’re in a middle of nowhere and badly needed a light, having a pocket flashlight can easily help you out. A little extra light can go into a further distance, not only from locating your misplaced goods, important things or even your valued materials into determining the best route home when your surroundings are clothed with darkness. When your vehicle run into some mechanical damage while you are on the road and has been stranded in a deep night with no other vehicles are passing through, A Pocket flashlight would offer a big help in order to solve your problems. And not only that these pocket flashlights can be use during emergency circumstances, but also with your recreational activities such as midnight strolls, camping and a lot more.  And all of us know that even though that most smartphones are built and come with a flashlight, there are many restrictions on how these built-in flashlights in smartphones can be useful enough in order to overcome challenges, emergencies and other sudden situation, especially when you need to look for your phone and need to use it. Pocket flashlights are more powerful, long-lasting, and accessible when you need them than smart phone flashlights, which only produces 10 lumens. And questions would be asked, how would you use your smartphones and its flashlight in a same time? What if your smartphones are on its dead battery? So, it’s safe to say that having a pocket flashlight on hand might be very practical in these unusual situations.



We all know that smartphone flashlights will never match the lumens produced by a pocket flashlight. These Brightenlux Pocket Flashtlights covers a large area with an approximate 800 lumens produced. Not only that its powerful brightness is its great feature but it has zoomable feature as well and 5 modes of bright lumens light that can be use in certain situation. All us know that the pocket flashlight’s main purpose is to illuminate and bring light to the shadowy region and darkness and it can be use in your search for the object you’re looking for. In this situation you will definitely need a powerful brightness that can easily be found with Brightenlux Pocket Flashlights.  With the powerful brightness, brightenlux flashlight is very useful not only for your home, it can be use in your office as well, outdoor activities such as camping, midnight stroll, and for emergency purposes just like a electricity outage and break down of a car in the middle of the night when you are using it in travelling a lot of distance.


2.    A tool that can be used for self-defense

Other than penlights and keychain flashlights, it has been confirmed that most of the majority pocket flashlights can be used as a weapon for self-defense. But how it can be used for self-defense?

For us to know how brightenlux flashlight can be easily operated as a self-defense tool. Uncomplicated, it may sound but you can get a little pocket-sized tactical light. As discussed in our previous blogs, we all know that the majority of a tactical flashlight’s body is constructed and made up of hard aluminum and strong metal that has featured sharp edges. If it will be used to attack someone’s body then it can definitely have an effect and cause a pain to any attacker. Just to be cleared, we condone violence and we can only use this pocket flashlight to harm is only for unusual situation. Even if you don’t carry a gun, you can protect yourself from an attacker by using a small pocket flashlight. Shine the light on a threat’s face and command his eyes whenever you come across one. The intense light cause by powerful brightness of lumens will temporarily blind and affect the vision of the attacker, giving you time to run away or even time to fight your assailant. If you lack combat training, self-defense skills or you are uncertain about the attacker as he might have weapons that can be used to attack you, your best option of action is to leave and avoid yourself to be hurt. No need to be tough and show yourself; living is more manly than having a knife stabbed through your gut, again you only have one life and it’s better for you to choose it first in this kind of situation. But if you don’t have enough time to run-away and the attacker still pursue you. The last thing you can do is you must combat your attacker, give him an immediate, fast hard blow to the face with the pocket tactical flashlight’s toothed bezel, which should render him unconscious long enough for you to escape. In this scenario, low, forceful kicks to the crotch or knees work well because he won’t be able to see them coming with the light shining in his eyes.

This pocket flashlight would be really helpful for self-defense, so I would recommend you on having it.



The cost that you will pay when you are maintaining a brightenlux flashlight wouldn’t affect too much into your budget. So, the best choice is to buy brightenlux flashlights as there are no further implications that you will require in order to maintain it. The nicest feature is that you don’t have to give it much thought in terms of maintenance. As most of the brightenlux pocket flashlights are built in with hardest metals in its body which can definitely draw any impact and can’t easily be broken. As all of the brightenlux flashlights can withdraw any hard impact and can easily resist to any climate that may affect your flashlight and it is the best tool to use for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and a lot more and you will not worry that it will be broken.

As the time goes by, I would show to you on why these pocket flashlights can be maintain cheaper. You may maintain your flashlight most efficiently and simply by wiping it down after each usage. This only takes a few seconds, but it removes moisture and stops dirt and grime from accumulating, which can make cleaning up later more difficult. You only need a washcloth that has been dampened. Just be sure to finish by wiping off any extra moisture with a dry cloth. Microfibers or lint-free materials are also effective. A toothbrush works excellent for those difficult-to-reach regions if the lamp is knurled or has grooves. An alcohol pad or any other fast-evaporating cleaner works well on the body if more forceful cleaning is required. Just make sure the cleaner is one that has been approved for the material that your lamp is made of. Certain lens covers are a good example of this. Alcohol should not be used on rubber since it dries it out and may eventually cause cracks. Any hardware store will carry cleaners made specifically for rubber. Since you probably own a lot of products containing rubber parts, it is a good idea to keep these on hand.

If you pick the best light for the task at hand and abide by the fundamental advice given above, your light will last longer and function at its best. A flashlight is after all a tool. You want them to function at their best for as long as possible, just like you want all of your tools to.



Regarding the reliability of brightenlux flashlight it has come to show that if you need a thing which can help you out specifically in brightening up the area, brightenlux flashlights would be your best choice. Not only that these brightenlux flashlights can be use as a self-defense tool, but you can easily rely on this in terms of needs and emergencies. The best reliable pocket flashlights can be found here at brightenlux. Brightenlux offers a wide variety of choices for your pocket flashlights. Whetnher you need a pocket flashlight with powerful 800 lumens brightness, different modes of light, IP44 waterproof, dust proof and impact resistance pocket flashlights, all are available here at brightenlux.



The most important considerations when selecting a compact flashlight are its sizes and its portability. The most crucial factor is that it should fit easily in your pocket that’s why it is called as a pocket flashlight. This is where brightenlux can easily help you on finding the most fit pocket flashlight for you! We are offering different sizes that will based on your need and depending on your clothes. Perhaps when you wear a coat and you are working outside, making a larger flashlight fit better, or a long, thin flashlight is easier to handle in any manufacturing settings. Another group of office employees frequently wears jeans and like to carry their flashlights in the pockets of their pants, thus small, delicate flashlights are more suited for this group.

This is why we need to have a brightenlux pocket flashlight. Not only as it has a lot of advantages and use but also it is a portable device that you can bring anywhere and brings you an ease of use.


Everyone knows that brightenlux flashlight is the best tool to use whether you face an unfortunate events and practical situations. With a lot of its advantages and main reasons why you need to have it. The best aspect is that they are portable and light enough for you to carry them anywhere you go, which would bring less hassle for you, and very easy to use. All of this, choosing the best fit pocket flashlight for you requires proper understanding about your need and what specifically a kind of flashlight you will require which our team can easily help you out. But in regards to the most reliable flashlight available in the market, Brightenlux has it all that we can offer. Whether you need pocket flashlights for your home, recreational activities such as camping, midnight stroll and even for emergency use such as car break down, or being trapped in calamities, this brightenlux pocket flashlights can withstand with any of tough circumstances and situation as it is made with strong aluminum materials and metals that can last in a long period of time. Not only that it was built strong but its portability and its rechargeability is one of its biggest advantages. What are you waiting for? Its time to grab the best pocket flashlight available in the market here at Brightenlux.




Watching Netflix, unwind, chill with your friends, playing games, watching sports action and of course travelling! These are just some of the examples that most people are fun of doing in regards to relaxation after a long week of work and other business matters. But with all these relaxation things most of the people tend to choose to travel in order to relax and have fun either with their love ones, batchmates, schoolmates, workmates and friends. With the amount of time spent due to their 9-5 working time, most of the people travel in twice a year only but some people, though, are occasionally motivated by one of these journeys and choose to make travel their way of life. We carry many emergency kits, a lot of unnecessary items, fun things as well when we are travelling, or even too much items are putted in our backpacks and other safety items whether we travel, camp, hike, unwind, do outdoor activities or go on any trip. Nevertheless, a pocket flashlight is not given much attention by most individuals and most of the people tend not to bring flashlight in any of their travel 50% of the given time. Concluding that flashlight is not on the priority list and it has been disregarded most of the time as these flashlights is just an unnecessary needed item to be added on their back pack. They believe it to be needless and troublesome and don’t have a necessary use in their travelling activity, which is a terrible and bad idea. In order for us to learn how significant to bring a flashlight in any of your travelling activities, we will go deeper in this blog for you to understand more about its great importance. Just to let you know and just a bit of introduction in regards to the importance of flashlight when you are travelling it will definitely increase everyone’s safety either a group of people, an individual during any outdoor and travelling activity, a small but terrible with powerful brightness flashlight is necessary and definitely a must. Additionally, there are a few compelling arguments in favor of including an LED pocket light in your vacation bag and many of us are asking if it would be worth it to have it in additional. But for now, let’s take a look at the guide of this blog which can help us decide on whether we will bring a flashlight in our next upcoming travel.


Why you need a flashlight?

With all things that are uncertain now adays, it is definitely a take to consideration on why we need to have a flashlight when travelling. Flashlight is one of the most important things to consider when you are going in a travel as it is like an emergency kit that is very useful in any kind of situation. There are different scenarios happening specifically in a travel that we are not ready for. We don’t want to consider bad things and emergency situation but crisis and accidents happen unexpectedly that’s why we have to be prepare and be equip when we are going to any outdoor activities. For us to know more about its importance, these flashlights can help use be rescued specifically at night when there’s no light that surrounds the area. The brightness of the flashlight can power your way in this kind of extreme condition and can not only save your life but also can save your companions or group that are with you!

Also, this flashlight is the best tool for your self-defense which can be used to attack any assailant or even blind the eyes of attackers with their powerful brightness. Below, we go into further information on how a flashlight can be an effective tool in any unfortunate situation that will be found in a travel.



Is It important To Bring A Flashlight When Travelling?

We would see in this topic whether it is always require to add flashlight in your bag when travelling.



As the saying goes with in and out-door activities that we go such as going to a theme park, do extreme activities in air, water and land or even going to a camping site and other travel destination. It is with great exclamation that before we consider different things, it starts definitely with safety first! This conversation starts with the topic of safety issues and how a simple and small pocket flashlight can be used as a great self-defense tool for everyone’s safety when you go in a travel. First thing to discuss is how the powerful brightness of a flashlight can have a mere effect when you travel. We all know that the brightest pocket flashlight can help you see everything around you in the dark and you and your group can move securely that will avoid any dangerous items that you can step on if you’re traveling, hiking, camping, walking in a campsite, beachfront or you go on a summer vacation in an area without electricity. This is just a great example on how a pocket flashlight can be used for safety purposes.

Additionally, the flashlight that you bring in a travel can be used as a self-defense tool. With flashlight having a great brightness and different lights can be use as well, this flashlight can be used to put the max amount of light to any attacker’s eye which can affect their sight and be distracted on a bad things that they planned to do or execute, with this distraction on their eye sight you can easily escape.  And it can definitely affect the attacker’s sight which you have an opportunity to attack them as well. With the quality of this flashlights that are made with aluminum materials and metals it can be use as a tool when you want to gear up and bang up the assailant on the head. We definitely condone violence but it is just use in unfortunate situations when you don’t have any particular choice. Attackers typically avoid persons who are carrying flashlights and they don’t have any plan on attacking as they know that these flashlights can put them to sleep and over turn their action.



Small pocket flashlights must be found in a typical first aid box. Accidents do happen in any time whether its daylight or even at night time. A bad night time accident would require a flashlight that can brighten up the area in order to perform first aid at its best that can save life of a person. It can be also use in order to check a wound or any severe affection that are made up due to an accident. Flashlight is very helpful when you need to find a tool that is very needed in a typical scenario. It is very helpful as well not only in any medical emergencies but with car emergencies as well.



When you are planning to travel in a further distance or beach area, a backup power plan is a must. You wouldn’t know the given scenarios like no electricity place that you will be accommodated or even a dark night walk would happen at any given time. We were frequently using illumination arrangements while camping everywhere. Additionally, a strong battery with a long life is included for you to use this back up power when unfortunate circumstances arise such as losing electricity and other scenarios.

While you are going in a camp you can definitely have your flashlight with you when you go for a walk outside the camp or in a beach front area whereas to avoid to step on disastrous things; you may also use these flashlights it your family is relaxing in a hotel room after a long day of extreme activities and the power suddenly goes out.

Many people hold the mistaken belief that the flashlight on their smartphone is the ideal backup which is a bad and not a smart idea. We all know that smart phones have its limitations and its brightness wouldn’t be enough to overcome a certain situation. Your smartphone’s power might not always be functional because it could suddenly run out of battery life after being used for a while which is a bad instance if an emergency happens occur and you badly need a light. It is also researched upon that having smart phone flashlight will only produce a little amount of light. You can definitely won’t able to maximize your smart phone as a flashlight, for this reason as it won’t be capable to deal with tough emergencies specifically when you are in a travel.



Weather is tough to predict, having a flashlight with you can keep you going even with a bad weather condition maybe a storm, rain will be there to block your way. Keep your outdoor emergency kits close by when you become aware of the terrible weather in this situation. Your emergency kit box would be lacking without a tiny, strong, waterproof flashlight. This makes this a crucial basic tool to have along with your other kits in order to survive any bad weather conditions. As flashlights are made to hold in any impact and weather condition, it would be a big help.



Car issues is also hard to predict, specifically when you are travelling in a further distance. Having car troubles can keep you at pay and won’t be able to enjoy your vacation. It is a must to have flashlight with you when a car trouble happens while you are travelling into your destination with your family, friends and love ones in the middle of the night. This flashlights can be used as the best tool when checking unwanted vehicle leakage or what is troubling with your car.

Wherever you go in your cars, make sure to have a strong, large LED spotlight on the side of your vehicle so you can manage any trouble.


In-Hotel Bed Bug Inspection

Travelling in any place would mean that you will be staying in a hotel room, it’s just a thing that as you enter a hotel room you will check all the areas as possibilities of having a bed bug would always occur. Flashlight is the best tool that can be use for that. And having a flashlight with you, you can easily inspect any rooms that you want to enter in.

Rechargeable flashlight can be brought in any of your travel, so having these flashlights would be very helpful as not only has its great advantages but it very less hassle to bring it and put in your bag as it is very light weight.

So when you are travelling, having a flashlight with you is a must!



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