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Brightenlux COB Led Rechargeable Sensor Headlight

Item NO: BT-HL9067

A very desirable LED Sensor Headlight with a long running time, is worthy to be added into your outdoor camping kit. Energy consumption is efficient because of its COB LED feature but still comes with a handy power indicator and a convenient USB Charging method, no need to worry about batteries running low. This powerful light beam is simple, compact, and easy to use. Perfect multipurpose headlamp, for any light problem situation.

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USB Rechargeable Led Sensor Headlight

Item NO: BT-HL9044

An LED Sensor Headlight that comes with intelligent sensor technology. Can choose among 4 Lighting Modes with Red Light. Twist the headlight to refocus illumination, zoom in and out to your desired beam range. Comes with two switches: Normal Light and Sensor Light. Wave in front of you to turn your headlight on and off. Designed to solve lighting problems at any angle for your convenience.

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LED Sensor Headlight With Red Light And Blue Light

Item NO: BT-HL9056

Capable of tilting until 60 degrees, throw the light where you want it to be with this versatile and sleek looking LED Sensor Headlight. Equipped with COB LED light, Red light, and Blue Light, ultimate premium feels! Made and engineered to withstand rain and other weather with its IPX4 Water Resistance Level. With long battery life and convenient USB charging. Explore the outdoors with this reliable LED Sensor Headlight with night safety protection.

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Stunning Red Mini LED Sensor Headlight

Item NO: BT-HL9045

Compact but powerful Red Mini Head Lamp with power indicator for convenience. Easy to operate and perfect even for adults or kids. Can be conveniently charged using a USB Charger, Power bank, Car charger, etc… Premium LED Sensor Headlight can be adjustable until 45 degrees, Long lasting beam with energy efficient COB LED. Shift from white beam to red beam in a snap with the help of our motion sensor technology.




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What is a LED Sensor Headlight?

This LED headlamp has a compact, lightweight design with extremely bright COB LED technology for a brighter, more even beam. LED Sensor Headlights are gears that are equipped with built-in led lights that help people see at distances. These are similar to handy flashlights however it is remodeled in order to make the lives of the people convenient and easy. It is also equipped with the Innovative and Smart Sensor Technology that will make things much easier to operate when the headlight is in your hand, no more finding the buttons with your hands if you can just simply wave your hand in front of you to turn the headlight on and off.

Does the Led Sensor Headlight have adjustable lighting?

Yes of course it is adjustable and dimmable according to the brightness you want. Finding a decent energy-efficient alternative to work with your dimming system has gotten a lot easier because to technological improvements. In which in this case, the LED Sensor Headlight are using this advancement in the products. You can adjust from white, to warm white, and red specifically product BT-HL9067.

  • High White Light this is the highest output the headlight can produce. This is perfect to use in dark places in long distances. Preferably used during campings, hiking, or fishing.
  • Warm White Light this is not as bright as the first options. This is more on a soft light which can be used in looking for objects around the house or maybe for emergency purposes during blackouts or brownouts.
  • Red Light is one of the most helpful feature with this headlight is the SOS / red light. This is an indicator of asking for assistance, especially during adventurous activities.
Where are the sensor headlight used for?

There are many uses for this headlight: Fishing, hunting, night running, trekking, and camping are all common uses for this. Those are just some of the many things that we can use this headlight for. Whether you are camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, running, bicycling, walking your dog, working on your car, reading a book, or experiencing an emergency, this hands-free headlight will come in handy! May it be an all-out adventure or just simple tasks to do at home, this LED Sensor Headlight really proves itself worthy of keeping around.

Is the sensor headlight fit for daily activities?

Worry not! As our led sensor headlight is not just for outdoor usage but also for indoor. Emergencies don’t only happen outside your house. Believe it or not but the most common emergency situations happen in our very own houses. Thus sensor led headlight will be able to help you not just see in the dark but also with its red light changing feature it might become handy. Better be prepared than sorry! Comes in different light modes to suit your needs.

How long does the battery of les sensor headlight last?

A fully charged battery provides 10 hours of use time, and a battery indicator to assist you in learning how to use and charge it. Using the highest brightness it might give you only 5 hours and if you are using the lowest brightness it will give you the maximum hours of 10. You are also given a manual on how to charge it properly in order to maximize the lifespan of the batteries. You don’t need to worry as a USB charger and port are built in the sensor headlight. You will never worry about empty battery anymore!

How long does the sensor headlight lifespan last?

It depends on the person’s way of usage. Don’t worry as the headlight has safety features not to overheat in terms of long time usage. Its body is also made up of high grade material that can protect itself from sudden failings or dropping. It won’t be damaged or get broken easily. But, it is still highly advisable to please observe proper usage of the product. The more you take good care of it, the more it will last.


Can it really be turned on and off via motion?

Definitely! As we know the advancement of technology is very rampant today. Of course, the LED Sensor headlight is one of the products that took advantage of the technological advancements. There are motion sensor modes, in which you can turn on and off the led headlight by waving your hands, which solves the problem of having both hands busy or dirty. You may also turn off the light by just pressing the mode button; no need to cycle through all the modes!

Where can the led sensor headlight be charged?

Anytime and anywhere as long as you have a power source with you! Due to its built in rechargeable battery and also a provided USB charging port. The led sensor headlight can be charged anywhere. It can be your power banks, laptops, personal computer, its very own included charger, and any other electronic devices that can provide power.

Is your sensor headlight really water resistant?

Yes, it is! Our led sensor headlight is water proof, so you can relax knowing that rain or splashing water won’t stop your light from working when you’re out fishing. Because you can use your light regardless of the weather, this is an excellent option all year. It is with an IPX4 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand splashes of water.

How big is the headlight?

The headlight is very well designed to be compact in nature. Thus this only takes up a small space in your storage or tool box. This is small enough to fit in your side pockets of the backpacks or even in your own pockets. We really put into the mind making a very light LED Sensor Headlight without compromising its power.

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