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head torch light

Brightenlux New Design 1000 Lumens Led Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9038

Material: this head torch light is made of high quality aluminum material, durable, crash-proof and waterproof. You can use the head light in any weather day.

Brightness: the headlight is equipped with 2pcs super bight OSRAM P9 Led bulb, brings more than 1000 lumens output illumination.

Rechargeable: head torch light is powered by 1pc 18650 lithium rechargeable battery, and with usb input charging port, conveniently charged by computer or other USB device.

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Brightenlux USB Rechargeable Led Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9039C

Smart Sensor Technology is specially designed to make your life much simple, switch your LED Head Torch Light much easier by just waving in front of you. Equipped with COB LED light for more efficient and stronger light output while saving energy consumption. Avoid dirtying your LED head torch light with this hands-free innovation. Made with a non-slip and adjustable head strap. Can withstand not only water but also cold and snowy weather.

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Brightenlux Customized COB Led Sensor Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9067

Tough and reliable, made to be indestructible. If you want a LED Sensor Head Torch Light that has it all, then this is the one you are looking for! Equipped with energy efficient COB LED and Smart Motion Sensor Technology, do all your outdoor activities without any worries. Multifunctional and adjustable light beam to suit your needs, may it be for indoors or outdoors.

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Durable Zoomable Rechargeable Head Torch Light

Item NO: BT-HL9019

This Rechargeable Head Torch Light With Red Safety Taillight Power Display for your own safety while outside and enjoying the open air or wilderness. Head Light can be completely zoomed in and out to redirect light focus to your liking, this made it multipurpose since you can also use this for small household repair tasks. Free your hands by constantly holding a flashlight while doing your work by simply using it with our headband. Makes things more efficient and stress-free on your end.

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➢What is the green light on a head torch for?

Green lights in the head torch are mainly used during the night for better vision. Many hunters also believe that this color attracts fish, deer, etc.

➢How many lumens do you need for a head torch?

It really depends on what you will be needing it for. If for personal use at home, a 100 to 200 lumens can be enough. But if you are buying one for outdoor activity, 200+ lumens will suit you best.

➢How many lumens do I need for a night hike?

It is preferred by many to go for 200+ lumens when going for a hike, it is also recommended to have other head torch light features when you’re outdoors such as green and/or red light, strobe, waterproof, etc.

➢Why do headlamps have red and green lights?

This specific characteristic of red and green light are mostly made for people who are into outdoors or for military use. These lights are also used for signals in tactical use.

➢What should I look for when buying a head torch?

This is fully up to you. On average, here are the factors that people look into when buying a head torch: cost, durability, battery life and features.

➢Are you head torch light manufacturer?

Yes, we’ve been a professional head torch light manufacturer for about 10 years and counting, based in China. 10 years of dedication in this industry, producing quality products with the most affordable price.

➢How much do you charge for a head torch light on average?

We can’t give you an average price because there are many different factors that can affect the pricing. For example: units you will be ordering, products you’re ordering, where the product will be shipped, etc… We highly suggest that you contact us now to help you with a more accurate quotation and help you with your queries regarding our products.

➢Do you supply customized head torch light?

Definitely! We can customize the head torch light as your need, just please Contact our Customer Service and get your quotation today!

➢And what battery usually used for the head torch light?

Different head torch lights have different power batteries, some use AA dry battery, some use AAA dry battery ,and also some head torch lights are Powered by 18650 Rechargeable Battery.

➢Can I print logo on the head torch light adjustable strap?

Of course! Printing your logo on the product and strap is acceptable.

➢What's the water resistance rating?

All of our products are waterproof with IP44 water resistance.

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