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Brightenlux 2022 New Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8009

This led flashlight offers the best of the best features in the market, with a brightness of 1000 lumen that can lighten up the area of 210m and a self-defense function. This light will not just brighten up your surrounding but also help you in case of emergency. You also don’t need to worry about the battery of this led flashlight as this can charge using a Type C charger.

Enjoy the outdoors now with this powerful led flashlight.  Contact Us Now!

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Brightenlux Supplies High Quality Led Flashlights

Ningbo Brightelux Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Led Flashlight, which is focuing on producing and researching flashlights for about 10 years, located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province in China. Our Products have exported to more than 60 different countries around the world.

Through continuous independent innovation, it has obtained ISO9001:2015 Management system certificates, BSCI Certificates, and also our products with CE ROHS REACH FCC Certificates.

CE ROHS certifcation
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Amazon Hot Selling Tactical Led Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8012

You want to get the best and well tested led flashlight? This item is the one you are looking for

A powerful led flashlight that offers 5 modes of lighting including strobe and SOS that you can use in case of emergency. This compact led light offers you all as this has a brightness around 1000 lumens that you can use as a floodlight and spotlight. Plus, a waterproof rating of IP44. It means that it is really waterproof and can with stand a high pressure of water and hard objects.

This modern and impressive looking led flashlight is one of the best led flashlight in the market as this comes in a package with an adaptor and a battery inside.

Get it led flashlight now!

A Smart Portable COB Led Flashlight

Item NO: BT-FL8066

This 2 in 1 led flashlight has a special feature where you can zoom it out to use it as a spotlight and zoom in for floodlight. A good feature you can use anywhere you are.

This unique and modern looking design has a 4 modes of light and a strong magnet that you can use outdoor. Walking, running, cycling or staying in a camp this flashlight will help you to light up your surroundings.

Enjoy it now with your loved ones, message us!

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How Long Will My LED Flashlight Last?

LED Flashlight last around 50,000 – 100,000 hours, compared to other flashlight in the market, this led light is more energy sufficient and more environmental friendly. This last long enough for you to use in a camping camp, flashlight at home and anywhere you need it.

Is It Great To Have A LED Flashlight?

Yes, because using led flashlight offers a lot of advantages unlike some flashlight in the market. It can last long than any other flashlight, a lot brighter, energy sufficient and more sturdy. You just need to select the right item for your need and can perform the job well because, there are also a lot of led lights in the market.

How Many Lumens Do I Need In An Everyday Led Flashlight?

Most of the flashlight has more than 150 lumens, which is ideal if you are just using it indoor and just for everyday house use only. A high lumen is only applicable if you are going to use it outdoor for some camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.  150 lumens is enough in searching for things in your house and to brighten up a not so large area in the house. Of course, we have some 500lumens, 800lumens, 1000lumens, 1500lumens, and even 10000lumens flashlights for your need.


How Many Lumens Do I Need In An Outdoor Led Flashlight?

300-1000 lumens

This lumens ranging from 300-1000 lumen is the most recommended brightness in an outdoor setting. As you need a Led Flashlight that can brighten up a large area outdoor. It will help you to easily see what’s ahead of you and your surrounding area.

A high lumen is only applicable if you are going to use it outdoor for some camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. This 1000 lumens is enough in searching for things outdoor and to brighten up a large area at outdoor place.

1000 Lumens For Led Flashlight?

1000 lumens is too bright if you are planning to use it indoor. While in outdoor settings it is a great help because this can brighten up a large are covering the distance of 200m and help you to see even from afar. But, remember-choose a flashlight lumen depending on where to use it, and its application.

What Do I Need To Look In A Good Led Flashlight?

A good led flashlight has a first, great light output depending on where to use it. Second, it should last long hours and has a good battery type. Third, it should be lightweight and not too big. Fourth, the led flashlight should at least pass the IP44 water proofing and can resist a strong impact.  And lastly, it should have a different lighting mode to adjust the light depending on your needs.


When Do I Need To Change The Battery Of My Led Flashlight?

In changing the batteries of your led flashlight, it really depends on you because you are the one who knows your led flashlight’s condition and also it depends how long you want to used it.

If you want to use it for a long time, it is highly recommended to change it before the trip for you to maximize the time of its usage. Also, remember this if you are not going to used your led flashlight for a long time just remove the battery, for it to last long years.


What Does It Mean If My Led Flashlight Is Blinking And Not Too Bright Anymore?

It means that it’s time for you to change the battery of your flashlight and then, check the battery compartment if there are some leakage or some problem. If changing the battery does not work, go to your retailer’s website support to address the problem.

Is It True That LED Flashlight Are Bright?

Yes, it’s true that LED flashlight are bright. It is Not just bright but exceptionally bright, it is also last longer than any other Flashlight in the market and offers a lot of great features. It is really a great choice if you buy a LED Flashlight.

Are LED Flashlight Durable?

ED flashlight is really durable, they are drop proof and can resist a hard objects depending on its size. It doesn’t break easily as this LED flashlight are built with high quality materials to withstand a lot of solid objects and water that may come on its way.

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