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USB Rechargeable Led Torch Light With Pocket Clip

Item No: BT-FL8054A-15W

This portable and smart led flashlight offers you a brightness of 1200 lumens with 5 lighting modes for you to choose from. It has a waterproof rating of IPX4 meaning you can use it in hurricane and rain. Other than being a waterproof it is also snow proof and drop resistant. This is not just an ordinary led flashlight as it also has a features for self-defense.

A modern looking and a led flashlight that has an impressive feature. You can all find it here, in this powerful flashlight. Get it now!

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Rechargeable Led Torch Light With COB Side Light

Item NO: BT-FL8066

Charging and brightness is not a problem in this led flashlight, as you can charge it using a USB charger and offers you a 4 modes of light with a brightness around 200 lumens.

You can use it not just outdoor but also indoor because it has a unique feature where you can use it as a floodlight and spotlight. It has a high-quality material that you can use for a long time. As our company made sure that you got a quality and best led flashlight in the market.

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A Powerful Led Torch Light With Zoomable Features


This led torch light can be use not just outdoor for your adventure but, also indoor for some emergency purposes or anywhere you want to use it.

This model of torch light has a powerful feature with a lumen of 1000 and a 5 modes of light. It is built with a strong quality of aluminum that design to be IP44 waterproof. This light can range up to 200m that can also be a floodlight or spotlight. You can also choose a mode of battery in this flashlight, we 4 choices for you to choose from.

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Multi-functional Led Torch Light With Magnet

Item NO: BT-FL8059

A multi-functional flashlight that can be use not just a flashlight but can doubled and use as a headlamp. This compact flashlight can light the distance up to 350m and can recharge using USB charger. With an impressive waterproof rating of IP44 this flashlight can withstand a heavy pressure of water and hard objects in the outdoor.

This can be use not just outdoor for fishing, cycling or hiking but also indoor and a light for a car repairing. This light includes a strong magnet that is attach to the flashlight and 3 modes of light for you to adjust the brightness depending on your needs.

If you need a flashlight and a headlamp get this product now!

rechargeable led torch light

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How Many Lumens Of Led Torch Light Do I Usually Need In A House?

The ideal lumen of a led torch light that used in a house is about 100-300 lumens, which will be OK. With this lumen you can now search and light up the area within 20-30 feet so, these are more than enough.

Remember, the brightness of your led torch light depends on your needs. If the torch light used outdoor, suggest to use more than 500luemns or 1000lumens flashlight for long rang lighting.

How Much Lumens Fits In A Mini Led Torch Light

5-20 Lumens

A led torch light with 5-20 lumens are usually found in the mini size objects with a free lights attach on it like keychain and a pen. This torch is handy and simple to use. It gives you light when you needed them and can brighten up the area in close range. This 5-20 lumens torch light is really helpful and can give you a light in case of emergency. Usually the battery used in this kind of torch light are a small type of batteries or a AAA battery.

What Is The Best Led Torch Light For Near And Far Lighting?

This led torch light with 150-800 lumens is designed for you to use it in near and far range lighting. It is considered as an effective led torch light and can be use anywhere you like. It is a good choice as it is proficient and still budget friendly. It is also a handy one and can fit in the place where you want it.  This lumen is really perfect for lighting near and far objects as it is not too bright and not too dim. It is also widely available in the market today as it can be use indoor and outdoor.


What Is The Best Led Torch Light For Outdoor Activities?

Led Torch light with 500-1000 lumens are advisable for many outdoor activities like, sailing, hunting, fishing, camping and tactical task. But, you can also use and found it at home, store and workplace because why not this torch light is really bright and good for emergency purposes. One of the downside of this are the battery power as most of this torch light in this range are still powered but alkaline batteries. Still this is a great choice for you.

How Long Does Led Torch Light Last?

Usually the battery life of a Led torch light is around 1-7 hours on high lighting mode and 10 or more hours in low setting mode. The battery life of a led torch light also depends on how many hours you charged your torch light and how drain it is. Because when you drain a torch light it means you need more time charging it, as you used all the power left in the torch light. It is also advisable to fully charged it before using for you to maximize the time you use it. Same as in the battery mode 1- more hours run time depending on what mode you use.

Is 1000 Lumens Too Bright For A Led Torch Light?

Yes, 1000 lumen is too bright specially if it is for everyday use. This led torch light is too powerful and bright as it can reach a distance of 215 meters and more. It is a torch light enable you to see an object even from afar distance. It is considered as a durable torch light that can withstand all tough objects and can handle bad weather conditions.


1000 Lumens Led Torch Light Is Used In?

Led torch lights with 1000 lumens are commonly used by an officer in service like a police and military. As they really need it for an operation to brighten up the whole area, especially if they are searching for something or someone. This 1000 lumen torch light is a great help when you are looking for something in a shipyard, going hunting in the mountain, and exploring big areas. It can also be use in any recreational parties and activities on a massive surroundings. As this lumen is really powerful remember not to use it indoors and don’t look at it directly because it can damage your eyes.

Does The Light Mode Affects The Battery life Of My Led Torch Light?

Yes, it is true that one of the factor that affects the battery life of led torch light is the light mode you choose. Some of the led torch light in the market today have an extra mode like low, medium, high and boost. Yes, it can also be a good choice but remember that the brighter the mode you choose the shorter of its battery life. But, for general use one mode is enough for lighting up the area just choose the right lumens for your needs.

Is It Good To Have A Led Torch Light?

A led torch light is a great choice as it is energy sufficient and brighter than any other lights in the market today. Plus, the battery of a led torch light last longer than any other. Yes, it is the best one in the market as it durable, serves it purpose and budget friendly.

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