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Hanging Solar Lanterns


Item No: BT – GL8041F

The Hanging Solar Lanterns have a Battery and solar power. A large solar panel module is integrated into the topmost part of the product. has a 1500 mAh internal battery that provides power. does not require any extra electrically wired devices for charging and only uses renewable solar energy. Intelligent Lighting automatically shuts down the device’s illumination during the day and charges it for 6 hours in the sunlight. Additionally, it automatically turns on at night and, when fully charged, can shine for up to 8 continuous hours. The Hanging Solar Lantern is Portable and robust. Due to its solid ABS construction and long product life, it is unquestionably resistant and durable. With its small, portable size and hook or clip, it may be set up anywhere. If you want a lightweight, reliable, and effective Hanging solar lantern led light for your outdoor location. This Hanging Solar Lantern is conveniently portable to any outdoor place. serves as decorative lighting that makes your home, yard, patio, pathway, and garden a unique appearance.

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Item No: BT – GL8042

Hanging solar Lanterns used to power and batteries. two (1.37 in. x 2.95 in.) high efficiency polycrystalline solar panels are integrated and provide power. The high capacity built in batteries is charged by the solar panels. Advanced Optical Switch. includes an automated intelligent optical switch. As sensors detect daylight, the device automatically switches off and begins to recharge itself via solar panels. Also, Hanging Solar Lanterns set the device to turn on automatically at dusk. Works flawlessly for 8 hours straight at night after being fully charged during the day. Unique and Flexible Design. includes a sturdy metal ring and clip to keep the LED lamp inspired by a sun flame when it is suspended in a higher elevation area. It is possible to mount it on the ground or any other. Since this is entirely powered by solar energy, it can be used anyplace to create an atmosphere, whether it be in a garden, lawn, patio, or somewhere else. With the help of this lightweight, handy solar powered led lighting, you can make any place feel more cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.

Hanging Solar Lanterns
Hanging Solar Lanterns


Item: BT – GL8036

An outdoor garden hanging solar lanterns would be the ideal setting for any social function. It is finest when properly illuminated and employing the right kind of lighting to enhance the mood of the garden. Before making a purchase, it is best to review the features of an outdoor garden light. And if you’re seeking for the very best, we’ve got it right here! This hanging solar lantern’s shattered lens is intended to produce a more pleasing lighting effect. Its cover incorporates a solar panel. Its size is ideal for illuminating the space without sacrificing the garden’s comfort. Seven different light colors are available, including stark white, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, and yellow green. If you’re seeking for a different hue, there’s no need to find another item. With 11.5 by 8 centimeters in size, it is undoubtedly portable and lightweight. The product contains a stainless steel hook that makes it simple to hang the light where it is required. Other features include a white LED light, a clear cracked glass lens of your choice’s color, an on/off button, and a built in solar panel.


Item: BT – GL8037

This hanging solar lanterns product is for you if you’re seeking for the best to turn your outdoor space into the best venue with a cozy environment. Additionally, the glass bottle’s cracked shape and the LED copper wire lamp string within providing the hanging light a sophisticated illumination that makes it ideal for enhancing the attractiveness of the space. There are still aspects, in addition to the product design, that will undoubtedly make your purchase worthwhile! If you don’t want to utilize the product, you can turn it off using the power switch. Its size is ideal; it is neither too little nor too large to disrupt the surrounding area’s vibe. Because it is solar powered, you can save more money because you won’t need to spend as much money on the outdoor electrical cable. material is ideal for outdoor settings because it can tolerate extreme weather. It has an IP65 rating for ingress protection, is heat resistant, and is frost resistant! The hanging solar lanterns are a smart light control that automatically switches off at night and throughout the day.

hanging lantern
Hanging Solar Lanterns


Item no: BT – GL8072

You may pick between two different light modes with this, including a white light for general illumination and a warm color light for providing accent lighting to your garden. This Hanging Solar Lanterns is suitable for outside use such as gardens, outside stairways, on gates, and the like because it is made of excellent ABS protective plastic with an IP55 waterproof covering. There is no need to be concerned about the weather because it can survive heavy rain, snow, water splashes, and heat. This Hanging solar Lanterns powered conserves electricity since it uses solar energy during the day to replenish the internal battery for eight to twelve hours. The internal battery may then be utilized automatically at night for up to twelve hours when completely charged. Both users and the environment will benefit from this. This Hanging Solar Lanterns light is easy to install, requires no wiring connection, and just takes a few minutes to complete. Simply connect the parts collectively, and set them where they will be exposed to direct sunshine.


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Why should I get a Hanging Solar Lanterns?

We can all agree that simply acquiring a couple of hanging solar lanterns on the outside of our homes creates great illumination and ambiance that is critical and necessary for creating appealing benefits that other conventional lighting does not have. A hanging solar lanterns are a terrific method to ensure a continuous source of lighting may it be during a get  together party on holidays or when a life threatening emergency arises. It combines mobility, multi functionality,  eco friendly, and durability that makes it stand out among conventional lighting. Surely if you decide to own one, BRIGHTENLUX is best for you! Don’t hesitate to call us anytime, or you can simply visit us on our website, we will be happy to assist you.

How do a Hanging Solar Lanterns work?

Like most of the solar lights available today, a hanging solar lanterns features solar cells that convert energy from the sunlight used to recharge the battery during the day. At night, the energy production ceases as the photoresistor senses the lack of light, it then turns on the battery, and the solar lantern functions. The hanging solar lantern emits warm bright and colorful light which creates great scenery for outdoor ambiance, best for decoration as well as default lighting. This is made possible because of the smart chip technology installed in our hanging solar lanterns for your convenience.

Do the Hanging Solar Lanterns work during rough weather?

Certainly YES! BRIGHTENLUX solar powered hanging lanterns for outdoor use have already been recognized as weather proof to any harsh environmental condition. It can with stand the heat, dust, corrosion, rainwater, frost or snow, fog, and even strong winds. It works perfectly fine and can sustain minimal physical damage. BRIGHTENLUX consumers don’t have to worry about the item since it is made from high quality robust materials made to be durable and flexible enough to resist the rough weather condition in your area. And a proud craftsmanship honed by 10 years of experience in this industry or field.

How many hours can Hanging Solar Lanterns be used?

It typically depends on the charging time of the device during the daytime. On average, it lasts anywhere between 6 to 8 hours and in certain cases when fully charged can last more than 12 hours. Some say the brand title, sunlight exposure as well as solar panel efficiency contributes to the overall duration of the solar lanterns. BRIGHTENLUX guarantees that our hanging solar lanterns can last at least 8 hours at night on a very bright day, with fully charged batteries. However, the performance and duration of a hanging solar lanterns product will really differ on a cloudy day.

Are the Hanging Solar Lanterns easy to install?

In an absolute manner! The hanging solar lantern is a hundred percent easy to assemble and install in your outdoor location. Many solar garden lanterns will already include hooks or other attachments, making it easy to hang them from a tree, shrub, or pergola. The majority of the outdoor lights and lamps available at BRIGHTENLUX are already wireless and entirely powered by solar panels. This makes the hanging solar lantern readily and easily available for installation just by simply suspending them on the trees, ceiling, and even screwing on the walls. The only thing to keep in mind when installing is the positioning of the solar lantern with areas that are within the reach of direct sunlight from the sun to charge the batteries.

What colors of LED do the Hanging Solar Lanterns have?

BRIGHTENLUX offers a wide range of colors and intensity in terms of the brightness of the light for a hanging solar lantern product. If you intend to buy a single color plastic ball lens with fun light effects and 7 colorful RGB bright lights, then pick the BT – GL8036 version. For warm bright LED string lights with copper wires inside a glass bottle resembling a crack illusion, go for BT – GL8037. The BT – GL8041F adds a special warm yellowish romantic color that just has the right amount of brightness to it. For those that like exquisite design patterns, you may choose BT – GL8042 with a simulation of a solar flame lantern lamp embedded with bright LEDs inside. Lastly, BT – GL8072 features a uniquely designed garden fence light that emits pure and bright warm lights.

What are Hanging Solar Lanterns made of?

BRIGHTENLUX notes and makes sure that every hanging solar lantern is made of high quality, durable and efficient parts, and components. These components include the panel, battery, light fixtures, and control circuits inside the device. The following summarizes the common materials used for each of the hanging solar lanterns:

  • BT – GL8036 – Comes with a plastic ball lens, stainless steel hook, and lid.
  • BT – GL8037 – Has a rubber sealing, hemp portable rope, glass bottle, and stainless steel lid cap. 
  • BT – GL8041F – Made entirely of ABS plastic material. 
  • BT – GL8042 – Made of ABS plastic material for the body and a metal ring and clip. 
  • BT – GL8072 – Made of ABS+ PS material.
Should I leave the Hanging Solar Lanterns on all the time?

A potential YES! As long as the batteries are recharged and have sufficient energy for nighttime application, then the solar powered hanging solar lanterns will surely function and operate as what it is intended for. However, during the day it will certainly shut off to give time for the charging of the batteries. There is no need for you to worry about manually turning on and off the solar lantern since they are already automated to do so.

In what way can I maintain my Hanging Solar Lanterns?

There are several ways to maintain the performance and beauty of your hanging solar lanterns. In fact, they require very minimal attention due to their low maintenance status. BRIGHTENLUX BT – GL8036, BT – GL8037, BT – GL8041F, BT – GL8042, and BT – GL8072 were made from high quality robust, and durable materials to provide long term enjoyment for valued customers. But, if you wish to extend its service life you should work on cleaning them by wiping and removing dust, dirt, and mud on their surface on a regular basis. Before using, charge the batteries, and replace them as necessary. Also, you may opt to keep them inside during very harsh weather conditions like storms to greatly minimize the risk of damaging or worse, losing them. 

Can the Hanging Solar Lanterns charge even if it is raining?

Without a doubt! A common misperception is that solar energy is utilized to charge solar powered items while they are being used outside. Hanging solar lanterns continue to charge even on cloudy or rainy days since solar panels utilize daytime energy even when not exposed to direct sunshine. The solar powered lights will initially turn on because the sky is illuminated. In other words, even in cloudy or rainy conditions, the solar panels continue to convert solar energy and will be able to store some power in the batteries. 

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