magnetic rechargeable led work light

Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

magnetic rechargeable led work light

Absolute Handy and Clip-on Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

Item No: BT-WK7052

If you are someone seeking out a convenient light that will assist you to get the work done, bring with you this absolute handy companion magnetic rechargeable LED work light! Helps you with various difficulties during emergency scenarios and makes everything easy to deal with. Our rechargeable and cordless work light stand out for its excellent performance when used for indoor and outdoor repairs, hunting and camping, fishing, hard-to-reach area repairs, and other multi-purpose works.

  1. Waterproof and Durable. It provides you assurance of durability due to its composite material of mechanical plastic and aluminum alloy. It can support a 5 feet drop resistance. Also, a waterproof feature against water splashing from any area, therefore, makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities and emergencies.
  2. Rechargeable. It already has a built-in long-life battery that is provided with a charging port for your fast and easy gadget charging.
  3. Strong Magnet. With a solid magnet, the work light can be joined to metal surfaces to supply transitory illumination.

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Compact Size and Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

Item No: BT-WK7057

Never miss out on this new compact size and Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light just out in the market and has great innovation with a compact carry-on feature in mind! For a secure hold grip, this battery-powered LED light has intense adjustability. Moreover, a powerful magnetic base may suck up to 20 pounds. It can easily be secured to metallic surfaces for portable work operations. Created with a fancy design with black and red matte color and with reliability and advanced endurance. So don’t judge its size because it serves more than that.

  1. Magnetic and Metallic Hook. A stainless steel hook with a strong magnetism for convenient adherence to the iron surface which makes it portable. 
  2. Battery Indicator. You can use a Type-C charging port and feature a power and battery indicator for you to be aware of its battery and power status.
  3. Water Resistant. The work light has an IPX4 water resistance rating, making it weather resistant.

Feel free to ask us more about this product, get a quote today!

Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light
Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

Foldable Power Bank Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

Item No: WK7043

If you are planning a camp or hiking adventure with friends and family, then this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light is a must-have a companion! It is a foldable work light that bends up to 90-degree flip lighting. It has two available battery styles, one is a built-in lithium battery while the other is a dry battery style with 3*7 lithium battery composition. Both styles serve their own purpose. During emergency occurrences, this work light helps you with its 2500 mAh power storage which means it can stay running after long working hours.

  1. Rechargeable. Features a USB Charging function that can carry to charge your mobile phones. Under different circumstances, it can meet your charging requirements.
  2. Waterproof. No need to worry because this outstanding work light is waterproof. Rain or shine, you’re just gonna be alright.

Isn’t this work light an excellent gear companion? Never too late to try it out, contact our customer support department!

New Technology LED Outdoor Lantern Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

Item No: WK7070

Extremely long-lasting and proudly made with craftsmanship, utilizing high-quality manufacturing materials. This Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light is a type of modern breakthrough COB LED that provides. A 700 lumens full-array daytime illumination beam from a very portable product. It also has a strong magnet on the rear that allows it to be readily attached to a vehicle or other metallic surface for use as a task light or campsite light. With a hook on top, so you can conveniently hang it wherever you see fit. A fantastic tool for everyday use.

  1. Multi-use. Used not only for indoor activities, but this work light can be also used for self-defense, hiking, mountaineering, motorcycle riding, auto maintenance, and other activities are indeed possible.
  2. Brightness. Its lighting can illuminate with wide applications due to its 700 Lumens bright light.

Please contact us if you have any issues or require further information.

Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light

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Will this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light easily break when I accidentally drop it?

Definitely, no. When it comes to durability, this work light has a lot to offer and is made to be tough. Because of its composite material of mechanical plastic and aluminum alloy, it can hold a drop resistance of over five (5) feet. And that is a long way to go when coping with such unexpected scenarios. Although it guarantees strong and durable usage, it cannot tolerate often drop occurrences. So, it is still highly recommended to keep it in a safe place or refrain from getting dropped so your magnetic rechargeable LED work light will have a longer life span.

Is there a battery indication seen on the Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light?

Yes, there is a battery indicator on this product. For example, for our Absolute Handy and Clip-on Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light (Item No: BT-WK7052). It is located on the left side part of the power button. You can see 4 indicated dots that indicate the battery status of the product. Coming from the bottom part, the first dot indicates 25%. Next, the 2 dots mean 50%. And, 3 dots are 75%. Lastly, if all 4 dots are lighted in green. it gradually means 100% fully charged. You can identify the battery status to where the green lights glow on. 

Is it possible to replace the Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light batteries?

It is a magnetic “rechargeable” LED work light. High capacity batteries are included in these wireless Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light batteries. Because of its built in and top notch batteries, there is no need for you to change it from time to time. Hence, the battery cannot be easily replaced. It’s too much hassle on your part. Just take your USB cable port for convenient charging and no need to worry about your electric bill because this work light is energy saving despite the energy that it is emitting.

Will the Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light batteries to be damaged when it's splashed by water or get rained on?

One of the best features this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light battery can offer is that it is waterproof. Water splashing from different areas is not a problem anymore. Whether you get stuck on the road during a rainy day when going out camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities that require a multi-use associate. Our portable work light can be a great advantage for you, always and forever ready for whatever weather is coming. Aside from that, it can be used for indoor and emergency purposes. It is a proven and tested waterproof LED work light. 

Will this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light to be easily fastened to some areas for me to conduct a hands free operation?

We are proud to say, yes. I’ll give you three (3) reasons why. First of all, it has a strong magnetism. Our work light with a solid magnet can be joined and attached to any metal surfaces to provide enough lighting while you are working. Second, a part of this item is a metallic hook. The metallic hook can be hung anywhere for convenience. With this, you can be able to focus on whatever you are doing and permits you to utilize both hands for operation. That is in conclusion should result in faster and stress free work. Last but not the least, it has a unique adjustable clamp on at the bottom part of the item. Indeed, with such a thickness of 3 cm, the raised clamp can be easily attached to a table or desk. The coefficient of friction design increases clamp friction and prevents LED bulbs from easily falling off. This clamp on feature can only be seen on our model New Technology Outdoor Lantern Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light (Item No: WK7070).

Does this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light to assure our durability and reliability?

All our products are guaranteed to be durable and reliable for multiple uses. Our portable LED lights are rugged and hard to break. It is purely made of corrosion resistant material, therefore it is resistant to rust and discoloration. Our Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light stays in great condition for a really long time. You can use it for up to 8 to 12 hours for whatever purposes. Very reliable, right? A big advantage compared to our competitors in the market. Can last long just like our portable work light. You can use this work light in many ways.

  • Indoor: You can use it for emergency purposes such as power outages, environmental phenomena, and also with home repairs, basement checking, garage projects, and such.
  • Outdoor: This work light can be also used for self-defense or protection, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, motorcycle riding, and auto maintenance
How long does it take for the Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light to be fully charged?

For our Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light to be fully charged, it takes 4 – 5 hours. Using it for almost 8 to 12 hours a day, it only takes a few hours to recharge it. That alone makes you want to buy it. You can leave it charging from a safe socket during your break time. I must say it’s pretty convenient! And no worries because you will know if it is fully charged due to its battery indicator, our products also come with overcharging protection so you don’t have to worry if you forget to unplug it. 

What comes with the product when purchased?

When you purchase our Magnetic Rechargeable LED work light, it comes with a USB charging port for both input and output with batteries included. The USB cable can be connected to the computer, power bank, AC Adapter, and car charger. All of this in one purchase! A very outstanding work light performance for a reasonable price. Hitting two birds with one stone! Plus, it comes with a one year warranty and is backed by our reliable customer service that can help you whenever you have any issues or questions.

Are the magnets attached to this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light strong enough?

This Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light is designed with a strong magnetic embedding on the bottom for support. It really helps in emergencies. The hidden hook can be rotated and changed 360 degrees, making it easy to hang. The hook can be attached to the inside of the tent without affecting the wide range of functions of the work light. If you want to concentrate completely on your work, such as barbecuing, camping and reading, well yes you can. It is surely a worthy gear tool to keep around.

How much illumination does this Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light can provide?

This extremely long lasting Magnetic Rechargeable LED Work Light can provide illumination of 700 Lumens with wide applications. Our products with item numbers BT-WK7057, WK7070, and  WK7043 can provide a bright light of up to 700 Lumens. On the other hand, our absolute handy work light with item number BT-WK7052 can serve you up to 10 Watts 1200 Lumens bright light. It is all because of the 2600mAh 18650 Magnetic XPE + COB LED work light material with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The stronger the battery is, the more it illuminates brightly and lighter that it can be used for a long duration. It also has 5 incredible lighting modes that you may use. (1) LED Dome Light, (2) Full Light, (3) Low Light, (4) Red Light, and lastly (5) Red Strobe Light.

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