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Rechargeable Road Flare

Tough, Reliable, and Affordable Signal Light LED Flare

Item No: BT – 2000CH

Looking for a reliable and affordable led flare? We got your back, as we would like to introduce our very own LED flare designed to accompany you in dire times. It is one of a kind and part of the next generations of electronic visual distress signal devices (eVDSD). Our product comes with two varieties which includes a led flare with triple AAA dry cell battery and one with a rechargeable lithium cell battery. This can be used to a wide scope of application depending on the specific situation. Very compact and handy during any emergencies, can be even put on your pocket and be brought anytime and anywhere with you.

  1. Built with a strong suction magnet to provide better hold on to your car as well as a hook for same purpose with height differential.
  2. Includes triple LED flashlight and 12 LED lights in each flare compartment capable of executing different flashing patterns.
  3. Can be replaced or rechargeable.
  4. High quality material with plastic and metal housing.
  5. High visibility than can reach 100 miles during daytime, half a mile during night and 1 mile when in water. 

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Item No: BT – 2005

Our non-rechargeable waterproof ultra bright emergency car warning lights will never fail you down! Because of its huge capacity 9v 6LR61 battery, it can be used for a long time. By attaching its powerful magnet to your car, you can use it to communicate signs or warnings to other cars or pedestrians on the road. Because it’s waterproof, you can use it on foggy roads or even in damp weather. It’s a major event. Right now, you can get yours. Here are some noteworthy product features to be aware of. The best three-mode lights available.

  1. These emergency vehicle warning lights are made of high-quality protective plastic and are waterproof to IP65, so they can endure water splashes from snow, rain, and other sources.
  2. It has an exceptionally bright LED light source that can display up to one kilometer of illumination and has two flashing modes: orange strobe lighting for caution lights and white lighting for normal lighting.
  3. It contains a powerful magnet on the rear that can be adhered to any steel surface for hands-free operation and a non-rechargeable 9v 6LR61 battery.

If this has piqued your interest and you want to purchase this item but are unsure about its quality, please let us know as soon as possible!

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2006CH

Do you have trouble driving on dark highways? We have you covered! These extremely bright led waterproof USB rechargeable emergency vehicle warning lights feature an incredibly brilliant light that can both brighten your path and alert other drivers or pedestrians on the road to your presence. This would surely aid you in avoiding any problems or catastrophes while driving. It also comes with a strong magnet that can be attached to any metal surface and used for many tasks. Stop settling for the bare minimum of brightness and invest in these high-quality emergency car warning lights for your own safety.

  1. It contains an extremely bright LED light source that can provide illumination for up to one kilometer and two flashing modes: orange strobe lighting for warning lights and white lighting for normal lighting.
  2. It has a powerful magnet that can be fastened to any surface of the steel for hands-free operation and a non-rechargeable 9v 6LR61 battery on the back.
  3. It’s built of tough plastic and is waterproof to IP65, so it can withstand water splashes from snow, rain, and other sources.

If you’re interested in this product, don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We will gladly respond to your inquiries.


Item No: BT -2004CH

These non-rechargeable high-intensity waterproof traffic emergency car warning lights are well worth your money! Its own exceptionally bright LED light source ensures your safety, even in emergency or dangerous situations. Simply turn its flash to its orange strobe light to alert other drivers or pedestrians on the road, or to seek support or help, if you have an emergency or other pressing problem on the road. Not only that, but it also has a white flash that may be utilized for non-emergency applications. This is an extremely important emergency vehicle warning light to have. So, what are you holding out for? Order yours today!

  1. These emergency vehicle warning lights are made of tough plastic that can withstand rain, splashes, and shocks.
  2. It has a non-rechargeable 9v 6LR61 battery with a bottom switch and a strong magnet hidden behind it.
  3. It has a double flashing yellow light for emergency use and a white light mode for everyday use, with 360 degrees of effective visibility.
  4. It can be used for auto maintenance, camping, fishing, and other similar hobbies.

Send us your specific product-related inquiries. Please contact us if you have any further questions! We will gladly respond to your inquiries.

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

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What are LED flares?

LED Flares, are made, created, and are innovated to be a warning light that is affixed to the automobile in the case of a breakdown, accident, or similar incident, for example, and notify following drivers of the existing fault and risk. The gadget is appropriate for all automobiles. It comes with a very bright, mostly in the form of flashing and warning lights which alerts other motorists to the possible dangers and complexities along the road from a distance.

As a result, it is frequently purchased as a security device. It is also an investment in safety that may benefit both the vehicle, the driver, and other road users, perhaps saving lives. Because of its simplicity, this LED flares warning light should not be underestimated.

How long do you think LED flares last?

The LED flares feature nine flashing settings, an SOS distress option, and three flashlight modes. Most of the flares are powered by three AAA alkaline batteries that are exclusive within the purchased package. The batteries enable for up to 36 hours of continuous operation, depending on the LED settings you use. The battery will deplete faster if you use the light more frequently. For example, the rotational mode would deplete the battery in around 8 hours, but the standard flashlight will last about 10 hours.

What are the advantages of an LED flares compared to conventional pyrotechnic flares?

The so called pyrotechnic devices are excellent in capturing the attention of other people, but these types of gadgets are hardly recognized as hazardous due to their flaming elements when used in a vessel. They possess the risk of starting fire, especially when done during an emergency situation whether it is alongside car gasoline or even in forested areas.

This is especially dangerous for road accidents in forested regions during the hot summer months, as road flares burn extremely hot. In addition, traditional road flares have a lesser illumination period of about 15 to 20 minutes compared with LED flares which can last for hours. As a consequence, there have been indications of a growing number of sailors as well as motorists who prefer to carry modern electronic gadgets for flashing signals such as the led flares rather than relying on the traditional pyrotechnic signals. Indeed, they are the best alternative compared to conventional ones because they are of great use, especially when encountering emergencies or accidents at night, however, their effectiveness relies on the operator’s ability to use this type of device and their willingness to help others.

Do you think all LED flares are rechargeable?

The majority of rechargeable LED flares are connected to a cigarette lighter receptacle (12V) adapter, a USB connection, or a separate charging wire. It is handier to be able to recharge the light to increase its run life rather than taking up cargo room in your truck with boxes of batteries. These LED flares may be recharged and replaced accordingly. This is determined by the battery versions picked. A fully charged LED flare can operate continuously for 100 – 200 hours. Rechargeable LED flares are also available and may be used anywhere and at any time after charging. Both the vehicle and wall chargers are 12v. The led flares come in a six-pack with a lithium battery that lasts up to ten years. When the flares are completely drained, the charging procedure takes 12 to 14 hours for six flares and 2 to 6 Hours for three flares.

Do LED flares pose a danger?

Flashing emergency lights has become an excellent approach to notify motorists of an impending roadside emergency situation. LED flares lights have the advantage of being significantly brighter than standard bulbs, which means they would be easier for motorists to see at night. So, what makes them dangerous? Nothing, right? LED road flares are an excellent alternative to traditional flares. They are also less harmful than traditional ones, which fire and burn while emitting poisonous chemicals. As a result, several emergency services have moved to LED flares to aid in the security of an emergency situation. But before setting out on a trip, regular drivers should ensure that their LED flares have charged batteries and are operational, which we already addressed in our product by making our LED flares rechargeable so you can easily charge it while on the road.

Instead of using LED flares, can’t I just use hazard lights built in the car?

If you don’t really have accessibility to warning lights or require additional, compact lighting. LED flares are quite useful for this application. When feasible, utilize both your vehicle’s hazards and LED road flares simultaneously to get the greatest illumination. Being on the side of the road, unprotected and vulnerable is really dangerous for your own safety, having an LED flares with you will surely give you the best peace of mind that you are seen even in the darkest place you got your car malfunction. It is important in the case of an accident to both utilize the LED flares and vehicle’s hazard lights simultaneously to generate brighter and higher illumination if possible.

Is it okay to drive while an LED flares is attached to the car?

The simple truth is “never.”  Although magnets are substantially strong that hold the led flare on the side of the car to where it is attached to, it is never a smart idea to keep them outside while driving at a high speed because there is no guarantee that they won’t break off. Driving at high speeds with them is never a smart idea. It might fly to another car’s windshield. If you need to move your car to a safer location, you may leave the LED flares on to notify other vehicles as you try to figure out what is the problem with your car and fix it. In the case you encounter an accident, it is fine to leave the led flares in the area so as to notify other vehicles of the emergency and move your vehicle to a safer location. It is preferable to remove the LED flare before driving away and leaving the area because it will be a destruction to other drivers while driving and may cause some incidents.

Is there a preferred number of LED flares to buy?

A single LED flare should keep you visible, but more than one is typically preferable. In fact, it is advisable to keep more than one led flare to prevent unnecessary problems such as your battery dying or in the event of breaking one led flare and other unspecified troubles. That way, you will always have a spare. Most LED flares sets have three flares, while some include six.  When deployed in the proper positions surrounding a vehicle or emergency site, three LED flares should be sufficient. Having more will always be advantageous, especially if the emergency area is extensive, like in a huge traffic collision or multicar buildup. Having more than one LED flares is not a problem also since this is a really compact helping hand, that you can easily store somewhere in your car without a problem.

How heavy are the LED flares?

Well, LED flares are considered as lightweight items that will not take up a lot of space inside your vehicle or even in a garage. These devices are very handy and light which means that they can be stored in any compartment you desire either on top, bottom, or sides of other tools when deemed necessary. In fact, our products do have this little hook that allows our users to hang them to any location as long as there are already fixed wall anchors. This is practical when you do have a not so tall vehicle and require to raise attention from a distance on an ongoing accident scene.

What might happen if a car runs over the LED flares?

The vast majority of these LED flares lights when hit will likely to survive, this due to their existing property which meets the standards. They are certified to be crush proof and shatter resistant because of the metal housing. Also, you cannot intentionally and accidentally damage them. Even in the case of running over the led flares with a car, the lights will likely survive and still function. With this, the LED flares can be used for a prolonged period or extended time which will help you save your money from purchasing another set or more every year.

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