heart ring light

Brightenlux Wholesale Heart Ring Light

heart ring light

Creative, Multifunctinal and Cute Heart Ring Light

Item No: BT-RL019

Loving an extra illuminance with a twist of creative and cutesy design! Our heart ring light will not only bring you such a bright lighting experience but also great functionality and creativity of design. It has a custom 290 lamp beads. These lamp beads produce soft light and a no dazzling effect hence, it can not cause eye irritation. 

  • Tripod stand. Our heart ring light tripod stand includes rubber pads to protect them from slipping and may expand to 82″ in width to keep them sturdy.
  • 360 degree rotation. The 360° rotating sphere joints will assist you in determining the finest camera angle, making it ideal for online streaming, virtual tutoring, make-up, candid photographs, vlogging, and reading. etc.

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Rainbow RGB Ring Light with Live Beauty

Item No: BT-RL010RGB

Our rainbow ring light is ideal for taking images with a vivid and mystical vibe. Our rainbow ring light is a popular luminaire for aesthetic photography, portraiture, and macro photography. It produces a pleasing catchlight on a person’s eyes while also providing even, distributed illumination that reduces shadowing. Very simple to use and a terrific companion for any activity. With our RGB Ring Light, you may achieve the light mode you want in your images and films.

  • It has five brightness levels as well as RGB adjustment options. Increasing your photographic and videography creative space.
  • A wireless remote controller comes with the RGB ring light, allowing you to see what color adjustments best suit your mood.
  • UV-free, flicker-free, blurry-free, glare-free, durable, and eye-friendly. With the curve ring light covers, the light is gentler, more efficient, and broader.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about our company or our goods!

heart ring light

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Is this heart ring light collapsible? How long can this heart ring light expand?

Yes, of course! The great thing and one out of many advantages about this heart ring light are its tripod stand is portable and collapsible. In that case, you can carry it easily and conveniently move it anytime and anywhere with such ease and no hassle. Our heart ring light tripod stand includes rubber pads to protect them from slipping and may expand to 82 inches in width to keep them sturdy. Hence, we assure you that our Heart Ring Light provides you easiness and convenience for your on the go getaway, adventures, and fun activities or adventures.

Is the remote shutter of this heart ring light compatible with any mobile devices?

We aim to always foresee what our customers or users need and want for a heart ring light. And one of them is easy connectivity. Our heart ring light comes with a cordless Camera Bluetooth Controller or Shutter that you may use to capture photographs easily with no hustle of running from and to your phone to set a timer! The remote shutter can be connected to any model and any brand of the mobile device since it only needs Bluetooth Connection. It can be both used on iOS and Android devices. It is easy to connect, you may refer to our manual for a step by step guide or contact our customer service for any questions or confusion you may have while setting the heart ring light. There’s no need for you to touch your camera phone; it’s extremely user-friendly!

How to use the remote Bluetooth controller of this Heart Ring Light?

It is so easy! With only a few easy steps, you can now enjoy a hassle free self studio feels photography. Set up properly the heart ring light, and adjust the height, length, and light according to your needs then after that you may proceed to set up the Bluetooth controller. First of all, turn on the remote controller. Second, go to your phone settings and open your Bluetooth connection. Third, make sure that your phone and the remote controller are connected successfully. Fourth, open your camera app. Lastly, take a snap! Very useful and convenient, right? Also, this remote controller can also adjust the light’s brightness. Click the (+) sign to increase brightness or press (-) to change its light level. Convenient, isn’t it? Grab the chance to experience this very innovative heart ring light.

Will the heart ring light holder be able to grip the iPad?

Unfortunately, no. The holder of our heart ring light is designed only to grip the common sizes of mobile phone devices nowadays. The phone holder can stretch up to 8 inches in length and 4 inches in width. And you can adjust its position in 180 degrees up and down, left and right. It helps you shoot videos and take pictures at any appropriate angle of your preference. If you want a holder that grips up to the size of an iPad, you can check out our site and browse for more product options that may cater to your needs.

Can the heart ring light be adjusted? Are there other light color options available?

Certainly, yes. Our Heart Ring Light is dimmable, light brightness can be adjusted and light color can be changed too! It has a custom 290 lamp beads. These lamp beads produce soft light and a no dazzling effect hence, they can not cause eye irritation. It features 3 normal colors and 6 RGB colors that you can choose from. The 3 colors are white light, warm yellow light, and neutral light. 6 RGB colors include red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and cyan. With these various light color options, you and your family and friends can enjoy taking glamorous photos and breathtaking videos, hassle free photo and video taking in an instant! 

Is the tripod stand of this Heart Ring Light sturdy enough?

No need for you to worry about its balance and durability because Rubber pads protect our heart ring light tripod support from slipping, and it can expand to 82 inches in width to keep it stable. Our heart ring light with a tripod stand is steady and won’t tumble over thanks to its robust aluminum alloy construction that made its legs and frames to be incredibly sturdy and well made to support even 3 simultaneous mounts of mobile devices. So it is strong enough to stand for long hours of usage and with such outstanding balance. You can put it on flat surfaces and even slightly curved areas. 

How many mobile devices can be installed in the heart ring light?

To your surprise, our Heart Ring Light can cater up to 3 mobile devices used at once for your activities. A total of 3 phone holders that can perfectly fit into this ring light. You do not need to buy another ring light just to attach a different mobile device. Because our heart ring light can provide it to you. It is best when you are with your friends doing fun activities such as self photography, filming, content creation, make-up tutorials, and the likes. No need to switch from one phone to another when you can simultaneously attach 3 at the same time without any hassle on your part. Enjoy more time to take good photos that you can post on your social media platforms and share with your friends with the help of our proudly made heart ring light.

Does this heart ring light USB powered or is need for a direct wall plug for its power supply?

For its power supply, this heart ring light needs to be USB powered. With an AC charging cable and adaptor, you can now use it freely along with other devices. Switch the lights on and off or change the brightness setting with ease using the power cable. All you need is to enhance the USB access point so that the device may be charged at any time. You can also charge other devices if you want. It made outdoor shooting and video filming easy to do because you can just connect this heart ring light to any AC port device. 

What is the difference between an ordinary ring light and a heart ring light?

In all honesty, there is not so much difference between a normal circle design ring light and our heart shaped ring light when it comes to its purpose of it, both still omit light for you to use conveniently. However here are the factors why you should pick our heart ring light over the mainstream circle one. First and foremost, the very obvious difference is the design of the ring light itself. The one is in a ring shape while the other one (ours) is in a heart shape which is cute and is more unique compared to the circle one. The second difference is that most of the normal ring lights offer only 3 lighting modes. A Warm Light, White Yellow Light, and Neutral White. On the other hand, our heart ring light is different in this aspect and is good and must be considered when picking. Our heart ring light also offers the 3 lighting basic adjustments PLUS 6 RGB colors for you to choose from. Namely, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and cyan.

What activities can I use this Heart Ring Light for?

There are so many things that you can utilize this heart ring light. Its 360° rotating sphere joints will assist you in determining the finest camera angle, making it ideal for online streaming, virtual tutoring, make-up tutorials, candid photographs, vlogging, reading, and many more to mention, the idea and use are limitless. This ring light can also be used in salons, dental clinics, beauty shops and such. There are a lot of things that you can do if you own a ring light. This is a great combo of ring light and phone holder, allowing you to take videos or photos even in a very dark environment or conditions.

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