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Item: BT – GL8035

The hanging solar lights have a stainless steel hook, a clip, a white LED chip, a clear shattered glass lens, and an integrated solar panel. It has clever light management and is solar powered. It switches on automatically at night and switches off automatically throughout the day to charge the battery. The light can be hung anywhere thanks to the hanging clip. Considering that the hanging solar lights are waterproof, windproof, snowproof, and sunproof, it is unquestionably ideal for your outdoor event sites! Warm white, bright white, and multicolor are three of the available light hues. There is no doubt that the hanging solar lights are best for the situation. Contact our customer care right away if you have any queries about this outdoor light with a transparent crackle glass lens. Additionally, the glass cover of the light has a built in solar panel that is solar powered. Additionally, it features an energy saving smart sensor that, when not in use, shuts the device off and charges the battery during the day, and turns it back on at night.

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Item: BT – GL8036

Hanging solar lights With 11.5 by 8 centimeters in size, it is undoubtedly portable and lightweight. The item contains a stainless steel hook, an on/off button, a white LED light, a clear broken glass lens of your choice of colors, and a built in solar panel. Hanging solar lights is no need for pricey exterior electrical wiring because it is solar powered. Since this is powered by solar energy, there is no need to be concerned about the exterior electrical wiring. Its cover incorporates a solar panel. Its size is ideal for lighting the area without sacrificing the garden’s comfort. It is simple to position the light where it is needed thanks to the product’s hook. Hanging solar lights has seven different light colors are available, including stark white, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, and yellow green. If you want a different hue, there’s no need to hunt for another product.

Hanging Solar Lights
Hanging Solar Lights


Item: BT – GL8037

The hanging solar lights are solar powered it has an integrated solar panel. Due to its IP65 waterproof, heat resistant, and frost resistant construction, it can tolerate adverse climatic conditions. The Hanging Solar lights product includes an LED copper wire lamp string, a portable hemp rope, a waterproof rubber string, and a broken glass pattern. It is 28 cm tall overall, 13.5 cm tall in the glass, 11 cm in diameter, and 8 cm long. First, because it is solar powered, you can save more money because hanging solar light won’t need to install expensive outdoor electrical cables. Second, because it can survive bad weather, this is ideal for outdoor settings. It has an IP65 rating for ingress protection, is heat resistant, and is frost resistant! Third, it contains a smart sensing solar panel, which enables the light to switch off automatically throughout the day, charge, and then turn on automatically at night. Fourth, if you don’t want the hanging solar lights to be utilized, you can turn them off using the power switch in the rope. It has a smart light control that automatically switches off at night and throughout the day. 


Item No: BT – GL8031

The Hanging Solar Lights have smart lighting technology that turns on and off the light automatically. The solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy during the day to serve as a power source, and the lights automatically turn on at night. Since the magnificent outdoor string garden solar light is IP44 waterproof, you can use it even while it’s raining. The hanging solar lights also contain an anti freeze component to prevent damage or breakage from harsh, icy conditions. Our beautiful outdoor string garden solar light’s ability to withstand wind and the elements is another special quality. One issue with using our solar garden light is that it sways in heavy gusts because the LED bulbs are wired together. Hanging Solar lights has 0.07 inches tall and 0.04 inches wide, have 25 outlets and 25 lights, have the basic type C7/E12, and have a bulb with 1 watt. Designed with an anti fall feature so that it wouldn’t break easily. 

Hanging Solar Lights
Hanging Solar Lights


Item: BT – GL8032

The Hanging Solar Lights set’s total wire length is 34 feet, of which 28 feet are lit. The Hanging Solar Lights also include 15 replacement bulbs and 15 pure copper sockets, allowing for quicker electric conduction and reduced heating. The solar panel, which has a 180 degrees range of adjustment, has a two way use: it may either be anchored to the ground with its pin or placed on a wall. It features many illumination settings that are appropriate for your various lighting requirements, including always, slow flash, quick flash, and burst flash. It can be fixed on a wall or anchored into the ground. Additionally, the hanging solar lights panel’s light on the back will show if it is charging or fully charged. While a green light signifies full charge, a red light indicates charging. This pair of hanging solar lights is ideal for your outdoor lighting needs because it has a weatherproof IP65 rating.

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What are the most trusted hanging solar lights brands?

On Amazon and other online retailers, you may discover a wide variety of hanging solar lights brands. Some of them, unfortunately, aren’t built to withstand the various weather conditions and are made with low quality materials and unskilled workers. You may opt to look at products here in BRIGHTENLUX since we are already an established institution that specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting including solar powered lights. We have been in the business for more than 10 years and are experts in this field. We do provide solar lights for yards that are trustworthy and may last longer than the usual item. You may get to know us more by scrolling at our website or by directly contacting our customer service with your questions today.

What are hanging solar lights?

Hanging solar lights are unique lighting technology that brightens up any environment available in a wide variety of styles and patterns. These lights add some illumination to your outdoor area enhancing both its visual appeal and safety without having to lay any electrical wire or raise your utility costs. They can fit anywhere from the patio to the garden. The finest hanging solar lights are stylish, long-lasting and of course solar powered, making them a great and greener alternative to traditional garden lighting. This is environmentally friendly and can save you money with electric bills since this is fully powered by solar energy. Here are some hanging solar lights products that you should check:

  • BT – GL8031 – An outdoor LED solar string light with a robust suspension line for LED bulbs and a solar panel that works well mounted on a wall or plugged into the ground.
  • BT – GL8032 – Another LED outdoor decorative lamp string light with 15 replaceable bulbs that can create warm bright lights for a great ambiance and a romantic atmosphere.
  • BT – GL8035 – A solar cracked glass ball light that features colorful, waterproof, solar – powered glass balls and can be suspended using the built – in clip.
  • BT – GL8036 – A 7 colors RGB outdoor crack light almost identical to BT – GL8035, the only difference is that it incorporates color plastic lenses rather than glass for a fun light effect.
  • BT – GL8037 – An outdoor decoration solar cap lamp string hanged using its portable rope, consists of led copper wire lamp strings on the inside of the glass bottle which gives it a resemblance to a cracking illusion.
What are the PROS or advantages of having hanging solar lights?

The following are some of the pros when you purchase hanging solar lights, that you should definitely take note to consider:

  • It has several different designs. BRIGHTENLUX alone owns various designs that you can choose from, such as BT – GL8031, BT – GL8032, BT – GL8035, BT – GL8036, and BT – GL8037. These hanging solar lights can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including birthday party decorations, and holiday occasions and to enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor spaces.
  • Economical. Although you might have to pay a little bit more up front, but they are often inexpensive since they don’t cause you additional fees for maintenance, and energy and most of the items are durable and long – lasting, for the best return of investment with the money you used to purchase the hanging solar lights product.
  • Easy – to – maintain. The typical hanging solar lights consist of strong, weather – resistant materials, hence, only little maintenance is required. One of the maintenance of this hanging solar lights product is to check the solar panel with debris or leaves from time to time to make sure that all needed solar energy is absorbed well by the product.
  • Environmental friendly. Utilizes solar energy which is a sustainable resource and aids in lowering the carbon impact of the item overall.
What should I do if my hanging solar lights aren’t working?

Apart from the lack of sunlight, other potential causes including battery issues or dirt on the solar panel might also make your hanging solar lights stop operating. In case you are having trouble or it stopped working, below are some of the few helpful ideas we have provided to get them going again.

  • Check if you have turned ON the hanging solar lights – The most frequent reason as to why customers fail to turn on their hanging solar lights is because they are unaware that there is an on or off switch, which is often situated on the bottom underside of the lamp. Therefore, if you are going to use your hanging solar lights, make sure that the switch is in the ON position otherwise it will not work regardless of how much battery power is there.
  • Remove the pull tab on the battery – Normally the battery of freshly acquired solar lights (e.g. hanging solar lights) frequently contains a pull tab, which is a safety measure installed for storage and shipment of the device. It won’t function unless the tab is removed. In this instance, if the newly acquired solar light isn’t working, look for a pull tab.
  • Clean the solar panels – It is important to note that cleaning the solar panel is crucial since dust and debris can prevent it from absorbing the sunlight, which would reduce the amount of energy it receives. It is advised to use a dry or moist cloth to gently wipe the panels when cleaning them. If it is hard to clean the dirt, you may also use any glass cleaner, just avoid using any abrasive cleaning agents that might damage your solar panels.
  • Make sure to fully charge the hanging solar lights – If the hanging solar lights are not fully charged, they will simply not operate efficiently. Therefore, switch it off for a day or two to enable a lengthy charging period to guarantee that they receive a complete charge time from the sun.
  • Contact the manufacturer or retailer – Nowadays, practically all solar lights do have warranties and if they don’t function correctly, you may ask for a refund or replacement. If none of the suggestions provided above worked, kindly get in touch with the manufacturer or merchant from where you bought the lights. They may always be willing to replace the item, issue a refund, and provide you with some troubleshooting advice. Here in Brightenlux, all our products have a guaranteed 1 year warranty.
Will the hanging solar lights charge while it is cloudy or raining outside?

Of course! It is a widespread misconception that solar energy is used to charge solar powered devices while they are used outdoors. Hanging solar lights continue to charge on gloomy or even in rainy days since solar panels also use daylight energy even without the direct sunlight. The solar powered lights will function first of all because the sky is lit up. In other words, even so with gloomy or rainy weather, the solar panels are still converting solar energy and it will be able to store some power in the batteries but a cloudy or rainy day will definitely also affect the longevity of running hours of the hanging solar lights, please put that in mind.

What should I look forward to when buying hanging solar lights?

There are a number of features you should give top priority when deciding to purchase hanging solar lights, including:

  • Lumens – For starters, anything from five lumens and more is acceptable for hanging solar lights if you are looking for just aesthetics. Find anything between 10 and 15 lumens if you would like them to act as security lighting.
  • Rainwater Proofing – You should search for lights that have higher IP rating certification as it is the best in terms of waterproofing. However, lower IPs are also an acceptable standard in the industry for outdoor waterproofing yet it will not ensure the same protection as higher IP ratings.
  • Durability – The endurance of the hanging solar lights generally depends on how they are manufactured. Heavy grade plastic or stainless steel is typically preferred for outdoor illumination since it is less likely to be damaged and break, weather resistant, and rust proof.
  • Charging Time – The charging and operating time of the hanging solar lights is crucial depending on the type of usage. Shorter working hours are satisfactory if they are meant for ornamental purposes. For security purposes and lighting, the lights need to run for at least 8 hours every night.
  • Automatic – Prioritize items that have an automated on and off system depending on the ambient illumination since the last final thing you want to be doing is walking around and turning off all your outside solar lights. A dusk or dawn system is another name for this function.

It is best for you to take a look at the items from BRIGHTENLUX because we can assure you that they have the best qualities if you are looking for a long lasting hanging solar lights.

How long will the hanging solar lights last?

Clearly, it depends on how you use them! So make sure to handle it with care. Hanging solar lights may be used for many years when treated appropriately and maintained on a regular basis. The rechargeable batteries attached to the device will most likely last around a few years before requiring any replacements to it, and the LED light bulbs and wire lamp string usually work up to 100,000+ lighting hours. BRIGHTENLUX hanging solar light versions BT – GL8031, BT – GL8032, BT – GL8035, BT – GL8036, and BT – GL8037 can last more than their expected service life by simply cleaning and maintaining their beauty whenever it looks dirty and muddy.

Do the hanging solar lights have heavy duty and strong clips?

Absolutely yes! BRIGHTENLUX offers some of the best hanging solar lights that come with heavy duty and strong clips to suspend or mount them on high elevation areas. 

  • BT – GL8031 – consists of a parallel attachment of bulbs interconnected by a robust suspension line of wires. The solar panel can be placed anywhere from the ground to the walls while hanging the string of LED light bulbs.
  • BT – GL8032 – similar to BT – GL8031 but differs only in the number of bulbs attached to the loop.
  • BT – GL8035 – comes with a hanging clip and a stainless steel hook to easily suspend on higher areas of the house. 
  • BT – GL8036 – only has a stainless steel hook for mounting.
  • BT – GL8037 – incorporates a hemp portable rope to restore ancient ways of hanging things out. 
What kind of applications can the hanging solar lights be used for?

Hanging solar lights can be used in almost everything that includes outdoor lighting decoration and normal lighting. The list includes: 

  • Wedding lighting
  • Villa lighting
  • Garden security lighting
  • Birthday party lighting
  • Path and walkway lighting
  • Multi – Use lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Mounted Wall lighting
  • Commercial area lighting
  • Patio lighting
  • Fence lighting
  • Yard lighting
  • Deck lighting
What type of battery do the hanging solar lights have?

These hanging solar lights with LED lights are designed correspondingly to their size and amount of energy needed to operate. BT – GL8031 has a built – in lithium ion battery of 3600 mAH with a working voltage of 3.7 V capable of powering a total of 25 bulbs with 1 watt each which can last 8 to 12 hours of illumination. BT – GL8032 also comes with a high capacity lithium ion battery including 15 replaceable bulbs. BT – GL8035, BT – GL8036, and BT – GL8037 all operate 8 to 10 hours after their replaceable batteries are fully charged. 

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