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headlamp for running

Super Bright and Compressed Headlamp for Running

Item NO: BT-HL9005

Enjoy the outdoors with less worry about accidents. Send SOS sign to your friends, buddies, and law enforcement authority, with our outdoor equipment headlamp with a red light feature in case of an emergency. A headlamp with Red Light is also perfect for hunters as this does not scare animals and is also the best headlamp for running.

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USB Rechargeable Sensor Headlamp For Running

Item NO: BT-HL9027

The Headlamp that has it all: motion sensor technology, waterproof, and can be submerged into water for up to 3 hours in 1 meter deep, Long-lasting battery, can be titled for convenience and with different light modes (with 500 lumens highest output)! What more can you ask for? Perfect for night hiking, running, camping, or any other mundane task at home.
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sensor headlamp for running
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Waterproof and Durable Headlamp for Running

Item NO: BT-HL9040-15W

Elegant-looking headlamp with 10 mode lights to choose from. Look dashing and amazing with this headlamp for running. Can be conveniently charged using a power bank, USB charger, car charger, or computer. Comes with a Red Light that can be really useful in case of an emergency while camping or hiking. With 180 degrees rotation for your convenience, redirect your light in just a snap.

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Lightweight Led Headlamp for Running

Item NO: BT-HL9042

Enjoy your hobby of exploring outdoors while riding your bike, running, or hiking while making sure you’re safe, sound, and seen by others to avoid accidents. This model can be used with 3 mode lights in the front for you to choose when lighting your path and with a red warning light at the back for safety precautions when you’re outdoors.

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Led Headlamp for Running

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Is the headlamp for running lightweight?

Yes, in all our products we always put into mind the product’s weight for comfort when in use for a long time without sacrificing the product quality that we will be able to offer to our consumers. During product development, we also take note of the quality of the headband and adjustable head strap that we used to make your experience with our product much more pleasing. Lastly, we made sure that all our products have great cooling rates, a product overheating on your forehead is not ideal, isn’t it? Here in Brightenlux, we strive to produce the best of the best among all our products, we make sure to produce only quality headlamp for running that will bring our brand’s name. We listen to the consumer’s demands and complaints and take note of the area we need to improve.

Does the headlamp have water resistance?

Of course! Our products are made to have water resistance levels. We want our consumers to enjoy using our products outdoors without any worry of getting drenched by rain. Products having water resistance are very important, especially when they will be used for outdoors. Water resistance means the headlamp for running is sealed and has some protection against liquid intrusion. No more panicking when you are outdoors with a sudden downpour or dropping your headlamp to running into puddles.

What are the advantages of Red Light while Running?

A red warning light indeed has a very useful and important role especially if you’re in the law enforcement industry. Red lights can help you make a distress call in case of an emergency while you are running outside, but the use and advantage of red lights don’t just stop there, here are the following advantages that you should know:

  • Less Blinding Light – encountering a car with high beams on is annoying isn’t it? Now imagine running and meeting someone with a high beam version of a headlamp for running? The full light may leave an irritating white spot in your vision and can make you unfocused on your path and lead to an accident. You can definitely lessen these chances of causing disturbance to other night runners by using red light.
  • Less Light Pollution – since red light is more subtle than white light, it makes you produce lesser light pollution also.
  • Faster transitioning from darkness to light – it is already proven that human eyes can adjust faster when a red light is used instead of white light.
  • Less Blinding Light for Animals / Wildlife also.
Do you have running headlamp with motion sensor?

Yes but not all, some of our models for headlamps for running come with motion sensor technology. A product having motion sensor technology means that it has given the ability to detect and measure movement. This technology is not new anymore at this time since it is already been widely used even in our homes such as toilets that automatically flush after use, a faucet that turns on when detecting your hands, the same as hand dryers in commercial places, etc… We aim that our products with motion sensor technology be an instrument to you to make things also easier when using our headlamps for running. Make your headlamp free from dirt by just waving in front of you to change mode lights, and turn the product on and off with just a simple gesture. A very simple innovation that can save you time cleaning your headlamp every time you do any rigorous tasks.

What is the ideal headlamp for running?

Realistically, an ideal headlamp for running actually depends on what you need and what you prefer. Here are the factors that you may need to consider in choosing the headlamp for running for you: Output Lumens, Durability, Price, Water Resistance Level, Battery Capacity, Energy Efficiency, Light Mode, Product Weight, Comfort-ability of the head straps, and Other specific features you’re really looking into. Such as red warning lights, tilting mechanisms, magnetic features, sensor technology, and many more.

What do you need for running at night?

Here are some of the basic essentials that you need for running at night:

  • Good and comfortable clothes that can protect you from a breezy and chilly night of running.
  • Make sure to bring your phone with you, your safety should be the top priority among other things when running.
  • Keep a self-protection tool with you, a pocket knife would be really great.
  • Wear clothes with reflectors, this will make you easily spotted by anyone. This will decrease the chances of you being bumped by cars or motorcycle drivers since it will help you be more seen.
  • Good and reliable headlamp for running. It is highly recommended not to run in dark and secluded places but still having a dependable headlamp with you is a great investment. A headlamp that has a comfortable headband with adjustable straps, is lightweight, does not overheat, can throw your desired light power, longer lasting batteries, and has red warning lights are the ideal one for most runners.
How do you know it's fully charged?

The battery indicator location of our products varies from one model to another. But it is can be mostly seen or placed near the USB port. Wherein, Red means the product is low battery already and is in need of charging. On the other hand, Green means the headlamp for running is already fully charged and can be used all ready for your night run.



Are you a manufacturer? Can you customize it?

Yes, we are Ningbo Brightenlux Electric Appliance Co., a professional lights manufacturer based in Ningbo, Zhejiang 315613, China We are already 10 years in this industry, and we produce quality LED lights, floodlights, headlamps for running, tactical lights, camping lanterns, night lights, sensor lights and etc.

We take pride in every output that we produce, all of the products are well taught from start to finish, always putting into mind the convenience of our consumers without sacrificing the quality of it, with all the necessary product certifications to ensure product quality and safety when in use. Our products are distributed and used all around the world, such as in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, Australia, etc.

Lastly, yes we are very much happy to cater for some customization such as product color, inputting logo, etc. Please contact our customer service today for more details.

How long does the product last before running out of battery?

In general, there will be lots of factors that need to be considered before getting the answer to this question. Also, those factors are different from one model to another, so an average working hour for all headlamp for running is impossible.

However, here are the factors that can affect the battery run of the headlamp:

  • How often you are using the product on a regular basis
  • The battery capacity of the product
  • The light mode you choose when utilizing the headlamp.
  • The power efficiency of the headlamp despite using white light option.







Does your headlamps get overheat after used for a while?

All our products undergo experiments, research, and numerous test before getting certified by authorities and being able to mass-produce to supply to our dear consumers. We always strive hard to put the best cooling system into our products to minimize the chances of overheating. We are confident of the quality we have made. However, we highly recommend may it be a headlamp for running or not, if you are using electronics, please make sure to give it some time intervals to rest and cool down. With this, your product condition may be able to preserve and be in service for much longer.

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