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led headlamp manufacturer

Brightenlux 2022 New Design High Power Led Headlamp

As a led headlamp manufacturer, we supply customized products for customers, but also update our new design headlamps every season to meet market requirement.

This new USB Rechargeable Headlamp uses durable aluminum and ABS plastic material, coming with more than 1200lumen brightness, powered by lithium battery.

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More Led Headlamps For Choice

led headlamp
Made of high quality aluminum material, built-in OSRAM P9 Led bulb, with more than 1000lumen brightness for long rang beam
super bright headlamp
Brightenlux Outdoor dual led super bright headlamp, led rechargeable headlamp powered by 1*18650 lithium battery
rechargeable headlamp led
With high bright cob led and XPE led, coming with more than 500lumen output brightness, two different leds for different purpose
cob sensor headlamp
This headlamp with sensor function, you just shake your hand in front of headlamp, the light will automatically On and Off
RGB Led headlamp
multi-colors durable plastic usb charging XPG and cob led headlamp with red light, white light and blue light
cob led rechargeable headlamp
There is a strong magnet on the side, this headlight can be used as a headlamp, also can be used as working light
plastic headlamp
This headlamp is powered by 3PCS AAA dry battery, with XPE Led for white light and side red light for emergency usage
powerful headlamp
The rechargeable headlamp with 8PCS led bulb, coming with more than 1000lumen output bright, powered by 2*18650 battery
running headlamp
2022 hot selling silicone lightweight USB rechargeable COB LED running headlamp with hand motion sensor function
sensor headlamp led
The sensor headlamp powered by dry battery, made of ABS plastic and lightweight for easy carry, with 3 modes light
zoom headlamp
The headlamp is with COB and XPG led bulb, made of plastic and aluminum, adjustable focus headlight
led headlamp rechargeable
Most powerful led rechargeable headlamp, made of durable aluminum material, with more than 1000lumens output
Headlamp manufacturer

Advance Equipment Machines For Headlamp Manufacturing

Brightenlux has more than 110 machines for producing various headlamps, including 80 CNC machines, 20 inject molding machines, 8 tooling machines,2 lasing machines and some packing machines. These machines will help you to produce different style headlamps, 100000pcs  headlamp per month producing ability will meet your big order quantity demand.

headlamp manufacturer machines
customized headlamps

Supply OEM & ODM Service

AS a professional headlamp manufacturer, we also supply OEM & ODM service. If you want to printing your logo on the headlamp or packing, we can do that for you. And also we supply customized packing and products for you, to help you design more feature products, just please send us your idea or requirements.

Headlamp Past Different Product Certifications

Headlamp manufacturer Brightenlux has strict requirements for the headlamp quality and material, all the products must use Eco-friendly material from raw material to small parts, even such as waterproof O ring. All our products have past CE ROHS REACH FCC certificates, also our the factory has past BSCI audit.

CE ROHS certifcation

More Outdoor Lighting Products

flashlight torch
Supply different flashlights, including rechargable flashlights and dry battery flashlights
camping light
Many different camping lights for choice, and also supply customized service
work light
We have different work lights and also different working floodlights
bike light
Supply and cusotmize different styles bike lights, including tail light and front light
sensor solar light
The sensor solar lights are with PIR body motion function, auto on and off, solar supply power
solar garden light
We have different solar garden lights for your landscape decoration and lighting
How many years are you for headlamp manufacturer?

Since Brightenlux was established, we have been producing headlamp for about 10 years, we are very profession on producing headlamps.

What is a good LED headlamp?

A good LED has the following characteristics:

  • Can serve its purpose.
  • Can give light into your eye line sight.
  • Can be used hands-free.
  • Can work within a long duration.
How many lumens is good for a headlamp?

Desired Lumens depends on your preference and what type of activity you usually do on usual bases. Here are some examples of it:

  • 10 lumens – a moonlight-like light, enough to give you a good sense of close-up tasks.
  • 50 lumens – lights enough to know what is near you.
  • 100 to 200 lumens – standard for common households tasks and also tactical use.
  • 300 to 500 lumens – excellent for outdoor light, preferred when biking, fishing, hiking, etc.
  • >600 lumens – for industrial use like search and rescue, car headlamp, etc.


What is a LED head?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, known for its good quality light, longevity, and low electricity consumption feature which is why this is the most used type of light bulb in many homes and also commercial/industrial establishments.

Like any other LED product, the LED head is more on the expensive side but it’s worth it for its features.

Are LED headlights legal?

Yes, not only it is legal but it is also safe to use!

How long do LED headlamp last?

A lot of factors will affect the longevity of the product. Such as battery capacity of the product, light modes, or output you’re currently using (if your headlight has one).

For example:

Our Rechargeable High Power Headlamp 9035

All Bright: 3 to 6 hours

On High Mode: 4 to 8 hours

Strobe: 3 to 6 hours

On Low Mode: 10 to 12 hours

Whats better LED or HID?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which uses electricity. On the other hand, HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge which is dependent on gas. These two are considered a luxury in the light manufacturing industry especially when being used in automotive. However, LED inevitably has a 35,000 difference in life span than HID according to research.

What do lumens mean?

Lumens are a measurement we use to differentiate the amount of light being produced by a thing. The same as how we measure weight by kilogram or pounds.

Is 800 lumens too bright?

Yes and No. Yes, if only being used and kept in the household in case of a blackout or when doing some household tasks. No, when you’re in an industrial place and you need to light a big space. This is also perfect for military use, outdoor activity, and search and rescue operations.

How far can you see with 300 lumens?

Our LED Headlamp 9026 can cover 150 meters range with 300 lumens.

Why do headlamps have green lights?

Headlamps like our green lights are commonly used for hunting or camping. Specifically made for this type of usage since most animals are color blind in color green. Which gives higher chances of bringing home a hunt.

Is it OK to read by red light?

A study from University College London proved that a 3-minute exposure during the morning can help improve a person’s vision BUT with still no research-based data about using it for long hours. It is still advisable to read in a well-lit room, especially at night.

What is a tactical headlamp?

Tactical headlamps are commonly for military use or for people who are enthusiasts with tactical things.

A tactical headlamp should be durable, waterproof & snowproof. It can also be handheld just like our High Power Tactical Led Flashlight.

Is 500 lumens bright enough for running?

Yes, definitely! it will be better if you choose the headlamp with different modes light, which will be better. Different modes will have different lumens.

Why do headlamps have strobe?

This specific feature is not in all headlamps. However, they are mainly used for SOS Morse Code to be easily spotted by law enforcement. These headlamps with strobe features are suited for people who enjoy hiking or other outdoor activities.

What color light is best for night?

Red, will make your eyes adjust to your surroundings, unlike white light that leaves spots.

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