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Brightenlux Led Headlamp Rechargeable

powerful led headlamp rechargeable

Brightenlux Heavy Duty LED Headlamp Rechargeable

Item NO: BT-HL9038

Explore the outdoors with more peace of mind with our durable and indestructible LED Headlamp Rechargeable with a Red Warning Light at the back. With different light modes for your convenience, can be used outdoors and indoors. A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, an adventurer’s best friend, and a great all-around tool for the house work. With double switches designed for an easier switch to different modes. With 8 LED bulbs and Red light.

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LED Headlamp Rechargeable with Smart Sensor

Item NO: BT-HL9039C

Compact but colossal performance LED headlamp with an elastic head strap for more comfort. Press the sensor mode button for 4 seconds to turn on smart sensor technology, wave 15 cm in front of you to switch it on and off, and change into your preferred light mode. Illuminate your path in one simple gesture, in just a snap. Definitely, a multi-use LED Headlamp Rechargeable is worth keeping around.

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sensor headlamp rechargeable
rechargeable led headlamp

Powerful 2000 Lumens LED Headlamp Rechargeable

Item NO: BT-HL9053

A headlamp that is so powerful that it can double as a floodlight or searchlight in case of emergency. With Zoom in and Zoom out features for an easier light pivot. High-quality Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Rechargeable by Brightenlux. An all around headlamp that can be used when hiking, cycling, fishing, or just some household work or repair. A total must have tool for any situation with a red warning taillight and power percentage indicator.

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Zoomable and High Power Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Item NO: BT-HL9019

With a water resistance Level of IPX4, Brace the outdoors with confidence. Comes with Zoomable and Tiltable LED headlamps rechargeable for more convenience while running, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, and more. See what is ahead of you by choosing your preferred light mode to light up your path. Works for 4 hours on maximum full light of 1000 lumens and covers more than 300 meters onwards. Amazing isn’t it?

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What’s the purpose of a Rechargeable LED headlight? Is it Important?

Yes, it is definitely important. Having a headlamp has a lot of advantages and here are some of them:

  • Makes you be able to move completely, and do things with your hands completely free from holding anything. Dedicate your hands full to the task or adventure that is in front of you.
  • Can immediately give light into the direction that you are facing.
  • Longer time battery usage and convenient/easy charging process – our products can mostly be charged via USB charger that you can plug into a power bank, power outlet, car charger, etc.
  • Compact and lightweight – can be brought and kept anywhere you want it to be.
  • The availability to change to any preferred mode lights.
  • And other features you are specific to.
How long does a LED headlamp rechargeable last?

A LED headlamp rechargeable running or usage time really differs from one model to another. A lot of factors can affect this and here are some of them:

  • The lighting mode that you frequently use will also affect it but realistically, setting your headlight into the lowest mode can help you use it for long hours such as 8 to 12 hours. On the other hand, using the highest lumen can give you 5 to 8 hours. Please take note that these calculations are based on Brightenlux LED Headlamp Products.
  • The battery capacity of the product itself.
How do you recharge LED headlights?

Because of our advanced technology, there are already many ways how to charge an electronic such as by Solar energy or via USB charger (that you can connect to a direct outlet, power bank, computer, car charger, etc). On regular basis, LED headlamp rechargeable should be full within 4 to 6 hours of charging on average.


How many Lumens do you need for a LED Headlamp Rechargeable?

The illumination that you need will vary from what you usually do on a regular basis. However, different light modes are popular in different lighting products these days as this gives you the freedom to choose what mode of light is suitable for your current activity. For example, 1000 lumens is good when outdoors and is in search and rescue, hiking, skiing, etc. this is a must have when you need to see 100 meters ahead of you. 500 to 50 lumens, is good for some chill outdoor activity and where very strong light is not that essential such as biking, doing some house works, fishing, etc.

What Should I Look For In a LED Rechargeable Headlamp?

Before looking for a LED Rechargeable Headlamp, you should first know and research what activities you will be mostly using the most, what are the specific features you will be looking into, and what are the non-negotiable features that you will be looking for. But in general, the most looked for in a headlight are quality, illumination power, beam distance, battery capacity, and price.

Do I Need to buy a LED Headlamp?

Yes, This is a home essential that you never knew you needed until you experienced a light scarcity situation and realized it. You might end up not noticing stocking up on these and putting them in a different part of your house. A very handy all around house tool when it comes to emergencies or just other minor house repairs work. This is an investment worth every cent of your money.


A multipurpose item that you can use for different kinds of activities, may it be indoors or outdoors. Plus, LED headlamps are known to last longer than other average headlamps. Hence, saves you money!



How Many Modes Of Light Does A LED Headlamp have?

It will definitely differ from one model to another. Here is our Heavy Duty LED Headlamp Rechargeable as an example…

It comes with 8 modes of light namely High Beam Key Light, Low Beam Key Light, All Bright, Strobe, High Beam Auxiliary Light, Low Beam Auxiliary Light, Red Light, and SOS Red Strobe.


Does having a red light on my headlamp really a must?

This is not a must but highly preferred especially if you like doing outdoor activities such as camping or hunting.

It is already proven by studies that red light can help you attract the wilds, making hunting much easier. Also, it can make your eyes easier to adjust in darkness or light and doesn’t leave your eyes with any strained spots or marking, just like what we get when looking at white light for a long time.

What is the difference between the rechargeable headlamp and the regular one?

Over time, having rechargeable is much cheaper plus it can save the environment by not constantly having to change disposable batteries. With the rechargeable having to keep bigger and higher capacity, producing brighter and constant light output is the domino effect of it.

LED Headlamp Rechargeable is one of those investments that prove to be worthy in the long run.

What is strobe for on Headlamp?

A strobe is usually used for self defense and as a light signal to others during emergencies.

You can immediately disorient an attacker by putting them in strobe light exposure to their faces. This can create disruption in attacker’s vision where you can buy time to run and shout for help. Light Signal on the other hand is like a universal method of calling for help.

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