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Multiple Use Emergency LED Road Flares Disc

Item No: BT – 2000CH

Emergency situations on the road are inevitable. Some may happen during the broadest daylight while most untoward incidents take place during nighttime. In these situations, it is necessary to be prepared. LED road flares discs are the perfect devices that can help in preventing further accidents to happen within the area of emergency. These are bright enough to help alert the nearby people and authorities. Also, with the road flare’s bright color, brightness, and different light modes, it can illuminate the area and can slow down the speed of the oncoming traffic to prevent any further untoward incidents to happen. Moreso, these are some of the features and advantages of purchasing an LED Road Flare:

  1. There are four LED road flares colors that you can choose such as blue, red, orange, and yellow. These bright colors are definitely suitable for declaring an emergency situation.
  2. There is a triple LED light at the front which can be utilized as a flashlight.
  3. A magnet is attached at the back so that it can stick directly to your car without damaging its paint.
  4. Each road flare light consists of 12 LED lights to ensure a high level of brightness it can emit.
  5. The product only needs three triple A batteries which are readily available in convenience and department stores.

If you have some questions regarding our company and our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime to order this magnificent product!

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Item No: BT – 2005

On the road, encountering emergencies and accidents. As a result, your safety and the safety of those around you are jeopardized. That’s why the emergency LED Beacon light was created to accompany you anytime you’re left in the dark. This fantastic beacon light device is here to help you solve your illumination issues. With this product, you can travel with the assurance of an emergency warning light. Never be fooled by the modest size of this emergency LED Beacon Light; it is tougher, lighter, and brighter than you may expect. Made just for you, the following are the product features to remember:

  1. To withstand harsh weather and physical circumstances, it is made of durable materials such as ABS plastic.
  2. For a light application, it weighs 140 grams.
  3. Use a non-rechargeable 9V 6LR61 battery with a low voltage needed for operation.
  4. Warning light, warning light (when stuck to the car), and white light are the three light modes available.
  5. When in warning light mode, uses a double flashing yellow light with a light intensity of 40 to 60 cd, which is useful in preventing traffic accidents, and white light for normal use.

What are you waiting for, don’t waste time and get this wonderful beacon light now? Contact us right now!

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2006CH

This rechargeable emergency LED beacon light is equipped with the latest LED lighting and warning technologies for your emergency needs. Emphasizes the simplicity of not replacing your batteries and instead of putting them directly into a power source while waiting for them to charge entirely. Isn’t it versatile? Of course, this device can be used for a number of purposes, including conventional interior use, outdoor hiking or camping signaling, traffic control situations, roadside emergency warning illumination, and other safety applications.

  1. It has a USB charging port that may be used to recharge the built-in battery. The battery has an 800 mAh capacity and can last up to 20 hours.
  2. The visibility that reaches a maximum angle of 360 degrees.
  3. ABS/PC are used as durable and high-quality materials.
  4. A power display is included for easy monitoring of power capacity. Fully charged indicates blue, half-charged is yellow, and low power means red.
  5. There are two light settings: a warning flash light for emergencies that flashes amber three times every second, and a white light for everyday use.

Have you got any questions about our beacon light? Please feel free to contact us at any time!


Item No: BT -2004CH

Have you ever used a light to ensure your safety? Are you looking for something that will keep you safe on the road, in severe weather, or just for everyday use? If that’s the case, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Introducing our flashing LED beacon light warning lamp, which features two light settings. Because it is a battery-operated lamp that uses an alkaline 9V 6LR61 battery, it is very easy to replace. User-friendly because of its simple implementation for a wide range of applications.

  1. ABS/PMMA materials are durable and cost-effective. This would surely save you money when compared to getting new ones. There are two illumination options available.
  2. You can choose between an emergency amber flashing light pattern and a conventional white light pattern for everyday use.
  3. For a better grip on your vehicle/s, a powerful hidden magnet is incorporated.

Please contact us directly for additional information about this beacon light.

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

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What is a Beacon Light?

A Beacon Light or also known as Emergency Vehicle Light is a device used for warning and to inform people about a certain circumstance. It helps convey a message to a viewer on how someone would respond to an emergency, or if someone is in need of help or any scenario happening in that place. The most common colors used, among these are red, yellow, blue, green, and white. Particular colors are used depending on what message it gives. In short, beacons are essentially used for public safety and should have around wherever you go.

Do you have any battery operated Beacon Light?

Yes, there are battery operated beacon lights. In fact, these are very ideal to use in instances where there is no access to an outlet or any power source. By using a battery operated beacon light, it would be more convenient and less hassle for your part. You can also go on a trip off grid without worrying about a battery replacement for your device since you can directly plug this into your car, in a power bank, direct power outlet, or even with the use of solar panels.

Can beacon light be used by trucks?

Of course. The beacon light is regarded as an emergency light which only means that it can be used by any vehicle when an emergency emerges, since trucks are vehicles they can also use the device. And apparently, these lights are used by any kind of vehicle, so long as it serves their purpose to ensure safety, trucks can also use beacon lights but please make sure to detach the beacon light into your car, truck, or any other form of the vehicle before deciding to get back on the road for safety purposes that your beacon light will be in another vehicle’s windshield.

Are beacon lights waterproof?

Absolutely yes, beacon lights were designed and made to resist water, which means these can be able to protect from any jets of water. In our product’s case, it is rated as IP65 which means it is within the specified standard when it comes to being water resistant. Kindly take note that the beacon light can only tolerate water for a certain period of time and depth.

Do beacon lights work even if cars are off?

Yes, beacon lights can still be working even if cars are off, for which there are beacon lights that are battery operated also. Beacon lights are particularly designed to be purposely used during emergencies, they offer a reliable and independent power source as to provide you with alternatives rather than using your vehicle’s hazard lights that could break off during accidents or to add more safety lights for your own peace of mind on the side of the road. Just simply mount this super convenient beacon light with an attached strong magnet into your car or truck as easily as one, two, and three.

What are the different types of beacon lights currently used in the market?

So far, there are 3 classifications of beacon lights in the market that will be very useful according to your needs:

– The first one is the Class 1 (Strongest and Brightest). Compared to the other three categories, these types of beacon lights are classified as the brightest and strongest. They are typically found in major emergency and law enforcement vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and much more related vehicles. These are used as warning lights for most hazardous circumstances.

– Second of which is the Class 2 (Medium Range Lighting). These beacon lights are much brighter than class 3, while class 1 are used for vehicles, these class 2 beacon lights are used to warn traffic, of some potential hazards. In fact, these lights are seen in road construction that can sometimes be solid, rotating, or strobes.

– Lastly, Class 3 (Light Duty Beacons). The very purpose of this class of beacon light is to warn the surrounding. These are the least bright among the three classes.

Is there a steady light power on the beacon light?

As far as the market is concerned, there is a beacon light that can be set to steady, flashing, or rotating modes. Thus, steady beacons are those optical signal devices used for signal operation and probably attract the least. Our Compact, Pocket Sized, and Emergency LED Beacon Light (Item No: BT – 2005) for example has steady light power on a feature that you can use for emergency road scenes.

Is it possible to use beacon light with an adapter, so it can be plugged into a regular outlet?

Yes, indeed! Just make sure that there is enough current supply before doing so. There should be a mark on a Beacon Light that states its current consumption. Also, to make this possible, the adapter must be at least 50% more than its amount of current. Please consult an electrician or someone knowledgeable about electricity before plugging or charging in your beacon light since the power supply differs from one country to another.

With regards to the colors. Is there any law or rules that allows or prohibits on which beacon light color to be used on the road?

To our knowledge, the color rules only apply to the lights that were meant to be installed on moving vehicles, whether it is permanently or temporarily installed. This means that there are no current rules that say they are not applicable to roadside lights set down the road during emergency use. A white bright light, on the other hand, should be mindfully used since it can disrupt the sight of other drivers due to its very bright light or is very attention grabbing which can cause road accidents. Also, moving cars are prevented from using beacon lights to avoid any individuals from mimicking an emergency vehicle such as the ambulance. 

The most recognized color when it comes to a dangerous or emergency situation is Red. Whereas the color Amber typically represents a caution signal which can attract a lot more attention, this serves as the goal of the device. Seeing this, other drivers will start to slow down significantly while traversing the road.

Are the beacon lights easy to disengage after attaching to the side of the car?

Yes, the magnets installed inside the beacon lights are rare earth magnets that strongly stick to your car and also can be easily released after use before hitting again the road. To release the beacon light, you have to look for a tab on the magnetic base that you have to pull on in order to remove it from sticking. BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 – BT 204CH all have a strong magnet, it remains wherever you place it and effortlessly pops free at the moment when you want to get it. Convenient and easy to do, isn’t it?

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