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A Pocket Power Flashlight Torch

Item No:BT-FL8029

Bright Lumens- This Flashlight Torch has a 10W XML2 LED which means it can brighten up an area around 250m and more. It has a zoomable feature where you can change the beam from narrow to wide beam.

3 Modes of Light- It features 3 modes of light: Full, Semi and Flash. You may change the brightness of light depending on the situation and your needs.

Pocket Size-This flashlight torch is lightweight and small to carry. It is a good choice for everyday carry and outdoor flashlight. It is also designed with a pocket clip for a very convenient way of carrying.

Rechargeable- USB charging and wall plug charging are the ways you can recharge this flashlight torch. It can be recharged anywhere and can be used all over again.

Waterproof- This flashlight torch is waterproof and can be safely use in the rain.

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Brightenlux Manufactures A Top Quality Flashlight Torch

NINGBO BRIGHTENLUX ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD. is a profesional lighting manufacturer with over a decade of experience in the industry. We produce and design quality products like flashlight torch, camping lanterns, work light and many more. We shipped it not just in Asia but all around the globe in just 7 days for both big and small orders.

We have 160 machinery equipment and production lines, including 100 CNC Machines, 10 Injection Molding Machines, 20 Table Precision Lathe Machines, 6 Product Testing machines, 2 Engraving Laser Machines, 2 Packing Machines, 10 Aging test line, 10 assembling lines. We all have this equipment for a better quality and service for you.

tactical flashlight factory
flashlight torch with self defense

A Super Bright Flashlight Torch

Item No: BT-FL8033-30W

  • Super Bright- This flashlight torch has a XHP70 LED with a lumen range of 2000. It can range the distance of 350m. Offers 3 modes of light to select from High, Low and strobe. It has light touch switch for turning and switching the light mode.
  • Zoomable Feature- A very usable feature as this light can change the beam from narrow to wide beam. It also has a battery indicator light near the switch button
  • Long Lasting and Waterproof- this light can last for as long as 4 hours and more. It also has a waterproof rating of IPX44 that can withstand splash of water from all direction.
  • Self Defense Tool- It has a tactical head design that is good for self defense tool.

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Powerful Flashlight Torch

Item No: BT-FL8037

  • Bright Lumen- This torch offers a powerful brightness ranging 600 lumens. It has a beam range of 300m and has 5 modes of light to choose from.
  • Portable- This small and lightweight flashlight has a 135mm length and 46mm width. Designed to have a comfortable grasp and can bring anywhere you want. It is a compact flashlight for a more convenient way carrying it.
  • Zoomable- A LED Torch that has an ability of changing its beam from floodlight for a wider beam and spotlight for a narrow and more focus beam.
  • Waterproof- It has an IPX44 waterproof rating that is suitable for a bad weather as this can withstand a splash or small amount of water.
  • Long Run Time- This torch light has 100,00 hours of runtime for a lifetime and 4 hours for every use.


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flashlight Torch rechargeable
bright flashlight torch

Powerful Flashlight Torch

Item No: BT-FL8038

  • Bright Lumen– A powerful lumen of 3000 and a beam distance of 350m. This flashlight can be a great source of light as this lumen can easily brighten up an area. It also has 5 modes of light to choose from.
  • Waterproof– A flashlight safe to use in a rain. This light can resist a splash of water as this has an IPX44 waterproof rating.
  • Zoomable– To change the beam light, it just needs to zoom in and out for a narrow and wider beam light.
  • Multi-Use– This light can be used in any activities you have whether outdoor and indoor. It offers a bright light that can be adjusted depending on the situation and the light that you need.


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How Long Does A Flashlight Torch Last?

Flashlight Torch last an average hour of 3 to more hours, it last depending on the model and the mode of light you chose. Batteries last long hours if the mode of light is low while High mode of light consumed more batteries in torch.

What’s The Beam Distance Of A Flashlight Torch?

Flashlight torch has a different beam distance. The beam distance of a flashlight torch depends on the lumen. The higher the lumen the longer beam range. A 2000 lumen of flashlight torch has a beam range of 350m and more.

When Do I Need To Change The Battery Of My Flashlight Torch?

The changing of your flashlight torch battery depends on you. If the light of your flashlight torch is already flickering and you notice that it is not too bright anymore then, it’s time to change the batteries. It is also highly recommended to change the battery if you have a long trip coming and don’t forget to bring extra batteries with you. It is also important to remove the battery of the torch if you are not going to use it for a long time.

What Are The Beam Type Of My Flashlight Torch?

For you to know the beam type of your torch here are the different kinds of beam in a flashlight torch:

  • Flood Flashlight- this kind of beam has a wider scope of light; this allows you to see your surroundings in an instant because of its wide bright light. It is a great light if you want to see what’s close and near to you. This light is not effective for a long-distance light.
  • Spotlight Flashlight- this light is good for a long-distance light because it produces long beam. Spotlight allows you to see a specific object from a far.
  • Adjustable Flashlight- this flashlight torch has a spotlight and floodlight beam. You can change the beam type by just simply adjusting it to whatever kind of beam you want and need.
Is Size And Weight Important In A Flashlight Torch?

Yes, it is important to have a good size and weight in a flashlight torch. For an everyday carry torch, you need to chose a light weight and small size torch for a more convenient way of carrying. A large and heavy flashlight are more difficult to carry for long hours so, choose a small and lighter flashlight if you will hold it for a long time. A heavy and large flashlight also has an advantage as they tend to have more battery capacity for a longer run time. But for brightness, durability and beam distance the small and heavy flashlight torch are mostly the same, as most portable flashlight torch now improves and offer great features just like a heavy and big flashlight torch.

Do I Need An Impact And Water Resistant Flashlight Torch?

For extra protection you need to have a flashlight torch that has both impact and water resistant. Torch that has this resistant are most likely durable and last longer than a torch who hasn’t. For outdoor flashlight you need to consider having an impact resistant flashlight torch as a protection in accidental dropping. A torch who has an impact resistant passed a multiple test to make sure that it is durable can still work after dropping. A flashlight that is built with aluminum body is mostly impact resistant but to make sure, read the product description whether it has an impact resistant or not. It is also important to consider a water-resistant torch especially if you are going to use it outdoor. For you’ll never know when the rain is falling outdoor and for you to use it even in water activities outdoor.

Do I Need A Flashlight Torch With Different Modes?

A lot of flashlights only have one mode of light especially if it is for general use only. While, outdoor flashlight offers a lot of mode like high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. It is a great feature if your light has different mode as you can adjust the brightness depending on what you like and on the situation. It will also help you in case of emergency because of the strobe and SOS light signal. But remember if you chose a brighter mode, it means that the battery of your torch flashlight is much shorter.

What Are The Other Options Of Carrying My Flashlight Torch?

Here are different ways of carrying your flashlight torch:

Pocket Clip- it the most popular way of carrying method for a flashlight, it is easy and reliable as you just need to clip the torch wherever you like it. It can be clip in your bag, belt, and even in your pocket. This pocket clip makes your carrying more convenient as you don’t need hold it and put it inside your bag.

Holster- A flashlight with a holster act as a protection for a flashlight, it is mostly used in a light with a lot of batteries. This holster can be attached in bag or belt with a velcro straps.

Lanyard-Some of the flashlight can be drilled to have an attachment of lanyard. This lanyard will make your carrying of flashlight more convenient as you just need to wear it.

What’s A Good Material Should My Flashlight Torch Be Made Of?

Your flashlight should be made of strong and quality material as it affects the durability, heat dissipation and more.

  • Aluminum- a flashlight built with aluminum body is considered to be light weight and durable. It is widely used as a flashlight material. It is stronger and it is impact resistant than other type of flashlight material.
  • Stainless- this flashlight is much heavier than an aluminum flashlight, but this stainless flashlight is a harder metal. It is one of common choices for flashlight material despite of producing a heavy flashlight.
  • Titanium- a flashlight that is built with titanium material is a little heavier than aluminum. It is stronger and has more variation in appearance.
Is Lumens And Beam Distance Important In Flashlight Torch?

Lumen and beam distance is important in your flashlight torch. The beam distance is the range of the light of your torch while the lumen is the brightness of it. It is both important as you need a light with a bright lumen that can brighten up your surrounding area and can reach even from a far. But, the beam distance and the brightness of your lumen depends on your preference and what you need.

The Best Flashlight Torch For 2022

When night time comes, light is the main priority of many. As light brightens up an area and the path you’re going. It helps you easily visualize and see things even in a far distance. In early times or ages, it was called a torch where the light comes from a burning stick that serve as a light. But with continuous innovation the burning torch, now became a flashlight torch. It has a lot of features that is very helpful whether you are indoor or outdoor. Up until now the company never tops improving their products to provide the best flashlight torch in market.


Using electric and modern flashlight torch gives you advantages over an old fashion burning torch, that is commonly use in early ages. A hand-held flashlight is smokeless and emits heat that has an ability to balance it. It is also odorless and simple to use, most of the flashlight torch can be turn on by just simply pressing the button. It is also much safer to use in the camp, anywhere outdoor and indoor because it has no oil that is high risk and flammable.


In some country especially in Europe countries and British English it is called “torch” or “electric torch”. In America and other languages, it is commonly known as a “flashlight”. It was called flashlight because, when it was invented the first model keeps on flashing and has an unsteady and unwavering beam. But Whatever you call this, the different names are just one in purpose and that is to help you lighten up an area.


Flashlight, Torch or Flashlight Torch, there are all the same. Some just differ in features that makes it unique and standout to others. To know more about it, here are the list of the best products that you can find in the market today.


  1. Brightenlux 8029 Pocket Power Flashlight With USB Charging

The Brightenlux  8029 Pocket Power Flashlight Torch has a various brightness settings to choose from for it to change the mode depending on your likeness. When it run out of battery no need to worry as it that can easily recharged using a USB charger. It is powered by XML2 LED that provides a light output of 1000 lumen. The maximum brightness of this Powerful Flashlight Torch can reach even in far distance that helps you see things easily. The unique and modern design of Brightenlux 8029 has a feature that can change the beam type that is a great advantage to other flashlight competitors, it can be change from spotlight to floodlight by just simply adjusting the flashlight. This multifunctional flashlight torch also has a pocket clip that made the carrying easier outdoor. The other special feature of this flashlight torch is the flash mode, that is very useful in an emergency to send signal. It is also made with high-quality material that made the body of the flashlight torch durable, to withstand a rain and other objects outdoor.


  1. Brightenlux 8033 Super Bright Flashlight Torch With USB Rechargeable

The other best rechargeable Flashlight torch is the Brightenlux 8033 Super Bright Flashlight. Upon looking flashlight torch, this flashlight is incredibly offering a lot of high-end features with a friendly price. This can be easily recharge and you can choose, from 2*18650 or 2*26650 battery for a long-lasting use. It is powered by XHP70 LED that emits a light output of 2000 lumens in its maximum brightness. It has a light touch to turn on the flashlight torch, to brighten up your way and switch the mode. Just press the button to change the mode from brightest to dimmest and an additional strobe mode for emergency signal light. It is built with good features that is very helpful like a tactical head, that can break a glass and can be used as a tool to attack an assailant.  A heat sink that stabilized the temperature of the flashlight and a power switch that shows the battery remaining in the flashlight. Another feature that everyone loves in this flashlight is the feature where you can change the beam type. By zooming it in and out the focus of the light can be change to a narrow light to a wider light, depending on your preference and need. This flashlight torch is one of the best and top selling in the market So, get it now for you to enjoy it in your next adventure.


  1. Brightenlux 8037 Portable Flashlight Torch With Adjustable Zoom Focus

If you want a powerful yet portable flashlight that is convenient in carrying and a size suitable to your hand, we recommend Brightenlux 8037 Flashlight Torch. It offers variety of brightness settings including full brightness to dim light mode that helps your eyes adjust to the brightness. The maximum brightness of this portable flashlight, can illuminate even in a far distance. The switch of this flashlight torch is located in the tail end of the flashlight that is very common. The Brightenlux 8037 also has 5 modes of light to select from, that you can switch by just pressing the button. It has a full brightness, semi, and low brightness. A Strobe and SOS mode is also a selection of mode in this flashlight torch, that you can use in case of emergency to send signal. The beam of this flashlight torch can also change from spotlight to floodlight that considered as a great feature in every flashlight. This flashlight torch offers a lot of convenience to a campers and adventurers like you with a feature mentioned above. It can really compete to other flashlight torch in the market and worth of all your money.


  1. Brightenlux 8038 High Power Tactical Flashlight Torch

In terms of performance, this Brightenlux 8038 is also one of the best in the market. It has a portable size that is perfect in your hand grasp and good for carrying it every day with you. It is a great option if you are looking for a flashlight torch, that you can bring anywhere with you because of its lightweight design and has a pocket clip for a more convenient way of carrying. A tactical head of this flashlight torch is also one of its great features. It means that this flashlight can be a self-defense tool that you can use in case of emergency when you are in danger and needs to attack an assailant. This flashlight torch is powered by either 1*18650 battery or 3*AAA battery. So, when there’s a power outrage and you can’t recharge it, you can just use the 3*AAA battery to make your flashlight working. This 3*AAA can also be recharge like the 18650 batteries. It also offers variety of brightness levels to select from. It has Full, Medium and Low mode. Remember that full brightness can drain the battery of the flashlight faster, and low or dim light can make your flashlight working for a longer time. It also has an additional mode of strobe and flash that you can use in emergency. Other features are zoomable feature and a pocket clip for an easier way of carrying.


Reasons Why You Should Trust Us

NINGBO BRIGHTENLUX ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD is a professional flashlight manufacturer for over a decade now. We have a wide variety of lighting products such as headlamp, flashlight, camping lanterns, ring lights, work light and many more. For over ten years, we always made sure to improve and create new products for our beloved customers. We give importance to research and new products development that’s why we created a team composed of experienced staffs, to create a top-selling and trending lighting products in the industry. By creating new products, we made sure to listen to each and everyone’s needs and concerns to provide you the light and features that you needed.


Our Company made sure to provide the best products that goes through series of testing before our delivery. We made sure to have a strict control system in each of our products to provide you the best and quality product. We also built a team composed of experienced technicians who checks the products before sending it to you. They also give reports to the issues and problems encountered in the product to make sure that it will not happen again and improve for the next batch.


We already built a name in the lighting products industry that provide only the best and high quality products not just in Asia but all over the globe. Our company beliefs are “Customer First, Quality First” that’s why we earn a CE ROHS Reach Certification that allows us to export our product from Asia, Europe, North America, South America and even in the Middle East and Australia.


With the continuous innovation of flashlight in the market, and fast changing customer’s needs and trends. We make sure to cope up with this, that’s why we offer customization. The products design depends on what our customer’s wants So, you can just drop the design that you wanted in your lighting products.

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