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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2002CH

Never be caught off guard; have these waterproof magnetic non-rechargeable flashing beacon lights on hand that can provide you assistance in the dark. These are powered by non rechargeable 9 volt batteries with a high capacity that may be used for a long time. It also has a powerful magnet on the back that can be readily connected to any steel surface. Its flashing effect emits a bright light that alerts other drivers and pedestrians on the road of your vehicle’s presence. This flashing beacon light will undoubtedly guide you in preventing any troubles when driving on the road.

  1. Designed with protective tariff plastics and IP65 waterproofing to withstand crashes, rain, and water splashing.
  2. Has a super bright LED light source that can brighten up to 1km and has two lighting modes: orange strobe lighting for warning lights and white lighting for ordinary lighting.
  3. With a 9v 6LR61 non-rechargeable battery and powerful magnet on the back that may be attached to any surface of the metal for hands-free operation.

If you have any concerns about these flashing beacon lights, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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Item No: BT – 2005

Prepare yourself, especially during the dark times! You won’t need to seek for electricity to recharge your light device with this high capacity extra bright LED flashing beacon light. Just remember to bring an extra 9v 6LR61 battery to be cautious. With its triple light flashes, this light can be used as a regular light or as a warning or signal light. Not only that, but it also has a strong magnet on the back that allows it to be readily attached to any metal surface, such as a car’s body, a metal table, and so on. Isn’t it incredible? Check it out right now!

  1. Capable of withstanding crushes, rain, and water splashes with protective tariff plastics and IP65 waterproofing.
  2. Features an extreme bright LED light source which has 40-60cd light intensity with 2 warning light modes with double flashing yellow light and 1 white light mode for ordinary light use 
  3. Equipped with 9v 6LR61 large capacity non-rechargeable battery with bottom switch button and robust magnets on the rear that can be attached to any metal substrate for hands-free usage.

If you have any concerns about these flashing beacon lights, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2006CH

All we need is this waterproof and shockproof magnetic dual flashing beacon light! Protective tariff plastics and IP65 waterproofing are used to withstand smashes, rain, and water splashes, making them appropriate for usage in all weather conditions. Not only that, but it’s also simple to use: simply press and hold the bottom switch button for three seconds to switch between orange and white light modes. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a USB charging cable. Check it out right now!

  1. MULTIPURPOSE – can be used as a traffic emergency or warning light, or for camping, fishing, hiking, auto repairing, and for regular use
  2. WATERPROOF AND CRUSH-PROOF – made with IK-04 resistant protection tariff plastic that is also waterproof, allowing it to survive rain, water splashes, and shocks
  3. DUAL LIGHT FLASHES with an orange warning light mode and a white light mode 
  4. USB RECHARGEABLE –  can be recharged when the battery drains using its USB charging cable which is already included in the package and also has a charging indicator that notifies you of the status of the battery while charging.

Do you have any questions in mind? Ask us right away about your concerns about our flashing beacon light, we are happy to serve you!


Item No: BT -2004CH

Why settle for bare lighting when you can have this long lasting portable magnetic traffic flashing beacon light. It comes with a screwdriver for quick access to its nine-volt high-capacity battery, as well as a powerful magnet on the rear to be easily attached to any surface of metals. With this, you don’t have to worry about not getting noticed especially during dangerous situations since it has a super bright LED with up to 360 degrees of effective visibility. This flashing beacon light is a must have!

  1. MULTIPURPOSE – can be used as an emergency warning light in cars, and is also suitable for camping, fishing, hiking, auto repairing, and for regular use
  2. WATERPROOF AND CRUSH-PROOF – made with durable quality protective plastic material and can withstand any water splashes and crushes
  3. 360° EFFECTIVE VISIBILITY2 warning light modes with double flashing yellow light and 1 white light mode for normal use with high quality ultra-bright led to ensure the light is visible even from one kilometer
  4. LARGE BATTERY CAPACITY –  9v 6LR61 non-rechargeable battery with bottom switch button and hidden powerful magnets at the back

Do you have any questions in mind? Ask us right away about your concerns about our flashing beacon light, we are happy to serve you!

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

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What do the different colors in flashing beacon light mean?

Every hue has a different significance and is related to a variety of objects or regulations when in distress or emergencies. A red beacon light, for an instance, implies a “Stop” message. On the other hand, yellow, amber, and orange beacon lights are frequently used to draw attention to people, such as a road work ongoing or even to slow moving vehicles carrying dangerous or heavy items. Also, these colors have a high brightness and may be seen from a long distance. 

In the case of road traffic, flashing beacon lights in red and orange colors are employed on automobile dashboards to alert or warn the driver with regard to an issue. The color green indicates that everything else is in good working condition. These colors are most often linked with safety, these relationships are also true as applied to machines. In choosing the proper beacon light color in visual signaling, it is totally dependent on the specific and intended application and message that one wishes to deliver to the other person reading the signal. This is also the reason why beacon light especially flashing beacon light is advised to be kept away from children, you don’t want police officers knocking on your door out of nowhere, right?

Which flashing beacon light color is available in your products?

Our products BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 – BT 204CH all have the amber color flashing warning light for emergency signaling purposes and whatnot. Aside from this, we also feature a normal white light for average daily use which is an ideal light because of its bright and vibrant color. You may check more on our website or our very own product catalog to check more about our flashing beacon light selection.

What distinguishes a flashing beacon light from a strobe light?

Normally, beacon lights are flashing red or amber lights installed on the top and bottom fuselages of large passenger airplanes. They are mainly used to notify ground staff as well as other aircraft when an engine starts, runs, shuts down, or even when the aircraft is preparing to take off. Some of these beacon lights rotate to create the effect of flashing which increases the likelihood of being highly visible. Flashing beacon lights can be seen from the ground and used to identify planes in dark or cloudy weather when it is not totally visible.

On the contrary, a strobe light is a flashing white light located at the far left, right, and rear positions of an aircraft. They are considered the brightest lights since they are intended to indicate whenever an aircraft is nearing or approaching an operational runway, also for visibility during low – light or low visibility conditions. 

What type of vehicles must use a flashing beacon light?

For moving vehicles such as a privately owned cars, company trucks, etc., using a flashing beacon light is not allowed unless they are used in military, law enforcement, and emergency response vehicles. However, if you are stationary and experiencing difficulty due to an unfortunate accident, you have the initiative to use a flashing beacon light to prevent others from the hazard of collision. This might apply to all vehicles as long as there is an appropriate and valid purpose, especially during emergency situations. So keeping one in your car will surely be handy since road emergencies or troubles will likely happen when the least you expected it.

I bought a rechargeable flashing beacon light. How long does it take to recharge the battery?

In normal conditions, the average charging of the battery takes 4 to 5 hours charge time. This applies to newly purchased products such as our very own version of BT – 2006CH. Also, the built-in battery has a capacity of 800 mAh capable of continuous lightning for 20hrs plus depending on the model used. It also includes a USB charging port for the recharging of the flashing beacon lights. 

What are the replaceable batteries used in the flashing beacon lights?

To produce a strong and long lasting lighting for the flashing beacon lights, a large capacity battery in the form of an alkaline battery (6LR61 9V) is used in BT – 2002CH, BT – 2005, and V6 BT – 2004CH. This type of battery is readily available in any store making it very accessible to all our customers domestic or international. it is highly recommended that you have an extra battery that will always be ready whenever you need to change it and also the screwdriver that goes along with it.

What is the flash rate of the flashing beacon lights?

For BT – 2002CH and BT – 2005 series, they have 2 and 3 light modes, respectively. Both use a double flashing amber light with 40 to 60 cd light intensity. This is an effective warning signal to prevent traffic accidents. BT – 2006CH produces two different modes of lighting, flash frequency occurs at 0.8Hz and flashes 3 times every second in amber color. V6 BT – 2004CH also has 2 light settings with a flash frequency of 1Hz and a flashing pattern of about 3 flashes per second. You may check more on our website for other product models that would suit the best for your needs.

Is the flashing of the flashing beacon lights continuous?

Yes, the flashing pattern of the beacon lights is continuous as long as the battery supplies enough power to the load – LED lights. For rechargeable batteries, it enables you to monitor the power capacity of the battery through its display. The blue light in the display indicates a full capacity, the yellow light means a half battery capacity, and the red light indicates a low power capacity. This power indicator is made so you can easily distinguish the battery capacity of your flashing beacon light.

Can the flashing beacon light stay lit without flashing?

Of course, our design is also concerned with the non flashing element of the device. All of our products BT – 200CH, BT – 2005, BT – 2006CH, and V6 BT – 2004CH include a white light for normal use like any other LED light. This is to provide decent lighting for non emergency applications. Plus, most of our flashing beacon light has a strong magnet feature so you can easily mount them whenever and wherever applicable, so you can do your work faster and more concentrated because you can use both of your hands.

What are the advantages of a flashing beacon light?

A LED flashing beacon light has several advantages as described below:

  • Lower Power Consumption – The flashing beacon lights offer the benefit of reducing the power consumption and energy savings over the traditional light sources such as incandescent lights and halogen tungsten lamps since they employ LED’s as a source of light. Most notably, LED flashing beacon lights may save up to 85% of the electricity for rechargeable units. They are a form of low – energy lighting for emergency purposes.
  • Longer Life Span – In most cases, the LED bulbs installed in the flashing beacon lights may last up to 50 thousand hours. This is approximately 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent lights. Also, in terms of the maintenance costs, the flashing beacon lights are significantly lowered.
  • Stable Signal Color – The implementation of the amber color LED flashing beacon light provides a monochromatic light necessary for relaying a signal to others. Also, the lens does not necessarily append any color which only means that there are no flaws induced due to the lens color disappearing.
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