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Outdoor Garden Lights


Item No: BT – GL8005

These outdoor garden lights have two light modes: a white light for general lighting and a warm flame light for adding accent lighting to your landscape. It is made of high quality ABS protective plastic with an IP44 waterproof coating, making it suitable for outdoor use in gardens and on public highways. It can survive heavy rain, snow, water slaps, and other liquid spilling so there is no need to worry about it. It has a solar panel that captures sunlight during the day and utilizes it to recharge the internal battery, which can be utilized automatically at night for up to eight hours. It is easy to use, and installing this lamp simply takes a few minutes. The parts of outdoor garden lights need only be connected, then staked in a sunny spot on the ground. Do you want to find out more? If you have any further questions, get in touch with us. We will be happy to respond to your inquiries. Contact us immediately!

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Item no: BT – GL8006

It has improved high illumination LED light beads with SUPER BRIGHT LED technology that uses less energy and lasts longer. Additionally, these outdoor garden lights have a variety of LED colors from which you can select the one you like most. Weather resistant, this item is made of high quality ABS protective plastic and has an ultra waterproof covering that makes it suitable for outdoor use in places like gardens and on public roadways. The outdoor garden lights can also survive heavy rain, snow, water slaps, and other liquid spilling, so the weather won’t be an issue. It has a solar panel that captures sunlight throughout the day and utilizes it to recharge the internal battery, allowing it to be used automatically at night for longer lengths of time. Personalized for the user, this outdoor garden lights lamp is user friendly because installation only takes a few minutes and doesn’t involve any wiring. Just attach the pieces, and then stake them in a bright area of the ground. Do you wish to learn more? Contact us if you have any other inquiries. We will answer your questions with pleasure. Reach out to us right away!

Outdoor Garden Lights
Outdoor Garden Lights


Item No: BT – GL8007

These outdoor garden lights are energy saving and solar charging. Amorphous silicon solar panels measuring 50 mm by 50 mm are installed and powered for long term use; a direct grid connection is not necessary. consists of solar panels and LED lights that are designed to conserve or lower energy use. a 1×1 2V double alkaline battery is enclosed. Lampshade with High Clarity. Made with a highly transparent lampshade that transmits light well, providing softer and brighter lighting at night. The outdoor garden lights are the ideal lamp shades for normal illumination and accent lighting for your garden and the walkways are elegant looking ones. Both rust and rainproof. Durable plastic construction prevents corrosion and water from damaging the item. proven and examined to be waterproof and rainproof for the remainder of its life. Installation is simple. positioned anywhere in the soil since it has a solid and pointed bottom stake. includes a setting for an insulating blade switch as well. charges during the day and turns on automatically when dusk falls.



These outdoor garden lights are energy saving and solar charging. A built in solar panel measuring 24.2 by 24.2 mm collects solar energy during the day to charge the batteries. automatically switches from off to on during the day to night. powered by a 1.7V single button battery, which is both energy saving and efficient. Overnight operation is flawless, and switches are covered with insulating sheets. Lampshade with High Clarity. For brighter and softer illumination at night, a lamp shade with high transparency and strong, consistent light transmission is used. The outdoor garden lights’ elegant lamp shades are perfect for walkways and gardens as both general lighting and decorative lighting. Proven Resistance Due to its construction using durable and dependable components made from strong stainless steel and plastic, it is highly resistant to rain, corrosion, and heat. No need must be concerned about utilizing this product outside in the rain, snow, or icing. It is made to be strong and securely sealed. a reliable product with a solid reputation in the market for honesty, toughness, and high levels of general product quality.

Outdoor Garden Lights
Outdoor Garden Lights


Item No: BT – GL8009


These outdoor garden lights are energy saving. Our solar powered, multi color LED outdoor garden lights provide illumination of up to 30 lumens while drawing only 1.2 volts from the power source. Solar power charging, our solar light has a very intriguing feature in that solar panels may be used to charge it. The interior of the light contains the solar panels. This is what makes our solar outdoor garden lights energy saving because you won’t need electricity to operate or charge them. Daytime solar charging is gentle and dazzling at night. Rainproof outside. This solar lamp is made to be IP44 water resistant because it is mostly used for outside garden or sidewalk illumination. Since it has been verified, they are nowThey safeguarded the light from any rain, wind, sand, and water droplets, et cetera, so that it can function correctly in stormy or chilly weather. Long term illumination No need to worry; this solar powered LED multicolor garden light can operate for six to eight hours. With such a long runtime, it will undoubtedly illuminate any dark spots on your garden or sidewalk. Anti rust and anti corrosion. Our solar powered multi color LED garden and landscape lighting are rustproof in design and construction. It is ABS construction shields the light from precipitation that could corrode it.

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How does an Outdoor Garden Lights work?

A typical outdoor garden lights that are solar powered comprises quite a few components including a solar PV module, a Ni Cad or Alkaline built in batteries, LED lamp beads or individual LED light, an optical lighting sensor, and a ground plug pipe. In these tiny solar lights, a battery is charged using the power of the sun. In essence, each of the cells of the solar panel absorbs energy from the sunlight and recharges the batteries during the day. The optical lighting sensor commonly known as a photoresistor senses the lack of light (nighttime) and then automatically turns on the battery that illuminates the LED light.

Can I install Outdoor Garden Lights myself?

Definitely, you can install the garden lights without prior electrical experience because most of the outdoor garden lights sold at the market are built in a low voltage. Anyone can simply install it conveniently without the need to worry at their own pace and garden area, especially using the products found at BRIGHTENLUX. Our products at BRIGHTENLUX are uniquely designed for basic use and effective outdoor garden illumination that integrates solar capability in today’s market. It has comprehensive steps for simple assembly and installation and can be adjusted depending on your desired location. All of this can be found inside the manual. The manual provides everything you need to know about the outdoor garden lights. But in any case, if you are afraid or are not confident enough to install these outdoor garden lights on your own, don’t hesitate to call help from family, friends, and professionals. 

Is it true that Outdoor Garden Lights are bad for wildlife?

This may be true for other garden lights, however, in BRIGHTENLUX it is made sure to create an outdoor garden lights that have no adverse impact on the wildlife, especially those animals that are nocturnal or active at night that usually suffers from light pollution caused by non regulated garden lights. Some artificial outdoor garden lights interfere with the normal cycle of many animals since their habitat and behavior depend on the darkness. BRIGHTENLUX outdoor garden light versions BT – GL8005 (1), BT – GL8006, BT – GL8007, BT – GL8008, and BT – GL8009 are all environmental and animal friendly. These outdoor garden lights cast acceptable lights downward, emit light with reduced impact on the sensitive eyes of wildlife animals and are made to decrease glare. We at BRIGHTENLUX assure that our product is wildlife friendly.

Are the Outdoor Garden Lights from BRIGHTENLUX cable dependent or wireless?

With the emerging development of advanced LED technology and renewable power sources, BRIGHTENLUX has created numerous outdoor garden lights that offer solar technology. Starting with the BT – GL8005 (1) version which has installed poly silicon solar panels with a high conversion rate of solar energy. The BT – GL8006 comes with upgraded solar panels and a high brightness LED lamp bead that reduces energy consumption. The BT – GL8007 features 50 by 50 mm amorphous silicon solar panels used to store energy and power the device. Next is the BT – GL8008 comes with a 24.2 by 24.2 mm solar panel that powers the only LED light in the device. Lastly, BT – GL8009 uses 35 by 35 mm solar panels. Overall, BRIGHTENLUX outdoor garden light products are already in wireless form. With a ground rod for much easier ground installation.

What is the difference between internal lighting and Outdoor Garden Lights?

The illumination on the outside of your homes comes from so called outdoor garden lighting like the ones seen in the lawns, patios, pathways, and some related structures. It may incorporate down lighting garden walkways while up – lighting trees. It can be placed anywhere outside and can be both aesthetic and useful. The weather condition resistance is the primary distinction between outdoor garden lighting against internal illumination. All of the outdoor garden lights versions (BT – GL80005, BT – GL8006, BT – GL8007, BT – GL8008, and BT – GL8009) from BRIGHTENLUX have an IP certification which reveals the products level of resistance, the higher IP rating means more resistance. They are rainproof, lightning proof, and leak proof, employing a very effective protection for the inside components of the device.

Are there any batteries included from purchasing Outdoor Garden Lights?

Of course! The package for the outdoor garden lights already includes a built in battery that you can use to power the LED lights. BRIGHTENLUX BT – GL8005 (1) comes with a 1 x 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery with 3.7V and 1200 mAh high capacity. BT – GL8007 got one 1.2 V double alkaline 200 Ni – MHC 200 mAh capacity battery. BT – GL8008 features a single button battery that can run 1 piece LED white light. And, BT – GL8009 also has the same batteries used in BT – GL8007. The batteries only differ since they have a variety of LED lights, having more LED lamp bead lights comes with greater battery capacity.

What are the benefits of owning an Outdoor Garden Lights?

There are quite a lot of benefits when you own an outdoor garden lights, to begin with. But for BRIGHTENLUX the main benefit you can actually get from acquiring the outdoor garden lights is their ease of installation. Since our products do not need wiring attention or other power sources, installing them by staking them under the ground is simple and easy so that you can save more time. Another justification is that the outdoor garden lights add a layer of safety aside from being a decorative object because it provides illumination to the surrounding area from your outdoor spaces. They are legitimately very secure to use since they only work in small voltages and no wires are involved. A very good investment indeed and will save you more money in the long run due to the solar energy powered feature, no more worrying about your electric bills.

What can I do to maintain the performance of my Outdoor Garden Lights?

In reality, these outdoor garden lights from BRIGHTENLUX require little to none in terms of maintenance. BT – GL8005 (1), BT – GL8006, BT – GL8007, BT – GL8008, and BT – GL8009 were manufactured in high quality and endurance to let the customers enjoy the device for a very long time from its service life and that’s why its very money efficient. However, if it seems to you that frequent cleaning will improve the performance as well as the product life of the outdoor garden lights then, you should proceed with the cleaning and removal of dust and mud. You may also keep them inside during very harsh weather conditions to minimize the risk of losing them. 

Do the Outdoor Garden Lights need direct sunlight?

Partly true! Direct sunlight charges the built in batteries at a faster rate and unquestionably improves the overall performance of the product throughout the day, let alone having an efficient solar panel. However, outdoor garden lights still operate decently even without direct contact with sunlight due to overcast from bad weather. Although the weather is rainy or cloudy there is still a lesser amount of voltage present in the surrounding area allowing the panels to continue charging at a minimum rate.

How long do you think the Outdoor Garden Lights will last?

Depends! With proper care, Outdoor garden lights may be used for many years when treated and maintained finely. The rechargeable batteries attached to the device will most likely last around a few years before requiring any replacements to it, and the LED light lamp beads usually work up to 100,000 lighting hours. BRIGHTENLUX outdoor garden light versions BT – GL8005 (1), BT – GL8006, BT – GL8007, BT – GL8008, and BT – GL8009 can last more than their expected service life by simply cleaning it against dust and mud on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate, it is indeed a good investment.

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