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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2002CH

If you are looking for an emergency lighting kit that can perform multiple functions such as alert light for road and highway accidents and as a rescue kit to message other car vehicles that you are in trouble? Well, BrightenLux presents our alert and rescue emergency kit strobe light! Our emergency strobe light has proven its durability in materials, bright luminance that can be seen from a mile away, and its long runtime use. This emergency strobe light is very straightforward and easy to use. Can be easily charged with a USB charger. Plus, it’s very compact and lightweight, perfect when being stored or during travel.

  1. It is a battery powered emergency strobe light. It uses a 9v large capacity battery or alkaline battery for great performance and long runtime use.
  2. For its lighting modes, it offers two various light modes with each can be utilized for different scenarios. It is the Natural LED light used for car repairs and the Solid warm orange light used for emergency situations such as rescue operations, road blockage, and accidents.
  3. It has a strong powerful magnetic base that guarantees tight car attachment of any kind. The magnet is suitable and has a strong grip on metal surfaces.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? It’s time to place your order and get your hands on this awesome emergency strobe light!

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Item No: BT – 2005

In the worst-case situation, having a portable, handy, and multifunctional kit with you at all times on your road trips is vital. Our useful durable design emergency strobe light can aid you in installation and configuration, particularly on highways and roads. Its size and weight make it a portable lighting tool. As a result, it is easier to transport and store because it takes up less space. In addition, it can last a long period while maintaining bright illumination for early warning of potential accidents while driving. Here are other product features of this awesome emergency strobe light that you should know about:

  1. Our useful durable design emergency strobe light has dimensions of 83mm in length and 53 millimeter in width and weighs 140 grams. It is designed for mobility and user ease in consideration of the users.
  2. It offers a longer battery life because it is equipped with a 9V 6LR61 big capacity battery for great performance and long runtime and more consistent lighting.
  3. There are three illumination options to choose from orange warning light, red warning light, and white light for everyday usage.

For further information, send us a message! We welcome any kind of inquiries regarding our product, contact us now!

Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights


Item No: BT – 2006CH

If you are looking for illumination equipment to utilize when traveling or in an emergency? On such a dark street or place, our ultra bright LED emergency light with a strong light motion may illuminate up to a kilometer away. It’s also quite easy to use, with a variety of light options that are appropriate for any severe or risky scenario, rescue operations, and a variety of other situations that require lighting. With its 12 high-powered LED lights, it provides increased brightness for interior and outdoor security all day and night.

  1. Exceptional materials have been used for its manufacturing. Materials are composed of high-strength, long lasting ABS/PC plastic for guaranteed durability and convenience.
  2. Comes with a USB charging cable that can be simply put into the vehicle’s cigarette outlet and charged in a few hours. Equipped with an 800 mAh rechargeable battery that may last for about 20 hours under typical lighting conditions. 

If you are interested in this magnificent emergency strobe light, don’t be shy to tap us in!



Item No: BT -2004CH

In an emergency or possibly dangerous circumstance, a utilization of a safety signal light is requisite. It is vital to use our enhanced safety signal emergency strobe light, especially if you are a driver, because they may help you prevent traffic accidents. Our enhanced safety signal emergency strobe light alerts private and public vehicles traveling on roadways to possible hazards. Aside from catastrophes, these beacon lights may be used for everyday activities including a power outage, camping, and other outdoor activities. Very useful, right? Here are more product features that you should know more about:

  1. Comes as a white light and a flashing amber light that rotates 360 degrees full illumination for standard torch lighting and flashes for emergency usage.
  2. Two light variations are also available, each having a 1Hz flash frequency and a blinking pattern of roughly 3 flashing per second.
  3. It can last up to 50,000 hours of continuous operation because it is powered by an alkaline battery.

Do you want one of these incredible emergency strobe lights? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

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What is the difference between an emergency strobe light and an amber light?

An emergency strobe light is a car lighting tool that produces frequent bright flashes. The use of an emergency strobe lights makes it easy to differentiate an emergency car vehicle from other cars owned by civilians. It alerts fellow vehicles that a rescue or emergency vehicle is approaching. When strobe lights are used, other cars and civilians are quickly aware that they must yield. It enables emergency vehicles to get to their locations swiftly and handle the situation immediately.

On the other hand, amber lights and light bars are available in a variety of forms to accommodate any approaching car vehicle for an emergency stop. Amber LED lights are employed in a range of sectors, with first rescue units to tow trucks and industrial teams. It has a vast assortment of amber LED lights, and we like assisting you in finding the best solution for your needs.

Is this emergency strobe light highly portable?

The answer to that is a yes! Our emergency strobe light is very easy to use and transport. It is built and intended to be small enough to not take up too much room on surfaces and spaces. It’s also simple to carry and store in your house and car vehicles. These product dimensions are 52 millimeters in height and 85 millimeters in width. It is also not hefty, weighing only 140 grams. When traveling on roads and motorways, have an extra emergency kit in case of traffic accidents or mishaps. With proven excellence and greatness, our emergency strobe light should be one of your emergency lighting options!

What is the procedure for installing emergency strobe lights?

You’ll probably be concerned about installations when purchasing your emergency light, so keep that in mind while you make your selection. But no need to worry since our emergency strobe light is specifically designed to be easy to use and install, with easy to use the feature:

Our emergency strobe light can be installed in one of two ways:

  1. Full Installation: Our emergency strobe light comes with a bolt for a full and permanent installation. Take the bolts and fasten them directly to your car. You can do it manually because it is very easy to attach without much of a hassle. This sort of setup is better for cars that are mostly exclusively used for light related reasons, while it will operate in private automobiles if you are ready to make this tradeoff.
  2. Easy Installation: A simple “setup” is not actually an application. Because our emergency strobe lights are removable and can be attached with a strong magnetic base, you won’t need an expert to install them because you can just do it yourself. It is probably the greatest option if you want to keep your car looking “natural” but need to add lights in certain situations.
When mounted to a car, would this emergency strobe light cause damage?

When utilizing our emergency strobe light, don’t be concerned about scratches or surface damage! Because automobile repairs are costly and inconvenient, it is your task as a vehicle owner to keep your vehicles free of damage. Do not be worried because here in BrightenLux we manufacture high quality emergency strobe lights with consideration for your car vehicle. We ensure that the strong magnetic base has safety rubber on its edges throughout the production process because it is utilized to connect it. As a result, it does not scratch your car’s surfaces while also protecting them from harm. Just enjoy the ride and keep safe with our emergency strobe light, we got your back literally and figuratively!

Is this emergency strobe light going to last?

Yes! Our emergency strobe light is known for its long runtime use. Not only for bright lighting and high performance but also for a long working life duration, it is recommended to use a 9 Volts big capacity battery on our emergency strobe light. It includes a total of 240 high intensity, dependable, long lasting, and bright LEDs, with an overall life of up to 50,000 hours. It was powerful enough to be seen from a mile away. It featured a light sensor for automated power mode adjustment from 80 Watts daylight usage to 4O Watts at night, reducing the need for manual control and making your job easier.

Will this emergency strobe light give a powerful and brilliant source of illumination?

It never disappoints! You do not have to be concerned about this since our emergency strobe light will meet your requirements for a powerful and brilliant illumination instrument. Our emergency strobe light is made up of 240 high intensity LED beads that are lit from all sides to maximize brightness and provide a better alert to other vehicles. It will assist you in road repairs and other chores by providing good light visibility in dark settings. Our brilliant emergency strobe light may be visible both day and night, even in a bad weather conditions. This emergency strobe light contains a USB input port for charging as well as an output port that can offer power to your other gadgets when you’re outside.

Is the emergency strobe light powered by a battery?

Yes. All of our emergency strobe light items such as BT-2002CH, BT-2005, BT-2006CH, and BT-2004CH are all battery powered. Our emergency strobe light is powered by a 9 volts big capacity battery or an alkaline battery for extended operation and strong illumination. It is recommended that you use this type of battery to guarantee that the emergency strobe light performs well. In addition, it can last up to 50,000 hours of continuous operation because it is powered by an alkaline battery. Out of all of the light items, only the BT-2006CH, comes with a USB rechargeable. 

Is there a variety of illumination settings available with this emergency strobe light?

Yes, it most certainly does! This emergency strobe light has two light settings that can be used in an emergency or to brighten up a specific area. It comes with two (2) lighting modes that you can choose from: natural LED light and solid warm orange light. These two lighting settings serve distinct functions depending on the scenario or situation you are in.

  1. The Natural White LED Light mode may be used for vehicle and house repairs, camping, hiking, and other extracurricular activities. You may also utilize it during power outages and evacuations.
  2. The Solid Warm Orange Light, on the other hand, is used to notify other drivers of obstacles and accidents, as a warning light to inform, and as a light for rescue scenarios and crises.
How do I change the batteries in my emergency strobe lights?

It is so simple and easy. Our emergency strobe lights are simple to operate, and replacing the batteries is a breeze. Here are the following steps:

  1. Simply prepare a screwdriver to disassemble the emergency strobe light
  2. Make sure that the bolts and screws will not be misplaced or lost during the removal procedure. 
  3. Then, remove the locking bolt for both sides using the screwdriver. Do not be baffled by the tightness of the screws and just gently hold the emergency strobe light as you disassemble. Be cautious not to damage the fit. 
  4. When open, place and set aside the cover safely and remove the old functioning battery.
  5. After that, put in your new 9v 6LR61 or alkaline batteries. And that’s it!
What are the advantages of owning an emergency strobe light?

Lighting is required for emergency cars to notify other cars and pedestrians that they will be approaching. Emergency strobe lights are a strong and effective solution for first response vehicles such as police cars and ambulances. They have several significant benefits and illumination choices. It includes energy efficiency, reliability, and a long life.

  1. Long-lasting LED: LEDs have a longer lifespan, which means minimal maintenance is required, be it replacing batteries or repairing. It cuts waste and costs while providing long hours of operational time.
  2. Efficiency: They are a more ecologically friendly solution than other forms of illumination. Because of their higher efficiency, emergency strobe lights are a more cheap alternative.
  3. Reliability: It is essential to effectively trust your lighting in times of emergency. It is durable and resistant to damage by numerous sorts of pressure, like vibration and shocks. That makes it excellent for use on emergency vehicles, which must be ready to travel at full speed in unknown terrain.
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