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XHP70 Led Most Powerful Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL8082

Super Bright: This flashlight has a lighting output of 850 lumens. It is a good range of lumen for indoor and outdoor lighting.

USB Charging: It has a USB port for charging, it means you can charge it in your car and wall plug in charging.

Powerbank For Other Devices: This flashlight has a USB output port and because of this it can be a source of power to your other devices.

Zoomable: The beam type of this flashlight can be change from a floodlight for a wider scope of light to spotlight for a more focus and far distance light.

Power Indicator: It has a power indictor near the switch button, to inform you the battery life of the flashlight.

Easy To Use: An easy touch switch button for turning it on and switching the mode of light. This light has 9 mode of light to select from, so it means it has all the light that you might need.

Multi-Purpose: With 9 modes of light and a bright lumen, this flashlight is a good choice for your indoor lighting, car repairing light and outdoor lighting like camping, fishing and many more.

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Brightenlux Manufactures The Most Powerful Flashlight

Ningbo Brightelux Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of the most powerful flashlight all over the globe that is located in China. We have a mission to produce and design extensive range of Led lighting products that can be exported to over 60 countries.

We are focusing on producing and developing quality lighting products that is OEM and ODM that can be delivered as fast as 7 days for small and big orders.

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Most powerful lumen 20w

Most Powerful Flashlight With 1600 Lumens

Item No: BT-FL8015-20W

  • Bright Lumens– XHP50 produces 1600 lumens that can range the distance of 300 lumens. This quality flashlight can produce a bright light for 4 hours and more.
  • Adjustable Focus & 3 Modes- This flashlight offers a zoomable feature for easy changing of beam type, it can be change from floodlight to spotlight.
  • Waterproof & Durable- It has an IPX44 rating that means, this light can safely use in the rain as this can resist a splash of water coming from all direction.
  • Different Sizes- This light offers 4 choices of sizes, with this the consumers can freely choose the size appropriate for them.


For more inquiries, you can freely message us and we’re happy to assist you!

Most Powerful Flashlight With 2000 Lumens Of Brightness

Item No: BT-FL8019-20W

  • Super Bright: This flashlight produces exceptional bright light that can easily brighten up its surrounding area in an instant. It has 2000 lumens that can reach the distance of 350m.
  • Rechargeable: No need to worry about running out of battery, as this flashlight can be charged anywhere you like.
  • Heat Sink& Anti Slip Design: This flashlight is designed to have a heat sink in its body for keeping the temperature of the light stable. It also has an anti-slip design to prevent it from falling if it is wet and make your grasp tighter.
  • Waterproof: It has an IPX44 rating that makes it withstand a splash of water coming from all direction.
  • Long Lasting: It can last for a lot of years as this has 100,000 Hours for its lifetime.
  • Easy To Use & 3 Modes Of Light: Simply press the button on the tail end of the flashlight to turn it on and change the mode of light from Full, Semi and Strobe.
  • Multi-Purpose: This light can be use a house lighting and good source of light for your outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and many more activities.


For more inquiries, you can freely message us and we’re happy to assist you!

most powerful flashlight 3 modes
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Rechargeable Most Powerful Flashlight

Item No: BT-FL8003-20W

Rechargeable- No need to worry about charging as this flashlight has an USB port for charging. You can conveniently charge it at home or even at your car as long as theirs an USB port available.

Bright Lumen With 3 Modes Of Light- This flashlight offers 2000 lumens that can range the distance of 350m. It has 3 modes of light to select from, if the 2000 lumens are too bright for you. It has Full, Medium, and Flash mode.

Zoomable Feature- It has an adjustable beam feature. It is where the beam can be change from floodlight for wider light to spotlight for more focus and longer beam distance.

Waterproof- This flashlight has a great feature to where you can safely use it even in a heavy rain.

Portable- This small and lightweight flashlight can be used as an everyday carry flashlight because of its size. It can easily fit even in small bag and can easily attached to your belt or pocket because it has a pocket clip.

Multi-Use- A flashlight with this great lumen can be used to any activities at home and outdoor. It can be a great choice of light in your future activities that requires a light.

For more inquiries, you can freely message us and we’re happy to assist you!

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Choosing The Most Powerful Flashlight In The Market

This is the factors you should consider in buying the most powerful flashlight:

  • Flashlight Lumens
  • Battery Run Time
  • Battery Type
  • Weight and Size

The brightness of the flashlight is one of the most important factors you should consider in the flashlight. A lot of flashlights in the market, offers different range of lumens that made the price different from another. There are flashlights who offers a lot of good features and quality material that made it more pricy than other flashlights. But there are also a good and quality flashlight that is affordable. So, make sure before buying that you are choosing the right and most powerful flashlight in the market.

Your need to check this out in buying a flashlight:

  • Easy To Use- Your flashlight should turn on by easily pressing the button of switch. But it should not turn on by itself when it is placed inside your bag.
  • Portable- It is good to have a flashlight that you can carry anywhere and for a long time because it is lightweight and small.
  • Comfortable Grasp- Your hand should be comfortable enough if you are holding the flashlight. Because, you’ll never know how long you will hold it.
  • A Reliable Battery Life- The battery of your flashlight should last long enough, can easily found and can be charge anywhere.


Good Features Of A Powerful Flashlight

A powerful flashlight should pass a test to ensure that it follows the good standard of a flashlight. To do so, you need to look for this following feature:

Flashlight Lumen

The light output of the flashlight is measured in Lumen, so when you say lumens, it means that it is brightness of the flashlight. Lumens is measured depending on how intense the light of the flashlight is. It is one of the most important factors that consumers look for in a flashlight, because the brighter lumen the better. A good range of a lumen is 250-2000 lumen.



Beam Range

Beam range means how far does the light output can cover in a distance. It is measured through meters. A good and powerful flashlight should have a good range because it is a great help especially when you are going to use it outdoor. A good range will help you see things even from a far so make sure to get a flashlight with a good beam range.

Impact Resistant

Flashlight is tested for a couple times to make sure that it is impact or drop resistant. It is done, to make sure that you are buying a quality flashlight that can still work well after accidentally dropping it. A powerful flashlight should withstand a drop as it should be durable enough for a rough treatment outdoor.


Water Resistant

A powerful flashlight should have a waterproof feature. It is important because it means that you can safely use it in the rain and in any bodies of water outdoor.

Here are the following waterproof ratings:

IPX4- it means that the flashlight can withstand a splash of water coming from all direction.

IPX5- it means that the flashlight can withstand a low pressure of water coming from all direction.

IPX6- it means that the flashlight can withstand a high pressure of water coming from all direction.


Battery Run Time

The run time of a battery is measured in hours. It is one of the things you should consider because battery life is important. Your flashlight should last long hours to maximize its full potential and to produce a light for a long time.



Some Features That Affect Your Flashlight Selection:

Beam Type  

Floodlight (wide): This beam type covers a wider portion outdoor. It is a good choice of light for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and many more.

Spotlight (narrow): This beam light has a narrow light that can cover a long distance of light. It is a good choice if you want a more focus light to see an object from a far.

Adjustable: It means that is has both floodlight and spotlight. It can be adjusted depending on what you need.


Battery Type

It is important because you need to choose a flashlight that can easily change the battery. The flashlight’s battery should conveniently be found in the shops.

Disposable Battery: Most flashlight has a disposable battery like double A and triple A battery. This battery can easily be found in shops or markets around you.

Rechargeable Battery: This is mostly lithium-ion batteries. It can be charged using wall plug in charger or USB connection and a solar.

Renewable Battery: This is mostly used for emergency light that is powered by built in batteries that needs solar and hand crank to switch it on.


Modes Of Light

A single setting is sufficient for general-purpose use. Some models offer 2 or more modes like low, medium, high and boost). You may rarely use more than one mode, but having the option to throw an extra-strong beam on demand can be reassuring.  The brighter the mode, the shorter the runtime. Some models may offer special modes like a strobe or SOS feature.  User programmable modes or mode sequencing may be an option.  This may be a feature that is integrated into the flashlight, or set up on software and downloaded to the light via a USB cable.

A single mode of light is enough for general use flashlight like indoor lighting. For outdoor lighting is good to have modes of light to choose from. Some flashlight offers 3 modes of light, 5 modes of light and sometimes 7 and 9 modes of light. A powerful flashlight should have modes of light to select which light is needed. It is good to have a choice for your light mode because you can freely adjust it depending on your preference and situation you are in.


Easy To Use

Your flashlight should not be complicated and can easily use. It should be easily press to switch it on and off. The changing of mode should also be simple and easy.


Weight and Size

The weight and size of the flashlight depends on your preference. Some wants to have a larger and heavier flashlight in them while some wants a small and lightweight flashlight. A large and small flashlight usually has the same lumens because size of the flashlight doesn’t determine the lumen range. Because of the innovation of the flashlight in the market now, the small flashlights offer a great feature like a large flashlight.











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