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Flood Work Light

Industrial and Versatile Portable Flood Work Light

Item No: BT-WK801

For any environmental emergency such as flood occurrences, having a versatile work light will be of great help. For that matter, a durable and reliable flood work light is all you need! On its adjustable stand, the LED Flood Light 50 Watts can rotate 360° and tilt over 180°. The Flood Light is therefore a multipurpose portable light. In the outdoor lighting landscape, LED Floodlights outperform their Halogen-based counterparts.

  1. Portable and Versatility. It’s easy and flexible to adjust to different angles, with a solid metal bracket and handle that can be moved 90 degrees up and down and 360 degrees left and right. You may focus the light on the exact working area as required.
  2. Widely Used. This waterproof work light is ideal for camping, fishing, off-roading, emergency auto repairs, and even as a backup in the event of a power outage.

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Super High Brightness and Rechargeable Flood Work Light

Item No: BT-WK802
In case you’re trying to find a powerful work light that gives you super-high brightness and surge beam, our flood work light is here to serve you. After you are tired of doing your work with not enough light, our work light with tall control utilization and an immense sum of heat of the old-style work light, BrightenLUX convenient and energy-efficient LED work light could be an incredible alternative. 

  1. 360° Rotatable & Portable. The stand and handle of the outdoor security light are both flexible, illuminating the required spot or region by essentially fixing the position of the handle/stand without complicated operation.
  2. 120° Extensive Illumination. 120° wide Bright Light, It gives the comfort for you to find misplaced things or work outside plants giving light for indeed the darkest corners. This will incredibly spare your time and energy.

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Flood Work Light
Flood Work Light

Energy Saving and Water Resistible Flood Work Light

Item No: BT-WK804

Compared to other typical work lights, this 30W LED flood work light includes a stretched light body, so as to have a longer light surface, which gives you a 120°wider lighting run, so you don’t have to move the light frequently, indeed in case you wish to work in a huge region. With an adaptable and steady stand underneath, our work light can pivot 360° on a level plane. It can be moreover pivoted 180° up and down to reach higher or lower places. You’ll be able to use this convenient work light to light anything you need.

  1. Dust and Water-Resistant. Select a reasonable brightness according to your needs. Comparable to 400 watts halogen bulb, and helps save over 85% on the power bill.
  2. Excellent Heat Dissipation. Numerous groove shape designs on the back side increment air contact zone and speed up heat dissipation. 
  3. Excellent quality LED beads. The 48 high-quality LED dots in the 30W LED work light generates a dazzling white light of up to 3000 lumens.

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Ultra Long Distance Lighting Flood Work Light

Item No: WK7023

Our versatile work light is broadly utilized in domestic ventures, mechanics work light, car repair, camping, climbing, night angling, traveling, grill, outdoor experience, giving different purposes, crisis lighting, and workshop. More grounded impact resistance, drop resistance and water resistance. BrightenLUX portable flood work light uses the most excellent material on the market: Nylon & TPR. Capable work light outdoor, long-lasting utilize time, less control utilization. 

  1. IP65 Waterproof and Resistance To High Temperature. A rechargeable work light won’t dissolve because of high temperature, providing you with a great shopping experience!
  2. Sturdy Construction & Stable Lighting. We moreover have overhauled the chips of this mechanic work light to make the lighting zone more extensive and the light more steady without glinting.
  3. Handheld Design. This work light is convenient and lightweight, simple to be carried with you or put onto the ground to supply high lumen lighting.

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Durable Neon Green Flood Work Light

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What is a floodlight or Flood Work Light used for?

A floodlight or flood work light is a large, and powerful light. It has a broad beam angle which is utilized to add artificial light to a large area. Since it gives off plenty of artificial light, it can commonly be found and used in areas with low-light illumination or for industrial work. Some locations where the use of floodlights is necessary are the following: vast parking lots; concert venues; driveways; airports; stages; and theater halls. Also, outdoor playing fields such as football, tennis, athletics, hockey, and swimming, use floodlights since the venues for such sports need plenty of illumination.

What is the difference between a flood work light and a regular light?

A flood work light has a wider and stronger beam angle than a regular light. A floodlight can give 120 degrees lighting compared to a  regular light which only has a beam angle of not more than 45 degrees. Moreover, in comparison to a streetlight that only highlights a particular area, a floodlight evenly illuminates in all directions.

What is a floodlight or flood work light made of?

Since floodlights are made and mostly installed for outdoor activities, these are required to be durable. To ensure its durability, the casing, so as its pole, is usually made of aluminum. This pole and casing are made sturdy to withstand any weather condition, may it be storms, heavy rains, strong winds, or extremes in temperature.

As for the lighting of the flood work light, the traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps have been replaced by the rise of solar, COB LED, and regular LED. Nevertheless, these lights still serve the purpose of providing plenty of artificial light for industrial or emergency use.

How do you install a flood work light?

Installing a floodlight is somewhat a manageable task to do. However, to ensure a safe installation, hiring an electrician will be the best thing to do. Moreover, by doing such, you can make sure that it will be a job well done. If you are skilled and knowledgeable enough, installing a flood work light can become a DIY project. 

Just make sure to follow the following steps:

  1. Select the location where you will place the floodlight;
  2. Find a power source, cut off the power;
  3. Connect the wires;
  4. Double check and make sure every thing in the manual are properly followed;
  5. Turn on the main power; and
  6. Turn on, and check the floodlight.
Do flood work light use a lot of electricity?

Floodlights are high-intensity and powerful flood work light which means they are also high-wattage. Most floodlights use more than one bulb having 75 watts to 350 watts per bulb. Constantly using floodlights overnight may inevitably increase your monthly electricity bill.

Are flood work light brighter than regular bulbs?

Definitely! The flood work light is designed to illuminate and cover in large areas which means that they are typically brighter and powerful than other typical lights. In terms of Lumens, floodlights require 700 to 1300 lumens. On the other hand, regular lights emit much dimmer light since their purpose is only to provide illumination in a small and enclosed area.

Can you use the flood work light outside?

Of course! The known purpose of flood work light is that they are designed to endure different weather phenomena and conditions. These different weather phenomena are most likely experienced in open-space locations. These locations mostly need a larger amount of artificial light. Even if these are placed outside, even / uniform distribution of illumination is expected if floodlights are utilized. 

Is it possible to use a flood work light indoors?

Yes! Although most flood work light are used outdoors, these can also be used indoors as there are also floodlights designed for indoor use. Outdoor floodlights are sealed more securely than indoor floodlights. The extreme outdoor weather conditions are suitable for outdoor floodlights, while indoor floodlights are designed to illuminate an indoor area with low light. These indoor areas include basement parking spaces, garages, and even inside the homes and offices.

How are flood work light powered?

Just like other home appliances and divides, floodlights can be powered by solar, battery, or electricity. Also, as to its wiring, some flood work light are prewired and only require a connection to an electrical outlet. However, with the help of the manual or tutorial, you will almost always have to wire floodlights yourself.

How much does it cost to install a flood work light?

Flood work light installation is a bit pricey compared to regular light installation. Of course, the price or cost will depend on the type, the size, and the brand of the floodlight you choose. Moreover, the cost of labor in the area of installation will also influence the total cost of floodlight installation. The floodlight installation cost runs from  $250 to $800. But do not fear, all the money that you have invested in having our flood work light will definitely be returned because of the quality of our products.

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