led string light

Brightenlux LED String Light

led string light

LED String Light With Power Efficient LED G40 Bulb Brightenlux

Item No: BT – GL8031C

We proudly present to you this very spectacular and energy saving hanging LED String Light for outdoor decoration for space upgrade. Perfect may it be for indoor or outdoor setting for any occasions that you can think. May it be for simple dinner gathering with the family, birthday, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or etc. This magnificent LED string light will surely be handy to spice up the area without any much effort. It has clever light management and is equipped with impeccable LED G40 bulb that is energy saving and long lasting. It switches on automatically at night and switches off automatically throughout the day to charge the battery. The light can be hung anywhere thanks to the hanging clip. Considering that it is water proof, wind proof, snow proof, and sun proof, it is unquestionably ideal for your outdoor event sites! With its IP45 Water Resistance Level, you will not need to worry whenever it is about to rain!

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Portable and Aesthetic Outdoor LED String Light For Garden

Item No: BT – GL8203

If you are seeking the greatest product to transform your outside area into the nicest venue with a pleasant ambiance, this is the LED String Light that you are looking for! It is a portable and aesthetic LED string light that may revive the traditional ways. Furthermore, the hanging light bulb is in a unique twirl for an extra design that makes it spread a bright and captivating illumination, ideal for adding elegance to the event. These are the LED string light specifications that you should definitely know:

  • It has a total of 14 feet with 18 LED bulbs. 6 may be connected together because it has a built-in loop. While the bulbs themselves measure 6 inches each.
  • It offers a wide spectrum of color temperatures that you can choose from. It has a 2700k warm white light to illuminate dark areas of your home, or as an additional element in your events and celebrations.

If you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have queries!

Led String Light
Led String Light

Brightenlux Portable and Waterproof Hanging LED String Light

Item No: BT – GL8205

For any social event, it is always enhanced by sufficient illumination and the selection of appropriate lighting is a must for an additional mood to the event. Look no further because we offer a portable and waterproof hanging LED string light! It is waterproof and is quite safe to put outside! The LED light may last up to ten hours after charging for eight to ten hours. Finally, you have the option of selecting between different RGB colors. 

  • It is easy to control because you can connect the lights on your smartphones using a WIFI Smart App control. It also features a hands free voice control.
  • Perfect for music jamming due to its synchronized music feature based on the rhythms. 
  • You can find the ideal brightness as it is 1% – 100% dimmable.
  • IP65 water proof and shatterproof. It is durable and can stand rainy and windy weather.
  • What are you waiting for? Call us and make this RGB LED string light into your hands now!

Brightenlux Durable and High Luminance LED String Light

Item No: BT – GL8206

Brightenlux Durable and High Luminance LED String Light

It is essential to enrich the mood of the garden by satisfactorily lighting it and utilizing the suitable type of lighting. Before choosing an LED string light, it is essential to investigate its characteristics. And if you are seeking for the greatest, we’ve got it! Its size is ideal for lighting the area while maintaining the garden’s comfort. Perfect for simple house events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and such. 

  • Its color temperature ranges from 2700k to 5000k. 2700k for a soft warm white light and 5000k for a bright white illuminance.
  • It is an IP65 waterproof LED string light. Aside from that, it is snowproof, sunproof, and windproof.
  • It is also dimmable so it gives you an option for lighting depending on your interests.
  • It surely can brighten your area with its 100 lumens light and a long runtime duration of up to 10000 hours.

Get this excellent LED string light now into your hands, if you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us any time!

Led String Light

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What is LED string light? What are the uses of these LED String Light?

When an electric current passes through a chip, and what it does is it makes illuminating a tiny light source or commonly known as an LED or often referred to as a light emitting diode. What it does is produces light waves that are referred to as “LED light.” In the past, simple conventional lamps were a popular choice for outdoor lighting but today everything now is smart technology and high tech. But it is well known that such are not the best choices. Bulbs and several other types of outdoor lighting tend to attract bugs and are not as durable as you may think compared to before. It’s time to look for some LED string lights that won’t attract insects and here is the best product thay you may use on the comfort of your own home. An LED string light can also be used for the following purposes (but is not limited to): evenly lighting both your inside and outdoor environment or spaces, so you have the best spot for you and your friends and family to lounge around and enjoy some time together.

Do these LED string lights work in any weather condition?

Certainly! BRIGHTENLUX LED string lights product items are confirmed as being resistant to any extreme environmental conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, and so on. It works perfectly and can withstand minor damage. Customers do not need to be concerned about the item because it is composed of high quality materials that are both sturdy and flexible enough to endure the weather changes in your location. BT – GL8031C BT – GL8203, BT – GL8205, and BT – GL8206 are all certified waterproof and shatterproof and come with their own water resistance level.  It is durable and can stand rainy and windy weather with no problem at all!

What are the benefits of using a LED string light?

The most known advantage of this sort of lighting is its economy, and hence energy efficiency. This is because  LEDs or these LED string lights can turn significantly more of the power they use into visible light rather than heat. They are 85 to 90% more efficient than conventional light bulbs. This is fantastic news, particularly during the festive period when you desire your Christmas decorations to sparkle late at night. LED lighting solutions can alleviate your concern that your excess of Christmas joy would result in excessive and expensive energy electricity costs. Take comfort in knowing that they are operating properly throughout the season. Another advantage of LED bulbs is their long life time usage. LEDs do not really burn out; instead, they endure lumen degradation. This means they will gradually fade in time and will have to be replaced when they emit roughly 30% reduced light. So investing in a bit pricey LED string light will be more beneficial in the long run because you can ROI it soon.

How long do LED string lights stay lit?

Good question. Our LED string lights can last for up to 10000 hours of usage. By that number, you can use it for a good 4 to 6 years with, of course, proper care. Normally, the lifespan of an LED light is between 4 and 6 years. That range is not constant, either. The lifespan may be shortened when the LED light is often drastically used or has been in contact with an intense high heat. Or it will last longer over its expected duration if it is stored properly, and has been placed in a good area away from intense heat.   However, even though an LED light does last the manufacturer specified lifespan, it will undergo luminosity deterioration, which diminishes the light output of the LED over time. Kindly also take into mind that when this happens it is most likely that you already ROI this investment, no matter how trustworthy the manufacturer please do not forget that all things are bound to be replaced and changed when the time comes.

Can you ensure the durability of these LED string lights?

Never worry because we only offer outdoor led string light items that can satisfy your needs or even exceed your expectations. We are already 10 years in this industry so rest assured that we already have the expertise in this field. Our products are also tested and certified by authorities before it gets released for the public to use. You may begin by looking at the company’s credibility and its numerous solar light items offered by BRIGHTENLUX, which specializes in providing a wide selection of lighting equipment for various uses. We do provide long lasting and dependable led lighting that outlast other common gadgets. Aside from that, again we have 10 years of experience in this industry, honing our skills and workmanship. If you are looking for the greatest solar yard lights or led string light, BRIGHTENLUX is the best place to go. For additional information, you may scroll more at our website at https://www.brightenlux.com.

What is the best way to hang LED string lights?

As our LED string light offers a wide application, you can choose the best option to install it depending on the event you are planning or by permanent installation at your home. Here are some tips and ways on how to hang our LED string lights perfectly on your premises:

  • First, consider the type of lighting you need and where you would like them to be placed.  Calculate the length of lights required to cover the given area.
  • Choose your favorite lights and be careful to connect them before installing them. Kindly check the manual provided for installation. In this manner, you can ensure that things work before putting in all of the efforts. Make sure that you know what specific features you want your led string light should have. Just an advise, I think it will greatly help if you will check thoroughly our website for led string light that can perfectly suit your needs and preferences.
  • There are a number of ways to hang them. Either you hang it on trees or a permanent installation. To do this, use a staple gun and grounded plastic staples. Take care not to harm the lighting wires in any way. Avoid using metal staples at all costs.
  • Make a plan for where you will place them so you will know exactly what to do immediately. This will also assist you in concealing the plugs or wires. Exposed wires provide a more rustic effect, and you should use lighting fixtures for this.
  • Please read and ask if the specific led string light model you have can handle multiple strands at one time.
  • Lastly, get to enjoy the space with an ambiance improving and illuminating outdoor led string light.
Is it okay to run these LED string lights on higher currents?

Good point. Be mindful of the instructions given in the manual to keep your LED string light at its great performance and durability. Any form of the electrical gadget has an operational range, and our LED string lights are no exception. Each LED is designed to work with a specific electric charge, which is the pace at which power is transmitted into a circuit. Once an LED light bulb is operated with an insufficient electrical charge, the LED does not have sufficient energy to deliver the required light output. The advantage of this condition is that the LED lasts much longer because it is not being used to its maximum capability. Whenever an LED light is utilized with such an insanely high electric charge, it will glow brighter in order to use the entire energy which the circuit is getting. This decreases the bulb’s longevity, but it may also allow the light fitting and the LED wiring to overheat and blow down. So make sure to check thoroughly before plugging in your awesome LED string light. Reading and asking thoroughly will not save you time but will also keep you and your family from harm.

Do these LED string lights offer high illumination?

Never worry! Because we at BRIGHTENLUX guarantee not only creative design and a longer lasting LED string light product, but we are also focused on manufacturing our products not only to satisfy but exceed what you have expected. So aside from its portability and versatility, you will like how our LED string can supply you with additional brightness despite its small size. With our LED string light, you can light up the dark areas of your home and even use it for decorative purposes since it has great performance and creative design. This has exceptionally bright lumens of 100 flashes as well as an illumination setting of 120 volts for a variety of uses, so it can easily suit all of your lighting needs with no problem at all. 

What are the LED string lights color options we can choose from?

LED string lights are becoming increasingly popular. It’s energy efficient, long lasting, and offers a variety of unique forms. However, when it comes to LED lights and bulbs, consumers are primarily concerned about the light’s color quality. This is referred to as “color temperature.” Our LED string light product series has a wide range of color temperatures that you can choose from. BT – GL8203 has 2700k warm white, while BT – GL8206 2700k to 5000k color temperature range.

You may refer these range as a short guide in identifying a color range: 

  • Warm White (0 to 2900K) – In terms of shade tone and warmth, this average temp is equivalent to that of a normal fluorescent lamp. Some individuals discover this temperature to be soothing, and Bulbs by this temperature are ideal for high traffic areas such as  living areas, dining, and rooms.
  • Cool White (3000K to 4900K) – A clear and bright color suitable to be used in work rooms, office spaces, basements, and garages.
  • Day light (5000K and above) – Sharp, strong light with a somewhat blue white tint. This sort of light is commonly used for exterior illumination, retail or commercial environments, emergency lighting, and other similar applications.
What is the basic troubleshooting way for these LED string lights?

Here are a simple and most basic troubleshooting for our LED string light.

  • If the bulbs are not lighting up, unplug that product from the electrical outlet.
  • Tighten (or loosen) the bulbs in the sockets.
  • The tip of the bulbs needs to touch the metal tabs inside the socket for the light to turn on. If this doesn’t work then pull the metal tabs up for each socket a little bit.
  • If one or more bulbs are still not lighting up then replace the bulb with a working one.  If the bulbs light up then please contact us for replacement bulbs.

If the following basic troubleshooting for our LED string light still did not work, please seek help from professional electricians, it may be due to some cutting or leak in the wire so make sure to unplug the led string light from the outlet before you touch to remove it from its hanging.

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