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Super Bright Led Torch With 5 Modes of Light

Item No: BT-FL8007-20W

This super bright LED Torch Light has a brightness of 2000 lumen that can cover the distance of 500m. It offers five modes of light for you to freely adjust depending on your likeness. You may also recharge it using type c rechargeable cord and unscrew the head for USB rechargeable. The power indicator is also located on the side of the torch for you to see the battery life in your light. This LED Torch Light is a must have as this is powerful and very useful in every situation.

Wide Application: with a high brightness of 2000 lumen, this led torch light is a great choice in every adventure you are in. Like camping, hunting, hiking and any other outdoor activities. Whether you are outdoor or indoor it is a good one as you can also use it in case of emergency at home.

Long Battery-Life: No need to worry about the battery life of this LED Torch light, as this will work up to 20 hours long. You can enjoy your outdoor activities and can conveniently charge it using type c charger or an USB Port.

Five Modes Of Light: If you think this LED Torch Light is too bright for its 2000 lumen, this light has a five modes of light for you to adjust depending on your needs and likeness. You can adjust the light from its full brightness up to 20% of brightness and a strobe light is also one of your choices in this light.

Waterproof: with an IPX5 waterproof rating this Led Torch can withstand and resist a low pressure of water coming from all direction. You can use it any weather you are with as long it doesn’t interact with too much rain and water.

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Brightenlux Manufactures Best Quality Led Torch

NINGBO BRIGHTENLUX ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer Of Led Torch and other Led outdoor lighting products like headlamps, camping light, work lights and many more. With over 150 workers that is working hard to make sure that the products are all in good quality before delivering.

With continous innovation of market trends and customers needs, We make sure to constantly develop new and creative items to meet our customers demand. Brightenlux company have professional R&D team composed of 10 technical staffs, including 3 Product Designers, 4 Structural Engineers and 3 Electronics Engineers, with multi-year experience in creating the most trend-setting lighting products in this industry.

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Led Torch Zoomable

Led Torch With Zoomable Feature

Item No: BT-FL8036

This LED Torch offers a zoomable function for you to focus the light. You can zoom it in and out for a floodlight and spotlight. it is a special feature because not all torch light has this feature. You may also adjust the light depending on your likeness because it offers 5 modes of light. It has a strobe and SOS light for you to use in case of emergency. You can never go wrong with this LED Torch light because it also has a powerful brightness that can cover a long distance. So, get this LED Torch light now!

  • High Lumen with Wide Distance: This LED Torch has a powerful brightness of 1000 lumen that can easily brighten up its surrounding area. Its beam range can cover the distance more than 500m. It has a solid brightness that you can use indoor and outdoor. You can also zoom it in and out for its spotlight and floodlight feature.
  • Five Modes of Light: By just pressing the button on the tail end of the LED Torch, you can change the mode of lighting. With 5 different light modes: Full, Semi, Low, Strobe and SOS. You can choose the brightness that you need and incase of emergency theirs an option of lighting for you to choose the Strobe and SOS signal.
  • Durable and powered by 3x AA Batteries: Built with a high quality of Aluminum, this strong and powerful LED Torch will surely last long indoor and outdoor as this is powered by 3X AA Batteries. You can conveniently buy a battery to a store near you for you to change the battery if you need it.
  • Wide Application: This led torch light is ideal in all your activities outdoor like camping, hiking, hunting, walking, fishing and more activities. You can also use it indoor incase of emergency like power shortage, storms or if you are just simply looking for something at home.

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A Powerful Long-Range LED Torch

Item No: BT-FL8046-15W

This extremely bright LED Torch, offers a brightness of 1500 lumen with 5 modes of light to choose from. It has a Full brightness, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS in its lighting settings mode. You can also change the lighting output of it by just zooming in and out for floodlight and spotlight feature.  There are different sizes of LED Torch is available for you to choose from, there are 5 sizes of choice so you can get the size that you wanted depending on your likeness. This LED Torch has a lot of great features for you, so get it now.

  • Powerful and Long Range: A LED Torch with 1500 lumen and can cover the distance up to 500m and more. This Led Torch is a powerful tool for you to use outdoor. Because of its lumen it can easily lighten up its surrounding area.
  • Five Modes of Light: If the full brightness of 1500 lumen is too bright for you, it has an easy pressing button for you to change the setting or mode of the LED Torch. There’s a Medium brightness and Low brightness for your brightness of choice. A Strobe light and SOS signal light is also available in this torch for you to use in case of emergency,
  • Waterproof: This LED Torch has an IPX4 rating. It means this torch can resist a splash of water coming from all direction.
  • Multi-Purpose: A LED Torch light that you can use in car repairing, outdoor lighting, fishing, camping and house lighting. This LED torch is an all-around light for you to use in any situation you are in.

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Handy size Led Torch
Led Torch With Power Display

A Rechargeable LED Torch With Adjustable Focus

Item No: BT-FL8071

This Led Torch is very convenient and good for any outdoor activities as this is rechargeable and can act as a power bank to your other devices. It has a built-in power and USB port for your other devices that needs to recharge. A great choice of LED torch for it offers a lot a special feature that you can use in your outdoor activities. It can also change the lighting beam of this torch from floodlight to spotlight. So, if you are looking for an all-around LED torch then this light is the one for you.

  • Super Bright: With a XHP50 LED chip this bright and powerful LED can easily brighten up a room while using indoor and lighten up the area around it while outdoor. This LED torch can cover the distance up to 500m.
  • Five Modes of Light: It offers 5 modes of light from High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS. With just simply pressing the button on the side of the light it can change the mode of light depending on your likeness.
  • Waterproof: This Torch has an IP44 rating that means it can withstand a splash of water and can be use whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Multi-Purpose: A LED Torch light that you can use in any situation you are. Outdoor activities like camping, hunting, hiking and any other fun activities outdoor this LED torch light is a great choice. It can also be use during emergency at home or just simply looking for things inside your home
  • Zoomable: It offers a zoomable feature to adjust the beam light of the LED torch from spotlight to floodlight.


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What Is The Ideal Lumen For LED Torch?

250-2000 Lumen

Led Torch with lumen ranging 250-2000 lumen is the ideal brightness for home and outdoor activities. It is a good range because the brightness is enough to lighten up the room and the surrounding area outdoor. At this range you can clearly see what’s ahead of you and will make you more aware to your environment. It also covers great distance because of its powerful brightness

How To Choose A Good LED Torch?

Innovation in LED Torches results to more choices in the market and because, of this a lot of consumers failed to know what to look in a torch. Before buying a LED Torch here are the list you should consider:

  • Portable LED Torch- A lightweight and smaller type of LED Torches is one of the things you should consider in a LED Torch. As this small size and lightweight torch can fit in any bag you have outdoor. Also, you need a LED Torch that is not heavy for you to enjoy your activities outdoor. But, remember to get a quality type of LED Torch despite of its size. It should serve its purpose and give the things you need outdoor.
  • Brightness- The brightness is important in looking for a good LED Torch, As the main purpose of the LED Torch is to help you lighten up your area. If you have a great brightness of Torch, it means that it will be easier for you to see ahead of you.
  • Run time- A good LED torch should stay up for at least 3 hours and more. But, of course the longer the run time the better. It should give you ample time of using it than just charging or changing the battery.
  • Durability- A LED torch should withstand rough object and rough treatments outdoor. A good quality of material is one of the reasons why a torch is strong to withstand it all. Choose a torch that you know strong and will last long years.
Is It Important To Have An Impact Resistant LED Torch?

Yes, it is important to have an impact resistant LED torch because you’ll never know if you accidentally drop your LED torch outdoor if it will still work or not. So, being an impact resistant torch is a plus because you’ll know that it will still work even if you drop it. Some torches are being tested if it is impact resistance or not. So, be sure to look for a torch that is impact resistance because it is surely durable and will last long.


Is It Important To Have A Water Resistant LED Torch?

Yes, it is important to have a LED torch that is water resistant because you can still use it even if it’s raining. This torch can withstand water depending on its waterproof rating.

Here are the IPX Waterproof Rating:

IPX4-Can resist a splash of water coming from all direction

IPX5-Can resist a low pressure of water coming from all direction

IPX6-Can resist a high pressure of water coming from all direction

Do I Need To Get A Battery In My LED Torch?

It depends on what type of LED Torch you have. Some LED torch needs to have a battery like double A, triple A, C, D or any other types of batteries. Some just needs to recharge the batteries. Check your torch first for you to know if you need a battery or not.

How Long Will My LED Torch Last?

Most of the LED Torch last between 50,000 and more hours for its lifetime. This is the range for most of the LED torch and this range is a good and an ideal one for a LED Torch. Also LED torch last longer than other type of flashlight. It is important to have a great quality of LED Torch that will last long. As this LED Torch will help you in a lot of circumstances at home and outdoor. The longer hours the better.

How Will I Know The Brightness Of My LED Torch?

Lumens is the measurement that the brightness of a LED Torch has. Most of the torch has an indication or level how bright the lumen of the torch is. It is mostly seen in the product details located in the box or in the website where you bought it. It is important to know the brightness of the LED torch is for you maximize its power. The brightness of a LED torch is one of the important factor to consider in buying torch as the brightness help you to easily see around you.

3000 Lumen LED Torch Can Cover A Distance Of?

This range of lumen is super bright and powerful. It can actually cover a distance of 100 square foot. This 3000 lumen can easily brighten up a big room and can lighten up an open area outdoor. At this range you can clearly see what’s ahead and around you. But, be careful as this can be blinding because of it strong lumen.

Is It Good To Have A 1000 Lumen LED Torch?

1000 lumen is a good range indoor and outdoor. As this powerful range can brighten up a room in an instant and help you to have a clear vision ahead of you outdoor. Remember that in lumen the brighter the better.

What’s The Reason LED Torches Failure?

One of the primary reason why your LED Torches failed is because of the weak or dead batteries. It is often neglected because you can’t see it as it is situated inside the torch. But, you need to regularly check it to know the problem of it.

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